Pick Or Pass On These Sweet Treats To Get A Dreamy Celebrity Husband

Do we have any sweet treat fans in the house today? It is not everyone that understands the importance of a sweet treat after a long day. It really is only those who are born with a sweet tooth who can fully understand how badly we crave these treats after eating something savory. When we are watching a movie, easing a broken heart, or simply just craving some sugar, these treats are always there for us. Today we will be paying tribute to all of the sweet snacks we have been munching on over the years!

In this quiz, we will be looking at these treats one by one. Everyone is going to get a chance to vote on which ones they find the most delicious, and which ones they could easily pass up when walking past them in the candy aisle. Once everyone has made their selections, we will be able to match them to a dreamy celebrity husband! Afterall, celebs enjoy the sweet stuff just like we do! We will strongly advise everyone to prepare some snacks before starting this one, because these pictures are sure to cause some heavy duty cravings. Keep in mind that flavors cannot be tasted by licking the screens!

Question 1

Funfetti Cake

Here is a treat that is sweet in many ways. Not only are cakes sweet by nature, but this one also comes stocked with sprinkles inside! This kind of cake is not only a tasty treat, but it is also a pretty one to look at. The colors are super bright, so this cake is an excellent choice for birthdays and other happy celebrations. Apart from the sprinkles, this cake is basically just a vanilla mix with white icing. Any takers?

Question 2

York Peppermint Patty

Is anyone here a big fan of mint chocolate? If so, then a York Peppermint Patty may just be the perfect treat! These round patties are made up of a mint flavoured confection interior, and a dark chocolate coating. There is not a whole lot to them, but the peppermint flavour certainly packs a punch. These treat have actually been on the market since 1940, so they have to be fairly popular with some folks (Wikipedia). How is everyone feeling about this candy?

Question 3

Gummy Worms

Here we have a classic in terms of candies. Sure gummies like these are sold in all kinds of different shapes, but the worms really are the best ones, aren't they? If anyone happens to prefer the bears, we will accept those for this question as well. When it comes to gummy worms, there aren't actually too many flavors available, but that makes the ones we do have, lifetime classics. How does everyone here feel about munching on some gummies?

Question 4

Salt Water Taffy

For those who have never had the chance to dine on a few of these, they are a very soft taffy. They are prepared with salt water instead of fresh water, making these candies completely unique. There was once a time when these were sold strictly in salt watered areas, but these days they can be found pretty much everywhere. They are not as sticky or as chewy as classic taffy, so they won't damage our chompers too much! Thoughts?

Question 5


Twix is a very special kind of chocolate bar. While some candy bars boats about having the most nougat or the most peanuts, Twix is actually the only bar which offers a cookie crunch. In each of these bars there is a thick cookie base, which also has a layer of caramel on top of it. They are a simple treat, but they are the only ones on the market offering up what they've got. Who here wants a Twix?

Question 6

Sweet Tarts

Now here is a candy with a fairly neat background. In 1962, treats like the Pixy Stix and Lik-M-Aid were at the height of popularity. However, parents were complaining about the mess that came along with these powdery snacks. In response to the parents complaints, the company released Sweet Tarts. The idea was to keep the same flavour, but offer it up in way that wouldn't get sugar all over the back seat of the car. Who here loves Sweet Tarts? (Wikipedia)

Question 7


For this question we are leaving the nuts, the nougat, and the caramel all behind for a moment. There are a million different chocolate treats out there for us to enjoy, and even though they all offer up something different, chocolate is the one thing they all have in common. When it comes down to it, some people are really only eating these candy bars for the chocolate. Who here prefers plain and simple chocolate over all of the fancy options?

Question 8


Toblerone is known for being a very rich tasting chocolate bar. This bar is made up mainly of a Swiss milk chocolate, but the company also adds in slight touches of nougat, almonds, and honey. This bar is known for its unique shape. Anyone who has ever tried gifting on of these, knows that it is impossible because the shape is just too recognizable (even when wrapped!). How is everyone here feeling about Toblerone as a sweet treat? Pick or pass?

Question 9

Swedish Fish

Here is a treat that we have been munching on for quite some time now. These originally hit the shelves in the 1950s (Wikipedia). These small fish shaped candies are quite soft and easy to chew. They can be purchased in the classic red berry flavour, but there is also a variety pack available. These candies are easy to munch on, and the shape is just adorable. How does everyone here feel about Swedish Fish? Do we love them, or not so much?

Question 10


Let's leave the candy topic for a moment, and switch over to the cookie aisle. When it comes to store bought cookies, there are a few that have always been fairly popular. While cookies like Chips Ahoy! and Fig Newtons sells tons of boxes each year, it is hard to believe that there is a cookie out there more popular than the Oreo. The best part about these classic cookies, is the amount of ways they can be eaten. We can dunk, twist, or bite right into em'!

Question 11


Do we have any licorice fans here with us today? While Twizzlers are not exactly licorice, they are not too far off. These candies can be found in just about every movie theater out there. They are sold in a variety of different sized packs, and there are even a few flavours we can choose between. While the classic strawberry flavour has been the most popular over the years, the newer "rainbow" pack can now be found just about everywhere as well!

Question 12

Ice Cream

What do we do when our sweet tooth starts to act up, but we aren't in the mood for candies or chocolates? We eat ice cream! When it is hot outside, it is hard to find a more refreshing treat than ice cream. We can stop in for a quick cone, or go all out and order up a banana split. There is an ice cream flavour out there for everyone, we just need to make sure our teeth aren't too sensitive to enjoy the frozen stuff!

Question 13

Jaw Breakers

The name of these alone should be enough of a warning for everyone. While they are a fairly beautiful candy to look at, they can be quite dangerous indeed. Beneath all of the beautiful colors, there are layers and layers of extremely tough candy. Literally, these things are rock solid. The idea has never been to bite straight into them. One is supposed to slowly lick at them until they begin to wither away. Not only do we need strong jaws to enjoy this treat, but patience is key too!

Question 14

Fun Dip

Here is one of those messy snacks we were talking about earlier. While it is true that these can cause quite a mess if we are not holding them carefully, they are also a pretty fun a tasty snack. Each pack comes with a couple of different flavoured sugar powders, and a lickable stick. All we have to do is lick the stick, dip it in our flavour of choice, and repeat. How is everyone feeling about a pack of Fun Dip?

Question 15


Are these tiny gumdrops bringing back any childhood memories to anyone here? These little babies have been around since the 40s (Wikipedia). They can be purchased in large boxes, but these are a popular treat people tend to give away for Halloween. Like other popular Halloween give-a-ways, these also come in a fun sized box option. They are simply small gumdrops. Nothing too fancy about them, but the box alone can be quite nostalgic. How are we feeling about Dots?

Question 16

Hot Tamales

Now here is a candy that may not be suited for everyone. These candies are all kinds of spicy. A spicy candy may seem a bit strange, but fans of the Hot Tamales know that they are a unique treat. They are small chewy candies, which have an intense cinnamon flavor. While eating a box of these would not be as hot as biting into a pepper, in terms of candy, they are the spiciest ones we've got. Pick or pass?

Question 17


Now these ones are a popular treat for sure. They are a classic soft taffy type of confection, and they are available in a very large selection of flavours. Everyone has their own personal favorites when it comes to these candies, so the company has actually started selling bags of just one flavour. If that was not already awesome customer service, the brand has also recently released an "unwrapped" version, for those who have been complaining about the pesky wrappers.

Question 18


Gobstoppers are an interesting treat options for anyone who has ever been tempted by those dangerous jaw breakers in the past. Gobstoppers are kind of like mini jaw breakers, except they are totally chewable. The outer layer is quite a bit tough, but the inside is soft and chewy. We may have to keep them in our mouths a while before biting down, but they are nowhere near as rough on our teeth as the jaw breaks would be. Thoughts?

Question 19

Rice Krispie Squares

Let's turn our attention over to a dessert option for a moment. Rice Krispie Squares have been a classic for as long as the cereal has been. The recipe for these could not be any simpler. Really all we need to have is a box of the cereal, a bag of squishy marshmallows, and a ton of butter. Honestly, who doesn't already have all of these things at home? Of course if we are feeling lazy, the store bought treats are just as good!

Question 20


Now here is a candy we are thinking most will be familiar with. Skittles have been a fan favorite for a while now. They are small in size, but they are very strong in flavour. The advertisements used to promote these candies seem to get stranger and stranger as the years pass, but their slogan has always remained the same. The company has always stated that tasting these candies is like "tasting a rainbow". We cannot confirm or deny this, but maybe they are onto something!

Question 21

Kit Kat

Kit Kats are as satisfying as they are tasty. While this company is offering up something a little different taste wise, the shape of their bars is also pretty unique. Each of these bars comes with layers upon layers of wafer and chocolate. This makes them a fairly lightweight bar. They are prepared so that each bar can be satisfyingly broken into four equal parts. While some may say this is great for sharing, no one has ever stated that sharing is mandatory!

Question 22


It seems that people actually buy this candy more for the dispenser than for the treat itself. While Pez candies are tasty and come in a bunch of different flavours, it really is the dispensers that everyone is after. We can buy a dispenser with any beloved cartoon character on it. Sometimes even no -animated characters get their own Pez dispenser. Some of these have actually become collectables at this point. How does everyone here feel about Pez candies? Pick or pass?

Question 23

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is actually an interesting choice for this quiz. The yogurt itself is obviously very sweet and delicious, but when going out for some fro-yo at a local shop, we can also load it up with all kinds of additional sweet treats as well! The yogurt comes in all kinds of interesting flavours, and we have even more selection when it comes to the toppings. Gummies, cookies, chocolates, even fruits, the possibilities truly are endless with a treat like this one.

Question 24

Oh Henry

Now here is one loaded chocolate bar. Inside every Oh Henry there is a ton of nougat, peanuts, caramel, and of course chocolate! Choosing one of these when we are particularly hungry would not be a bad choice at all. These are definitely more of a heavy option than the Kit Kat or the Twix would be. Is there anyone here who would choose Oh Henry over all other kinds of chocolate bars? We want to know who thinks these are the best!

Question 25

Sour Patch Kids

Let's be very clear about one thing before starting on the Sour Patch Kids ... there are no actually children used in the making of these candies. They are simply just sour tasting chewy candies, which happen to be shaped like strange alien babies. These ones definitely fall onto the more sour side of things. The yellow and the green flavors should be avoided if we aren't too into the extreme sour thing. How does everyone here feel about these?

Question 26


Here we have the tiniest treat on our list today. Nerds are super tiny little rock candies. They are not hard enough to bust any jaws, but they are crunchy for sure. They are usually sold in boxes containing two different flavours. The flavours are usually pretty unique, and oftentimes the two which get paired together seem like they wouldn't be good together at all. However, the experts in the candy lab know what they are doing with these! Who loves em'?

Question 27

Milky Way

Now here is a bar that is all about the nougat. While plenty of other companies have also included nougat in their mix, Milky Way is doing it a bit differently. The nougat used inside of these bars is actually chocolate flavored. Clearly if the outer chocolate layer is just never enough for anyone, than a Milky Way bar may just be the perfect treat. How does everyone here feel about these bars? Do we pick em' or pass em'?

Question 28

Reese's Pieces

These little bite sized treats are pretty popular. While the Reese company already has the uber popular Peanut Butter Cups, they are also making quite a pretty penny off of these tiny additions as well. While the Peanut Butter Cups offer both peanut butter and chocolate, these only offer the peanut butter. Many may assume that there is chocolate included in these, but that is just simply not the case! Who is picking up a bag of these later tonight?

Question 29


Okay so we know that there are a ton of different kinds of these on the market, but to keep it simple, we will just be talking about the originals in this question. Forget the almonds, peanuts, and pretzels, and let's focus in on the classic milk chocolate M&M's. These tiny chocolates are well know for melting in our mouths and not in our hands. They are simple yet delicious. Tiny drops of milk chocolate, surrounded by a thin layer of candy.

Question 30


Now here is a bar which if filled with something we have not yet talked about at all in this quiz. Inside every Skor bar, there is a thick layer of toffee brittle. This stuff can easily get stuck in teeth, so brushing after one of these is essential. Fun fact about this candy ... the word "Skor" is actually Swedish for "brittle" (Wikipedia). Makes sense, doesn't it? Who here loves this candy bar more than all of the others?

Question 31


Rolo is a fun type of chocolate option. Instead of coming in bar form like all of these others, these are droplets of caramel and chocolate witch come stacked ontop of each other. This packing allows them to easily fit in with the rest of the chocolate bars, but still stand out amongst them all. Very clever marketing indeed! Does anyone here really enjoy Rolo as a treat? We need to know who is picking them, and who is passing them up!

Question 32

Mike and Ikes

These candies are a bit of a mystery. While they are quite simply just chewy jubjub like confections, their name is where the guessing games start. Since their debut in the 1940s, many have speculated what the name could possibly mean (Wikipedia). However, even after all of these years, the company has never confirmed or denied any of the rumors. We guess we will never know for sure why they are called Mike and Ikes! Who here is picking up a box?

Question 33


We have talked about some pretty tough-to-chew candies already, but these may just be some of the toughest. Riesens are a chocolate flavoured thick caramel candy, which also come coated in a layer of dark chocolate. While many find these to be a delicious sweet treat, we do need to warn everyone that chewing through a bag of these will not be easy on our teeth or jaws. How does everyone here feel about Riesen candies? Pick em' or pass em'?

Question 34

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Since we have already covered the Reese's Pieces, we may as well turn our attention over the the Peanut Butter Cups for a moment as well. These babies can be found at the top of many lists describing the most popular candies of all time. It seems like people can just never get enough of these. It is well know that combining variations of chocolate and peanut butter, will never result in anything as tasty as these unique cups. Who here loves these?

Question 35


For this final question, let's cool down with a simple yet delicious treat. A Crunch bar has no peanuts, nougat, gummy, or caramel inside of it. Instead, these bars simply offer delicious Nestle milk chocolate, along with a touch of rice bits. The rice bits add a slight crunch to the chocolate, although they do not over power the creamy flavor. How does everyone here feel about Crunch bars as a sweet treat? Are we picking them, or passing them?

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