Pick or Pass On These TV Couples And We'll Guess Your Sign

If there's one thing that has generally proven itself to be true since the beginning of time, romantic couples can be an incredibly polarizing thing among the fans of anything. Whether it's a book, a movie, a stage production, or a television show, it's a weird phenomenon that tons of people end up emotionally invested in the relationships portrayed and find themselves picking a "team" to root for.

It's especially prevalent in television shows - and why wouldn't it be? They're often still airing and with the addition of social media, it feels like the fans' opinions can have a genuine influence on the way that a story unfolds, especially when it comes to whether or not two characters will end up together. However, even before social media became such a staple part of our culture, it was common to see people picking a side in a ship war.

What's a ship war? Simple. The word "ship" comes from "relationship" and it's turned into a verb and noun used by people within a fandom - shippers ship their favorite ships, and want to see them succeed! It's an interesting thing to see play out, especially when two couples in a love triangle seem to be neck and neck - like Damon and Elena VS Stefan and Elena from The Vampire Diaries or Stiles and Lydia VS Stiles and Malia from Teen Wolf.

A person's taste in ships can say a lot about them - maybe even enough to make guessing parts of their actual personality possible! Who wants to try?

Question 1

Pick or Pass on Harvey and Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Harvey and Sabrina are considered a classic couple for most people who were into the original television series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which ran from '96 to '03. They're still as cute as ever in the Netflix Original series, where their relationship resembles Romeo and Juliet, since dating a human is against the witching world's rules.

Question 2

Pick or Pass on Emma and Killian from Once Upon a Time?

Killian Jones, better known as Captain Hook but also known as a couple of other things throughout the series, and Emma Swan's relationship started off with a simple kiss. Emma declared it to be a "one time thing" and Killian agreed - although, in the end, she turned out to be pleasantly incorrect about their future together.

Question 3

Pick or Pass on Bellamy and Clarke from The 100?

Bellamy and Clarke, known as Bellarke, have a relationship that has developed from a somewhat antagonistic rivalry into a deep bond that's based primarily on trust and loyalty. Though they haven't always found themselves on the same side of every issue, and there have been plenty of times when it seems like their game of Will They or Won't They has been leaning more toward Won't, they've always managed to pull through in one way or another.

Question 4

Pick or Pass on Clarke and Lexa from The 100?

Clarke and Lexa are known as Clexa among fans of The 100. Their relationship begins as two leaders whose people are locked in a war together, but it quickly evolves into a deep, meaningful romantic bond that helps to define a lot of both women's decisions throughout the series, because of their similarities - and undeniable chemistry.

Question 5

Pick or Pass on Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World?

Cory and Topanga are another classic romantic couple from a show that ran from September 1993 to May 2000. The two of them started off as childhood classmates who didn't have much to do with one another, but eventually became a loving, idealistic couple that wound up married with a daughter who starred in her own spin-off series, Girl Meets World, from June 2014 to January 2017.

Question 6

Pick or Pass on Oliver and Felicity from Arrow?

Oliver and Felicity's relationship came as a surprise for comic book fans for two major reasons: Oliver's love interest is Laurel Lance and Felicity Smoak was a woman in her mid-40s that only played a minor role. However, the chemistry between the two characters in the live action television show took hold with the writers and the fans alike, and they wound up together instead!

Question 7

Pick or Pass on Barry and Iris from The Flash?

Barry Allen and Iris West are a couple that has been together in comic book canon since pretty much the beginning of time, so of course, The Flash follow suit and made sure that the two of them wound up together. Their relationship slowly built up into a romantic one, starting off with the two of them as best friends and even sometimes involved with other people.

Question 8

Pick or Pass on Andy and April from Parks and Recreation?

Peppy, happy-go-lucky Andy and cynical, sardonic April seem like two people that wouldn't have even the slightest bit of interest in each other. However, the total opposite is true! In spite of a considerable age gap and some awkwardness along the way, their best friendship deepened into an iconic, quirky romance.

Question 9

Pick or Pass on Ben and Leslie from Parks and Recreation?

Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope met when he came into her beloved small town of Pawnee, Indiana with the intention of doling out some budget cuts. Needless to say, the two of them didn't get along very well - at first. Eventually, they found some common ground, and a beautiful relationship blossomed between the two of them, with both of them feeding off of one another's nerdy, dedicated energy.

Question 10

Pick or Pass on Alec and Magnus from Shadowhunters?

Alec is a young Shadowhunter that's struggling with his identity when he meets Magnus, a centuries old Warlock who's openly been in romantic relationships with both men and women. Magnus is immediately enchanted with Alec and it quickly becomes mutual, causing the two of them to enter into an intense relationship that influences every part of their lives.

Question 11

Pick or Pass on Derek and Meredith from Grey's Anatomy?

Seattle Grace intern Meredith Grey originally tries to deny the advances of surgeon Derek Shepherd, also known as McDreamy. However, their attraction to one another and deep connection ultimately come out on top of everything else, and the two of them enter into a romantic relationship that eventually results in a marriage.

Question 12

Pick or Pass on Jonah and Amy from Superstore?

Jonah and Amy work together at a big-box store called Cloud 9. When he arrives, she's married to her high school sweetheart, Adam, but the two of them gravitate toward one another and start to become friends, although they almost always engage in some sort of bickering banter. After sharing a kiss during a moment of crisis, things take an awkward turn.

Question 13

Pick or Pass on Jim and Pam from The Office?

Jim and Pam are easily one of the most recognizable romantic relationships in history of television, and just about any reputable source is more than willing to back that up! The two of them began as friends, while she was engaged to a man who didn't seem right for her, and they had a lot of ups and downs along the way, before they ultimately wound up in an adorably whimsical relationship with one another.

Question 14

Pick or Pass on Jughead and Betty from Riverdale?

Jughead and Betty winding up together was an unexpected twist for Riverdale fans who were also interested in the Archie comics, since it was traditionally always Archie and Betty (and Veronica), while Jughead did his own thing and only cared about burgers. However, in the television show, a careful mixture of chemistry and storylines that brought the two of them together enough for them to come to know one another lead to Jughead and Betty ending up in a romantic relationship instead.

Question 15

Pick or Pass on Veronica and Archie from Riverdale?

Archie and Veronica are a more traditional couple for anyone who's a fan of both Riverdale and the Archie comics. It's initially awkward, since Veronica and Betty almost immediately become close friends, a relationship that each girl desperately needs for her own reasons, and Betty has a crush on Archie, but... The heart wants what it wants. The two of them are always supportive of one another, and care deeply.

Question 16

Pick or Pass on Cheryl and Toni from Riverdale?

It's almost an understatement to say that Cheryl Blossom has been through a lot during the past three seasons of Riverdale. Because of that, it's very easy to feel like she deserves a sweet, loving partner who will be there for her and make it easy for her to lighten up and be happy - and Toni perfectly fits the bill.

Question 17

Pick or Pass on Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf?

The relationship between Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin is considered epic by the majority of Teen Wolf fans. In the beginning, she wasn't even aware that he existed, while he'd been harboring a crush on her since elementary school. Over the next couple of years, the two of them began to see one another differently, realizing some similarities - like their smartness, and the fact that they were each humans trying to survive in a supernatural world, and things slowly changed.

Question 18

Pick or Pass on Scott and Allison from Teen Wolf?

Scott McCall and Allison Argent's relationship is a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet - with a supernatural twist, of course. She's the daughter of a famed werewolf hunter and he's, well, a werewolf, so things get hairy (no pun intended) for the two of them quite often, especially since her family is incredibly unamused by her choices, but the whole "forbidden and dangerous" thing only seems to sweeten the deal.

Question 19

Pick or Pass on Scott and Kira from Teen Wolf?

During his third year of high school, Scott McCall finds himself as the object of new student Kira Yukimura's affection. He's hesitant at first - because of the whole werewolf thing - but fate and the supernatural side of Beacon Hills seem to work with one another to bring the two of them together anyway. They have a lot of common personality traits, like loyalty and reliability, and interests, like playing lacrosse, that makes their relationship surprisingly easy for them, even though the fox and the wolf aren't meant to be companions.

Question 20

Pick or Pass on Stiles and Malia from Teen Wolf?

Stiles Stilinski meets Malia Tate after he and his friends rescue her from being trapped in her werecoyote form - or, at least, they feel like they rescued her. Malia believes differently, and is initially pretty bitter about it, but she's also undeniably attracted to Stiles, and the two of them enter pretty quickly into an adorable romantic relationship that helps her learn to integrate into human society and gives him someone who's always on his side.

Question 21

Pick or Pass on Scott and Malia from Teen Wolf?

During the sixth season of the show, after Kira has moved away and Stiles and Malia have broken up, Scott and Malia find themselves spending a lot of time together. During this time, they notice not only their similarities and the fact that they seem to genuinely get one another on a surprising level, but their undeniable attraction to one another.

Question 22

Pick or Pass on Bonnie and Damon from The Vampire Diaries?

Damon and Bonnie's relationship never officially went deeper than a meaningful platonic bond, but that didn't stop fans of The Vampire Diaries from passionately shipping the two of them, dubbing them as Bamon. The undeniable truth is that each of them was important to the other, regardless of past betrayals and questionable circumstances, and neither of them was ashamed to admit it.

Question 23

Pick or Pass on Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries?

Klaus and Caroline's relationship initially began while she was engaged in a long-term romantic relationship with a werewolf named Tyler Lockwood and Klaus, in Caroline's words, doing things like "phone-stalking" her. However, he eventually won her over, as she began to realize exactly what he had to offer for her, and they fell in love.

Question 24

Pick or Pass on Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries?

Damon and Elena met when Elena was involved in a romantic relationship with Damon's younger brother, Stefan. She was one of the only people to still see the good in him, no matter what he did, and the two of them became close friends because of that. However, Damon was always openly in love with Elena, and eventually, she became unable to continue to deny that she felt the same way.

Question 25

Pick or Pass on Stefan and Elena from The Vampire Diaries?

When the two of them met, Stefan and Elena were almost immediately enchanted by one another, and quickly began a romantic relationship. The two of them were very devoted to protecting one another in every possible way, and seemed able to forget about their problems and enjoy lighthearted moments together. Even after the romance fizzled, their strong friendship remained a prominent part of each of their lives.

Question 26

Pick or Pass on Tyler and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries?

Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes weren't very fond of one another in the beginning of The Vampire Diaries. She thought that he was an immature jock with a short temper and he thought that she was a shallow, spoiled princess. However, the two of them began to bond over their supernatural secrets, and eventually wound up falling in love.

Question 27

Pick or Pass on Stefan and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries?

During the first season of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan explicitly tells Caroline that the two of them will never happen, no matter how much she goes around joking about them planning a wedding. However, he ultimately eats his words, because she becomes his best friend, his confidant, his girlfriend, and eventually, his wife.

Question 28

Pick or Pass on Elijah and Hayley from The Originals?

Elijah and Hayley's relationship begins when Hayley falls pregnant with his brother, Niklaus' child. For obvious reasons, the two of them find their lives becoming increasingly entwined with one another, and they often find themselves in situations where one of them winds up protecting or taking care of the other. Their attraction to one another is undeniable from the start.

Question 29

Pick or Pass on Klaus and Camille from The Originals?

After he heads back to New Orleans, Original vampire Klaus Mikaelson encounters vampire Camille O'Connell at a bar called Rousseau's. However, their bond begins when they discover a mutual interest in art, and quickly becomes a deep, meaningful connection where she's able to appeal to the humanity in Klaus, which is a considerable task.

Question 30

Pick or Pass on Freya and Keelin from The Originals?

Freya Mikaelson is the firstborn daughter of the Mikaelson family, a powerful witch, and Keelin is a werewolf from the Malraux bloodline. Their relationship began with Freya relying on Keelin to formulate a cure for her family members against the vampire Marcel's bite, but they slowly became friends. Eventually, they became something much more than that.

Question 31

Pick or Pass on Mary Louise and Nora from The Vampire Diaries?

Mary Louise and Nora Hildegaard are two witches who have become members of the Heretics after being cast out from the Gemini Coven for being Siphoners. The two of them first began their romantic relationship in approximately 1880, when being together wasn't exactly easy for them, all things considered, but they stayed faithful and deeply in love for over a century.

Question 32

Pick or Pass on Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead?

Glenn Rhee first encounters Maggie Greene when his group of survivors takes up residence on her family's farm. The two of them begin to form a genuine bond with one another while scouting for supplies for the people back at the farm, and eventually, with her father's approval, he asks for her hand in marriage. They have a son together named Hershel, after Maggie's late father.

Question 33

Pick or Pass on Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead?

Rick Grimes and Michonne's relationship starts off as a mutual respect for one another's survival skills and leadership capabilities, but quickly turns into a meaningful bond and incomparable connection. Each of them care deeply for doing what's best for their group and Rick's son, Carl. Their relationship is an equal partnership that is built on trust and time.

Question 34

Pick or Pass on Marcel and Rebekah from The Originals?

Marcel and Rebekah's relationship was once a classic case of forbidden love, which began when the two of them met in 1810. Their history is expansive and enthralling. Marcel developed feelings for Rebekah while growing up with the Mikaelson family, though her brother Klaus stood between them at the beginning, and eventually, Rebekah gave in to the fact that she returned them. Their bond is deep and has withstood even the most trying of circumstances.

Question 35

Pick or Pass on Dwight and Angela from The Office?

Dwight Schrute is an intense, quick-witted beet farmer and Angela Martin is a prim and proper, dedicated owner of numerous cats. The two of them seem like an unlikely combination but in spite of everything, their relationship just works. Things aren't always easy for them because of their personality quirks and other things, like tricky work and personal relationship-related circumstances, but their bond is undeniable.

Question 36

Pick or Pass on Ryan and Kelly from The Office?

Ryan and Kelly's relationship is a classic case of on again, off again. She's initially a lot more interested in him than he is in her, though it often seems that Ryan is actually just a bit of an aloof guy who's playing it cool while he secretly feels just as intensely for her. Regardless, their on again, off again nature always seems to end up back on again, no matter what.

Question 37

Pick or Pass on Ezra and Aria from Pretty Little Liars?

Ezra and Aria met one another during a night out on the town and wound up spending the night together, with him mistaking her for a college student. Unfortunately, the two of them later discovered that he was actually the English teacher at her high school, and she was in his class. That wasn't enough to stop them, though!

Question 38

Pick or Pass on Emily and Alison from Pretty Little Liars?

Emily and Alison's relationship began with Emily harboring a deep crush on Alison. The two of them shared a secret kiss in the library, but Alison still tried to deny her feelings for Emily for quite a while. However, the truth eventually came out, and the two of them wound up together in the end!

Question 39

Pick or Pass on Spencer and Toby from Pretty Little Liars?

The relationship between Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh is one that starts and stops numerous times. He's a bit of a social outcast, and she feels genuine pity for him, seeing the way that the people of Rosewood treat him. The two of them begin to grow closer when she takes a gig as his French tutor, and eventually, they end up dating.

Question 40

Pick or Pass on Spencer and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers are initially fairly distant from one another because he's dating her friend, Hanna. However, they began to become friends during the third season, and by the second half of the sixth season, a romantic spark forms between them, initiating a relationship that lasts until season seven.

Question 41

Pick or Pass on Caleb and Hanna from Pretty Little Liars?

Caleb Rivers and Hanna Marin's relationship starts off as a secret during the first season, and she even shortly believes that Caleb is cheating on her, but eventually learns that he was actually spying on her for Jenna. Even so, the two of them have formed legitimate feelings for one another, and pursue their relationship, eventually ending up with one another in spite of all of their hardships.

Question 42

Pick or Pass on Brittany and Santana from Glee?

Brittany and Santana's relationship initially doesn't appear to be much more than a physically-based fling between a couple of best friends, but it quickly becomes obvious that the two of them have developed deep, strong feelings for one another over time. Through trying times and even seeing other people, they remain a constant in one another's lives.

Question 43

Pick or Pass on Kurt and Blaine from Glee?

Blaine and Kurt's relationship begins when Kurt sets out to spy on the Warblers, Blaine's vocal group, and ends up striking up an immediate friendship with him. Their friendship eventually becomes a romantic one, growing especially strong when Blaine transfers to McKinley in order to be with Kurt, and eventually, the two of them end up married.

Question 44

Pick or Pass on Finn and Rachel from Glee?

Finn and Rachel were the kind of couple that was always going through the motions of being on and off. The two of them would spend a long period of time together, then break up, often with one of them doing something reckless during their break, but they would always find their way back to one another. The two of them eventually became engaged.

Question 45

Pick or Pass on Jesse and Rachel from Glee?

Jesse and Rachel's relationship starts out with Jesse simply trying to manipulate her under the orders of Shelby Corcoran, the leader of his show choir, Vocal Adrenaline. However, he shows back up and is genuinely apologetic, and the two of them even end up together on Broadway, where they rekindle their relationship and even in up married.

Question 46

Pick or Pass on Finn and Quinn from Glee?

Finn and Quinn are together in the beginning of the first season of Glee. She's carrying a child that actually belongs to his best friend, Noah Puckerman, but she has managed to convince him that he's the father, citing a time that the two of them spent in a hot tub together as the moment of conception. Regardless of their true circumstances, the two of them are both important to each other.

Question 47

Pick or Pass on Sam and Mercedes from Glee?

Sam and Mercedes went to prom together after maintaining a secret relationship with one another since the New Directions' trip to New York. However, their relationship ends when Sam moves away, though he swears he will eventually win her back. It eventually works out, and the two of them stay together in an on-again off-again way, until he leaves to pursue a modeling career outside of their home together in New York.

Question 48

Pick or Pass on Clary and Jace from Shadowhunters?

Clary and Jace's relationship begins when Jace steps in to save her from losing her life at the hands of a demon, though the demon does manage to inject her with its venom. Jace takes her back to the New York Institute, and form there, the two of them begin to form a powerful relationship as she comes to terms with her new life as a Shadowhunter, a human being who is part-angel and responsible for protecting humans from demons.

Question 49

Pick or Pass on Roy and Thea from Arrow?

Roy Harper met Thea Queen when he stole her purse on the streets in 2013. Upon learning his reasoning for stealing from her, Thea takes pity on him and doesn't press charges against him. The two of them end up speaking and form a bond, with her promising to help him out of his bad situation, and their relationship eventually takes a romantic turn.

Question 50

Pick or Pass on Matt and Rebekah from The Vampire Diaries?

To put it lightly, the relationship between Matt Donovan and Rebekah Mikaelson had an interesting beginning. She was planning to end his life in order to spite Elena for ruining her opportunity to attend a dance, but after he offered her his coat in a gesture of kindness, she decided to spare him. From there, they developed a genuine bond and eventually fell in love and traveled the world together.

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