Pick Or Pass On These Snacks And We'll Tell You Which Show To Binge Next

Who's hungry? Even after we have eaten all of our meals for the day, sometimes our bellies grumble for a little something extra. When this happens, there really are no other options but to go snacking! The best thing about deciding to snack is that there are so many directions we can choose to go in. Do we want some candy, or perhaps some chips? Chocolate is always delicious, but maybe this time we are craving something more savory? None of these answers are wrong, but today we do need to make a few snacking decisions!

We will list some snacks one by one, and everyone can pick out which ones they love the most. Once this has been done, we will be able to suggest the perfect series for everyone to binge-watch next. Is everyone ready?

Question 1


When it comes to chips, there is no limit to the options we have available to us. However, the Doritos have seemed to be a popular selection for quite some time now. There are many different types of Doritos out there, so everyone is free to base this question off of their favorite kind!

Question 2


Pickles may not seem like a traditional snacking options, but we are sure there are some people out there who have picked up a jar with the intention of munching on them as a snack. Even though fried pickles are a thing, in this question, we are asking about the classic kind!

Question 3


Oreos have been a popular cookie for many years now. They have in fact grown to be so popular, that the company has made just about every flavor imaginable. Anyone ever seen the Watermelon Oreos? We know that some dunk, while others twist, but who here would pass on Oreos all together?

Question 4


Alright candy munchers, here is a question for you! When it comes time to pick a snack, we usually have a few directions we can choose. While some will reach for a bag of chips, others will dive into the candy. Is there anyone here who would grab Twizzlers first?

Question 5


Now here is a rather deluxe snacking option. Nachos can be kept pretty simple, but they can also be decked out with all kinds of tasty treats. When we are feeling a little extra hungry and a simple bag of potato chips just won't cut it, is there anyone here who would vote nachos?

Question 6

Fun Dip

This candy choice may be a delicious one, but it is one that can lead to a very big mess as well. The idea behind this treat is pretty simple: lick a sugar stick, then dip the stick into more sugar. If ever someone is in need of an energy boost, this one would be a good choice!

Question 7


This one may just be the most popular snacking choice of all time. When it comes to a movie night or a weekend of binge-watching a favorite television show, popcorn is a tough snack to beat. Unless of course, someone is not a big fan of butter or salt, then we would totally understand the pass up.

Question 8

Kit Kat

Picking out a chocolate bar is no easy thing. There are so many delicious options, and with all of them staring right back at us, how is anyone supposed to ever choose just one? Is there anyone here who would easily pick a Kit Kat over all of the others?

Question 9


Here we have a very interesting option. As kids, there is something very magical and challenging about a jawbreaker. They always come in pretty colors and the mystery of what is at the center, is very compelling. However, the danger of these candies is right there in the name. Kind of hard to overlook!

Question 10

Sour Patch Kids

This candy option is a good one for anyone who is up for a snack with a sour edge to it. While Sour Patch Kids may not be the most sour candy on the market, they certainly get the taste buds going. When it comes to the yellow and green ones, our mouths will be puckered for sure!

Question 11

Animal Crackers

It is possible that some people may not have seen these in quite some time, but who could ever forget such a classic childhood snack like this one? Even though the word cracker is in the name, these animal shaped snacks are much closer to being cookies than they are crackers. Any takers?

Question 12

Reese's Pieces

There is no denying the popularity of the Reese's brand. Their Peanut Butter Cups have been a huge seller for years now, but even these tiny Reese's Pieces seem to have quite a fan base. An important note to keep in mind about these guys, is that there is no chocolate involved in them whatsoever.

Question 13


Now this snack is one that truly needs no introduction. M&M's are pretty iconic at this point. While the brand has become big enough to now support many different kinds of the treat, for this question, we are strictly talking about the original milk chocolate M&M's. Sorry peanut fans, this one is for the chocolate lovers!

Question 14


For this question, let's all take a look at these super tiny, very tangy, colorful candies. Nerds are usually sold in square boxes, containing two different flavors. There are tons of flavor pairings available, and the company does try to release new kinds every so often. Is anyone a big fan?

Question 15

Beef Jerky

Leaving all of the sweet stuff behind for a moment, let's look at a snack that is a little more meat-heavy than some of the others. Beef jerky is basically meat that has been dried and spiced. It is not every snack out there that offers us this amount of protein!

Question 16

Chex Mix

Here we have multiple snacks, all combined into one awesome party bowl! There are quite a few variations of Chex Mix available, but the majority of them come with Chex Cereal, Pretzels, and some sort of cheese cracker. Anyone who is a little indecisive when it comes to selecting a snack, should really give this stuff a try!

Question 17

Cheese Balls

For this question, we will be accepting opinions on both cheese balls and Cheetos Puffs. Since the Cheetos Puffs are essentially the same thing, we figured we would let everyone go with whatever version they like the best. If we are in fact selecting these to munch on though, we must ensure there are plenty of napkins nearby!

Question 18


We know we know, grapes are a fruit, and some people believe picking a snack should never come down to fruits. However, in terms of fruits, grapes really are the best for snacking. They don't need to be cut or peeled, they are just naturally ready for munching all on their own!

Question 19

Jelly Beans

Even when it comes to big time candy fans, we know it is not all of them who really enjoy jelly beans. For whatever reason, jelly beans seem to only appeal to a certain group of people. That being said, the Jelly Belly brand has taken the opportunity to serve this specific group of people the best quality jelly beans possible. Any fans?

Question 20

Caramel Corn

For those who find regular popcorn to be too salty, maybe a sweeter version of the stuff would suit better? Caramel corn is an excellent way to combine a bit of salt with a bit of sweetness. While this snack definitely falls onto the sweeter side of things, it is still popcorn underneath all that caramel.

Question 21


We are honestly just hoping everyone here actually remembers this snack. Bugles are a unique kind of corn chip. Where they really manage to stand out, is there shape. They are made into hollowed out cone shapes, perfect for sliding onto a finger to play with before eating. Any takers?

Question 22


Who here is an ultimate cheese fan? Some people can simply never get enough of the stuff. If this is the case, it would be hard to beat this snack option. Cheez-Its are a cheese flavored cracker, but one that really packs a punch to the taste buds. Who loves em'?

Question 23

Potato Skins

Here we have a snack that is best suited to those who are feeling a little extra hungry. Potato skins can be loaded up with all kinds of extras, but most importantly, there will be a whole lot of potato and a whole lot of cheese. The rest can be modified to everyone's own tastes.

Question 24

Nutter Butters

While the Nutter Butters may not be as popular as say the Oresos are, they have been around long enough to make it clear that some people really do enjoy them. Other cookies may appeal to the chocolate fans, but these ones are very much made for the peanut lovers out there.

Question 25

Onion Rings

For anyone who doesn't enjoy french fries too much, maybe some onion rings would be more up your ally? Onion rings are fairly simple, and can be found pretty much anywhere that french fries are. That being said, it is tougher to find a particularly good batch of onion rings, than it is to find some good fries.

Question 26


Even though Fritos are found in the chip aisle, there is something about them that makes them very different from all of the other options on the shelf. Not only are they a corn chip, but they have a ton of salt added into their recipe. Anyone here a big fan?

Question 27


Even though they are just fried strips of potato, there is something so classic about french fries. They go with just about any main meal, plus they are excellent as a stand-alone snack! French fries can also be quite versatile. Anyone ever had a sweet potato fry? How are we feeling?

Question 28

Fruit Gushers

Here is a snack that is sure to bring everyone back to their schoolyard days. Even though the box does like to flaunt that they are made with "real fruit juices", let's not be fooled. These are as much a candy as any of the others seen in this quiz!

Question 29


Pringles are a chip that bring something a little different to the table. Not only is their shape unique, but so is their taste. Many chips fans out there enjoy them for their thin and crunchy texture, but we have to give them points for their less noisy packaging as well. Thoughts?

Question 30

Kraft Dinner

When a craving for a snack hits, sometimes a candy bar or a bag of chips just won't do. Sometimes we need to go a step farther, but not as far as to actually cook an entire meal. This is where Kraft Dinner really shines. Not quite a meal, but a little more than a simple snack!

Question 31

Sun Chips

When it comes to chips, it would be hard to find a brand that is trying harder to stand out than the Sun Chip company is. Their chips are completely multigrain, they have a unique ruffled texture, and their flavors are different than any of the others of the market. Thoughts?

Question 32


Here is a question that is sure to cause some arguments. We know that raisins may not be everyone's idea of a tasty treat, but we are thinking there has to be some people out there who would actually love to sit back with a good box of raisins. What is everyone thinking?

Question 33


We are keeping things very simple in this question. Peanuts are truly a very classic snack. When thinking sporting events or bar munchies, it is hard not to consider peanuts. For whatever reason, these just seem to be appropriate in certain settings. How does everyone here feel about munching on peanuts?

Question 34


Considering this snack cake has been in production since the year 1930, we are thinking there has to be some pretty big fans of it somewhere out there. Twinkies may just be a yellow sponge cake with some frosting in the center, but sometimes the simplest snacks are truly the best. (Wikipedia)

Question 35

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a bit interesting. While they are a salty snack just like any other, they do require a bit of work before they can be enjoyed. Each seed has to be deshelled first, so this snack is a bit of a project as well. Who here loves them?

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