Pick Or Pass On These Superheroes And We'll Reveal Which One Is Your Doppelganger

Superheroes: we all have a favorite, even if we've never seen any of the movies. Comic books weren't everyone's thing as a kid, and that's okay! Marvel and DC have grown into huge empires now, existing almost solely in the form of movies and TV shows. All those superheroes that used to just be stuck on the pages of our favorite comic books are now given a chance at a new life on those big, flickering screens. These rich worlds have made it possible for both seasoned superhero lovers and those of us new to the universe to get into it. However, we're not necessarily going to like them all.

Some of us are bigger fans of Batman than Superman, while others appreciate Spider-man a little bit more than the rest. Whoever's side we're standing on in the fandom, there's always going to be another superhero to fawn over. If we were to put together a team for Infinity War, who would be on it? If we could only choose between two superheroes, which one would we pick? What about all of the superheroes? Who would we pick out of all the superheroes? This quiz is going to determine which superhero we're most like, based on which superheroes we choose.

Question 1

This cheeky superhero:

Everyone knows about this cheeky superhero, right? Not only does he have a lot of passion and wit, but he also has a quality sense of humor. Those of us who have read the comic books know that this personality holds over from those written, cartoon tombs, and is brought to life well by the actor who plays him on the big screen. While he might be covered up by the suit, everyone knows who's inside that red and black super suit.

Question 2

This iron superhero:

Another cheeky superhero, Iron Man has a much different take on the world than his other superhero counterparts. In one movie he acts as almost a mentor figure to one of the young Spider-man. His riches and his intelligence have made him a beloved superhero among many, though they've also turned many people off of him. After all, if all it takes is an iron suit to become a superhero, we could totally do that too. Right? Okay, okay; maybe not.

Question 3

This powerful superhero:

This superhero is one of the newest ones who's appeared lately. This woman might be dubbed "Super Girl", but she's definitely a powerful woman icon. Channeling all that super strength, passion, intelligence, and power means that she's definitely going to save the day. With her own TV show, this is definitely one of the superheroes that we can look up to. We hope that she gets her own movie one day, but who knows; maybe she'll appear in the next Infinity War!

Question 4

This wonderful woman:

Ah, the classic Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is an awesome Wonder Woman. She might even be the best Wonder Woman of all time, though we could just be saying that because she's the only Wonder Woman we've seen. While her origins might be the stuff that fantasy novels are made of, her character is strong and something to be admired in our real-world universe. If there's anyone who knows what to do in an emergency situation, it's definitely Wonder Woman.

Question 5

This stormy superhero:

Sometimes people love storms, and sometimes they can cause a bit of panic. This Storm is the same thing. According to fans, she's not one of those cut-and-dry superheroes. She might be a hero in some canons, but in some of the movies she's more on the villain side. Bustle reports that this might be a choice that they made on purpose. Storm, in our hearts, will always be one of our favorites. Powerful, loud, and effective; what's not to love?

Question 6

This wild superhero:

One of the biggest movies of 2018 (seriously, just ask the Oscar jury), this wild superhero is a one of our current favorites. Black Panther might be the leader of Wakanda, but he also is the leader of the current superhero trends. Art, technology, and culture all collide in this movie, and the Black Panther knows them all. We're big fans of the way that this superhero is always aligned with his own morals and values. Not to mention standing up for his community!

Question 7

This Superman of a superhero:

Superman is one of those superheroes that we can't stop hearing about, no matter how many years it's been since he first popped up. As one of the oldest superheroes, we're shocked that he hasn't aged at all (Wikia). Though, that shouldn't necessarily be a surprise. Superman came from outer space, after all, and has a different genetic makeup. He doesn't age in the same way that we would. Not to mention the fact that that chiseled jaw could never sag. It defies gravity.

Question 8

This buzzing superhero:

The Wasp is one of those superheroes that we don't know much about. Thankfully, the Marvel page has more information that we could pass on. Apparently, The Wasp started as a socialite and changed into the crime-stopping superhero she is today. Featured in several movies, she's had a number of successes that have caused her to fly into the hearts of millions. Not to mention that she's absolutely gorgeous! Brains, power, and a sharp, witty tongue, it's no wonder she's a star.

Question 9

This speedy superhero:

Is that a speeding train? Is it a plane? No, it's the Flash! Jumping from one end of town to another, the Flash is ready for anything. He's super speedy, and he can reach almost anywhere in the blink of an eye. While we wish that there was more comedy thrown into the movies, it's not necessarily a comment on the superhero. We just think that there's much more than could be done with all that super speedy comedy timing.

Question 10

This thunder-and-lightning superhero:

Thor is one of those superheroes that's always got a quick, witty phrase or fun idea to fall back on. Not only does he have so much power to channel, but he's also got a certain amount of smarts to him too. Thor is a unique superhero because he comes from an actual, real belief system. As one of those old, traditionally mythological gods, it's no surprise that he was picked up to play a part in the Marvel universe.

Question 11

This green superhero:

The Green Lantern has been around for quite a while. Or at least, the mantle of Green Lantern has. Unlike a superhero like Spider-man, who has powers thanks to a radioactive spider, this superhero got his power from a ring that was part of an intergalactic police force. Not only does this mean that the Green Lantern is a superhero that can't disappear (since someone else can simply take up the ring) but it seems like there could even be the option for multiple Green Lanterns! (DC Comics)

Question 12

This other green superhero:

Riding on the tail of Green Lantern is this green superhero know as the Green Arrow. With an origin story that's basically "I was rich but then I had a change of heart", it's a little reminiscent of the classic Robin Hood tale. Could that be where DC got their inspiration from? Maybe. Or, maybe they just knew that the world needed another superhero who gave himself his own empowerment. Plus, the bow and arrow is an awesome super tool of choice. (DC Comics)

Question 13

This X-treme superhero:

Professor X might not be the first thing that jumps to our head when thinking about superheroes, but he's definitely not the last. This incredibly smart guy floats somewhere in the middle, as he's kind of a middle-of-the-road superhero. The original creator of the X-Men (and probably their namesake as well), this man is more of the mastermind making all these superheroes happen than a superhero himself. That, in a way, is very noble. Stepping out of the limelight in order to teach is an admirable quality. (XMen Fandom Wikia)

Question 14

This big puppy dog of a superhero:

Wolverine is one of the most interesting superheroes that we've come across in our research so far. Not only does this guy seem human on the outside, but he has a name that isn't connected to his powers at all, really. Wolverine wasn't bitten by a wolf, like Spider-man, and he doesn't have a pack, like Professor X. Wolverine gets his name from the metallic claws that have been built into his body. With the real name "Logan", this is one guy who was forced into the superhero life; and we're grateful! (Marvel)

Question 15

This visionary superhero:

The Vision is a very unique superhero, as he's not necessarily as friendly and welcoming as superheroes like Wonder Woman or Spider-man. Technically, The Vision isn't even a real "superhero". At least, not in the human version of the word. He's actually an android, and has powers that can far out perform any of our mere human capabilities. His superpower consists of "density manipulation". We're also willing to bet that he could do long division without a calculator, which is arguably more impressive. (Marvel)

Question 16

This silver superhero:

The Silver Surfer is a superhero that some of us will be more familiar with than others. Not necessarily one of the superheroes that's been in anyone's main focus lately, but still a popular option, The Silver Surfer has a rich history. Coming from space, this is a superhero who gave up everything to save his home planet. Does he maybe harbor some resentment about that? Possibly. We think he might just be excited about having his chance to work on the side of good! (Marvel)

Question 17

This do-it-herself superhero:

Shuri was in both Black Panther and Infinity War, and it's no surprise. This boss lady is about to change the whole game of homemade superheroes. Iron Man has nothing on her, and we couldn't be happier to see this strong woman represented on the big screen. With a genius level intelligence, she hand crafts all of her powerful tools. Will she one day take up the Black Panther mantle? We certainly hope so, as it seems to be her plan. (Marvel Fandom Wikia)

Question 18

This cool girl superhero:

Batgirl is the superhero that Gotham needs. But is it the one that we need? With all of the female counterparts out there, we're not sure that Batgirl will ever get her own TV show or movie series. We wish she did, though, as she's got a very interesting backstory. Genius hacker, expert martial artist, and an all around confident woman, Batgirl took life into her own hands when she crafted a Batman costume and put it on. While she might not have been welcomed with open arms right away, she is part of the Bat Family now. (DC Comics)

Question 19

This small superhero:

Ant man is one of those superheroes that we don't really get. What's his power? He turns small? Sorry, Ant dude; when there's superheroes out there who have radioactive material coursing through them, we're not sure turning small has quite the impact one might think it does. Okay, okay, we'll stop being mean. Ant man is an important superhero in the canon, and we're pleased to see that he's been given so much screen time. And that goes double now that The Wasp is involved!

Question 20

This timely superhero:

Doctor Strange is one of the only recent superheroes we've really grown to love. While many of the movies coming out lately feature classic, well-loved favorites, Doctor Strange was one that we didn't have a whole lot of experience with. We quickly fell into this superhero's time warp, and who could blame us? A neurosurgeon who loses it all, then redeems himself through greater, transcendental power. It's a timeless, surprisingly relatable story that we're glad they took the time to create. (Marvel)

Question 21

This hawk-eyed superhero:

The moral of Hawkeye's story is this: if we can become a special agent, get really, supernaturally good at an action or tool, and then make friends with a real superhero, we can become a superhero too. That might be oversimplifying it, but we're not surprised; after all, Marvel themselves writes that not much is known about his origins. This obscure start might be why he's so endearing. We all get to see ourselves in him in one way or another, even if we're not master marksmen. (Marvel)

Question 22

This super captain:

Coming from wartime, it's no surprise that Carol was drawn to becoming Captain Marvel. Not only does she protect Earth now, but she protects the whole universe alongside the Avengers! She has a strong, heated personality, which is probably why they decided to give her a full-fledged movie. The amount of adventures that she gets into is second to very few other superheroes, and her personality is charming while still being hardcore; that's the perfect match for any air-force-intelligence-agent-turned-Avenger, right? (Marvel Fandom Wiki)

Question 23

This daring superhero:

This is one of those superheroes that we need to really be into superheroes to know. Not only do we find that this superhero offers a lot in terms of hard work and personal values, but he also offers a lot of heart. The fact that he's able to balance his "normal" lawyer side with his superhero side means that he's doing twice as much for the world as some of those other superheroes. No wonder he's so many people's favorite! (Marvel Fandom Wikia)

Question 24

This hammy superhero:

SPIDER-HAM! Who didn't love this sassy little superhero when he appeared in Into The Spiderverse? One of the many spider-people that come through the dimensional hole in order to help Miles, Spider-Ham was more of the comic relief rather than a fully fledged superhero. At least, that's what we thought until we watched him battle! With all the questionable physics that a cartoon superhero should have, we loved watching Spider-Ham save the day alongside his spider-human counterparts. (Marvel Fandom Wikia)

Question 25

This keeping-it-real superhero:

Jessica Jones first came out when we were too proud to watch any superhero TV shows. "How could they possibly do the story justice in episodic segments?" We thought to ourselves, cringing about the fact that it was going to be more sitcom than super. Lo and behold, it actually turned out to be one of the great superhero shows on streaming platforms today...At least in our opinion. Some people aren't a fan of this keep-it-real superhero, but we like her very much.

Question 26

This large, green superhero:

The Hulk has a rich history, albeit a very limited vocabulary. His great, green form is normally kept all wrapped up inside a very meek scientist, Bruce Banner. Due to radiation (because radiation is, apparently, how almost every superhero gets their superpowers) Banner is gifted the power of The Hulk. One big raw nerve, this superhero needs a whole lot of external control in order to be effective. When he's working alongside his super friends, though, he's totally unstoppable! (Marvel)

Question 27

This furious superhero:

Nick Fury is a unique superhero, and one that we didn't know much about before writing this quiz. Another ex-CIA agent (which, again, it seems like that's the first step in most of these superhero origin stories) this is a superhero who has powers in a different way. He was the original assembler of the Avengers, and was part of the reason that the group actually exists. As the man behind that powerful operation, it's no surprise that he earns a spot on this list. (Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom Wikia)

Question 28

This bug-like superhero:

This superhero is really a superhero by association. After a sordid past, her powers seem to consist mostly of emotional control and exuding an aura of calm. While it didn't work on Thanos in Infinity War, it does work on some. She joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and helps try to save the universe in Infinity War. Oh, sweet Mantis. So many of us were charmed by her lovely, calming presence. We hope that things turn around the Guardians soon, and that we get to see more of Mantis in future movies. (Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom Wikia)

Question 29

This invisible superhero:

The Invisible Woman is a classic superhero, and one of the members of the Fantastic Four. While she never really played on the offensive in the Fantastic Four team, she did put up a great defense. Not to mention the fact that she was integral in keeping all of them together. From calming the boys' tempers down to helping convince them to stay in the group, the Invisible Woman was one of the most visible team players. We always wished she was put more in the spotlight. (Marvel Wikia)

Question 30

This fantastic superhero:

Mr. Fantastic is definitely a character that we want to see more of. A member of the Fantastic Four, this guy was one of the big original superheroes. And it's no surprise why! With a brain that's mastered both human science and alien science, as well as a body that can defy the laws of matter and form, he's got more than enough influence there to save the world. That being said, he does have to be careful. Stretching takes a lot out of a guy! (Marvel)

Question 31

This niche superhero:

We love The Tick. If anyone doesn't know The Tick, it's time to watch all of the episodes right now. To be fair, he never really had the general appeal that other superheroes have. He didn't necessarily get to save the world that many times, and he was never really part of a cool team (at least, not that we remember). However, he's still one of the top notch heroes in our books. We love his bright blue suit and his trusting innocence. Not great for a superhero, but certainly what the world needs.

Question 32

This super thing:

The Thing was part of the Fantastic Four, and was one of the least human-like of them all. While the Invisible Woman was granted superpowers, they didn't necessarily change her form. Mr. Fantastic got to stay human-like as well, despite being able to change all aspects of his genetic composition. The Thing, however, was stuck being essentially the stone version of the Hulk. There's a real, feeling human being inside of there (somewhere) but we don't necessarily get to see him.

Question 33

This maybe-turned-into-a-superhero superhero:

Cat Woman is one of the most interesting superheroes, in our opinion, because so many people count her as a villain. We don't necessarily think that it's fair to her, as she really does seem to be reformed. So what if she had a dark, feral feline past? When she gets together with her super dude, all that seems to be left behind. Many popular actresses have taken up the Cat Woman mantle, and for good reason. She's really compelling! (Fandom Wikia)

Question 34

This caped crusader:

"I'm Batman." While Batman has since turned into more of a cultural icon than a regular old superhero, he's actually got a really rich history. We like the fact that he always seems to be ready to take on badness, and doesn't question when he's being called to save the day. All in all he's a hardworking guy, but the brooding can really be a deterrent. We're not necessarily fans simply because of his moodiness. Maybe he could fly on into some therapy before his next world-saving appointment?

Question 35

This lord of the stars:

Finally, we've come to everyone's favorite superhero: Star Lord. Okay, okay. Not everyone is as big a fan of Star Lord as we might be. That's okay! People have their preferences, and we're not ones to judge. Star Lord has a group of friends that help him save the universe, and they're known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. While he might not be able to save the world on his own, him and his team are an awesome group of superheroes not to be overlooked. (Marvel)

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