Pick Or Pass On These Snacks And We'll Guess Your Sign

Snacks are a tasty part of life. Everyone enjoys them. Everyone has his or her favorite snacks. Few people stick to daily meals and skip snacks. Anyone who takes this quiz will be able to pick or pass on snacks, and when they do, we will guess their zodiac signs!

The snacks in this quiz were specially chosen to help us give quiz-takers uncanny results. Some people don't realize that certain snacks are preferred by certain signs, but it's true. Picking preferred snacks and passing on the rest won't take long and we will offer up a quiz result that may just be one hundred percent accurate.

From classic "junk food" snacks to the healthiest, cleanest snack options, and everything in between, we've covered all the bases. There are so many delicious snacks featured in this quiz. Read the write-ups for each question to learn more about each snack food. Check out the pics, but don't be surprised if the munchies strike. Looking at these appealing snacks may trigger some hunger pangs.

Everyone has a zodiac sign and some signs are more attracted to sweet snacks than others. There are signs who prefer savory snacks, such as salty or spicy snacks. Every sign is different. Take the quiz now to see if your quiz result is a perfect match.

Question 1

Soft Pretzels

These snacks are popular choices at sports arenas, but some people make their own soft pretzels at home. Dip a soft pretzel in mustard to give it a bit of tangy zest or eat it plain. Since soft pretzels include a sprinkling of salt and have a delightfully chewy texture, they taste great on their own or with dips. Pick or pass on soft pretzels now and we will guess your sign. Are soft pretzels a fave or not so great?

Question 2

Potato Chips

People who love potato chips really love them. They often have trouble eating just one. Potato chip fans find it all too easy to gobble up whole bags of these salty, crunchy snacks. There are plenty of different types of potato chips, including gourmet varieties, such as Kettle Chips. Some potato chips are flavored and others are plain. Popular potato chip flavors include Salt and Vinegar, Ketchup and BBQ. Pick or pass on these beloved snacks now. Are potato chips faves or not?

Question 3

Trail Mix

People who love a little variety enjoy eating Trail Mix as a snack. Classic Trail Mix includes nuts, grains, dried fruit and perhaps some fun extras, such as chocolate chips. Trail Mix gives people quick energy on the go. It may have a high-calorie count, thanks to the nuts and chocolate, but it also has solid nutrition. Some people buy this mix ready-made and others make their own. Trail Mix fans should pick this snack now. Others should pass.

Question 4

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a great indulgence any time of the year, but it is particularly popular during the summertime, because ice cream helps people to cool off when the weather is warm. While some people are not really into eating a lot of dairy, there are dairy-free ice creams out there, even though purists usually prefer the traditional, dairy-based ice cream. Ice cream comes in tons of flavors. There are different kinds of cones available, too. Pick or pass now.

Question 5


This elegant snack is trendy right now. A lot of people are discovering this light and airy cookie. Those who prefer sweet snacks with a fancy vibe usually love Macarons, which are available in so many great flavors, including Pistachio and Chocolate. This classic treat comes from France. It takes some skill to make the perfect Macaron. Some people are up for the challenge, while others prefer to buy them from bakeries. Pick or pass on this snack right now.

Question 6


Grapes are delicious and healthy, too. While some people are not into grapes, a lot of people love their sweet and juicy flavor. Grapes have a bit of tartness, so they are not too sweet. Grapes are so good that they are made into other beloved food and drink, such as raisins and wine, but grapes are wonderful in their natural form. A bowl of grapes is fairly filling, so these snacks help people to feel satisfied without taking in a ton of calories.

Question 7


Sometimes, it is so much fun to sample a few bonbons. While these snacks are meant as an occasional indulgence, some people may reach for them more than once in a while. Anyone who has a sweet tooth probably loves eating bonbons. Some bonbons can be pricey. There are very fancy varieties out there. However, it is possible to find bonbons that do not break the bank. Pick or pass on these luscious sweet treats now.

Question 8

Beef Jerky

Savory snack fans who are not vegetarians or vegans tend to love what beef jerky has to offer. This chewy snack is satisfying. The protein in beef jerky contributes to a feeling of fullness. It is a good snack choice for those who are trying to eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Available in a range of flavors, from classic BBQ to Teriyaki and beyond, beef jerky is easy to come by in most grocery stores and convenience stores. Pick or pass now.

Question 9


Popcorn is great at the movies and at home. It is light, it is filling and it is possible to customize its taste with traditional butter and salt or other toppings. Gourmet popcorn products may contain exotic spices, such as curry, or be accented with sweet flavorings, such as caramel or maple syrup. Popcorn may be popped in oil or air-popped. Anyone who loves popcorn should pick this fun snack now. Those who would rather enjoy other snacks should pass.

Question 10


Cookies are sweet treats that are perfect snacks. A cookie or two will satisfy a sweet tooth between meals. Cookies also double as great desserts after meals. There are tons of great cookies out there, from tasty Oreos to homemade chocolate chip cookies and beyond. Peanut butter cookies and oatmeal cookies are also popular choices. It is easy to eat too many cookies, but most people can moderate. People who love cookies should pick them now. Pass if cookies are not a fave.

Question 11

String Cheese

String cheese is very popular with kids of all ages. While it is known as a snack for younger kids, teens and adults enjoy it, too. This type of cheese is very portable and it is fun to eat. Pulling thin strings of cheese from cheese sticks is an activity that many people enjoy, although some people do not bother pulling these strings. They just bite into the cheese sticks to enjoy quick and tasty cheese snacks. Pick or pass now.

Question 12

Tortilla Chips And Salsa

Tortilla chips taste so good when they are dipped in salsa. Salsa may be mild, medium or spicy. Tortilla chips may be salted or unsalted. There are tons of tortilla chips brands and lots of different salsas to choose from. Tortilla chips and salsa make a great snack at home, in front of the TV. A few tortilla chips and a little salsa is also a great appetizer, especially before a Tex-Mex meal, such as enchiladas or burritos. Pick or pass on this snack now.

Question 13

Apple Pie

A slice of apple pie is a wonderful treat that is not just for dessert. A wedge of apple pie is good almost anytime. The best apple pies are probably the homemade varieties, which are baked at home, with love, but some bakeries and restaurants offer amazing apple pies to their customers. Some apple pie fans put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of their slices of pie. Others keep it nice and simple. Pick or pass on apple pie now.

Question 14


Crackers are so easy to enjoy, straight out of the box or carton. There are tons of popular brands to choose from, including Wheat Thins and Premium Plus, Those brands are great, but gourmet crackers are also out there, which offer a bit more uniqueness. Crackers may be eaten plain or with cheese, peanut butter and a host of other toppings. Less greasy than typical potato chips, crackers offer the same type of satisfying crunch. Pick or pass on crackers now.

Question 15

Roasted Almonds

Salted or unsalted, roasted almonds taste amazing and they are also nutritious. Like most nuts, they should be eaten in moderation, as they do have some calories, but they are great snack options in smaller portions. Roasted almonds may be seasoned or unseasoned, and not just with salt. There are smokehouse almonds, almonds roasted with cinnamon and almonds roasted with lemon flavoring. This just scratches the surface. Roasted almonds are an indulgence that many people really enjoy. Pick or pass now.

Question 16

Strawberries Dipped In Chocolate

These luscious snacks feel so fancy. Strawberries are wonderful on their own, and they become even more wonderful when they are dipped in chocolate. It is actually pretty easy to make strawberries dipped in chocolate at home. Melting a little chocolate and dipping in washed and dried strawberries is simple. Place the dipped berries on wax paper until the chocolate hardens. Then, prepare to enjoy something really decadent and special. Pick or pass on this fun and delicious snack now.

Question 17

Raw Veggies

Some people do not want typical junk food snacks. They want raw veggies that are good for their bodies. Raw veggies taste great. They should be carefully washed before they are eaten. Add dip or dressing, or eat them plain. Carrot sticks, sliced bell peppers, and broccoli florets are examples of popular raw veggies, but the possibilities are almost endless. Those who prefer truly healthy snacks should pick raw veggies now. Those who prefer other things should take a pass.

Question 18

Corn Chips

Corn chips are so good, they are practically addictive, but some people love them more than others. These little chips are a great alternative to potato chips or pretzels. They offer crunch and a little salty kick, with the pleasing flavor and goodness of corn. Fritos are probably the most famous brand of corn chips. Like many salty snacks, it is very easy to eat too many corn chips. Stopping at just several can be a challenge. Pick or pass now.

Question 19


Oranges are a little taste of sunshine. It's pretty easy to cut up an orange and then enjoy each little wedge. Oranges may also be peeled by hand and then consumed. This snack is natural and healthy and contains plenty of vitamin C, which supports a strong immune system. Oranges smell divine. They have that citrus-like fragrance that is so fresh and appealing. Those who love juicy oranges should pick this snack now. Those who don't should take a pass.

Question 20


Breadsticks may be eaten plain or jazzed up with dips and sauces. They may be eaten warm or cold. Lots of restaurants offer breadsticks as appetizers. They are also sold in grocery stores and bakeries. A breadstick will be a filling snack, but it may not be right for a person who is trying to stay away from carbs. There are gluten-free breadsticks, but some people do not like them as much as gluten-based breadsticks. So then, pick or pass?

Question 21


Raisins are a traditional healthy snack. They are available in little boxes that are snack-sized, as well as in bigger containers. Some people add raisins to other ingredients to make snack mixes, such as trail mix. Others eat them plain. Raisins are also a popular ingredient in a lot of recipes. Raisin fans should choose these chewy snacks now. People who do not like raisins should pass. Share an opinion about raisins now and we will guess a zodiac sign.

Question 22


A bagel is a hearty snack, especially when it is topped with cream cheese or meat or peanut butter. It is so easy to add fave toppings, but good bagels do not need a lot of toppings to taste great. A light coat of butter or margarine tastes amazing on a high-quality bagel, whether it is toasted or not. Everyone has their own topping preferences. When a bagel is loaded with toppings, it may be filling enough to be considered a full meal.

Question 23

Pizza Slices

Pizza slices definitely take the edge off of hunger. One pizza slice may not be enough to qualify as a full meal for most people. One pizza slice can definitely be a snack. Lots of people who get the munchies enjoy cold pizza slices right out of their home fridges. Others make their own pizzas or go grab pizza slices at restaurants. It is even possible to grab single pizza slices at a host of convenience stores these days. Pick or pass now.

Question 24


Little kids love to eat Cheerios. They eat them one by one or by the handful. It is safe to say that some grown-ups also enjoy Cheerios dry, without the usual milk. Cheerios taste great with milk or without. They are light and crunchy, with a pleasant flavor that has mass appeal. No matter how people eat Cheerios, they usually find this traditional cereal comforting. It is a taste of childhood for many people. Pick or pass on Cheerios now.

Question 25

Black Licorice

This snack is not for everyone. Black licorice has a strong taste. Some people adore it and others find that it is just too much for their palates. It is available in stick form and there are also soft candies which are made up mostly of black licorice. Black licorice tastes a lot different from the fruity Twizzlers that most of us know and love. Anyone who enjoys black licorice should pick it now. Those who do not should pass on it.

Question 26


Croissants are light, flaky and elegant snacks. When they are made by master bakers, they are exquisite treats. Even a basic croissant from a grocery store bakery is often an amazing treat. It takes skill to bake a perfect croissant, but many people have mastered the skill. Croissants taste great alone because they typically have a lot of buttery flavor. However, plenty of people like to slice their croissants in half and add fillings, such as cheese, butter or jam.

Question 27


Some snacks have so much depth and one example is olives. They have a rich taste that is complex enough to be really interesting. Plus, olives have a salty kick, so they are really appealing to those who love salty snacks. There are different types of olives. Black and green olives are both very popular. There is also a lot of variety in terms of how olives are prepared. Some are seasoned or stuffed. Others are enjoyed plain. Pick or pass now.

Question 28

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are great snack options for sports fans. They are classic sports bar food. Gnawing on a chicken wing while watching a game on TV is a common activity. While vegetarians and vegans will not indulge in chicken wings, they are really popular with carnivores. Some chicken wings, such as Buffalo wings, are very spicy. They may be cooled down a bit with Blue Cheese dressing or another fresh dip. Other chicken wings are much milder. Pick or pass now.

Question 29


Golden French Fries are beloved. Fast food joints cater to customers by providing an abundance of these tasty treats. A small portion of French Fries makes for a satisfying snack that may just be a bit of a guilty pleasure. It is possible to make baked French Fries which do not have the same amount of grease. Most people do crave the deep-fried ones, though. Gourmet varieties are available, and fries may be dipped in mayo, spicy Tabasco or ketchup.

Question 30


A few sushi rolls are a delicious snack. More make for a full meal. Some sushi rolls contain cooked crab meat or imitation crab meat, plus other tasty ingredients. Others contain raw fish. Served with soy sauce and Wasabi, sushi rolls are definitely popular. Just think about the number of sushi restaurants in the average town or city! Most towns and cities have tons of places to find tasty sushi rolls, plus other types of sushi, such as sashimi. Pick or pass now.

Question 31


Yogurt is generally a healthy snack choice. Lots of people buy it at the grocery store. There are plain and flavored varieties of yogurt from a bunch of different brands. Yogurt may also be added to granola, smoothies or bowls of fresh fruit. Yogurt has a creamy texture that some people love. Others are not as crazy about the mouthfeel of yogurt, not to mention its taste. Pick or pass on yogurt now. Share an opinion about this popular snack.

Question 32


Natalie Portman is a vegetarian who loves hummus. She has joked that she eats her own weight in this tasty dip every day, according to Yahoo.com. Hummus is tasty and it pairs well with pita bread. There are actually many ways to enjoy this food product, which contains chickpeas, tahini and a few other nutritious ingredients. Hummus fans should pick it now. Those who do not like it should pass. Food preferences vary by zodiac sign. We analyze answers to guess signs.

Question 33

Instant Ramen Noodles

Anyone who is a noodle lover and wants a very quick snack is probably a fan of instant ramen noodles. They do not cost much, they can be prepared in mere minutes and they are available from a variety of different brands. Pretty much every grocery store and convenience store sells these quick noodles in an assortment of flavors. They are filling and comforting. Just add boiling water to enjoy ramen in an instant. Pick or pass on instant ramen noodles right now.

Question 34


Bananas are so portable. They have a hardy peel, so it is easy to take them along, without them getting damaged. People enjoy bananas on the run, as well as at home. Some slice bananas into cereal. Others eat them plain. They may also be mixed with yogurt or dipped in honey or peanut butter. They even make a great add-on for pancakes. Frozen bananas are also delicious. Banana fans should choose bananas now. Those who prefer other snacks should take a pass.

Question 35

Granola Bars

Granola bars are quick and convenient snack options. They may be the most decadent snacks around, but most of us throw a box or two of them in our carts at the grocery store on a regular basis. It is so easy to unwrap one of these bars and inhale it. People who need quick energy rely on these bars. Some of them are healthier than others. Popular with all age groups, granola bars may be bought in stores or made from scratch.

Question 36


Sardines are a traditional snack that many people do enjoy. Sardines are known for being nutrient-rich. Eating them regularly will help to prevent age-related eye problems and may also prevent heart disease, according to Organicfacts.net Experts recommend that consumers buy sardines in tins that are BPA-free. These oily, small fish are not appealing to everyone. Those who love how they taste should pick them now. Those who are not fans of sardines should pass and pick other snacks instead. Pick or pass?

Question 37


A slice of cake is not just for after supper or during a birthday party. It is actually great any time of the day or night. Cake lovers do not need special occasions to indulge in tasty, sweet slices of cake. They are happy to enjoy cake whenever they can. There are so many amazing types of cake, from red velvet cake to carrot cake to chocolate cake. Cakes can be relatively simple or very fancy. Pick or pass on cake now.

Question 38


Cashews are simply delicious, although there may be some people who do not love them. They are popular snacks that provide welcome nutrition and good taste. These nuts are relatively high in calories, so eating just a few for a snack is a smart strategy. It may be hard to stop eating them, though, especially when they are salted. Cashew fans love the texture of these nuts, as well as their portability. It is easy to throw some cashews in a baggie and go.

Question 39

Chicken Nuggets

Whether they come from fast food joints or other places, chicken nuggets really satisfy. A lot of people love dipping them into their favorite sauces, such as BBQ sauce and honey mustard. Many chicken nuggets are deep-fried, but there are some healthier exceptions. They can be breaded and baked to reduce the grease quotient. Chicken nugget fans love how easy and fun it is to eat these snacks, whether they dip them or enjoy them plain. Pick or pass now.

Question 40

Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad is a great dip for raw veggies or crackers. A small portion of tuna salad offers quality protein, in addition to other important nutrients. Traditional tuna salad may contain tuna from a can, mayo, pickle juice and chopped pickles. There are lots of different recipes, though. Tuna salad is now sold in snack packs that come with little crackers. Of course, tuna salad is also a great filling for sandwiches. Pick if it is a fave. If not, pass.

Question 41

Dill Pickles

Dill pickles are hearty and crunchy snacks. A typical dill pickle has tons of flavor in a fairly small package. Dill pickles are great garnishes for deli-style sandwiches and they are also used in recipes. When it comes to snacking, a lot of people eat them straight from the jar. Pickles are loaded with taste and do not have a lot of calories. They do have a strong taste, which some people love and others dislike. Pick or pass now.

Question 42

Avocado Toast

This trendy snack is very popular, especially with Millennials, and it is consumed at all hours of the day and night. One slice of avocado toast will be a great snack, as long as avocados are a fave. Avocados are delicious, thanks to their silky texture and mild, pleasant flavor, but some people do not enjoy them too much. People who do not like avocado probably stay far away from avocado toast. Pick or pass on this fun snack now.

Question 43


Chickpeas are so affordable and they are definitely great sources of protein. It is very easy to rinse canned chickpeas, throw them in a bowl, and then add some dressing and/or other ingredients. Chickpeas may also be made into spreads and dips, or added to salads, or roasted to give them a little exciting crunch. Easy to find at most grocery stores, these snacks are tasty and filling, without costing very much money. Pick or pass on chickpeas right now.

Question 44

Cottage Cheese

This cheese is a fave of health-conscious people who enjoy eating dairy products. Cottage cheese may be eaten straight from the container. Some people add cottage cheese to other snacks, such as small salads. While some people definitely do not consider cottage cheese the ultimate snack, others rely on it for quick energy and nutrition. Cottage cheese does have a bland taste, so some people add seasoning to make it come alive. It's easy to use cottage cheese in recipes.

Question 45


Popsicles are fun to eat. Kids love them, especially in warm weather, and grown-ups find that enjoying popsicles takes them back to their childhoods. Popsicles are available in the frozen food section of grocery stores, but a lot of people like making them at home, with lemonade or other ingredients. So many liquids, including coffee with milk, may be transformed into enticing and frosty popsicles. Pick or pass on these snacks now. Are popsicles a fave, or are other snacks better?

Question 46

Gummi Bears

Some people find that eating a small handful of gummi bears is a pleasant break from everyday life. Gummi bears are fun because they are cute. They also taste good. Some gummi bears have more flavor than others. These squishy and sweet bears come in different colors. Most packages of gummi bears feature an assortment of colors, including red, green and yellow. Gummi bears usually have sugar, but there are sugar-free gummi bears available, although they may be a little harder to find.

Question 47

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes may be eaten plain, but they can be a little bit bland, especially when they are unsalted. There are companies that offer flavored rice cakes and provide a variety of sweet and savory flavors to choose from. It is also very easy to add toppings to rice cakes, from honey to peanut butter and jelly to marmalade and beyond. Rice cakes do not usually cost a lot of money. They are also fairly healthy choices. Pick or pass on rice cakes now.

Question 48


Tart and sweet cherries are really great snacks. They are easy to eat. They just need to be washed. Some people pit the cherries and remove their stems. Others munch around the pits and stems. Cherries are luscious treats. Some people do not like cherries, though. No snack is a total crowd-pleaser. Those who love cherries, eaten raw or in pies or other recipes, should pick them right now. People who would rather eat other snacks should pass on cherries.

Question 49

Cheese Cubes

Small cubes of cheese are really satisfying. Sometimes, it is hard to stick with a small or moderate portion of cheese cubes, as certain cheeses are really delicious. A few cubes of cheddar will pair well with apple slices or crackers. There are really so many ways to enjoy cheese cubes, including plain. Almost any cheese may be cut into a cube shape. Cheese cut into cubes shapes is often served on snack platters at events. Pick or pass now.

Question 50


This avocado-based dip and spread is something that a lot of people adore. People buy it ready-made or create their own. It is really pretty simple to make guacamole from scratch. Recipes vary, so it is possible to enjoy a lot of fun variations on the classic guacamole recipe. Guacamole lovers usually enjoy this fun snack food with tortilla chips, However, there are no rules for how to eat guacamole. Pick or pass on this popular snack food right now.

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