Pick Or Pass On These Wedding Rings And We'll Reveal What Your Dream Man Will Look Like

Wedding bells are… very faint and off in the distance, but definitely still there. Maybe that’s why we’ve stumbled across this quiz! For many of us marriage is the ultimate relationship goal. Whether it’s an open marriage or a closed one, commitment seems to be a desired outcome for many young folks today. While the traditional nuclear family is becoming less and less common, we personally still really value the idea of marriage as a long-term commitment. Plus, tax benefits. At the end of the day it just makes sense for those that want long-term commitment.

While it’s not for everyone, we still think that most people find joy in one part of marriage: the jewelry. Wedding dresses are beautiful, but wedding rings are something special in a whole different way. Not only do they often feature creative designs and options for engraving, but they’re also usually a very high quality. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a nice, sturdy ring. But which ones are best? We’ve compiled a pretty exhaustive list of all the different styles of wedding rings there are out there. Pick the favorites among them and we’ll reveal the other part of the marriage equation. That is, what our dream guy would look like.

Question 1

This beautiful blue set:

This is a set that has a little bit of fun and fancy attached to it. Not only does this pair of wedding rings seem to have a little more sparkle than a simple pair of bands does, but they also feature a whole lot of luxurious blue. The stones make for a great two-in-one ring. We could use this set as both an engagement ring and a wedding ring, or simply as two wedding rings. That’s the beauty of them, after all: the rings are reflective of the couple, whatever they want to do.

Question 2

This handmade set:

As nice as big name jewelry store wedding ring sets are, we’re more in love with this handmade set. Marriage is a beautiful coming together of people who have built a connection together. Why not have rings that are also built, in order to reflect that work? We love the way that these rings are unique, without being over the top. They might not be meant for those that love a good sparkly piece, but we appreciate the artistry and creative subtlety.

Question 3

This stacked set:

More rings means more love, right? Just kidding. Marriage isn’t quite a “more is better” situation, but these rings certainly are. The gold and silver hints at a blending of souls and not just colors. That’s a great image for a wedding ring to have, especially when they’re so beautifully symmetrical to each other. Both are equally balanced and equally beautiful, which speaks to an equal marriage. At the end of the day, that’s a pretty important part of it all.

Question 4

This plain and simple set:

Sometimes we want to put all the bling aside and instead focus on the powerful meaning behind the rings. That’s certainly what this set is doing, as it’s a simple pair without much going on. The meaning of wedding rings really comes through when looking at this set, though, which is definitely something that we would look for in a set of wedding rings. Then again, maybe we would want something with a bit more oomph if we had to wear it everyday. There’s only one way to find out! Now where’s that dream guy?

Question 5

This set that completes each other:

The fun thing about wedding rings is that there’s often two of them. Very seldom do we buy a single wedding ring, as the jewelry is typically used to represent a union. This set of wedding rings takes it a step further and actually completes each other, which is a bold design move that we don’t often see. The carved lines not only work as a design, but they also work as a representation of the relationship itself. But what about the diamond? Well, that’s just for fun.

Question 6

This futuristic set:

Here’s a weirdly specific set of rings that we actually are really excited by. The HB Ring is a ring that allows us to feel our partner’s heartbeat whenever we want to throughout the day (The Touch X). Not only does this mean that we can now be close to our partner even when far apart, but it means that long distance relationships can even feel like they’re right next to their loved one. It’s a great idea, but results in some pretty futuristic looking rings.

Question 7

This rustic set:

Rustic is one word for it, even though these rings make us think more of old wallpaper and lino flooring than romantic relationships and passionate love. Not only does this pair seem like it would be a good fit for those more creative types, but they were probably built with a more artistic vision in mind. These are definitely not the smooth and suave wedding rings of the days of yore. Now they’re built for us hardworking kids who just want to commit.

Question 8

This gold set:

While silver might be the wedding ring that we most often see floating around, gold is another popular choice that many people choose to put on. Gold makes for a more luxurious option. Gold doubloons, gold coins, and bars of gold are all still symbols associated with wealth. Gold might not be as durable as stainless steel or silver, but it’s certainly prettier (in our opinion, at least.) Does this mean that we should only look at gold wedding rings? Definitely not! These gold rings are cute, but they’re not exactly flashy. There’s variety in all the ring types, and it’s up to the person to decide whether they’re worth a pick or a pass.

Question 9

This infinity ring:

Infinity symbols are popular choices for anyone looking at getting a tattoo or a necklace pendant from Claire’s. It’s a popular, meaningful symbol that transcends the boundaries of “trend” and has become one of society’s big statement-making symbols. People are so attached to the infinity sign that they’ve even started putting it on wedding rings. The association certainly seems to make sense, though we can’t help but feel that it might be a little bit too on the nose for some folks.

Question 10

This hip set:

What’s better than wooden accent pieces? Turquoise accent pieces. Dressing up a straightforward outfit with one of these two hip materials is like following the cool kid dress code. Only the hippest young adults will rock the wooden watches or turquoise bracelets. For those that have a pretty cool relationship, why not accentuate it by picking up a cool pair of wedding rings? These rings integrate different materials to make an outstanding pair for all those fashionable hipsters in our lives. We're willing to bet the materials are sustainably sourced, too.

Question 11

This vintage set:

Why wander through all those contemporary jewelry stores just to stress out about whether the ring is unique enough for our special someone? It’s so much easier to go the vintage route and to find an option that works with our fiance’s individual style. However, not everyone is going to be interested in shopping vintage. Sometimes the styles are just too old-fashioned for us to embrace, and can look out of place on a hand full of contemporary rings. It really all depends on the person.

Question 12

This brushed silver set:

Brushed silver is a style that many people overlook. Those of us who like to have a little bit of drama in our lives will likely not want the simplicity of a regular silver ring. Wedding rings have to go on two people, though, and oftentimes couples want them to match. That’s why this brushed silver ring finish is a great option. Patterns and designs can be brushed into the metal, and can give us a unique and dramatic finish on an otherwise basic ring.

Question 13

This diamond set:

Perfect for a more delicate couple, these rings work as both a pair of wedding bands and an engagement ring/wedding band set for one. Not only do the rings look incredibly high quality, but they shine with the light of the couple’s love-- Or maybe that’s just all the diamonds embedded into the metal. This pair of rings might just be the best solution to finding a set that lets both halves of the couple sparkle and shine, while still looking cohesive.

Question 14

This blue-striped set:

We’ve all heard about the connotations of the color red. Just picturing the color conjures up passion and love. Now think of the color blue. Blue gives us calm, cool, and maybe even a little drop of rain here and there. Some couples might have a special connection to the color blue, but we’re not sure it’s a design choice that’s for us. We’d rather go for the reds, golds, and silvers when it comes to love (and, by extension, wedding rings).

Question 15

This woodland set:

Another adorably hip option is this unique take on a set of wedding bands. Not only do the rings have a beautiful companionship to them, but they also have a fantastic design. The thicker ring looks like it’s made of wood or tree bark, while the slimmer ring looks as if it’s a twig that’s been wrapped around someone’s finger. We love this little pair of rings and think that it would be an awesome choice for any nature lovers out there.

Question 16

This oceanic set:

Once again looking at rings that complete each other, this is one set of rings that wouldn’t look out of place at a surf shop. Though, it also seems like it would be right at home at a fancy restaurant too. We love the way that these two rings form together to make one cresting wave. The design is a brilliant choice for any couples who also love to ride that gnarly surf, as the sparkly blue definitely invokes feelings of ocean breeze and salt spray.

Question 17

This colorful set:

Who doesn’t love getting a little color into their lives? Many of us opt for a basic black dress when it comes to going out and about, but the love of color is in there. It’s just so easy to style one solid color. Luckily we never have to worry about adding an accent color with these rings. The different stripes make it the perfect ring for those of us who might struggle to add a pop of color into our outfits, as they’re going to be incorporated into every outfit from the wedding day onwards.

Question 18

This "best of both worlds" set:

We’ve talked about the beauty of having both gold and silver before, but the strength really does come from it being matched together. No longer do we have to stress about pairing our necklaces with our wedding ring. We can wear both gold and silver and this wedding ring will match thanks to it featuring both metals. Perfect as a more delicate styles and as a strong centerpiece, this wedding ring set is sure to make the couple happy for years to come.

Question 19

This grooved set:

Another more simple design, this single line carved into the ring makes for a unique and subtle style. While some might opt to carve names, dates, and designs into a silver band, this is a mere line. Wrapping all the way around the ring, the line could represent many things. In the case of a wedding it could mean eternity, or it could mean having each other wrapped around a finger. However the couple wants to slice it, this ring’s design is a classic that anyone should be proud to wear.

Question 20

This everything set:

The wood and mystery material both add a certain level of interest to this ring set that they definitely wouldn’t otherwise have. While only one of the rings has a diamond on it, the other ring doesn’t feel out of place at all. This is due in part to them being made out of similar materials, and designed in a similar way. We’re big fans of these rings and think that they would make an excellent set for those that want diamonds, metal, wood, and other materials in their wedding ring design.

Question 21

This creative set:

Creative is right, though we actually admire the amount of detail that’s in this set of rings. Not only are they delicate, they also have enough thickness to them that they’re a substantial, noticeable ring. There’s nothing worse than having people ignore a wedding ring, which is why it’s important that they have some thickness to them. The etchings add a delicacy, especially to the slimmer ones. We love this design and think the creativity gets a full ten star rating.

Question 22

This swirled set:

In a similar fashion to some of the other rings we’ve seen, this swirled set is embracing the idea of etched designs on a wedding ring. Rather than having a pair of wedding rings that are intricately crafted out of three or four bands, this is one solid ring that’s had some designs carved into it. The result is a unique and eye-catching ring that many of us would be proud to call our own. Plus, there’s no stressing about diamonds falling off!

Question 23

This matching set:

These geometric rings are really pushing into the strong and firm territory. Not only do we think that they would work really well with a business suit, we also think that they would work really well with a pair of hiking boots and a flannel shirt. This wedding band might be more of a business appropriate ring, but the pair is certainly strong enough to handle anything that life throws at them. That’s kind of like the relationship in general, isn’t it?

Question 24

This silicone ring:

Speaking about having rings that are strong enough to handle anything, these silicone rings can certainly hold up to a lot. Silicone is super resilient, and we’ve heard that they don’t actually conduct heat or get stuck in dangerous situations (QALO website). Not only that, but there’s also some really creative styles out there. It’s nice to have a wedding ring option for those of us that live a more rough and tumble life, but who still want a piece of jewelry to wear for commitment’s sake.

Question 25

This smooth set:

Another set of gold bands, but this time the style is as cool and smooth as a cucumber. The design is pretty straightforward; there’s one side that’s got a little line on its bottom (or top, depending on which way we look at it) which adds a bit of visual interest to the ring. It’s not just a plain band. This is a band that someone took the time to carve. This makes it a ring that’s got some effort put into it, just like the relationship it represents. There’s nothing more beautiful than mutual effort, after all.

Question 26

This different set:

They say opposites attract and it might be true in the case of these rings. Not only do they come together and provide a fun juxtaposition, but they actually work as a set really, really well. The more ornate ring isn’t so much that it’s over the top, while the sleek and smooth ring is clean rather than lacking. There’s so much that beauty that can come from two different things coming together. We’re glad that this set of rings represents that.

Question 27

This rose gold set:

Such a beautiful set deserves a great couple, which is probably part of the reason that we added it in. Great couples will know what it means to give a special gift like a wedding ring. This also means that they’re probably looking for some great ring options. This rose gold set is beautiful and strong. The diamond band is perfectly paired with the thicker band, making this a set that truly and beautifully completes each other. Not to mention how gorgeous the color is.

Question 28

This zig-zag set:

The zig-zag features on this set of wedding rings makes this a match that’s made for those couples who always seem to keep coming back to each other. No matter which way life takes them, the zig-zag couple will inevitably be together. Like the weird and wonderful lines that are criss-crossing this set of rings, there’s nothing that can stop this soon-to-be-married pair from losing sight of each other. Plus, the silver is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a wedding ring that can be worn with every outfit.

Question 29

This molten ring:

We’ve seen a few unique rings, but nothing quite as dramatic as this ring. It looks as if it’s been dipped in molten lava and then left to dry. Anyone who loves a good adventure (or a creepy movie) will probably appreciate the look of this ring. It’s gritty, it’s raw, and it’s the ring that we’re the most excited about sharing on this list. We’ve just never seen anything like it before, which makes it infinitely more intriguing to pick or pass on.

Question 30

This delicate set:

This is a set that has more light and airy aspects to it than anything else, which is part of the reason that we added it into our quiz. The brightness of the silver has a shine all to itself, and it’s one that we actually didn’t know silver could achieve. The details on the larger ring makes it an excellent choice to anyone who wants a loud and proud wedding ring that still retains some subtlety. The opal band that goes with it is also a beautiful complementary piece, and one that undeniably goes with its partner.

Question 31

This thick set:

Some people love a thick wedding ring. Who are we to judge, right? While some people prefer the delicate designs and tiny diamond options, these wedding rings cater to a more robust crowd. There’s no way that they’ll be overlooked by anyone, and they still retain that “wow” factor that most smaller rings have. The diamond is a nice touch, as it keeps the ring feeling like a special occasion piece (rather than just another silver band). This is a sturdy couple that can’t be separated!

Question 32

This tentacle-y set:

Okay, maybe they’re not real tentacles. We’re almost more inclined to call them antlers, as the bits that stick out are more reminiscent of a buck’s horns than a Kraken from the deep. The gold and silver pairing is certainly very charming, and makes the design seem incredibly versatile. In a similar fashion to some of the other gold and silver rings we’ve looked at, this is a ring design that can handle different outfits and styles. The gold is bright, but the silver is also strong. This ring can wrap around any style and succeed.

Question 33

This copper set:

The copper set that we see here is one that’s certainly exceeding our expectations. Copper is normally thought of in our heads as being a product that’s quite industrial. The styling of copper tends to be more heavy-duty. It can put up with a lot, but we can make it do some incredible things too. The wedding bands here are beautifully paired together to create a sturdy design that’s also quite minimal. This thin but sturdy copper is the best of both worlds, really.

Question 34

This speckled set:

Riding the coattails of other alternative wedding ring successes, we’re finally listing this pair of black bands as a wedding ring option to pick or pass on. Those that take the time to look closely at the ring set will see that there’s many colors all mixed into these flakes that are embedded in the coating. Not only do we see blues and purples, but we also see golds and even some reds! This variety of colors makes these rings the best choice for anyone who wants a ring that looks good paired with any outfit.

Question 35

This Van Gogh inspired set:

This wedding ring set is another style that has colors and designs embedded into it. It’s not like anything we’ve seen before, though, as the vibe we’re getting from this ring is definitely Vincent Van Gogh. Starry Night style paint marks, colors, and blending makes this ring set the perfect choice for any couple who have got a love of art history. We’re big fans of these rings, but anyone who’s not an art fan might just think they’re too swirly. Totally fair; a variety of rings is meant for a variety of people.

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