Pick Or Pass On These TV Shows And We'll Guess Your Favorite Movie

What's better after a long day than kicking back on the couch, relaxing, and watching something fun? Whether it's a favorite movie that we've seen a million times or that new TV series everyone won't stop talking about, it can be a lot of fun to just relax and watch something entertaining for a little while. Being responsible all day is exhausting and we all know how important it is to take time for ourselves so we can just relax and unwind. Watching a TV show or movie can be a really fun way to do that!

Anyone who likes watching things will know that there are so many shows out there these days. From shows that have been over for a few years to new shows that are just premiering their first episodes, the number of shows that are on TV or making their debut on different streaming services can honestly get a little overwhelming at times. Even though we might want to watch all of them, we all know that's just not possible. That's why we pick and choose the ones that really entertain us and skip out on the rest!

Pick or pass on these TV shows and we'll guess everyone's favorite movie.

Question 1

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a fantasy series that is based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. The series features a huge cast of characters who reside on two fictional continents known as Westeros and Essos. The series focuses on the huge cast of characters and their battle for the Iron Throne, a phrase that refers to both a physical throne in the series and the ruling title of the Seven Kingdoms.

Question 2


Friends is a sitcom that aired from 1994 through 2004 for a total of 10 seasons. The series has a large cast that includes stars like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer who portray the main characters in the series, a group of six friends who all live in New York City. The series follows the group of friends in their personal, professional, and romantic lives and features them in different hilarious situations.

Question 3

Modern Family

Modern Family is a sitcom that began airing in 2009 and is currently airing its 10th and final season. The series follows a large extended family. Jay is married to his second wife, Gloria, and is the father of Claire and Mitchell, each of whom has families of their own. The series follows several storylines in each episode that revolve around the different family members and typically, these storylines become intertwined and mixed up with each other before the families come together at the end of the episode.

Question 4

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series that has been airing since 2011 with a total of four seasons, one special episode, and one interactive film. This series is fairly similar to the classic science fiction series The Twilight Zone in that each episode is a standalone episode that the viewer doesn't need to have seen the other episodes to understand. It's also similar because of the surreal plots that take place in a world fairly similar to our own with some really unnerving quirks.

Question 5

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series that aired its first season on the streaming service in 2016 and will be releasing its third season in the summer of 2019. The series is set in the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The series focuses on the strange occurrences in the town of Hawkins, starting with the disappearance of one of the citizens of the town and how it seems to be connected to a girl with unusual powers appearing in the town.

Question 6

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is a series that began airing on HBO in 2017 and is based on a novel by the same name. The series stars Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley as three mothers living in Monterey, California whose children all attend the same school. The series begins after a major crime takes place on the night of a school function and the series then features flashbacks to moments through the school year before revealing the details of the crime.

Question 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom that began airing in 2016 and stars Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, one of the detectives of the NYPD's fictional 99th precinct. Jake Peralta is a talented detective but he's definitely immature and not used to having to follow the rules that his coworkers in the precinct do. Unfortunately, after the precinct gets a new commanding officer, Jake's carefree attitude is cracked down on and he's forced to become a more mature and serious detective.

Question 8

New Girl

New Girl is a series that aired from 2011 through 2018 and stars Zoey Deschanel as the main character of this series, an upbeat and optimistic woman named Jess. After going through a breakup, Jess moves in with a few new roommates: three guys who are definitely nothing like what Jess is used to. Despite their differences, Jess and her new roommates - Nick, Schmidt, and Winston - become close friends and bond in ways they never could have expected.

Question 9

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a series that started airing on Amazon Prime Video in 2017. This series is set in the 1950s and follows a woman named Midge Maisel who, when the series begins, seems to have the perfect life in New York City. After some issues in her marriage arise, Midge's life changes and she discovers a new passion that she had no idea she had. Midge starts to enjoy performing stand up comedy and it changes her life.

Question 10

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is a sitcom that aired from 2011 through 2017 and stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as Max and Caroline, roommates who don't initially have a lot in common when it comes to how they grew up but who become close friends after they get to know each other. Unlike Max, Caroline grew up wealthy and definitely isn't used to her new life struggling to make ends meet. The two of them work together as waitresses and dream of opening a cupcake business.

Question 11


Supernatural is a series that began airing in 2005 and is set to air its 15th and final season in the near future with its 14th season recently coming to a close. Supernatural follows a pair of brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester who have a pretty unique family business. The two brothers, like their father before them, are demon hunters that travel around the country in order to investigate and help to eliminate the supernatural occurrences that people have to deal with.

Question 12

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a comedic Netflix original series that began airing on the streaming platform in 2015 before airing its final episodes in 2019. The series follows Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, who spent the past 15 years living with a group of people away from the rest of society. After she was rescued and taken away from this group, she was forced to rejoin the real world and get used to the quirks of modern life in New York City.

Question 13

The OA

The OA is a Netflix original series that aired its first season on the streaming service in 2016 and, after quite a long wait, premiered its second season in 2019. In this series, Brit Marling stars as the lead role of Prairie Johnson. At the beginning of the series, Prairie Johnson has just returned home after being missing without a trace for the past seven years. The longer she's back, the more it becomes clear that her disappearance and return are stranger than they initially seemed.

Question 14

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original TV series based on a young adult novel by the same name. The series aired its first season in 2017 and features Selena Gomez as one of the executive producers of the series. The series follows a high school student named Clay and each episode follows a separate tape that one of Clay's classmates, Hannah, made detailing different events in her life and the way that her classmates at school impacted her life.

Question 15


Riverdale is a dramatic teen series that began airing in 2017 and is currently still on the air. The series stars Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes as iconic characters from the Archie comics like Jughead, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. The series is a live-action adaptation of the Archie comics and is set in the town of Riverdale just like the comics. Unlike the comics, this TV series has a much darker twist on the characters and their lives in Riverdale.

Question 16

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is a Netflix original series that aired its first season in 2018 and has a second season, titled The Haunting of Bly Manor, scheduled to be released in 2020. The series is set in two different timelines. The first is in the early 1990s when a family made up of two parents and their five children move into a house to renovate and resell it. The second storyline is set in the present day when the children return to the house.

Question 17

The Good Place

The Good Place is a comedic TV series that began airing in 2016 and recently aired its third season. This hilarious show stars Kristen Bell as a woman named Eleanor who recently lost her life and finds herself in a place known only as The Good Place. This heaven-like utopia is an amazing place but unfortunately, it becomes clear to Eleanor fairly quickly that she has no business being there and was sent by mistake. The series follows as Eleanor tries to hide this while becoming a better person.

Question 18

This Is Us

This Is Us is a TV series that began airing in 2016 and is currently airing its third season. The series features a large cast of stars including people like Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, and Chrissy Metz. The series is focused on the Pearson family, made up of two parents named Jack and Rebecca and their three children Kate, Kevin, and Randall. Each episode typically features a storyline in the present day as well as at least one in the past at some point through flashbacks.

Question 19

Fuller House

Fuller House is a Netflix original series and a spin-off of the popular series Full House that aired from the late 1980s through the early 1990s. Fuller House stars many of the original cast members with a storyline that's somewhat reminiscent of the original series and began airing in 2016. In this series, D.J. Tanner is now a mother to three sons who recently lost her husband. Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy decide to step in and help her out by moving in with her.

Question 20

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a series that aired from 2010 through 2017. The series follows a group of four former friends who drifted apart during the year after one of their mutual friends, Alison, went missing. When the series begins, it's been a year since their friend disappeared and the friends are forced to reconnect after they start receiving strange messages from someone who seems to know things about them that only Alison knew. The friends try to solve the mystery of where Alison went and who is sending these messages.

Question 21


Maniac is a miniseries that premiered on Netflix in 2018. This series stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as Annie and Owen, two complete strangers who find themselves growing closer to each other after they both join a clinical study for a strange pharmaceutical company's latest product. The company promises that all the problems that the participants have will be instantly solved if they agree to take part in their study but unfortunately, Annie and Owen learn that this isn't quite the case.

Question 22


Disenchantment is an animated series that began airing as a Netflix original series in 2018 and will be airing its second season beginning in 2020. The series was created by Matt Groening, the creator of other animated shows like The Simpsons and Futurama. Disenchantment features a main character named Bean, a highly sarcastic and unconventional princess who lives in a fictional kingdom called Dreamland. The series follows as Bean and her faithful companions explore the world of Dreamland and everything that lives there.

Question 23

The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale is a Hulu original series that began airing in 2016 and has a third season premiering in 2019. This series is based on the Margaret Atwood novel by the same name and is set in a dystopian future in which most people have become unable to carry children. Elisabeth Moss stars in this series as Offred, one of the women in Gilead who does not have this issue and as such, is forced to give up her daughter to a family that can't have children.

Question 24


Atlanta is a TV series that began airing in 2016 and has a third season coming sometime in the near future. Atlanta was created by and stars Donald Glover, also known by his stage name of Childish Gambino. In the series, Donald Glover plays Earn, the main character of the series who lives in the city of Atlanta and is a recent college dropout who is struggling a little in his life. After he learns that his cousin is close to becoming a famous rapper, he tries to get closer to him to benefit from it.

Question 25

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is a miniseries that aired on HBO in 2018 and is based on a novel by the same name that was written by the author of Gone Girl. In this series, Amy Adams plays a reporter named Camille who grew up in a small town but was happy to finally leave and move on to the big city and start her life as a journalist. Unfortunately, Camille is sent back to her small town after a series of crimes take place in her hometown.

Question 26


Revenge is a TV series that aired from 2011 through 2015 and stars Emily VanCamp as a woman named Emily Thorne. When the series begins, Emily Thorne has moved back to the Hamptons and seems like she's a newcomer among all the other wealthy people in the Hamptons. But the truth is that Emily had lived there once when she was younger and had to leave after one of the other residents caused some major problems in her family, something that she has returned to get back at them for.

Question 27

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is a series that aired from 2011 through 2018 for a total of seven seasons. In the series, the fairytale characters that we all know and love from books, Disney movies, and stories are brought to life and life in a town called Storybrooke. Several characters from different fairytales have been pushed into modern times after a villain in the Storybrooke world placed a curse on the town and removed their memories of being fairytale characters.

Question 28


Glee is a musical TV series that aired from 2009 through 2015 for a total of six seasons and over 100 episodes. The series is set at a high school and primarily follows the members of that high school's glee club. The students that are part of the glee club come from all different cliques within the school including athletes, cheerleaders, and students that are really serious about performing. The series features different songs and storylines that focus on the life and struggles of the students.

Question 29

The X-Files

The X-Files is a science fiction series that began airing in 1993 and ended its original run in 2002 before coming back in 2016. The series follows two special agents who work together in order to solve unsolved mysteries that seem to be supernatural in nature. Fox Mulder, has been working in a special office on cases that are classified as X-Files because of their unusual nature before the series begins. At the beginning of the series, Dana Scully is assigned to be his partner and investigate them with him.

Question 30


Superstore is a sitcom that began airing in 2015 and is currently on its fourth season. This comedic series follows a group of employees of the same big box store that each have a different role at the store. Although most of the series takes place during their shifts at Cloud Nine, this funny series focuses both on their work lives as well as the personal lives of each of the different employees at the store and the customers they deal with there.

Question 31

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is a medical series that began airing in 20015 and is currently airing its 15th season. Whoa! The series has gone through some major changes to the cast since the first season with characters leaving and new characters coming. Despite this, one thing has remained the same about the series: it focuses on a hospital in Seattle where the main character, Meredith Grey, works. The hospital's various employees and the patients there are the characters that the series follows.

Question 32

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a TV sitcom that began airing in 2005 and recently aired its 13th season. The series follows a group of friends, known in the titles of the episodes as "The Gang," in their daily lives. In addition to owning a somewhat rundown and unpopular venue together in their home city of Philadelphia, the group of them are often trying to come up with clever schemes in order to advance their lives in some of way, regardless of what the consequences are.

Question 33

True Detective

True Detective is a crime-based series that began airing in 2014 on HBO. The series has three seasons in total and HBO announced that a fourth season was being developed. Unlike many other series, this show doesn't actually have connections between each season because of the fact that this is an anthology series. This means that each season has completely different characters, a different setting, and focuses on a different crime that took place and the officers that are working to solve it.

Question 34

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a series that aired from 2000 through 2017 with an additional miniseries that was put on the streaming service Netflix in 2016 that showed the lives of the main characters in the series several years after the main series concluded. The series follows a mother-daughter duo named Lorelai and Rory Gilmore who live in a small town in New England. The series follows as Lorelai runs her own business and Rory goes from attending a prestigious private school to being a college student.

Question 35

A.P. Bio

A.P. Bio is a comedic series that began airing in 2018 and stars Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin, a former philosophy professor at Harvard whose life is turned upside down after he doesn't land the job that he was hoping to. This forces him to move back to his hometown in Ohio where he reluctantly takes a job teaching Advanced Placement Biology. But, instead of doing any teaching, Jack chooses to spend his time trying to get back at the person who caused him to miss out on his dream job.

Question 36

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original superhero series based on a comic book series by the same name that was created by former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. The series follows a group of orphans who were adopted by a billionaire who recognizes that the group of children were born with some entirely unexplainable superpowers and chooses to train them to use their powers to help save the world. Following the mysterious loss of their adoptive father, the children come back together to find out what happened to him.

Question 37


Grown-ish is a spin-off of the series Black-ish that follows the Johnson family's oldest child, Zoey. Zoey is played by Yara Shahidi and after being one of the central characters in Black-ish for most of the series, Grown-ish follows her to college where she's living on her own for the first time and trying to balance her school life with her friends and romantic relationships. The series features occasional cameos and crossovers with Black-ish but is primarily focused on Zoey's life on her own and her friends at college.

Question 38

Good Girls

Good Girls is a comedic series that began airing in 2018 and is currently airing its second season. This show stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta as two sisters named Beth and Annie and their best friend, Ruby. The three of them have all been struggling financially for a while and have grown tired of just dealing with it and accepting that this is the way their lives are meant to go. In order to fix things, they decide to take matters into their own hands in a drastic way.

Question 39

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen series that aired from 2009 through 2017 and is based loosely on a novel series by the same name. The series' focus is the main character, a high school student named Elena Gilbert who recently lost her parents and is just trying to move on with her life. When she meets a new student at her school and finds out he's a vampire, her life is turned upside down and her connections to the supernatural world go farther than she could have imagined.

Question 40

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a series that began airing in 2015 and stars Rami Malek as Elliot, a man who works during the day as a computer programmer but at night, he takes on a completely different role. After he leaves his day job, the anti-social programmer takes on the role of a hacker. After a group of hackers that are trying to take down several large corporations, including the one Elliot works for, approaches Elliot to join them, he has to make some decisions about what's important to him.

Question 41

No Good Nick

No Good Nick is a Netflix original series that began airing in 2019 and stars Siena Agudong as Nick, a sly teen girl who has a seriously sneaky plan to get back at the people she thinks caused her life to take a turn for the worse. Nick shows up at the home of Liz and Ed Thompson, played by Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, and leads them to believe they're her last living relatives and that she has nowhere else to go so they'll take her in.

Question 42

The Act

The Act is a series that began airing on Hulu in 2019 and is based on a true story. This show tells the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard. In the series, Joey King plays the role of Gypsy, a teen who is forced to be in a wheelchair due to a lifetime of different illnesses and whose overprotective mother won't allow her to even attempt to have a normal life because of these illnesses. When Gypsy learns the truth about her health, things get dark.

Question 43

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is a sitcom that aired from 2003 through 2006 before being brought back by Netflix in 2013 and is still releasing episodes on the streaming service now. Arrested Development is a sitcom that follows the Bluth family, a large family that was once very wealthy but lost the majority of their fortune after their father had some legal issues. The series follows as the family tries to move on with a normal life and shows them in hilarious situations.

Question 44

The 100

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic science fiction series that began airing in 2014 and is currently still on the air. The series is based on a novel by the same name and stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley as two young people who were sent back to Earth after growing up on a space station. They're two of the 100 people who were sent back to Earth after the space station they grew up on found itself over capacity and they needed to find out if Earth is suitable to return to.

Question 45

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is a TV series that began airing in 2004 and aired through 2007. The series stars Kristen Bell as the title character, a high school student whose father is a private investigator. Her father definitely passed down his interest in the world of investigation because in this series, Veronica does the same thing. After her best friend Lilly loses her life, Veronica's knack for investigating comes pretty close to home as she tries to figure out what happened to Lilly.

Question 46


Younger is a series that began airing in 2015 and is currently still airing. The series stars Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, and Nico Tortorella. Sutton Foster plays the lead role of Liza, a mom who recently went through a divorce and is trying to start her new life as a single woman and mother. After she's mistaken for being younger than she really is, she decides to lie about her age at her new job and pretend to be significantly younger than she is.

Question 47

The Perfectionists

The Perfectionists is a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars that began airing in 2019 and, like Pretty Little Liars, is based on the Sara Shepherd series of novels by the same name. The Perfectionists is set a few years after the events of Pretty Little Liars and features two characters from the series - Alison and Mona - who left Rosewood in order to go to the beautiful college town of Beacon Heights. Unfortunately, they learn that Beacon Heights has just as many mysterious secrets as Rosewood did.

Question 48

Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black is a Netflix original TV series that began airing in 2013 and announced that its seventh and final season would be released in 2019. Orange Is the New Black is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman about the time she spent in a correctional facility. The series follows Piper as her life changes and she goes from having a normal life with a good job to being behind bars for things she did several years prior.

Question 49


Unreal is a TV series that began airing in 2015 and aired through 2018 for a total of four seasons. The series takes place on the set of a fictional reality dating series called Everlasting. The series follows as the producers work with the cast on this intense TV series in order to try to create the most entertaining TV that they can for the viewers at home, no matter what they have to do in order to make it happen.

Question 50

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is a Netflix original adult animated series that began airing in 2014 and after recently airing its fifth season, was renewed for a sixth season. The series is set in a world where humans live alongside anthropomorphic animals. BoJack Horseman is one of these animals. In the 1990s, BoJack was on a famous TV series but has since fallen out of the public eye. The series follows as he tries to get his life back on track and step back into Hollywood.

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