Pick Or Pass On These Tasty Desserts And We'll Reveal Your Celeb Soulmate

If there are two things that everyone loves, they're tasty chocolate desserts and even sweeter celebrity crushes. Pairing up the two is a treat for the ages! This quiz will take everyone through some of the most decadent and amazing desserts on the planet and reveal a celebrity soulmate that will sweep them off their feet and into happy ever after! If you don't have a massive sweet-tooth when you start this quiz, you definitely will by the time it is finished!

Whether you swoon for delicious and rich chocolate desserts, or if berry flavored taste temptations are more your jam- you'll find some delicious surprises in this quiz. We cover fifty of the tastiest palate pleasers from all corners of the globe and let you pick or pass on them to reveal the ultimate sweet surprise- a celebrity soulmate. You'll be hungry for a little chocolate or sugar temptation and a little bit of romance by the time we are done! So, who is ready to look into the future and find out which delicious celebrity they are destined to be with? If you're craving a celebrity sweetheart for this Valentine's Day, let's get started down the sweet road to romance.

Question 1

Chocolate Mug Cake

Let’s start off with a peanut butter and chocolate classic- the Chocolatee Mug Cake! These babies are incredible because they are super simple to make and the portion control is built right in. They have a total cult following. What’s not to love? This fudgy and peanut buttery dream is the stuff of legends. Who agrees? Pick or pass on this decadent and easy to make mug cake and we will reveal which celebrity is your ultimate soulmate. Choose an option below now.

Question 2


If anyone doesn’t love Donuts they are not to be trusted. It might seem a little harsh, but come on, it is totally true. Who doesn’t swoon over these beautiful round little creations? Donuts are amazing because they can come in so many different flavors. Like chocolate? No problem. Prefer fruit instead? Donuts totally have you covered. Plus, they can be filled with all sorts of dreamy concoctions and frosted with chocolate or a sweet glaze. Pick or pass on Donuts.

Question 3


A relatively new concept, the Freakshake takes an old-school milkshake and kicks things up a notch or one-hundred by coating them will all sorts of decadent syrups and crowning them with cakes, cookies, or other amazing surprises. They come in a variety of different flavors and really can appeal to just about every taste. Be warned- when you’re about to snack on a Freakshake you’d better be hungry. These amped up milkshakes are no joke at all! Pick or pass?

Question 4

Chocolate Mousse

An old school classic, Chocolate Mousse is one of those desserts that has stood the test of time. Everyone loves this dreamy, creamy chocolate concoction that generally is just heavy enough to make us feel full but not so heavy that we feel like we will never be able to look at food again. It can be crowned with some chocolate pieces or served all on its own for a stately and lovely dessert that will never cease to impress.

Question 5


According to Mobile Cusine, Flan has a lot in common with one of our other favorite dishes- Creme Brulee- except instead of having a hard caramel crust, it has a soft one. This gives Flan a unique texture that has made it a true favorite in all corners of the world. The best flan is buttery, vanilla scented and topped with that decadent soft caramel. It is perfect for sharing- although you definitely will not want to! Pick or pass?

Question 6

Hot Chocolate

If there is a winter classic dessert that is more acclaimed than Hot Chocolate, we’d like to know about it. This warm beverage is absolutely stunning on a cold or crisp evening. It pairs decadent liquid chocolate with milk and sometimes a little spice. Topped with chocolate syrup or marshmallows (or both!) this dish is a favorite with just about everyone. As an added bonus, it is simple to make and a true crowd-pleaser! Who loves Hot Chocolate? Pick or pass.

Question 7

Gingerbread Cookies

No holiday season is complete without Gingerbread Cookies. They have a flavor that is so unique to Christmas and New Year that it is almost impossible to think about these two holidays happening without this beautiful little cookie making a debut. Who doesn’t love Gingerbread Cookies? With just a little bit of icing, these cookies can totally shine. Best of all, they are fairly easy to make and most families have a recipe that they have passed down for generations.

Question 8

Tropical Panna Cotta

According to Kitchn, Panna Cotta is one of the easiest and best desserts to make because it is so versatile and almost all of the ingredients can be swapped or substituted for other ingredients without compromising the quality of the dish! The Panna Cotta pictured here is a Tropical Panna Cotta that makes us think of warm, balmy beaches and gorgeous tropical fruits. It is a light dessert that packs a lot of flavor without a ton of empty calories!

Question 9

Whimsical Cupcake

We all love our cupcakes, but in the past few years there has been an explosion in exotic and whimsical flavors. Enter the Whimsical Cupcake- one that takes lavender and honey and says "those would taste amazing together!" Whether the cupcake base is bold, or it is full of something really incredible with mango puree or salted caramel, these cupcake really shine as amazing high-end desserts. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on Whimsical Cupcakes from the two options below.

Question 10

Nutella Crepes

Nutella is of those foods that we are thrilled to see come across the pond. We can’t get enough of the hazelnut and chocolate wonder spread. It goes so well on bread, straight out of the jar, spread on strawberries or drizzled on top of crepes. Yes- crepes and Nutella were made for each other and Nutella Crepes are one of the finest desserts on the planet! Sprinkled with just a few strawberries and full of the hazelnut chocolate spread, these crepes are amazing.

Question 11

Creme Brulee

We talked about Creme Brulee’s cousin Flan earlier in the quiz. This version has the addictive caramel crust that we totally love. There is something so soothing about cracking through to the creamy custard with our spoon that is total bliss. Whether we’re enjoying traditional vanilla custard or something a little more exotic, like passionfruit or mango, Creme Brulee is one classic that we absolutely love. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this classic dessert below. Choose now.

Question 12

Lemon Meringue Pie

According to Days of the Year, Lemon Meringue Pie is one of the most popular desserts in both the United States and The United Kingdom and it is easy to see why. The combination of sugar and tart lemons is a true winner. Add in fluffy meringue that has been just lightly toasted for a perfect browned sugar flavor and this pie is a show-stopper. Although there are many imitators, there is only one Lemon Meringue Pie. Pick or pass.

Question 13

Cinnamon Roll

This decadent dessert has delighted people for centuries. How can you go wrong with sweet, buttery dough, loads of cinnamon and a warm vanilla glaze to take the whole thing to the next level? Cinnamon Rolls are amazing for breakfast, an afternoon snack or a delicious dessert that is a welcome break from chocolate. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this dessert fan favorite by selecting the right option below. Let us know your thoughts on Cinnamon Rolls!

Question 14

Blueberry Scones

According to Food Reference, Scones are wonderful little treats that come from Scotland and England. They are generally molded into round shapes and flavored with any number of delightful ingredients that are as varied as your imagination! Scones are tremendously popular all over the world because they are not cloying or too sweet and they have a very interesting flavor profile. For this question we’ve chosen a special kind of scone- Blueberry Scones with a delightful dose of sugar and tart fruit.

Question 15

Caramel Apples

These juicy apple bites are a summertime fave. You can find them at carnivals and fairs all over the world, and there’s nothing like biting into a tart, sweet caramel apple. Best of all, we can get these treats with tons of different toppings- from the traditional caramel to chocolate chips and sprinkles of nuts. They come on sticks, so they’re super portable and absolutely delectable! Who agrees with us that caramel apples are the best? Pick or pass below.

Question 16

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are the ultimate sweet comfort food. These cookies take us all the way back to our childhoods and are best right out of the oven, with the chips still warm and melty from being baked. There are plenty of different recipes, but we tend to be Chocolate Chip Cookie purists and prefer to have ours the old fashioned way- with just sweet, sugary cookie and plenty of molten chocolate chips. Talk about pure heaven! Pick or pass?

Question 17

Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream isn’t just for kids. Everyone loves this creamy frozen dessert, and there is no better way to enjoy it than in a massive Ice Cream Sundae. Ice Cream Sundaes are awesome because we get to customize our ice cream with all sorts of decadent toppings, from chocolate to caramel and even strawberry sauce. Crowned with just a dab of whipped cream, these frozen desserts are the stuff of legends. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this dessert.

Question 18

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What are the best two things in the world? If you said “chocolate” and “strawberries”, you’re speaking our language! We love the tart and tasty combination of Chocolate Covered Strawberries, especially when they are as cute as the ones in the picture. The best thing about Chocolate Covered Strawberries is that just like Caramel Apples they can be customized with all sorts of goodies- from different types of chocolates to various toppings like nuts or chocolate chips. So much yum!

Question 19

Chocolate Truffles

The best thing about Chocolate Truffles is that you never know what amazing flavor you’re going to get (isn’t there a movie about this….) Anyway, digging into a big box of Chocolate Truffles like the ones pictured here, is a uniquely incredible experience. Whether you’re into vanilla cream, chocolate or raspberry filling- there is a Chocolate Truffle for everyone! Do Chocolate Truffles make your heart sing? It is time to pick or pass on this varied chocolate treat. Choose below.

Question 20


When we talk about decadent desserts you know that we’re referring to Cheesecake, right? This creamy concoction has won over the hearts of people for decades and can be topped with just about anything. Whether it’s swirls of chocolate, caramel, and nuts for the perfect Turtle Cheesecake, or crowned with berries like the delicious dessert in the picture that accompanies this question, Cheesecake is a true star. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on classic berry topped Cheesecake below.

Question 21

Chia Seed Pudding

According to The Feel Good Foodie, Chia Seed Pudding is one of the healthiest desserts that you can make. All it takes is a handful of chia seeds, milk and a little sweetner. Vegans and vegetarians can swap out almond milk for traditional cow’s milk. This healthy treat is also totally delicious and versatile and can be topped with chocolate, fruit or any number of different combinations for a totally unique and amazing taste sensation. Pick or pass on Chia Seed Pudding?

Question 22

Caramel Cake

Chocolate gets a lot of the credit, but we have a special soft spot for Caramel Cake. This luxurious dessert is full of decadent sugary caramel and an addictive sauce. The frosting is light enough to balance the heaviness of the caramel perfectly. We could eat an entire cake-- but we probably should just stick to a piece or two! Who agrees that Caramel Cake should take the spotlight away from chocolate based desserts? Pick or pass on this option below.

Question 23

Ice Cream Sandwich

This summertime kid fave is one of the best desserts on the planet. Should we count the ways? It is completely portable and combines two of our favorite things- ice cream and cookies. Top it off with a little chocolate syrup for a real winner. We like the classic vanilla and chocolate combination, but Ice Cream Sandwiches can be made with just about any flavor profile. If Ice Cream Sandwiches bring you back to those carefree days of being a kid, pick this one!

Question 24


According to Original Sicily, Cannoli were once made with sheep’s milk ricotta cheese only, but since have branched out into all sorts of unique and amazing flavors. Today, we can find Cannoli in all corners of the world and there’s something really satisfying about the combination of creamy filling and crispy exterior that makes us want to rush to our nearest bakery right now. Who loves a good Cannoli like we do? Pick or pass on this fave from Italy.

Question 25


Just about everyone has their own unique and special recipe for Brownies. These heavenly squares should have their own floor in the Foodie Hall Of Fame, because there’s really nobody that doesn’t love a good Brownie. Moist on the inside with the delectable crunchy crust, these chocolatey treats can be endlessly accessorized with walnuts, chocolate chips, swirls of peanut butter, or drops of caramel. They can even be frosted with decadent fudge for an amazing treat that leaves us satisfied.

Question 26


Smores are a campfire favorite that combines graham crackers with marshmallows and chocolate in a warm and toasty treat that leaves your fingers sticky but your stomach full of goodness. Smores take us back to those childhood camping trips that we will cherish forever. They are not just for kids though! Who agrees that Smores are just as great for adults? Pick or pass on this summertime treat and we will reveal a celebrity soulmate! It’s time to choose now.

Question 27

Bread Pudding

According to Food Reference, Bread Pudding probably originated in the late 1600s and has been popular since then. This decadent, creamy dessert is considered largely to be peasant food- but it really can be adapted to haute cuisine with just a few modifications to the recipe. Chefs know that Bread Pudding is one area that they can get super creative. Who loves this dessert as much as we do? Pick or pass on this classic dish below. Choose one now!

Question 28

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is the ultimate summer berry celebration dessert. It combines fluffy shortcake with glorious whipped cream and the sweetest strawberries imaginable for a dessert that is both light and totally filling. Nobody will go unsatisfied if there is Strawberry Shortcake on the menu! There’s a reason that this summertime fave has been a picnic and BBQ must-have for decades. Who loves Strawberry Shortcake? Who wants to give this one a pass? Choose the best option from the two below.

Question 29

Blueberry Cream Pie

When it comes to pies, Blueberry Cream Pie might take a backseat to favorites like Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie, but make no mistake- this berry pie is a superstar. Some desserts are far too sweet, but Blueberry Cream Pie is one of those amazing offerings that combines tart blueberries with smooth vanilla cream and a graham cracker crust for the perfect balance of flavors. Paired with a cup of tea, this dessert is a true winner. Who here agrees?

Question 30


According to Edible WOW, Biscotti were created as a practical food! These durable little biscuits lasted longer than other types of foods and their shelf life made them an ideal treat for people who didn’t have access to fresh food. History lesson aside, today Biscotti is a coffee shop fave, and people choose this amazing twice-baked cookie for its taste- not its longevity! Who loves to dunk their Biscotti into a warm cup of coffee? Who will pass on this one?

Question 31

Birthday Cake

Whether it is Happy Birthday to us or someone else, there is a special allure to Birthday Cake. For some reason these amazing cakes taste just a little sweeter than other ones- and who doesn’t love to get the special frosted roses or stars on the top. Yes, Birthday Cake is the best! We could sit down and eat an entire one right now. Who is with us? We want to know who thinks that Birthday Cake is the sweetest thing around.

Question 32

Petit Fours

These baby cakes were all the rage at our momma’s cocktail parties and we think that they should make a comeback. Petit Fours offer the perfect portion control and the greatest bite of sugar, frosting and cake. Better still, a portion is a few of these little bites so you can enjoy vanilla, chocolate and raspberry without getting super full. Plus, they are just the cutest things ever, right? Who loves Petit Fours as much as we do? Choose below.

Question 33

Red Velvet Cupcakes

According to Food And Wine, Red Velvet Cake has been around since the 1800s, but it wasn’t taken seriously at first. This deep hued cake was not popular and many cookbooks shunned it. In fact, it was even called “bland and uninteresting” in 1972! Fortunately, we know better now. Red Velvet Cake deserves some serious respect- and these gorgeous little Red Velvet Cupcakes do too! Crowned with vanilla frosting and red fondant roses, these little cakes are total super stars.

Question 34

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake is the perfect canvas for all sorts of delightful toppings, although it tastes just great on its own. The perfect light dessert, Angel Food Cake is amazing when paired with fresh berries like in the accompanying picture or drizzled with chocolate cream. We can’t get enough of this light as air but sweet as sugar dessert. Who agrees with us? Is Angel Food Cake in a league of its own, or is it totally forgettable? Choose below.

Question 35


According to Churros For Life these delicious deep-fried dessert breadsticks are traditionally filled with guava (a type of fruit paste) and served for breakfast all over most of the world. Fill ‘em with guava or dip them in dulce de leche for a decadent treat that is sure to amaze just about everyone. Churros are one of the greatest foods in the entire world! Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this deep-fried treat from the two options below.

Question 36

Pound Cake

According to Mobile Cuisine, Pound Cake got its name from the traditional recipe which called for an equal ratio of flour, butter, eggs. It also dates back several centuries and is still going strong. That’s because this cake is one of the tastiest desserts that was ever created. Topped with some berries or a sweet lemon glaze, it rivals any chocolate dessert in deliciousness. Who loves pound cake as much as we do? Pick or pass on this fave below.

Question 37

Berry And Whipped Cream Tart

There is something about tarts that just screams “summertime” and this one is no exception. With layers of graham cracker crust, tasty vanilla cream filling and lots of plump and sweet strawberries on top, this tart is a total super star. The one pictured here has strawberries, but you can add tart little blueberries, juicy blackberries or raspberries or any other type of berries imaginable. They are all equally delicious. Who loves a tasty summery Berry And Whipped Cream Tart?

Question 38

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles leaves those ones from the frozen food aisle in the dust. These babies are moist on the inside, crispy on the outside and generally topped with tons of deliciousness- from vanilla cream or whipped cream to chocolate swirls or dollops of caramel. Usually they come with a serving of fruit, so we feel really good about indulging! Strawberries, blueberries, or even pineapple and a little sprinkle of powdered sugar make these waffles sing! Who loves Belgian Waffles? Choose below.

Question 39


Let’s not kids ourselves here- muffins are really breakfast cupcakes. They are full of sugary sweet batter, studded with fruit or chocolate chips and generally come with a little sprinkle of sugar on top. Talk about heavenly! Muffins are best when they are right out of the oven and slathered with a lot of butter to really bring out their flavor. Who loves muffins as much as we do? Who will pass on these tasty treats? Choose one option below.

Question 40

Bananas Foster

According to New Orleans.com, Bananas Foster is a beloved and traditional dish that originated on the docks and since has graced fancy and upscale restaurants all over the state- and now all across the world. It originated in the 1950s and is a sweet concoction that combines bananas, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream together in a gooey and tasty dish that will have everyone wanting more. Who loves a good Bananas Foster? Pick or pass on this New Orleans fave.

Question 41

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is one of those desserts that will have name-recognition forever. It is always associated with Fall or Winter and rivals Pumpkin Pie for the best dessert of that time of year. Some people like to make their Apple Pie super special by adding caramel or nuts to the recipe, but others prefer to be total traditionalists and just go with apples, cinnamon, and a great baked crust. Who agrees with us that Apple Pie is a total star?

Question 42

Almond Cake

Chocolate gets a lot of credit when it comes to cakes, but let’s not forget about the addictive and sweet flavor of almonds. Almond Cake is one of the unsung heroes of the dessert world, and tastes amazing when paired with some perfect maraschino cherries and a cup of coffee. Plus, who can argue that this amazing cake isn’t totally gorgeous? Almond Cakes are generally beautifully decorated with swirls of frosting or chocolate and delicate garnishes. Who loves this cake?

Question 43

Pumpkin Pie

We are almost to the end of the quiz so let’s talk about some of the heavy-hitting desserts like Pumpkin Pie. This undisputed hero of Fall is one of the most popular pies in the world. Who doesn’t love the combination of cloves, pumpkin and spice? Crowned with some whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, this pie is one of the best in the world. Who loves delicious Pumpkin Pie as much as do? Choose the right option below.

Question 44


When it’s warm outside there’s really nothing like a cold Popsicle to cool things off. They come in all sorts of flavors and there are even designer Popsicles with whimsical combinations like lavender and honey! The ones pictured here are summer berry and would really come in handy on a warm day. Who loves Popsicles? Who thinks that they are best left for those under ten? Pick or pass below and we will reveal a special celebrity soulmate! Choose now.

Question 45

Meringue Cookies

Meringue Cookies are delicious and light as a feather. Made with egg whites, sugar and a little delicate flavor, these cookies have a cult following with people who don’t like their desserts heavy or filled with chocolate. Although they’re tasty all on their own, these cookies are also great when paired with some whipped cream or drizzled with fruit syrup. Who loves these delicate little creations? Who is going to take a pass on Meringue Cookies? Choose one option below.

Question 46

Mixed Berry Pie

There are plenty of pies that lean heavily on chocolate (lookin’ at you French Silk Pie!), and then there are others that bring just the right amount of sweetness and summertime while still being refreshing and vibrant. Mixed Berry Pies are those kind of pies! They start off with a light as air crust, are filled with sweet and tart berries and are finished off with a delicate lattice design. They are as beautiful as they are tasty. Who loves them?

Question 47


Macarons have been popular in France for decades, but this tasty cookie came across the pond a few years ago and we couldn’t be happier. Macarons are light and tasty- plus they’re filled with an addictive cream that we totally love. They come in all sorts of flavors, from traditional vanilla and chocolate to more exotic ones like salted caramel and mocha. All hail the glorious Macaron! Who loves them as much as we do? Pick or pass on Macarons.

Question 48

Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding is one of those feel-good desserts that brings us all the way back to our childhood. We love the combination of bananas and sugar, along with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Paired with vanilla wafers, Banana Pudding is a super star. It is also really simple to make and is a total crowd-pleaser. Who loves this amazing dessert? Who will take a pass on Banana Pudding? Choose the best option below. Pick now.

Question 49

Carrot Cake

According to the World Carrot Museum, this cake has a long and beautiful history. It is an old cake that dates all the way back to the sixteenth century. Talk about deep roots! Carrot Cake recipes vary from family to family and usually contain some combination of nuts, spice and of course- plenty of shredded carrots. Today we eat it with cream cheese frosting and it pairs beautifully with a warm cup of coffee. Who loves this old-school favorite? Choose below.

Question 50

Ice Cream

Let’s finish on the sweetest note ever- Ice Cream! There is nothing that says Summer Vacation like Ice Cream. Whether you love vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or any other flavor- everyone has a soft spot for this frozen creamy concoction. After all, it reminds us all of our childhoods, right? Who loves Ice Cream? Who will pass on this delicious dessert? Choose the best option below and we will let you know which celebrity crush is your ultimate soulmate. Pick now.

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