Pick Or Pass On These Wedding Extras And We'll Reveal The Ideal Dress!

Love is still in the air, even if Valentine's Day has come and gone for another year. While some might be breathing a single sigh of relief, for other lucky couples the love is still going strong. Proposals happen on Valentine's Day more often than we might think; it's not just in the movies. For some people, it's real life!

We're certainly not getting engaged any time soon, but we won't pretend that we don't browse those Pinterest DIY boards. We're sure that almost all of us will have thought about getting married at least once. Those of us who love crafts will also no doubt love looking at the wedding boards, as many times crafts and wedding planning go hand in hand. But what sort of crafty extras are actually needed at a wedding? Believe it or not, some are more essential than others. Not every wedding needs a dessert bar or an archway made of flowers. It's time to pick or pass on some of these wedding extras and to see what's really important in the grand wedding planning scheme. Not to mention the fact that we just might be able to get the perfect wedding dress out of it as well!

Question 1

A rustic chandelier

Who doesn't love a rustic wedding? Barns, halls, and backyards are perfect places to have the rustic themed weddings, but everyone has a different idea as to the best way to decorate. For some, logs and driftwood line the aisles. For others, horseshoes and hay bales. For some, however, they want the glitz and glam as well as the rustic theme. This is where this chandelier comes in, as it's the perfect combination of glam and rustic for those that can't decide.

Question 2

Bridesmaid bouquets

This is a wedding extra that some might consider an essential. A few brides will want to celebrate their bridesmaids with gifts and nice dresses, while others will take a more aesthetic approach. The bridesmaid bouquets can be a beautiful touch of class, and also keeps the bridesmaids from trying to figure out what to do with their hands. We love the bridesmaid bouquet, but not everyone thinks their necessary; especially when it can be an additional cost for the wedding.

Question 3

Reception directions

Those who are having a large wedding will likely need a lot of space to house all the friends and family coming. Dancing and dining are two of the big things people look for during a reception, and we're excited when wedding planners care to want to help direct the guests rather than relying on their own exploration of the venue. These signs are beautiful, but simple. The variety of signs out there is huge, but sometimes they don't necessarily need to be there (especially for smaller venues).

Question 4

A light up "Love" sign

This beautiful sign is huge, and will definitely put a dent in those wedding budgets. While some of the brides and grooms out there might be jumping for joy at the idea of having this amazing photo prop for the wedding, there are other folks out there who will turn their noses up at the thought of spending their hard-earned cash on a bunch of 6-foot-high glowing letters. We're all about the aesthetics, but even we're wondering if this is an essential!

Question 5

Confetti cannons

Throwing rice is one of those wedding traditions that seem to fallen out of favor (at least in the weddings we've gone to). This is the artistic folks' answer to the rice throwing conundrum. Confetti cannons are fun, sparkly, and interactive. They're perfect for those glamorous weddings, and are definitely amazing when it comes to going out with a bang. We love the confetti cannons, but some people think the mess and clean up isn't worth the pretty, aesthetic cost.

Question 6

A cookie/candy dessert buffet

Seriously, who doesn't think that this is an essential? Just kidding. We know that not everyone has the sweet tooth that we have. That being said, this is definitely a wedding extra that even we're a little skeptical of. After all, there's no way all those cookies will get eaten (especially if there's cake involved). On second thought, maybe this is a wedding extra that's worth it: imagine waking up and having cookies as the first-day-of-marriage breakfast! Definitely starting off on a sweet foot.

Question 7

Place cards

Some people consider these essentials, but others might find that they're not necessary. In our opinion, it all depends on the family members we're dealing with. Those that might have rifts in the family will want to carefully seat folks so as not to cause drama. However, those that have a family happy to embrace each other, elbows and loud chewing and all, will likely not see the need for seating plans. That being said, place cards can be a nice memento.

Question 8

Table centrepieces

Table centrepieces are an extra that many event planners will probably consider essential. While it’s not exactly necessary to make the wedding happen, it certainly does make the wedding seem a little more...wedding-y. Those that might be looking to save money will likely still keep the centerpieces as well, as they really do a lot to spruce up a banquet hall or dining room. They can also act as a conversation piece when Great Aunt Janet and the soon-to-be-In-laws are all stuck at one table.

Question 9

A decorated archway

Decorated archways are some of the most highly coveted wedding extras we’ve seen; at least, according to all the Pinterest boards we scrolled through. Flower-stacked arches, balloon arches, and even arches made of painted wood are all great choices for the happy couple to say “I do” under. However, they’re not cheap. They’re also tricky to make, as the crafting might take a while to finish. After all, these arches seem to be at least 7 feet high, just based on how they look next to a typical couple.

Question 10

An aisle runner

Aisle runners, for those that don't know, are part of the wedding decorations that can be considered both essential and non-essential. Those that are having a wedding indoors might opt to roll out a literal red carpet to walk down. Other may prefer a white aisle runner, like this one. However, there are also the people that prefer to not have aisle runners at all. They might opt for an outdoor wedding, or prefer the bare hardwood or carpet. Hey, it certainly cuts down on cleaning costs.

Question 11

Aisle decorations

Aisle decorations are kind of like table centrepieces, at least from what we’ve seen. They often seem to be considered essentials, even if people don’t necessarily need them in order to walk down the aisle. Whether they’re flowers or ribbons, initial sticks or bushes, aisle decorations serve to cap the seating rows. They also make for a beautiful decoration down either side of the aisle, which is something we love to see in the wedding photos. Maybe they aren’t as extra as we thought?

Question 12

Fairy lights

Fairy lights seem to be every Pinterest DIY-ers favorite decoration. In jars, on walls, around tables; there’s no end to the uses for fairy lights. Sometimes it gets to be a little much for our taste, but we’ll also admit that we’ve got a soft spot for the little lights. They add a certain romance to even the most regular of moments, and can be used to immediately take a room from having a regular feeling to a full-on mood.

Question 13

A traditional guest book

Guest books are a great way to ensure that the brides and grooms of the world will always have sweet messages from their family and friends. It’s also a great way to settle arguments 10 years down the line when guilting those people who said they came to our wedding when they really didn’t. Regardless of if we want those sweet accolades or that guest accountability, guest books are a great extra for those who are planning a wedding to consider.

Question 14

A 3D guest book

Here’s an alternative to the guest book that people seem to love. We spotted this trending on many Pinterest boards, and it’s something that makes us excited; after all, it’s creativity and recycling at its best. This is one of the crafts that people can’t seem to get enough of. It’s pretty simple as well, which might be part of the reason folks like it so much. The premise is simple: instead of signing a book, people sign corks, clothespins, bottle caps, or other trinkets, and drop them into a box or picture frame.

Question 15

A photo booth

Photo booths are lots of fun, but should they be considered an essential item? The idea behind a photobooth is great. It gives guests a way to not only commemorate the event, but also to get a little silly. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not give wedding guests the opportunity to capture their happy hearts and fun times in a photo? Hiring an attendant for the evening, as well as the equipment and fun, photobooth extras, can add quite a bit to the wedding total. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if they’ve already hired a photographer.

Question 16

Post-reception snacks

We honestly didn’t know this wedding extra was a thing, and we’re very happy to report that we will almost certainly be including this if/when we ever get married. Keeping wedding guests happy is one of the keys to having a successful wedding, and one of the best ways to keep everyone happy is through snacks (trust us, it’s a fact). Snacks always bring a smile, and these post-reception snacks double up as party favors too. But just edible party favors!

Question 17

Wedding favors

In the same way that we used to get loot bags at kids’ birthday parties, weddings also feature a little goody bag at the end for guests. Except now, instead of calling them “loot bags” we call them “wedding favors”. These consist of much more than lollipops and dollar store bubbles as well. People will include everything from candy to personalized notes, and sometimes even embossed lapel pins! These favors are a nice gesture, but do they have a place in our wedding?

Question 18

Cake toppers

Cake toppers are adorable. Much more than the classic “bride and groom” figurines that we see in movies, cake toppers are a decoration added to a cake that can personalize an otherwise standard wedding dessert. From Polaroids to gold-leaf initials, cake toppers say a lot about the happy couple. Not only are we a fan of them from an aesthetic perspective, but we’re also a fan of the fact that they help to add a personal touch to a pretty standard wedding item.

Question 19

Aisle petals

Some folks prefer flower girls, while some folks prefer potted plants. Others opt for neither, and instead pre-throw flower petals down onto the aisle before the ceremony even starts. This is something that we personally really like, as it’s a lovely, romantic gesture fit for any and all folks who want to walk down the aisle. A variety of colors and styles make the flower petals a design choice for any size of aisle that also fits in with any decor style.

Question 20

A wedding veil

Some people might be seriously questioning our thoughts here, but hear us out. With the rise of contemporary wedding dress styles, classic and traditional options fall further and further by the wayside. This means that there could be space in the wedding outfit design to leave out a veil. After all, we’re not entirely sure what they’re used for anyway. We can still often see people’s faces through the fabric, making it not as big of a reveal as we might expect.

Question 21

A polaroid wall

The sure sign of hipster wedding ceremonies, polaroid walls are actually kind of a cute idea. While many of us have strings of polaroids or printed out photos commemorating the important moments and precious people in our lives, who would have thought that they were such great decorations? Polaroid walls are a cute touch to any wedding reception, and can even act as a fun piece of memorabilia afterward as well in lieu of a loot bag-- we mean, “wedding favor”.

Question 22

Decorative table linens

We’re not talking about regular table linens like napkins and table clothes. We’re talking about the table linens that some decorators use which are wrapped around and tied in a bow. These table linens are no doubt going to make an otherwise straightforward table linens cost double, if not triple, or even more. Then again, we’re not sure if they’d be counted separately. After all, table linens themselves are kind of an extra too. While we wouldn’t suggest skipping napkins, we could certainly skip tablecloths.

Question 23


Why does every Pinterest board we look at include centrepieces built entirely out of candles? Candles, while beautiful, are a little bit of a fire hazard. They are an open flame, after all. When mixed with an open bar and emotions that are running high, it’s no surprise that candles could quickly be struck from the list of wedding supplies. That being said, they certainly increase the romantic atmosphere of a place. And they offer some great lighting. Everyone looks good in candlelight.

Question 24

A DIY popcorn bar

Wedding receptions are one thing, but the wedding ceremony has just as many options for wedding extras. They also leave a lot of space for improvement, as the ceremony can often feel long and drawn out for guests, depending on how well they know the couple standing at the altar. A DIY popcorn bar is an amazing idea for keeping kids entertained during long ceremonies. But is it a necessary wedding extra at smaller, more grown-up weddings? In our opinion, it just might be.

Question 25

Bridesmaid favors

Saying thank you is the polite thing to do, and there’s nothing we should be more thankful for than our amazing group of bridesmaids and wedding party members. Bridesmaid favors seem to be a customary thing, both before the wedding planning starts and after the wedding planning is over. Saying thank you to the group is often shown through memorabilia, like blankets, mugs, or other special things. However, it could also be as simple as a photo and a handwritten note.

Question 26

A ring pillow

Rings are arguably one of the most important parts of the wedding, outside of the happy couple that’s getting married. Ring pillows, however, might be a bit of an outdated tradition. After all, how many of us are really wanting to wait while yet another person slowly walks down the centre aisle, trying to keep the rings from slipping off the pillow? We shouldn’t judge, though, as some people find the tradition very important. We respect that. Pick or pass accordingly.

Question 27

Large decor pieces

We’ve all been at weddings where the couple have invested in turning a portion of a forest into a “fairytale spectacular”, right? Papier mache toadstools holding the guestbook, big fairy tale books announcing the entrance to the ceremony and reception areas; the list goes on. Some people love these eye-catching pieces of decor, while others amongst us are not quite as pleased by them. We personally feel that they’re a whimsical touch, but might not be needed in an indoor wedding that’s tight on space.

Question 28

Welcome signs

Welcome signs are common in schools, rec centres, and now: weddings. Amongst such esteemed company, it’s no surprise that people are always hoping to craft a delightful welcome sign for their wedding guests. We think that a wedding sign is an essential touch, as it starts everyone off on the right foot. Everyone likes to be welcomed, even if it is just written on a chalkboard at the front of a banquet hall. However, not everyone will agree with us. And that is definitely okay!

Question 29

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are a trick that some people do when they have a large amount of mouths to feed. The cupcakes are easily able to be picked up and eaten by those that want them, without having to stress about who’s going to cut and serve the cake. Whether they’re full-size cupcakes or mini cupcakes doesn’t matter, as they’re sure to be a hit no matter what. People love cupcakes, and they’ll especially love getting a piece of that wedding dessert action.

Question 30


Maybe the wedding is too big for people to safely and efficiently serve themselves. Maybe the food that people want to have is too intricate to be able to be served by anyone other than an experienced server. Sometimes wedding coordinators don’t want to coordinate the technical needs of a buffet as well, which is totally fair. Regardless of the reason, we think that servers might not be as essential as everyone thinks are; then again, they might just make things much, much easier.

Question 31

Bride and groom chair markers

Bride and groom chair markers are versatile hangers that can be used to denote who gets to sit where at the head table. After all, the last thing we need is for the in-laws to start disagreeing over who gets to sit in the two centre chairs. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea to announce where they’re going to sit (or to denote themselves by their roles rather than their names), this could keep from any sort of disagreements from happening regarding the head table arrangements.

Question 32

Physical wedding invitations

In this day and age, do we really need to send out physical wedding invitations? The electronic ones are not only environmentally friendly, but they’re also the easiest ones to design and send out. Physical invitations bring up a whole slew of other options to think about: embossing, paper thickness, matte vs. shiny embellishments. The list is pretty much endless, when we really start thinking about it. We know that not everyone is going to be fans of us listing these as an extra, but the times are changing.

Question 33


Chalkboards are lots of fun, as they can be used for a variety of different things. Some people choose to use chalkboards as their welcome sign, leaving space for people to draw little designs or messages. Others use a chalkboard wall as their guest book, taking it home and setting glass overtop of it to be always remembered. Still, others choose to offer chalk and chalkboards to the kids that come, leaving them on tables for reception entertainment. Chalkboards are excellent, but might not be necessary for some.

Question 34


Who doesn’t love streamers? We are huge fans of streamers, and think that streamers can definitely be used for the right wedding group. Not only do streamers allow us to bring in colors and textures that might otherwise be hard to integrate, but they really do give us that “party” vibe. Maybe it’s because we only really see them when it comes to birthday parties. Synonymous with happiness, we think that streamers should definitely be welcome in any wedding reception.

Question 35

Dancing shoes

Yes, believe it or not, dancing shoes and beach shoes are wedding items that some people consider essential. High heels and dress shoes might look like fun options to wear to a wedding, but unfortunately they might not be as practical as we’d like when it comes to dancing. Offering flip flops or ballet slippers are a very thoughtful gesture that many wedding guests will surely smile at. Trust us, though, that they aren’t necessarily as essential as some might think.

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