Pick Or Pass On These Superheroes And We'll Reveal A Hidden Superpower

Who hasn't always wondered what their special superpower would be?

It's something that we've all dreamt about. Who wants to have the power of mind control and be able to make other people into their puppets (insert nefarious laugh here!)? Who would prefer to take to the skies with the power of flight, or be able to cure any ailment though super healing? How about the ability to make yourself- or others around you- totally invisible- no invisibility cloak required? That would be a pretty amazing skill!

There are some of us who would prefer to be super strong or able to breathe underwater for extended periods of time. Others would want the power to travel through time to the past or the distant future. The good news is that we all have hidden superpowers and this quiz can reveal them! Simply pick or pass on some of the most popular and powerful superheroes for a glimpse into your hidden superpower. Find out what buried superpower that you have with this simple two-minute quiz that will give everyone a window into the untapped power that they have right underneath the surface! Who is ready to learn something amazing? Let's get started.

Question 1


Let’s start off with one of the most beloved superheroes in the world. We’re talking, of course, about Batman! The Caped Crusader famously defends Gotham from all of the forces that threaten it and is one of DC Comic’s most popular superheroes. Depicted in comic books, television and blockbuster movies, Batman is a household name and we can’t get enough of him! Pick or pass on this famous superhero and we will give you a hidden superpower. Choose one now.

Question 2

Professor X

Better known as Professor Charles Xavier, Professor X is one of Marvel Comic’s most famous characters. He is the leader and founder of the famous X-Men. The good professor was created by the brilliant Stan Lee and owns his place in the pantheon of famous comic book characters. Who loves the dapper gent known as Professor X? Who will pass on this character? Let us know and we’ll reveal a hidden superpower. Pick or pass on Professor Charles Xavier now.

Question 3

Blue Beetle

According to DC Comics, Blue Beetle was once just a normal teenager until Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle’s alter ego, found himself transformed into a superhero. Sometimes destiny just calls you! Blue Beetle is one of DC Comic’s underground cult faves and it’s easy to see why. With the combined powers of flight, strength and the ability to blast beams out of his hands, Blue Beetle is not a superhero to mess around with. Who wants to pick this DC darling?

Question 4

Mister Fantastic

This superhero brings flexibility to a whole new level! Mr. Fantastic is one of Marvel Comic’s Fantastic Four and a cult classic fave. In addition to his ability to change into any shape at will, he is also a super smart engineer with an understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering, physics and human and alien biology. This brainy contortionist is one of the most valuable members of the Fantastic Four and certainly one of our favorites. Who agrees with us?

Question 5

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was pretty much born tough. Before she had her lasso of truth, she was known as Diana, Princess of the Amazons. When she learned that the outside world needed her she left her paradise and joined the ranks of some of the toughest superheroes in the world. Wonder Woman comes from the DC Comics universe and is known for her super strength, speed and reflexes. She is a fan favorite and the subject of a recent blockbuster film.

Question 6


According to Superhero Wiki, Thing- also known as Ben Grimm- got his superpowers after his rocket was engulfed in cosmic rays during its first flight. The four people in the rocket were given superpowers and transformed into the Fantastic Four. As for Ben Grimm, AKA The Thing, he was granted super strength and incredible durability with is new orange, rock-like form. We would definitely give him a pick. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on Marvel Comic’s fantastic Thing.

Question 7


According to Marvel, Wasp- also known as Janet Van Dyne and later Hope Van Dyne- was one of the founding Avengers. One of her primary powers is the ability to shrink down and fly- the better to attack her foes. The Wasp is also known as something of a fashionista and is one of Marvel Comics cult favorite characters. She also has a major motion picture written about her adventures with another fan favorite, Ant-Man. Pick or pass on Wasp.

Question 8

Black Panther

Black Panther was one of the most popular movies of 2018 and it’s easy to see why. T’Challa, also known as Black Panther has a whole host of superpowers like strength, speed, endurance and healing abilities. He is tasked with defending Wakanda and the world as a whole and succeeds with flying colors. We would absolutely pick this Marvel superhero fave. Who is with us? Pick or pass on Black Panther and we’ll give you a hidden superpower. Wakanda forever!

Question 9


According to Marvel HQ, Vision is one of the most powerful superheros out there. He has very lifelike artificial intelligence, which makes him both super smart and empathetic. Plus, Vision is almost completely indestructible! A valued member of the Avengers, Vision has a plethora of other superpowers including flight, and the ability to send out energy blasts. He is a cult favorite Avenger for obvious reasons! Who picks Vision? Who will take a pass on this robotic Avenger? Let us know.

Question 10


Hawkeye is one of Marvel Comic’s superheroes and was created by the legendary Stan Lee and is a member of the Avengers. He started out as a villain, but turned to the light side and is now an influential member of the Avengers. Although Hawkeye has no traditional superpowers, he is an exceptionally powerful person who is completely conditioned and able to excel at archery and fencing. This makes him a formidable superhero and a valuable member of the Avengers.

Question 11

Captain Atom

According to Comic Vine, Captain Atom was created when Nathaniel Adam entered into an experiment where alien metal was bonded to his skin. He was sent eighteen years into the future and became Captain Atom. Fueled by the Quantum Field, Captain Atom has the powers of flight, super strength, energy blasts as well as other amazing powers. We would certainly pick this DC Comics favorite. Who agrees with us? It’s time to pick or pass on Captain Atom. Choose now.

Question 12

Black Canary

According to DC Wiki, Black Canary is one of the greatest fighters in the DC Universe and her wits totally match her athletic prowess. She has been involved with several different societies including the Justice League, Team Arrow, Birds of Prey and the Justice Society. Black Canary is usually pictured with her trademark motorcycle and generally appears alongside Green Arrow- who is a love interest of hers. Who wants to pick Black Canary? Who will take a pass on this DC heroine?

Question 13

Human Torch

According to Marvel, the Human Torch was created in the same space flight mishap that produced the rest of the Fantastic Four. He is able to control heat and transform some, or all of his body into flames simply at will! This superpower enables him to dominate enemies and help the Fantastic Four tremendously, although his personality can sometimes be as volatile as his ability to burst into flames. Pick or pass on the Human Torch and we’ll give you a superpower.

Question 14


Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most famous mutants and members of the Avengers, X-Men and Alpha Flight. His most famous affiliation is with the X-Men, where his strength, animal-like senses and ability to regenerate himself make him valuable to the rest of the team. His most notable physical quality is certainly his retractable giant claws. Who is a fan of Wolverine? Who would prefer to pass on this fan fave from the X-Men? Pick or pass on Wolverine. Choose now.

Question 15


The name “Thor” will be familiar to anyone who knows a little bit about Viking mythology as there is a Norse God that shares the name of this Marvel superhero. Just like his deity counterpart, Marvel’s Thor has superhuman strength and endurance. He also has his magic hammer, which gives him control over some weather elements like thunder and lightning. We would definitely pick Thor. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on Thor and we’ll give you a hidden superpower!

Question 16


Supergirl comes from Planet Krypton, just like Superman. Her alias is Kara Zor-El and when she escapes from Krypton she finds refuge with her human family, the Danvers family. As an adult she comes into her powers and realizes that she has a lot in common with her cousin Superman! Just like her more famous cousin, Supergirl needs to balance her powers with living a normal life- and keeping her super identity secret from just about everyone. Pick or pass?

Question 17

Green Lantern

According to DC Wiki, Green Lantern is a name that has been used over and over again in the DC Universe depending on what age we’re talking about. During the Golden Age, Alan Scott had the distinction of being the Green Lantern and wielded power with a magic ring. During the Silver Age, Green Lantern was the test pilot Hal Jordan and was in charge of an intergalactic peacekeeping force. No matter which Green Lantern is your fave, it’s hard to deny the power of this superhero!

Question 18


In 2015, Ant-Man reached the big screen with his very own movie produced by Marvel Studios. It was very successful and in 2018 there was a sequel- Ant-Man and the Wasp. Ant-Mans powers are all in his special suit which gives him super strength and allows him to change size. He is a Marvel Comics fan favorite and his popularity is growing all of the time. Who loves Ant-Man? Pick or pass on this Marvel Comics fave. Choose one now.

Question 19


DC Comics gave us the ultimate hero from the deep- Aquaman! Aquaman’s goal is to wrest the ancient sunken city of Atlantis away from King Orm. Aquaman is the rightful ruler of Atlantis. He has some pretty impressive powers like telepathy and superhuman strength and is the undisputed tough guy of the sea. Who loves Aquaman as much as we do? It’s time to pick or pass on this aquatic hero and we’ll reveal a super special hidden superpower for everyone.

Question 20

Invisible Woman

According to Comic Vine, the Invisible Woman has some pretty amazing powers. Also known as Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman is able to turn herself and anything that she is touching completely invisible. This is a huge benefit for the rest of the Fantastic Four crew and makes her indispensable to many of their missions. She can also create invisible force fields! There is no doubt that the Invisible Woman is one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe.

Question 21


Daredevil is also known as Matt Murdock, who works as an unassuming attorney during the day and saves humanity at night! Daredevil is totally blind- the remnants of a childhood accident that made his other senses even more prominent and allowed him that ability to conquer crime in the total darkness. His other senses are borderline supernatural, allowing Daredevil to have a huge competitive advantage over anyone who was unlucky enough to come across his path! Pick or pass on Daredevil.

Question 22


Who doesn’t love Spiderman? This Stan Lee creation is one of Marvel Comic’s most famous superheroes and has appeared in a number of different comic books, DC crossovers and major motion pictures that brought this famous superhero into even more prominence. Known for his ability to cling to walls, exceptional strength and spider-sense, Spiderman is one of the most powerful characters in any comic book or superhero movie. We would always pick Spiderman. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass.

Question 23


Superman is one of DC Comic’s most popular characters and the first name that most people think of when then think of the ultimate superhero. Superman’s trademark blue and red costume are easily identifiable, as is his nickname “The Man of Steel”. He is known for being able to fly at extreme speeds, be super strong and a host of other powers like super sight and invulnerability. Who doesn’t love Superman? Pick or pass on the ultimate Man of Steel.

Question 24

The Hulk

Marvel’s green giant, The Hulk is one of the most notable superheros in the whole Marvel Universe. He is known for his incredible super strength, which rivals almost any other superhero in either the Marvel or DC Universe, as well as a whole host of other powers. The Hulk has incredible stamina, durability and the ability to regenerate himself- making him a formidable superhero and a fan favorite. We would always pick The Hulk. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass.

Question 25

Iron Man

Also known as Tony Stark, this Marvel Comics fan favorite is one of the best superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Iron Man’s powers are all in his armor suit and include exceptional super strength, the ability to fly and complete durability. The suit also comes with a whole host of cool weapons and gadgets. Although Tony Stark is not a superhuman all on his own, his suit makes him one of the toughest superheroes around. Pick or pass on Iron Man.

Question 26


According to Marvel, Iceman is the alter-ego of Bobby Drake and one of the most important X-Men. His mutant power is the ability to create ice. Not only can Iceman make ice out of thin air, he can also control it and use it against his enemies! We would always pick Iceman. Who agrees with us? It’s time to pick or pass on Iceman and get a hidden superpower. Pick or pass on this founding member of the X-Men now.

Question 27


Can we just say that Groot is the cutest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy? He looks a little bit like the most adorable tree that ever was and is always ready to help out his friend Rocket Raccoon. Groot is undeniably one of the most popular members of the Guardians of the Galaxy crew and it is easy to see why- he’s as valiant as he is totally cute. Who loves this Guardians of the Galaxy fan fave?

Question 28

Green Arrow

Not to be confused with Green Lantern, Green Arrow uses archery and cutting-edge technology to try to save the world as we know it. According to DC Wiki, his alter ego is successful businessman Oliver Queen, owner of Queen Industries and social activist. Generally he works alongside Black Canary to mete out justice and keep the population safe. Who loves Green Arrow as much as we do? It’s time to pick or pass on this billionaire vigilante superhero. Choose now.

Question 29

The Flash

This DC Comics fave is known for what else- super speed! When Barry Allen has a major accident with a particle accelerator and a bolt of lightning (why do all of our favorite superhero origin stories involve accidents), he is transformed into The Flash after nine months in a coma. Known for legendary speed, Flash is one of the most popular superheros in the DC Universe- and also popularized by Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. Pick or pass.

Question 30

Doctor Strange

According to Marvel, Doctor Strange was a world-famous neurosurgeon who had a car accident that changed his life forever. After losing his hands, Doctor Strange gains a whole new perspective and set of skills through Kamar-Taj. He also decides to battle against dark forces and steps into his new role as a superhero. His powers are generally in the realm of mystical energy and he has several items of clothing that help him defeat the forces of darkness. Pick or pass.

Question 31


Deadpool is one of the most popular superheroes in the world. Known for his raunchy R-Rated movies and cult following, this guy is definitely a superhero for adults. Wade Wilson is a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary who comes across a scientist named Ajax. Ajax turns him into the Merc with a Mouth, but the joke is actually on him in the end because he is able to regenerate and gains healing powers. Pick or pass on this guy and we’ll give you a superpower.

Question 32

Silver Surfer

According to Superhero Stuff, this classic Marvel superhero first appeared in comic books in March 1966 and is able to control the Power Cosmic, which gives him superhuman strength, stamina and the very rare ability to control energy. This last power is very rare in the Marvel Universe and makes the Silver Surfer a formidable foe when it comes to vanquishing his opponents. He can also fly through space faster than the speed of light. Pick or pass on Silver Surfer.

Question 33

Carol Danvers

We’re almost to the end of the quiz, so of course it is time to talk about Ms. Marvel herself! Also known as Binary, Warbird, Catherine Donovan or Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is a force to be reckoned with. She was an officer in the Air Force who gained superhuman strength, stamina, the power of flight and the ability to use her “sixth sense” to defeat any opponents. We would always pick Carol Danvers. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass.

Question 34


Aside from Wolverine, Storm is one of the most famous X-Men and a true fan favorite. She is a Marvel heroine who can control the weather. She has the distinction of being one of the most powerful mutants on the entire planet and wields power over all elements of the weather, including storms and major weather events. She can also create clear skies! Who doesn’t love Storm? Who wants to pick this ultimate X-Men superhero? Who will take a pass?

Question 35

Black Widow

According to Comic Vine, Marvel comics superhero Black Widow was once a KGB Agent named Natasha Romanova before she joined the Avengers. She is definitely not a superhero to be trifled with. The Black Widow is proficient in all sorts of martial arts practices and is a skilled athlete and marksman. She is not technically superhuman, but she was given a super-soldier serum that elevated her above us mere mortals. Pick or pass on Black Widow and we’ll give you a superpower.

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