Pick Or Pass On These TV Ladies And We'll Reveal Your Type

Television shows are full of all types of leading ladies. There are strong and fierce women on drama shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. There are sweet and caring individuals from series such as Gilmore Girls and This Is Us. Fans find smart and thoughtful females on TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. There are bubbly blondes on series like Friends and Riverdale. People are drawn to quirky ladies such as Jessica Day from New Girl and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. The list goes on and on!

And today, everyone who is here with us taking this quiz must pick or pass on some of the most popular TV ladies out there! There will be a variety, and opinions will differ - We just need a yes or a no for each character from television.

Then, in the end, something exciting will happen...Based on the females that are picked or passed on, we will guess everyone’s type. Are we drawn to tough chicks? Do we like smartie pants? Are we into those bubbly blondes? We will discover all of that, here and now!

Scroll down to continue on within the quiz, picking or passing and then getting a type in the end...

Question 1

Pick or pass on Daenerys Targaryen?

Will more people here pick or pass on Daenerys Targaryen? She is from the acclaimed television series Game of Thrones, so she has been seen in relationships, in battles and in some of the most epic scenes from TV. She is tough and strong, yet she is also a fair beauty - which some people may really be into, overall. That being said, we need to know if it will be a pick or a pass for the Mother of Dragons?

Question 2

Pick or pass on Maggie from TWD?

What is the answer regarding Maggie from TWD? Maggie was first introduced on a farm, where she led a simple yet happy life with her family. But struggles are really real in this post-apocalyptic world, and now, she has grown into a leader, a mother and a fan favorite (a pick, we could say!). Some people are not fans of Maggie, though (which is why pass is another option here). Just answer now, please!

Question 3

Pick or pass on Donna Pinciotti?

Donna Pinciotti is one of the young friends featured in That ‘70s Show. That being said, she is an average young person, with a boyfriend (at times), a social life (which mostly is set in a basement), annoying parents and friends (yes, even Jackie). Donna also has a no-nonsense attitude, is a tough cookie and can be sarcastic. Based on all of that, we need to know if fans will pick her or pass over her within this quiz here.

Question 4

Pick or pass on Rachel Green?

As we all know, Friends was about six friends: Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani and Miss Rachel Green. Rachel is the fashionista of the group. She has blonde moments. She used to work at Central Perk. She ends up with Ross. So remember all of that. Think about this character in her entirety. Then tell us: Is it a pick or a pass here? Click on one of these choices down below there, please and thanks.

Question 5

Pick or pass on Rebecca Pearson?

One of the characters that is talked about most these days is Rebecca Pearson. Played by Mandy Moore, this mom and wife goes through some really real and really raw moments, and fans have fallen in love with her and her family on This Is Us. We know, we know...Not everyone likes her or this series, though! So feel free to pick or to pass on this one, since both options are available to everyone down below there.

Question 6

Pick or pass on Blair Waldorf?

Gossip Girl focused on an elite little group of friends, along with their families, significant others, educations and adventures on the Upper East Side - but Blair Waldorf was the star. This female character could often be found in tights and in a headband. She always got what she wanted, no matter what had to happen. And she fell in love and formed a family, too. So tell us: When it comes to this Queen B from this teen drama, will more people click on “pick” or on “pass”?

Question 7

Pick or pass on Hanna Marin?

Here we have one more character from Pretty Little Liars, the hit teen drama television series. Hanna Marin is also the blonde fashionista of the group. She has funny one-liner phrases, but she also has really strong moments where she faces her fears and saves the day. And she kind of has to in a show like that and in a place like Rosewood! So think about Hanna. Picture her. Imagine all her qualities. Answer the pick-or-pass question on her. Then continue on in this quiz.

Question 8

Pick or pass on Emily Thorne?

Emily Thorne - also known as Amanda Clarke - totally impressed people on Revenge. She had a rough patch at a young age, but she grew up, got rich and returned for revenge. Plus, there were attractive men in her life, luxurious parties for her to attend and designer clothes for her to wear, too! Consider all of that. Remember this leading lady. Look at the two provided answer options we have given. Then give us an answer on Emily (or Amanda, we mean!).

Question 9

Pick or pass on Samantha Jones?

On SATC, there is a main group of girlfriends. There is Carrie Bradshaw, the writer of the group. There is Charlotte York, the mother hen of the group. There is Miranda Hobbes, the tough chick of the group. And there is Samantha Jones, the flirt of the group. She is a powerful PR professional. She always has a new man in life. And she is a true friend, as well! So tell us what the answer will be here: Will we pick Samantha? Or will we pass on over her?

Question 10

Pick or pass on Kate Austen?

Let’s move on to the next female character on this quiz - Kate Austen. Kate is from the show Lost, which focused on a group that crashed onto an island. The show got weird, the characters had some struggles, but Kate remained strong and brave. Heck, she even fell in love through it all (kind of with two guys, but Jack and Kate forever, right?!). So is she a pick or a pass? Answer down below, then move on in this quiz.

Question 11

Pick or pass on Leslie Knope?

Another hard-working woman from TV is Leslie Knope. In fact, she may be the hardest-working one out there! No one cares for her job like Leslie does. She is so in love with her role, her office, her town and her friends, and it all shows through crazy moments and funny episodes. Who is a fan of hers? Then click on “pick” down below! And who does not really care for Ms. Knope? Then click on “pass” down below, if that is wanted.

Question 12

Pick or pass on Carrie Bradshaw?

Will more people pick Carrie Bradshaw, or will more people pass on her? Of course, Carrie Bradshaw is the main character in SATC (a popular television series and collection of stories). She is a writer. She lives in New York City. She has a girl gang. And she shares her thoughts on love, loss, life and more. Those who are into her will probably want to give her a positive answer here, while others may go a different route, passing over this popular TV character.

Question 13

Pick or pass on Piper Chapman?

Man, we are just zooming through this quiz, which is full of interesting females from exciting TV shows. This means that we are getting closer to finding out our type - yay! Now, here we have Piper Chapman, from Orange Is The New Black. OITNB is a beloved series, but that does not mean that Piper is a favorite character or anything. Some really enjoy her and her scenes, but others prefer the supporting characters of Orange Is The New Black.

Question 14

Pick or pass on Meredith Grey?

We wonder what the answer will be when it comes to this next female character...Meredith Grey is the star of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Are we obsessed with her? Is she super enjoyable? Or do we not care for her? And will all of our thoughts, feelings and opinions here cause us to actually click on “pass” down below? We will soon find out, won’t we? And then we will all get matched with a type that we like!

Question 15

Pick or pass on Aria Montgomery?

Aria Montgomery is a pretty little liar (and from a show with that exact title). Her friends and the other main characters in this story include Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Alison DiLaurentis. But Aria is the writer of the group. She has a bit of a rebellious streak. She can be emotional, but that is because she feels and thinks in a beautiful way. So give us this answer for this question and this character!

Question 16

Pick or pass on Pam Beesly?

Pam Beesly from The Office is a fan favorite. People could relate to her shy behavior. Fans enjoyed her role in the workplace and in the show. And so many are obsessed with her love story with Jim - so sweet! But, believe it or not, not everyone is a fan of quiet, hard-working, loving Pam. And those people - unlike many fans - will probably be clicking the answer choice below that is labeled “pass”.

Question 17

Pick or pass on Phoebe Buffay?

Here is one more chick from Friends - Phoebe Buffay, of course! How could we leave out the quirky, hippie, singer of the group? We could not! And even though some people are in love with her...And even though she is the least-favorite character for others...We are including her in this quiz, and we need either a pick for this leading lady or a pass on Ms. Buffay. Choose an answer down below, then move right along.

Question 18

Pick or pass on Marissa Cooper?

This quiz has covered so many fab characters from so many awesome television shows. One show that has not been mentioned yet is The O.C., and one leading lady from that teen drama is Marissa Cooper. And like with the other females on this list, there are two thoughts when it comes to her: People either like her, enjoy her, miss her and want to be her...or people do not like her, did not enjoy her, do not miss her and never wanted to be anything like her.

Question 19

Pick or pass on Eleanor Shellstrop?

Eleanor Shellstrop ended up in The Good Place...or did she? Now, people have been falling in love with this television series, but that is not the point, and that is not our question! No, we just need to know about Eleanor (played by actress Kristen Bell), in particular: Is it a yes for this zany blonde female character? Or is it a no for this leading lady? Choose one of those options from the choices we listed out below.

Question 20

Pick or pass on Rory Gilmore?

Rory Gilmore is smart, quiet, a reader, studious, a writer and super close with her mother, Lorelai - the other Gilmore girl! Some people look up to her, enjoy watching her and may aspire to be like her. Others could not relate to her study habits, did not approve of her eating habits and were confused by her dating habits. Nevertheless, we need an answer: Is it a pick or a pass for this smart, brunette, quiet and blue-eyed girl named Rory Gilmore?

Question 21

Pick or pass on Dolores Abernathy?

Dolores Abernathy was the first host made for Westworld, a futuristic theme park where guests can interact with life-like androids (hosts). But Dolores is special. Dolores can think and remember and feel and fall in love...and rebel. So when it comes to the star of this exciting show, are more people in favor of her or not a fan of hers? Give us a positive or a negative answer down below there, then move right along.

Question 22

Pick or pass on Lorelai Gilmore?

And here we have the mom from Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Gilmore! She had her daughter, Rory, at a young age, but the two created quite the little life. They lived in a quaint place with eccentric people. They loved eating junk food and watching movies. And they were best friends, as well. How many Lorelai fans do we have here with us today? And how many people actually do not care for this quirky and fast-talking woman?

Question 23

Pick or pass on Spencer Hastings?

Spencer Hastings is another one of the main characters from Pretty Little Liars. She is the smart one of the group, always studying, involved in numerous extracurricular activities and usually the first to put together clues. And there were lots of clues in this show, as the characters and the fans tried to figure out who A was! So, Spencer...Will she be a yes, a yeah and a pick? Or will this smart brunette get a no, a nah and a pass?

Question 24

Pick or pass on Monica Geller?

Perhaps the most popular show from TV, of all time, is Friends, and one of the friends on this show was Monica Geller. She was the organized one of the group. She liked to cook and clean. She was a planner. And people who enjoy that or who are like that may want to give Monica here a thumbs up on this question. On the other hand, we have “pass” as an answer option, too, for anyone who wants to, well, pass!

Question 25

Pick or pass on Debra Morgan?

Soon enough, it will happen: Everyone who is here will hear our guess for the type of woman we are attracted to and like! But first, we need to know if it will be a pick or a pass for Debra Morgan. For those who do not recognize her, Debra is the leading lady in Dexter. Some people enjoy her character. Others do not. Either way and as usual, though, we need an answer - we need a pick or a pass!

Question 26

Pick or pass on Joey Potter?

Joey Potter is another brunette. She is another smart young lady. And she is another popular female character from a popular show from TV. Yes, Joey was on Dawson’s Creek, a teen drama that people instantly fell in love with when it came on television. We are in today’s time, though, and we need an answer from anyone: Is it a yes for Joey? Or is a no for Ms. Potter here? Choose wisely, then move on to the next question.

Question 27

Pick or pass on Betty Draper?

Okay, next up we have Betty Draper, a lead character from the hit TV show Mad Men. Yes, this is Betty, a pretty blonde played by January Jones. For some people, she is a great character, meaning that many people will select pick from the answer options down below. But for others, Betty is not so great, so others will choose pass from the choices that we have listed out down below. Which will it be for this Mad Men leading lady?

Question 28

Pick or pass on Skyler White?

Skyler White is from the hit series Breaking Bad, and we will just say it: There were mixed emotions towards her. She was the wife of the main character, Walter, and she was left in the dark about some big things. However, when she caught up to speed, she became heavily involved. Did we like her? Do we feel sorry for her? Or did we not care for her at all? And will we pass on her in this quiz?

Question 29

Pick or pass on Betty Cooper?

Here is yet another Betty and another blonde! This is Betty Cooper, and she is a star on Riverdale. Many people may know Betty from the Archie comic books, but today, she, Archie, Veronica, Jughead and other classic characters live in a dark and dramatic place, where they face real struggles, go to school and date each other! So tell us...When it comes to this cute, blonde, girl-next-door character, will it be a pick or a pass for her?

Question 30

Pick or pass on Lindsay Bluth Fünke?

This should be exciting, as we find out the real thoughts on Lindsay Bluth Fünke...Lindsay is a daughter, a mother and a wife on the comedy series called Arrested Development. Everyone in this show has some sort of issue. For instance, Lindsay is very into herself, which leads to problems. But she is pretty and funny and entertaining, too! That being said, will more people here say yeah to her or nah to her? Choose below, where the answers are.

Question 31

Pick or pass on June Osborne?

How many people who are here today know June Osborne? Well, for those who do not, here is a recap: June Osborne is the main character in The Handmaid’s Tale, which is a new series based on the classic novel. It takes place in a dystopian setting, and it has created quite the buzz. As usual, fans of the show and of this female character can give it a thumbs up. And, on the other hand, non-fans can feel free to give this all a thumbs down instead.

Question 32

Pick or pass on Claire Underwood?

Okay, let’s move on to the next leading lady from TV! Claire Underwood is from the show House of Cards, and this female character could be described as smart or savvy, as fierce and fearless and as a hero of sorts. Those who admire her and her series may want to give her a thumbs up, while others may choose to go with a pass on this particular question. Either way, we need an answer from everyone who is here with us today.

Question 33

Pick or pass on Jess Day?

New Girl is about, well, a new girl named Jessica Day who ends up moving into a cool loft-style apartment with some guys. Some people found Nick to be funny. Some found Coach to be cute. Some thought Schmidt was too much. And some thought Winston was a bit odd. But what about Jess? Do we love her? Will we pick her? Or is it the opposite of that, and will we pass on her within this quiz question here?

Question 34

Pick or pass on Lily Aldrin?

How I Met Your Mother was a show about another group of friends living life in the city. There were jobs and apartments and relatives and stressors to deal with and to show off, as well as romantic relationships. And fans got to see all of that and more with Lily Aldrin! Who liked this character? Who loved her? And who did not like her? And who disliked her so much that “pass” will be selected down below?

Question 35

Pick or pass on Rose Nylund?

Rose Nylund may not be as popular as some of the other female characters that can be found in this quiz, but she is a legend. See, Rose here was on a show called The Golden Girls, and she was played by Betty White! So, before we guess everyone’s type, we need to here a pick or a pass once again. So is it a pick or a pass for Rose Nylund, the funny and forgetful one of the group on The Golden Girls?

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