Pick Or Pass On These Snacks And Get A Netflix Series To Binge

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the big three when it comes to food, and we love each of them deeply and equally. Oh, and, shout out to dessert, by the way, who always proves itself to be the real MVP. But let's all put those major food players aside for a moment because we want to discuss a foodie underdog right now. We want to take a minute to shine a light on one culinary contender that never seems to get its fair share of love. That food thing is...snacks.

Yes, snacks. We all know them, we all love them, and yet, when it comes to discussing food plans, we all seem to forget that they exist. Well, that's just downright not fair because snacks have a lot to offer! They tide us over between meals, they satisfy our various cravings, whether we want something savory, salty, sweet or any combination thereof. Snacks even help us break the ice, giving us something to focus on by always being there for us on first dates and at awkward family gatherings. Yes, it's about time we pay snacks the respect they deserve. Pick some snacks to chow down on, and get a Netflix series to binge-watch while eating them.

Question 1

Soft Pretzel Bites

We're big fans of bite-sized things, that's why we love these soft pretzel bites even more than regular soft pretzels—and we love soft pretzels, okay? Like, a lot. So for us to love these things even more? It's kind of a big deal. Another great thing about these little soft pretzel pieces is that they're great for dipping! Make your soft pretzel bites sweet by dipping them in icing, or make them savory with a honey mustard sauce. The choice is yours with this snack.

Question 2

Popcorn Balls

Popcorn is the perfect snack for watching things. Think about it, you go to the movies, you get popcorn. You throw a TV binge-watching sleepover, you get popcorn. You go to a Shakespeare in the Park type of deal, you get popcorn. You spy on your neighbors, you get popcorn. There is no better snack for watching various things than popcorn, but what if we told you there's another way to eat this popcorn? That's right, folks, with some sugar corn syrup and/or caramel, you can roll that popcorn into balls, because, hey, why not?

Question 3

Baked Brie

Sometimes, in the still of the night and the quiet, wee hours of the morning, we just lie in bed in complete awe at the number of cheeses there are for our enjoyment. Swiss, cheddar, parmesan, ricotta, mozzarella, gouda, pepper jack—the list goes on! But let's talk for a minute about brie, and about how, if you cover it in a delicious cranberry compote and wrap it in crescent dough, then bake it in the oven, it makes one of the best snacks in the world. Oh, wait. We guess we just did talk about it!

Question 4

Cinnamon Twists

Coffee isn't just a morning thing. That stuff can be enjoyed all day—did you guys know about this? We just found this out, it's been fueling us through the entire week! Or, maybe that's just all the caffeine. Well, anyway, one of the advantages of drinking coffee throughout the day is that you can snack with the coffee, and one of the best snacks to have with coffee is a cinnamon twist. Flaky, sweet and deliciously cinnamon-y, they're basically cinnamon rolls, just...with a twist.

Question 5

Oreo Truffles

Now, don't get us wrong here, Oreos are fabulous exactly as they are. All they need is a glass of milk, they're just a simple kind of snack. But when you take those Oreos and stick them in a blender until they're naught but Oreo dust, and then you mix in a tub of store bought icing until it becomes a sort of dough. At that point, you roll them into balls in a bed of even more Oreo dust and, ha! Good luck not eating all of them. These things are deeeeelicious.

Question 6

Pepperoni Pinwheels

Pizza pinwheels are our favorite, second only to regular pinwheels because, no offense, pizza pinwheels, but regular pinwheels are just so fun! But, you know, these edible pinwheels are fun, too, especially if you serve them at a party. Another thing that makes them fun? The fact that they taste like pizza. We mean, is that a blast or what?! Good luck trying to peel us away from a platter full of these babies, 'cause it ain't happenin'. Not on our watch.

Question 7

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Shrimp and bacon. Oh, good grief, why didn't we see it before? This is an appetizer match made in heaven, and we're climbing the stairway on our way up right now. We are so ready for these bacon wrapped shrimp. We know we are, we've been training ourselves for this kind of snack for years. They're both sophisticated and casual, they're fancy and dressed down. These things are the best of both worlds, and we're totally digging the balance between the two. It's magic.

Question 8

Cheeseburger Sliders

Why are these things called sliders? To be frank, we have no idea, and what's more is we're too lazy to look it up. We mean, we looked up like five different things already today, including that weird stuff growing on our toenail which may or may not be a tree lichen, oddly enough, and also we had to look up about—wait. We're getting off track. What's important is the cheeseburger sliders you see here. They're like regular cheeseburgers, only smaller, making them perfect for snacking. Say, do these come with mini fries, too? 'Cause that would be mini perfect.

Question 9

Spinach Puffs

We weren't big fans of spinach when we were little, but then we saw The Emperor's New Groove, and we got a glimpse of Kronk's spinach puffs, and we've wanted to try them ever since. There was only one problem. Kronk's famous spinach puffs...were animated. Gah! So frustrating! But, fortunately, the internet is a thing that exists, and now that we're old enough that we don't have to ask our parents' permission to log on, we can look up as many spinach puff recipes as we want, and we have, and it turns out, they really are as scrumptious as that Disney movie lead us to believe.

Question 10


Half the fun of bruschetta is just saying the name. It sounds so fancy, doesn't it? And that's appropriate because this IS a fancy snack. Nothing makes you feel more sophisticated than slicing a baguette, making a big platter full of these things, cracking open a bottle of wine at 11 A.M. on a Tuesday and just relaxing. The other half of the fun of bruschetta is how pretty it is. Look at all the colors! So bright with all that fresh vegetation, who wouldn't want to bite into one of these, huh?

Question 11

Caramel Apples

Caramel apples aren't just for kids anymore, people. They're for adults, too, and as adults, we have nobody looking over our shoulder. No parents to tell us, "Hey, don't you think you should rein it in a little bit there, buddy?" as we shovel sprinkles onto our caramel apples from a wheelbarrow, drizzle all manner of chocolate and vanilla sauces on them, decorate them with multitudes of candies, etc, etc. We can go all out with caramel apples now that we're grown, and that makes them a snack that's as unstoppable as we are.

Question 12

Cheese Ball

A friend of ours brought one of these things to a party once, then started scolding us when we took a fork to it and started eating chunks of it with nothing else. "This is for dipping, ya goon! Ya gotta put it on somethin'! Get some celery or a Triscuit, for cryin' out loud! What are you, an animal?" Those were her last words to us, we could hear her shouting them at us as we snuck out of that lame-o shindig with the rest of that cheese ball.

Question 13

Hummus Deviled Eggs

*Walks through saloon doors, spurs jangle on the hardwood floor as we approach the bar and order a Sunny D, to which the bar tender rolls his eyes; spits in spittoon, tips cowboy hat* 'Round these here parts, we eat our hummus in deviled eggs. Yes sir, ya heard that right, partner. Ain't no point in eating mushed chickpeas unless we've lassoed up some boiled eggs to serve 'em up in. That's just how we was raised. Now, if y'all'll 'scuse us. We've got some dogies to go rope.

Question 14

Goat Cheese Sweet Potato Bites

You've heard of regular potato bites, and by now, being the snack aficionado that we assume you are, you no doubt know firsthand how delicious those appetizer tubers can be. But, what if we told you that it's possible to make snacks out of sweet potatoes, too? And, what's more, what if we told you that you can make sweet potato bites, just like the the regular potato bites, but with goat cheese? Doesn't that just make you want to eat them right now?

Question 15

Cake Batter Puppy Chow

People look at you funny when you stroll into a party with a bowl of cake batter and a rubber spatula for eating it with. It's like, what? Ain't'cha ever seen somebody living their best life before? SMH. Anyway, since people are so stinkin' delicate these days, you've got to find more socially acceptable ways of eating cake batter. So, we disguise it as puppy chow, which is just Chex Mix with a culinary canine name because, for whatever reason, eating dog food is more acceptable than eating cake batter. Yeah, that makes a lotta sense.

Question 16

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

If sweet and salty is your snack jam, then, boy, have we got the right finger food for you! You are going to lose your snack lovin' mind when you hear about these chocolate covered potato chips. Now, these things are no sweat to make, they're literally just potato chips dipped in chocolate, but that's the beauty of them. These things are simple, sure, but they're decadent, too, in spite of the fact that they're so easy to whip up. But, as easy as they are to make, they're even easier to eat.

Question 17

Mini Blooming Onions

You can't bring a whole blooming onion to your desk as a snack, and not just because that's kind of going overboard when it comes to snacks, but also because if you do that, then all of your coworkers are going to pester you to share, and that's no bueno. What you need is a smaller more discreet version of a blooming onion. What you need...is a mini blooming onion. Revolutionary! Perfect for dipping in sauces, and just as perfect all alone, who doesn't love a blooming onion?

Question 18

Mini Fruit Pies

Maybe there are people out there, somewhere in this wild, wide world, who can resist the temptation of fruit pies, but we cannot count ourselves a part of that number. No, friends, for we confess, fruit pies are our one weakness (one of our one weaknesses, actually, but who's counting?). And when said fruit pies come in the form of mini and individual...oh, come on, you can't expect us to say no to that! Forget that one meme about shoving bread sticks into our purse, we'll be shoving these into our purse SO FAST, your head's gonna spin.

Question 19

Reese's Stuffed Rice Krispy Treats

Rice Krispie Treats always dazzle. They don't need to be dressed up any, they've already got it goin' on. You just can't beat puffed rice cereal with butter and marshmallows, people. Or...can you? Well, as it happens, there might just be one way to make Rice Krispie Treats even better, and that way is by adding Reese's Peanut Butter cups, the one candy that makes every dessert better. We are so ready to develop an unhealthy rise in insulin for these things, we can hardly wait.

Question 20

Bacon Cheese Ball Bites

Whoa, now. You mean...you mean we CAN eat a whole cheese ball without being yelled at by former friends? Oh, well, if we had known about this back at that party, we might never have had to leave! Serving cheese balls on toothpicks is the perfect solution to the cheese ball problem, and to make matters even better, these cheese balls in particular are rolled in bacon. We have never been more willing to develop cheese-related digestive issues than we are right now.

Question 21

Banana Pudding Cups

Pudding cups are fabulous. Wanna know how we know that? Because we brought our lunch to school every single day back in middle school, and every single day, our mom packed us a pudding cup, and every single day we had kids lining up to try and trade their crappy little snacks with us. But, know what else? We never traded. Because pudding cups are perfect—especially these banana pudding cups, which are, like, top tier pudding cup material. All those vanilla cookies, all those banana chunks. Irresistible.

Question 22


Blondies are like brownies but instead of being brunette, they're, uh, blonde. Alright, you caught us. So we've never actually had a blondie—'cause we're too busy eating brownies like good little snack lovers 'cause we're tryna get into heaven, unlike you blondie loving heathens. No, no, we're teasing. Blondies are great. They're made sans chocolate, but with puh-lenty of butter and sugar, and that's a win in anybody's book. Hey, is there any way we can get some icing for these puppies? That'd be great.

Question 23

Loaded Skillet Nachos

Why would you even bother eating nachos that weren't loaded? Like, yeah, nachos are good by themselves. You've got the tortilla chips, you've got the beans, you've got the cheese and the dollop of sour cream. It's great, really, we're not saying it's not. But, like, if you CAN make them loaded, then...why wouldn't you? Go for it, man! Throw some ground beef on there! Toss a scoop of guacamole on top! Be liberal with that cheese! Go whole hog with the salsa! You can do this! We believe in you!

Question 24

Macaroni and Cheese Bites

Call us nuts if you want, that's fine, but there's something in us, a nagging voice that we like to call our hungry conscience, that prevents us from tossing out macaroni and cheese. Yes, yes, we know that that stuff doesn't save well, that it never tastes the same once it's been refrigerated and reheated, that we should just toss it out, but try telling that to the voice in our head. Fortunately, though, we don't have to get rid of that mac and cheese, we can turn them into these delicious mac and cheese bites. What a problem-solving snack!

Question 25

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Just knowing that, at any given moment, we can go to the store, buy a box of ice cream cones, a box of cupcake mix, a tub of icing, come back home to our apartment and make these ice cream cone cupcakes, brings us untold happiness. Seriously, the joy that comes with the realization that there's nothing—NOTHING—standing in the way of us and this ice cream dream snack, has brought us an unreasonable amount of happiness. Maybe we're easily amused, maybe we're hungry, or maybe, just maybe, this really is as wonderful as we think it is.

Question 26

Mozzarella Sticks

These days, they're frying cheese sticks and serving them up as appetizers. Do you believe that? We do! Heck, that's one of the best parts about living in this day and age! Oh, sure, sometimes it seems like it's all kids doing Fortnite dances, and Millennials being blamed for businesses going belly up, but there are advantages to this modern era, and mozzarella sticks are definitely one of them. Perfect for dipping in marinara sauces and cheese dips, this appetizer is a revelation.

Question 27

Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Fried chicken and waffles. All the carbs. Gosh, isn't it a dream? We love the combination of a breakfast food with a lunch and dinner food, and we love even more that in this mini version of a Southern comfort food classic, they're both small enough to enjoy as a snack. The only problem with these yummy little sliders is limiting yourself to just one. Who has that kind of willpower? We sure don't. If we look at one of these, we'll have downed ten in the blink of an eye. We have NO self-control.

Question 28

Baked Apple Roses

Don't get us wrong, we wouldn't turn down a bouquet of roses if someone gave them to us. But we would much prefer a bouquet of these baked apple roses, because not only are they just as pretty as your typical flower roses, but they taste a lot better, too. Don't these look so elegant? And with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top, they look just like flower petals with a fresh dew on them—well, maybe in Candy Land, anyway.

Question 29

Mini Donuts

What is it about making regular foods smaller versions of themselves that A) makes them appropriate for snacking, and B) makes them so much more fun? Mini donuts are so cute that they almost distract us from the fact that we're not getting nearly enough donut. Almost. But, don't worry, this problem is easy to counteract. All you have to do to make up for the lack of sufficient donut is simply eat more mini donuts, as many as you want because, well, who gon' stop you?

Question 30

Enchilada Cups

Snack time is for snacking. That's the rule. And that means you can't just eat a whole plate full of enchiladas. That's a meal move, and remember, this is snack time, a time for snacking. But, fear not, fellow food love! Though you cannot indulge in real enchiladas, you can enjoy these enchilada cups, which are really just enchilada cupcakes, and even though we don't really like the sound of that, we also kinda DO like the sound of that, you know?

Question 31

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

Wait. So, eating cookie dough is okay by society's standards, but eating cake batter is still frowned upon? What the heck is up with that?! While we sit over here scratching our heads, trying to figure out society's arbitrary rules, you guys just enjoy thinking about this chocolate chip cookie dip, which is basically raw cookie dough but without the eggs and, therefore, without the risk of getting salmonella. Can you imagine eating this chocolate chip cookie dip on a chocolate chip cookie? It'd be chocolate chip cookie Inception. Wild.

Question 32

Caramel Pretzel Granola Bars

Some people are still on the fence right now because they read the words "granola bars", and they were instantly put off. We mean, WE love granola bars, but not everybody likes them, and it's these people we address right now. We know these are granola bars. We know that may not have you drooling. But, consider this: these are caramel pretzel granola bars. Caramel. Pretzel. This snack is so salty and so sweet, it's gonna be like a disco in your mouth.

Question 33

Taco Stuffed Avocado

Oh, man. We were doing so well up until this point! By some miracle, we managed not to get super hungry, even after looking at picture after picture of irresistibly delicious snack, but our winning streak is now over. Uh, excuse us, did you say "Taco stuffed avocados"? Because, holy hungry excitement, we want nothing more than to get our hands on a platter of these things. It's a deconstructed taco on half an avocado, AKA the stuff that guacamole, AKA dreams, are made of. Phenomenal!

Question 34

S'mores Dip

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up a sec. S'mores...dip? Like with the chocolate and the marshmallows in a bowl, with graham crackers on the side for dipping? Wow, what a time to be alive! We mean, we like regular s'mores (make that, we LOVE regular s'mores), but turning s'mores into an interactive snacking experience, why, that's so innovative! So new and groundbreaking! We can't wait to make a whole bunch of this and eat it all by ourselves—uh, we mean, we can't wait to invite our friends over to share this stuff with us. Yeah, that's it.

Question 35

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Roasted red pepper humus is just like your regular hummus, except...wait for it...it's also got roasted red peppers in it. Huh, huh? Pretty impressive right? Okay, so maybe it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on with this snack, but it does take a genius to eat it. Or, at least, to figure out how to stop eating it. A spoon full of this stuff on some pita chips, and you've got a healthy, tasty snack with crunch and flavor. What more could you ask for?

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