Pick Or Pass On These TV Shows And Get A Cartoon Character Match

There are so many shows on TV - truly something for everyone! Some of us are into comedies, which make us laugh. Others of us enjoy dramas, which are more serious. Some fans enjoy shows that make them think or that have a sarcastic flair, while other fans are drawn to sci-fi or fantasy series. And today, we will be discussing television shows that fall into these categories and more!

Down below, there are 35 TV shows, and everyone must pick them (if they like the show, enjoy it and would watch it) or pass on them (if they do not like the show, do not enjoy it and would not watch it). Some of them will be easy to answer, since, for instance, there are tons of fans of Friends out there. Others may take some thinking, but just give us a pick or pass for each series.

Then, in the end, everyone will get a match...a cartoon character match! Which animated person are we most like, based on what we like on television? That is what we are about to find out! So get ready to scroll down. Prepare to weigh in on popular TV series and get excited about getting matched with a cartoon character!

Question 1

Pick or pass on Friends?

Friends is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. It centered around a central group of friends: Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay. These young adults lived, worked and played together in New York City, and still to this day, fans wish they were best friends with the Friends in real life! Believe it or not, though, some people do not like this show, which is why everyone who is here must pick this series or pass on over it.

Question 2

Pick or pass on The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory is about some more friends and neighbors and roommates and couples, and the main characters in this popular comedy show are super brains; they are very smart and are into sort of “geeky” things. But then, there are characters like Penny - a fun blonde - who help balance everything out and provide even more laughs. So tell us: Will it be a pick or a pass for The Big Bang Theory? Click on an answer to decide!

Question 3

Pick or pass on The Office?

Another well-known series that has been making people laugh for years and years is The Office. It, yes, is set inside a typical office, where there are zany characters who try to get out of work, who only want to succeed at work, who farm, who are super awkward, who fall in love and who are like one big family. Everyone is familiar with Michael Scott and with Jim and Pam...but does everyone enjoy these characters so much that they will say “pick” on this question? Or will more people go for “pass” here?

Question 4

Pick or pass on New Girl?

New Girl is about a young woman, Jessica Day, who ends up living with a group of guys. There is Schmidt, who is very into himself. There is/was Coach, the jock of the group. There is Winston, who has a soft spot for things like cats. And there is Nick, who may not have it all together...but who falls in love with Jess and vice versa! Fans of this show - Feel free to pick this comedy! Everyone else...Decide which answer is best.

Question 5

Pick or pass on Parks and Rec?

Parks and Rec, like The Office, focuses on a group that works together. There are big personalities, strange behaviors and normal stressful situations, but there is also care and kindness, as these characters are like family, too. Some people enjoy the humor of this series, meaning it could be a pick. Others, though, prefer something else and may just pass on over this show. Either way, give us the thoughts on Parks and Recreation by selecting an answer down below there.

Question 6

Pick or pass on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about Detective Jake Peralta, a carefree cop who gets a wake up call when he has to start working for Ray Holt at Brooklyn's 99th precinct. Detective Amy Santiago, Sgt Terry Jeffords, Detective Charles Boyle, Rosa Diaz and Gina Linetti are just a few more characters who make this a fan favorite. But, of course, some people will select “pass” on this question, and that is fine! We just need an answer from everyone who is here.

Question 7

Pick or pass on Modern Family?

Another big comedy television series out there is Modern Family, which has been on for years and which is full of a big family. Some people are really drawn to the crazy episodes, the heart-warming bonds and the funny moments. Others, though, prefer dramas or shows that give a little more. That being said, everyone must either pick Modern Family or pass on it, then move on to the next questions that will help decide which cartoon characters we are.

Question 8

Pick or pass on Arrested Development?

Arrested Development is all about the Bluth family, a family like no other. Michael Bluth, played by Jason Bateman, is always just trying to fix problems involving his self-centered parents, magician older brother, one-handed little brother, vain sister, awkward son, blue brother-in-law and rebellious niece. With characters like that, this show is either really, really good and entertaining (a pick!) or really, really strange to watch (a possible pass!). Answer now by clicking on one of the options below.

Question 9

Pick or pass on The Good Place?

The Good Place is a newer show on television, and it has been making waves, due to its unique plot. Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell ends up in The Good Place...or does she? With an afterlife plot, zany characters like Janet and the thrill of never knowing what could happen next in this land of frozen yogurt, many fans became instantly hooked on this series. However, for those who have not seen it or who did not like it...Well, feel free to pass on over this show and continue on in this quiz.

Question 10

Pick or pass on Louie?

Louie, Louie, Louie, Lou-i-ie…! Louis C.K., a man known for his black tees, sarcastic behavior and stand-up comedy, got his own television series a few years back, which feels like it could be his normal life. It definitely has a certain vibe, it definitely pushes the limits, and it definitely goes there, which some people love and some people do not. Do we like Louie? Is this a favorite show? Or is it not our style of comedy at all?

Question 11

Pick or pass on Seinfeld?

Ah, Seinfeld is up next, and it is a classic. It may not come on anymore, but when Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld got together to create this show, magic happened. Its jokes are still said today, in everyday life, and its plots involving everyday things (like soup, undergarments and candy dispensers) are still enjoyed today and referenced quite often. So tell us: Is it a yes or a no for Seinfeld, one of the most praised series of all time?

Question 12

Pick or pass on Rick and Morty?

Just because a show is animated does not mean it is made for kids; Rick and Morty is a cartoon, but it has jokes that a younger crowd would not pick up on, as well as some really deep lessons! Some people would love to go on futuristic, space adventures with Rick and his grandson Morty...and others do not know what this is or do not care for Rick’s burps and drool. Either way, it’s time to pick or pass.

Question 13

Pick or pass on House?

In this popular television series, Dr. Gregory House combines two things people really seem to enjoy on TV - mystery and health. Yes, for some, there is nothing as thrilling as a medical puzzle. However, for some of us, that sounds like the least appealing and most un-entertaining thing out there! And that is why there are two answer choices here: We can either say yes to House or skip right on over this drama series.

Question 14

Pick or pass on Workaholics?

Workaholics is a goofy show about three young dudes who are friends in real life and who decided to make a show about crazy adventures. Some are relevant, like bickering about who does what as roommates or not wanting to go to work. Some are a bit extreme, though...but it makes for good television! Who is a fan of this series? Who wishes it would go away? Who will pick it? And who will say pass on this?

Question 15

Pick or pass on Mr. Robot?

Mr. Robot is about a computer programmer named Elliot - a cybersecurity engineer who is also a vigilante hacker. Yes, a secretive group of hackers asked Elliot to join their organization. Why? Oh, it is all just to bring down corporate America. If that sounds interesting, then this could be a pick. On the other hand, some will say pass to a show like this. Do either now, please, and then move on to the next question in this quiz here.

Question 16

Pick or pass on The Sopranos?

From 1999 to 2007, fans watched Tony Soprano deal with professional and personal problems (like, real, big and serious problems, people!). This show was a huge deal, and tons and tons of people tuned in regularly to watch it. But it is not for everyone, since it contained some adult moments and since it was about the mob. So tell us what it will be for The Sopranos by choosing one of the answer options that are below there.

Question 17

Pick or pass on Fargo?

In this show, Ewan McGregor stars as the two main characters, who are brothers and who are quite opposite: There is a self-made real estate mogul named Emmit, and then there is Ray, who lives in his brother’s shadow, who is balding and who is a parole officer. Oh, but this is about much more than that, isn’t it. Fargo’s story is a popular story, which is why we need everyone who is here to tell us: Will this TV show get a “pick”, or will more people say “pass” to it?

Question 18

Pick or pass on Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad is one of the most celebrated shows of all time, and each week, it brought more and more excitement to television. We all know the basic idea of the show: A teacher is diagnosed with cancer, so he starts cooking in order to make money. But he is not cooking meals or a specific yummy dish...He is cooking a certain blue product that leads to a lot of trouble for a lot of people. Anyway, we just want to know if this is a yes or a no for people!

Question 19

Pick or pass on Lost?

Lost is also a show that was super popular when it was on, and people are still rewatching it and trying to figure out what really happened. There was a plane crash. There was a polar bear. There was a struggle between black and white, dark and light. There was that end scene, which confused some people. Did we love the excitement, or was this too much for some of us (some of us that, for instance, enjoy light comedies)?

Question 20

Pick or pass on Prison Break?

Michael Scofield’s brother, Lincoln Burrows, was convicted of a crime he didn't commit, so Michael goes to extreme measures in order to also get locked up...all so that a prison break can happen. Many fans are obsessed with the action here, while others tend to only watch light, fluffy and happy things on TV. Either way, we need an answer from everyone who is here with us, taking this quiz about television (and waiting to get a cartoon character match!).

Question 21

Pick or pass on The Blacklist?

Imagine, as an FBI agent, having a go-to guy...one whom had a nice little list of bad guys...and whom shared that list. That is the premise of The Black list, which stars James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington. Between the action and the relationship between him and Liz, this is one that people really enjoy...but not everyone, we know! Which is why everyone needs to answer: Is The Blacklist a pick, overall, or will it be a no for this show?

Question 22

Pick or pass on The Handmaid's Tale?

The Handmaid's Tale is based on a novel, is about a dystopian world and is a new show on TV that instantly had many fans hooked. Who loves this show? Who can’t get enough? And then who has not seen this? Who does not want to ever watch this? Who is not a fan of this series at all? With all the opinions, we can’t wait to see what everyone selects here and what cartoon everyone ends up being!

Question 23

Pick or pass on Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl is a teen drama that is based on a book series, that follows around an elite group of friends and that surprised people with its reveal of who Gossip Girl really was. Super fans have rewatched the series a couple of times, while people who are into purely comedies or more serious drama series have never even seen this show at all! No matter where we all stand, though, we need to, of course, provide an answer for this question.

Question 24

Pick or pass on This Is Us?

This Is Us is one of the most-watched and most-talked-about series. It centers around the Pearson family - a family that is really real and that certainly has gone through some tough situations. So so so many fans love having the Pearsons in their home and on their TVs...but there will be some here today who - Gasp! - say “pass” to this dramatic television show! That being said, tell us: Yes or no to This Is Us?

Question 25

Pick or pass on Riverdale?

Next up is Riverdale. Riverdale took the original Archie comic books and made them a dramatic and sort of dark new teen drama television series. And since it premiered, fans have become somewhat obsessed with shipping different couples - within the show and out of it, since some of these people date in real life! So, fans of this fun little show that is called Riverdale, pick it, now, down below! And everyone else, feel free to click on “pass” here.

Question 26

Pick or pass on Grey's Anatomy?

To say that Grey's Anatomy has a big following would be an understatement. This show has been on for years and years, giving people so much time to cry over losses within the show, fall in love with relationships on the show and become true fans of this show. But, yes, we know...There are people who do not like Grey’s. There are people who will say no to this series. There are those who will click on “pass” in the answer choices there.

Question 27

Pick or pass on Game of Thrones?

And to say that Game of Thrones is loved by many would be putting it lightly. This series, based on books, is full of everything that is exciting, thrilling and action-packed. Those who can’t get enough will surely say ohhhyesss to this series, while people who enjoy modern-day, happy shows may want to skip on over this particular series. And both answers - pick and pass - are provided here, so choose one of them now before continuing on to the next questions in this quiz.

Question 28

Pick or pass on Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars is another fun teen drama based on some more books. Fans love Spencer’s smarts, Hanna’s hilarious one-liners, Emily’s empathetic ways and Aria’s attitude. Fans can’t get enough of the relationships within this story. And fans loved guessing who A was, who was on the A Team and who Uber A was! Anyone who is not into all of that can pass, though, of course. But this show is still quite popular with many, since every episode delivered so much excitement!

Question 29

Pick or pass on Black Mirror?

For those who do not know, Black Mirror is a super unique show that is released through Netflix. Each episode is its own story, and each one is crazier than the next. It has been described as a modern-day version of The Twilight Zone, since it has sci-fi scenes and creepy moments, which are centered around technology. Into all the scary tech? Pick it down below! Prefer shows that are happy and not so weird? Pass it down below!

Question 30

Pick or pass on Travelers?

We could go on and on trying to explain Travelers, but there are too many details (like, seriously...so many new, crazy, complex details here)! But yes, it is about time-travelers, so if that sounds cool, give it a thumbs up. Similarly, those who already regularly watch this show can also give it a yeah. But, on the other hand, anyone else is free to go with a pass here, if it is not watched or if it is not enjoyed.

Question 31

Pick or pass on Westworld?

Westworld could be described as a Western version of Jurassic Park...which is sort of fitting, since it came about due to the Jurassic Park writer! People who enjoy Westerns, technology-driven stories, good-versus-evil battles and thrillers may all want to click on “pick” here. Oh, but if anyone who is taking this quiz is against any/all of this, then those people may want to click on “pass” here instead. Either way, please choose an answer now.

Question 32

Pick or pass on Altered Carbon?

Another futuristic show is Altered Carbon, which is set more than 300 years in the future. There is new technology, there is a group of elite interstellar warriors, there is a wealthy businessman...This definitely has many elements that many audience members love in a television show! And, as usual, we have two options: People can either pick Altered Carbon (saying yes to it, essentially), or they can pass on over it (giving it a thumbs down, pretty much).

Question 33

Pick or pass on The 100?

A nuclear Armageddon...a destroyed civilization...a set of international space stations...a space ark...a struggle to ensure humanity's future...That is The 100. Yes, this next show from television that we are featuring on this quiz is one that people like or don’t. And that is why the answer options that we have included indicate just that: Like it? Pick “pick”! Don’t like it? Pick “pass”! And get one step closer to discovering that cartoon character match.

Question 34

Pick or pass on Teen Wolf?

One really popular teen drama is called Teen Wolf, and there are many fans who enjoy the, well, teen wolves of this series - and some fans are not even teen themselves! That is because it is another one full of excitement. So what will it be? Is this a yes? Will we click on pick? Or is this not even a good show, really? And will some of us have to go with pass on this question? Answer now please!

Question 35

Pick or pass on Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows out there. People were thrilled when Netflix dropped this sci-fi show, falling in love with the things of the ‘80s, the entertaining characters and the unique story. If any of that sounds good or if anyone loves this show already, then get ready to give it a thumbs up. If this sounds like something that would not be enjoyed (or if it is not enjoyed already), then give it a thumbs down.

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