Pick Or Pass On These TV Shows To Get The Perfect Snack To Eat

In recent weeks, we have seen some of the biggest and most popular shows come to the end of the road on the small screen, and there will be a noticeable gap for a while. This is not to say that there aren't great shows on television at the moment. It is to say that these historic shows all turned into legendary pieces of television history and that fans will be waiting for the next one to come around. There is a wealth of great shows for people to watch on the small screen, and any one of these shows can be the next in what has become a long line of classics.

Thanks to streaming services developing their own programs and carrying great ones from the past, people have an incredible amount of options at their disposal at any moment, and many individuals have a balance of old and new shows that they watch regularly. Because of this, we made sure to include a solid mix of popular offerings on this quiz today, and this will help people along the way.

There are 35 shows that are being offered on this quiz, and once we reach the end, we will give people the perfect snack to enjoy while watching them!

Question 1

Pick or Pass Will & Grace

After becoming a hit during its first run on television, this show would be off the air for a number of years before returning and finding an audience once again. People that have watched the series know just how great the characters are and the series was cast perfectly. (IMDB)

Question 2

Pick or Pass NCIS

NCIS is a series that has been doing its thing on television for years, and they somehow find a way to tell great stories after all these years. We have seen a number of characters come and go over the years, and the show continues to thrive and has had some spin-offs. (IMDB)

Question 3

Pick or Pass This Is Us

This Is Us is a fantastic small screen offering that has taken home a lot of acclaim from critics. It has a fantastic cast, and it has done well in giving an in-depth characterization of all the leads on the series. This type of character work has helped make the show popular. (IMDB)

Question 4

Pick or Pass Friends

As one of the greatest shows of all time, Friends remains a series that people continue to watch each day. Whether it is on television or a streaming platform, Friends continues to thrive, and it will continue to stand the test of time so long as it is available. (IMDB)

Question 5

Pick or Pass The Big Bang Theory

Having just wrapped up and called it a day, this series is leaving behind a massive legacy that other shows will try and surpass in the future. It was a monster hit that had millions of people laughing each week. It wound up being a series that changed the lives of its performers. (IMDB)

Question 6

Pick or Pass Grey's Anatomy

The fact that this show is still going on and is just as good as ever is a testament to the people behind the scenes. Ever since it made its debut all those years ago, it has continued to take things up a notch, and people continue to tune in each week to watch the drama unfold. (IMDB)

Question 7

Pick or Pass True Detective

True Detective is a series that many people have been raving about for a while now, and we have seen some talented individuals take part in the series. The fact that the show can recruit such big names is a testament to the talent that is running the show behind the scenes. (IMDB)

Question 8

Pick or Pass Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a series that could have stood on its own to become a success, but the fact that it was tied into Breaking Bad certainly made people interested. It has continued to be a phenomenal show on the small screen, and it has made people want to watch Breaking Bad all over again. (IMDB)

Question 9

Pick or Pass Veep

Veep is the series that saw a prominent small screen actress return to the top of the pile, and while she did have a solid show in between Veep and Seinfeld, this series put her firmly back on top. It has done well since it began on television, and many people love watching it each week. (IMDB)

Question 10

Pick or Pass Young Sheldon

As we have seen on more than one occasion, shows that have a popular character tend to get spin-off projects, and this series happens to be a spin-off of one of the most popular comedy shows in recent memory. It has done well for itself while finding a sizable audience. (IMDB)

Question 11

Pick or Pass Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was being yanked from television not too long ago, but it was quickly scooped up by another network and it came back better than ever. The series has been bringing the laughs for quite some time now, and the fans can’t wait to see how the characters continue to develop. (IMDB)

Question 12

Pick Or Pass The Office

The Office is one of the greatest shows ever made, and it remains a popular series for people to watch. It is rare that a series stays this popular for so long, and The Office is a shining example of what happens when clever writing is paired with exceptional comedic acting. (IMDB)

Question 13

Pick or Pass Stranger Things

The third season of this series is getting ready to make its way to the small screen, and at this point, most people have seen at least one episode of this series. It was a massive success when it first came to the small screen, and would eventually turn into a global phenomenon. (IMDB)

Question 14

Pick or Pass Family Guy

Family Guy is one of the most notable animated shows of all time, and even though it has gotten the ax multiple times, it has found a way to come back and thrive on the small screen. It has given the world some hilarious episodes and a number of prominent characters. (IMDB)

Question 15

Pick or Pass Power

Power is a series that has no qualms with getting into the grittier elements of storytelling, and it has been able to get a solid following since it made its debut on television. We have gotten to see a good amount of top talent make their way onto the series to hold it down. (IMDB)

Question 16

Pick or Pass Orange is the New Black

This story is one that could be coming to an end sooner rather than later, and at this point, that is not a bad thing. It was nothing short of a phenomenon when it first came to the small screen, and after so many seasons, people are ready to see a definitive conclusion. (IMDB)

Question 17

Pick or Pass Shameless

This series has been on the air for a while now, and the lovable Gallagher family has been through their ups and downs over the years. Not only are the leads on the show great, but the secondary characters have all found a way to become popular with people at home. (IMDB)

Question 18

Pick or Pass Ray Donovan

When it comes to having premium channels to watch, many people will gladly tune unto Ray Donovan. It may not be as well known as some of the other premium offerings out there, but the series does have a solid following thanks to what it brings to the table each week. (IMDB)

Question 19

Pick or Pass 24

When this series first debuted on television, people were ready to watch something new and different, and it was able to deliver during its peak on the small screen. Each episode was just as gripping as the one before it, and the show continued to get better as time went on. (IMDB)

Question 20

Pick or Pass Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue was a series that had a lot to like about it, and it made sure to put prominent performers in its biggest roles in order to generate interest from the get-go. The series ran for a total of three seasons on the small screen, and Jennifer Lopez was great as a lead on the series. (IMDB)

Question 21

Pick or Pass Scorpion

For four seasons and 93 episodes, Scorpion was a series that had a fantastic run on the small screen, and it did this by telling great stories that feature likable and relatable characters. Scorpion was able to have a number of episodes that left people completely speechless when they finished. (IMDB)

Question 22

Pick or Pass Younger

As it stands now, we have gotten to see five seasons of this fantastic series so far, and later this year, season six is set to get underway. It has received a lot of positive reviews from critics, and people that have been watching the series since the beginning cannot wait to see what happens next. (IMDB)

Question 23

Pick or Pass Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time was a series that took famous fairy tales and Disney characters and put a modern twist on things, and it wound up being on television for quite some time. We got to see characters we grew up with come into our world and blend in with people like us. (IMDB)

Question 24

Pick or Pass Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies decided to take some of the biggest names from the big screen and turn them into television stars, and this decision wound up working to perfection. People had high hopes for the series, and it wound up drumming up a lot of excitement from fans everywhere. (IMDB)

Question 25

Pick or Pass 30 Rock

Life experiences can be the perfect basis for a story, and 30 Rock was able to take life experiences at Saturday Night Live and turn them into great television. Tina Fey, as usual, was the reason why this series was so great, and it should have been even bigger than it was. (IMDB)

Question 26

Pick or Pass Trailer Park Boys

This series has had some large gaps in between seasons in the past, but it has always found a way to come back into the fold and please the fans. The first few seasons of the series are classic, and even the later seasons are filled with plenty of hilarious moments. (IMDB)

Question 27

Pick or Pass Community

Television can become a crowded place, and it is not always possible to watch and enjoy every single great show on the air. This series was able to find a huge audience while it was on television, and it has a huge following to this day. More people should give this series a try soon. (IMDB)

Question 28

Pick or Pass Law & Order: SVU

When it comes to telling gripping stories and keeping people on the edge of their seats, this series has been doing it better and longer than most others in history. Even though it has been on television for years, it continues to do remarkable work with each new season. (IMDB)

Question 29

Pick or Pass Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a series that seemed poised to do big business on the small screen thanks to its connection to the MCU, and even though it got off to a rockier start, it eventually found its footing and became a great series. It continues to get better with each season. (IMDB)

Question 30

Pick or Pass Property Brothers

Property Brothers is a series that sees people looking to live in the home of their dreams, and these two men are the ones getting the job done. They have been holding it down in the industry for quite some time, and they have made many people happy over the years. (IMDB)

Question 31

Pick or Pass Billions

It was recently announced that this series has been renewed for a fifth season, and fans are excited to see more of their favorite series. It has done some great work during its four seasons on the air, and the cast of the series is loaded with talent from top to bottom. (IMDB)

Question 32

Pick or Pass Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an animated series that has been making people laugh for a while now, and it is an animated series that has caught on with a huge audience in no time. When a show like this gets big, it winds up getting turned into memes and used for memorabilia. (IMDB)

Question 33

Pick or Pass The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale has been doing well for itself since making its debut on television, and we have seen performers from the series take home some of the biggest awards in the industry. It will continue its impressive run on the small screen while continuing to develop its story. (IMDB)

Question 34

Pick or Pass Barry

Barry is one of the better shows on television at the moment, and now that some other shows have come to an end, people will be looking for something new to watch. Barry is a series that more people should be checking out because it has a lot to like about it. (IMDB)

Question 35

Pick or Pass Riverdale

Riverdale came out firing on all cylinders a while back, and people were more than happy to jump on board and enjoy the series. There have been three seasons on the small screen so far, and it has been confirmed that a fourth season will, in fact, be made for the fans. (IMDB)

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