Pick Or Pass On These Southern States To Get Matched With A Bachelor Hubby

It's a beautiful country, and there's just so much to see.  Many of us choose to travel abroad and take a gander at what lies beyond our own borders.  And why not?  With all of today's technologies, we're certainly not limited as far as the things we can do and the ways we can get there.  Besides, how boring or stagnant would our lives be if we didn't experience different cultures every now and again?  Even if it's just a leisurely walk through a museum or dining out at an ethnic restaurant, new adventures are always good.

But, there's still lots to see right here in the ol' U. S. of A.  Many people worry that we've stripped so much of the land around us, that's there's nothing left to see.  But, oh contraire!  The hills and valleys, the mountainous peaks and the endless oceans ... there's still plenty of things to take your breath away right here in your own backyard.  Not to mention the fact that the whole idea of this quiz is to get a date with one of these handsome bachelors!  It may be Jordan or grocery Joe, who knows?!  Just scroll through the questions and PICK or PASS on each state.  Your score is then tallied and the "bachelor" will be revealed!  Enjoy!

Question 1

North Carolina: PICK or PASS

With lighthouses and beaches, sky-high peaks and white water rafting, world-class fishing and cool small towns - from the mountains and down to the coast, this place has it all. With the state's southern hospitality and welcoming attitude... families and children alike feel like they're right at home. And why? Because they have the perfect combination of scenery, history, and fun as well.

Question 2

Georgia: PICK or PASS

So many states are famous for so many different things. This one, in particular, is known for having the best peaches in the country. They've got great peanuts and both Ray Charles and Willie Nelson singing about what a great place it is. The largest (and capital city) would be Atlanta with a population of nearly 500,000.

Question 3

Alabama: PICK or PASS

Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state that’s home to significant landmarks from the American Civil Rights Movement. The city of Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church, now a museum, was a protest headquarters in the 1960s. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s church and the Rosa Parks Museum, dedicated to the activist, can be found in the capital of Montgomery.

Question 4

Texas: PICK or PASS

If anybody were to travel through this "lone star" state, there's a few things they should know. Things are a bit more relaxed and more casual down here and dressing up means your best pair of blue jeans and your best Stetson hat. That's right, in the river city, everyone wears a cowboy hat. It's certainly not a requirement, but it does help one fit in and feel right at home.

Question 5

South Carolina: PICK or PASS

South Carolina is known for its shoreline of subtropical beaches and marshlike sea islands. Coastal Charleston is a historic city, defined by pastel-colored houses, Old South plantations and Fort Sumter, where the Civil War’s opening shots were fired. To the north is the Grand Strand, a roughly 60-mile stretch of beachfront known for golf courses and the vacation town Myrtle Beach.

Question 6

Florida: PICK or PASS

Oranges and grapefruit, sun and sand... what a beautiful combination! This southern peninsula is nicknamed the "sunshine state" and is also home to the vacation capital of the world! All anybody really has to do to get there is get onto Interstate 95 and head south 'till there's no more I-95. It's really just that easy. The state bird is the mockingbird and the flower is the orange blossom.

Question 7

Mississippi: PICK or PASS

The state is heavily forested outside of the Mississippi Delta area, between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers. Before the American Civil War, most development in the state was along riverfronts, where slaves worked on cotton plantations. After the war, the bottomlands to the interior were cleared, mostly by freedmen. By the end of the 19th century, African Americans made up two-thirds of the Delta's property owners.

Question 8

Louisiana: PICK or PASS

Although the seafood and the music are both legendary in this state, what it's most well known for is its annual celebration of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The festival itself usually brings in about 1.3 million visitors, which is four times the actual population of the city. 'Mardi Gras' is French for 'Fat Tuesday' or 'Shrove Tuesday;' and it represents the practices of eating richer, fattier foods before fasting for the season of Lent.

Question 9

Arkansas: PICK or PASS

Arkansas is the 29th largest by area and the 33rd most populous of the 50 United States. The capital and most populous city is Little Rock, located in the central portion of the state, a hub for transportation, business, culture, and government. The northwestern corner of the state, such as the Fayetteville–Springdale–Rogers Metropolitan Area and Fort Smith metropolitan area, is a population, education, and economic center.

Question 10

Oklahoma: PICK or PASS

A major producer of natural gas, oil, and agricultural products, Oklahoma relies on an economic base of aviation, energy, telecommunications, and biotechnology. Both Oklahoma City and Tulsa serve as Oklahoma's primary economic anchors, with nearly two thirds of Oklahomans living within their metropolitan statistical areas.

Question 11

New Mexico: PICK or PASS

With a total area of 121,590 sq mi, New Mexico is the fifth-largest and fifth least densely populated of the fifty states. It is one of the Mountain States and shares the Four Corners region with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Its capital and cultural center is Santa Fe, while its largest city is Albuquerque.

Question 12

Arizona: PICK or PASS

This state can be quite contrasting or contradictory to itself when it comes to its geography. There's sunshine AND there's snow. There's desert AND there's forest. There's serene landscapes AND there's rugged terrain that look like they're made for a wild west shootout! Of course, there's also the Grand Canyon. It was carved out by the Colorado river over the course of 6 million years!

Question 13

Nevada: PICK or PASS

Nowhere are glitz and glitter more apparent than on the Las Vegas strip. This city, home to nearly 635,000 people, boasts a 6 kilometer long thoroughfare (otherwise known as Las Vegas Boulevard) that is the entertainment capitol of the world and home to many of the largest hotels and casinos on the planet!

Question 14

Utah: PICK or PASS

Kaleidoscopic canyons, exquisite rock formations, towering flat-topped mesas, and alpine mountains define the dramatic and uniquely varied landscape of Utah. But this immeasurable natural beauty has remained somewhat of a local secret. World-class biking, unrivaled hiking trails, ancient history, and bright sunrises across red-tinged sandstone make this state just as wild as it is captivating.

Question 15

Colorado: PICK or PASS

For people who admire a hearty mix of epic, natural scenery, they'll want to visit the "centennial state" and experience all the beauty it has to offer. The Rocky mountains (that are at least 10,000 feet tall, with over 1,000 peaks) are only one reason that nearly 16.5 million people come to visit every year. Where else can one go to experience 190 inches of snow AND 300 days of sunshine a year; along with unmatched outdoor culture, a hint of oddity, and fun cities to explore.

Question 16

Kansas: PICK or PASS

This state, nicknamed the "sunflower state" was actually part of the Louisiana Purchase back in 1803. It consists mostly of flatlands. Its largest city is Wichita and the population is just over 3,000,000. One of the other things it's most famous for is that it served as home to Dorothy Gale before she was swept up in a twister and dropped into the Land of Oz.

Question 17

Missouri: PICK or PASS

While most people don't know it (or, wouldn't believe it), this state is one of the most spectacular places in which to see and experience truly untouched and natural scenery with breathtaking views. Most people who visit, experience a variety of urban and rural landscapes across the state. From the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul to the 11,842 lakes that are scattered throughout the land.

Question 18

Tennessee: PICK or PASS

The capital city of this particular state is home to nearly 670,000 people and some of the most popular country music attractions in the U.S. Most residents say that the atmosphere down there is just a little bit more casual than most places and recommend a comfortable pair of blue jeans, rather than getting "all dolled up."

Question 19

Kentucky: PICK or PASS

Every year, during the first weekend in May, the nation turns its attention towards Louisville where the annual Derby is run at Churchill Downs. But, after the thrill of that legendary horse race settles, there's still a lot to see and do in this southern state. Nature lovers will enjoy the dense forest of the Appalachians. And culture fans can experience some serious Americana from bluegrass music to fried chicken.

Question 20

Virginia: PICK or PASS

You can't dig into the annals of American history without a mention of Virginia. Those who live there may take the state's historical significance for granted at times, but there's no escaping it when you're surrounded by landmarks and famous places wherever you turn. Rooted deep within its borders are people devoted to promoting art, culture, sports and business-- people who tirelessly strive for and create an atmosphere that is both holistic and diverse.

Question 21

Delaware: PICK or PASS

Nicknamed the First State, Delaware is also America’s second tiniest state (just after Rhode Island). Just 96 miles from top to bottom and only 9 miles at its most narrow, Delaware is, well, cozy. For tourists, this translates to accessibility. Even family members with totally different agendas can complete their itineraries with room to discover more.

Question 22

New Jersey: PICK or PASS

New Jersey is a state with some 130 miles of Atlantic coast. Jersey City, across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, is the site of Liberty State Park, where ferries depart for nearby Ellis Island, with its beautiful and historic Immigration Museum, and the iconic Statue of Liberty. The Jersey Shore includes many notable resort towns like Asbury Park and Cape May, with its preserved Victorian buildingsas well.

Question 23

Hawaii: PICK or PASS

This beautiful little chain of islands is greatly known for its waterfalls and multicolored sands (yes, gold, red, black, and even green). It was not actually made a state until 1959; the same year as Alaska. Also known as the "Aloha state," their official flower is the Hibiscus. Ironically enough, this tropical region (with roughly 9 million tourists a year) is about to become the first ever state to officially ban certain sunscreens that are harmful to the environment.

Question 24

Nebraska: PICK or PASS

Nebraska encompasses the prairies of the Great Plains, the towering dunes of the Sandhills and the panhandle’s dramatic rock formations. Lincoln, which is the capital and also a vibrant university town, is distinguished by its state capitol. The city of Omaha is home to the Durham Museum, which honors some of the state’s pioneering past in a converted railroad depot.

Question 25

West Virginia: PICK or PASS

While this particular state is mostly known for its coal production, it is also home to a rather large logging community as well. It's known as the "mountain state" because nearly 75% of its geography is covered by trees and is located entirely within the Appalachian mountains. As confusing as it may sound, this land is known as the northernmost southern state; while also being known at the same time as the southernmost northern state in the country.

Question 26

Iowa: PICK or PASS

There are a great many states across the midwestern region of the country that are responsible for corn and soybean production. This one in particular just so happens to be the number one when it comes to production. With Des Moines as the capital, the "hawkeye state," is home to nearly 3.2 million people total.

Question 27

Connecticut: PICK or PASS

With a total area of 5,543 square miles, Connecticut is the third smallest state in the U.S. — which is actually a great thing for visitors. Because of its unique size, the “Constitution State” packs quite a rich blend of active, relaxing and historical sites into an easily accessible area.

Question 28

Rhode Island: PICK or PASS

Rhode Island, New England, is known for sandy shores and seaside colonial towns. It's home to several large cities, including Newport, which is famed for sailing and Gilded Age mansions, such as The Breakers. Providence, its capital, is home to Brown University, green Roger Williams Park, landscaped Waterplace Park and Riverwalk, with the famed WaterFire art installation.

Question 29

Ohio: PICK or PASS

Ohio stretches from the Ohio River and Appalachian Mountains in the south to Lake Erie in the north. On the shores of the lake is the city of Cleveland, site of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and close to expansive Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Question 30

Indiana: PICK or PASS

Indiana is known for its farmland and famed auto race, the Indianapolis 500, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In the capital, Indianapolis, theaters and galleries line Massachusetts Avenue. The city’s Downtown is home to the iconic Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the Canal Walk promenade and the Indianapolis Museum of Art and its wide-ranging collections.

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