Pick Or Pass On These Snack Foods And We'll Guess Your Sign

Everyone has a favorite snack food, and that can say a lot about their personality. What do you love to eat when you're at a party, event, or even just home watching a movie? Do you tend toward sweeter things, or do you like something salty? Do you want something simple, or something that requires a little bit of skill and effort in the kitchen? No matter which snack you prefer, the fact of the matter is that it probably suits your personality pretty well.

There are, of course, lots of different snack foods to choose from: chips, chocolate, popcorn, Skittles... the list goes on and on, meaning that there is pretty much a different snack food for every kind of person out there. Maybe they are strictly the kind of people who like chocolate. That's fine! Maybe they are the kind of folks who prefer a blend of sweet and salty flavors, making something completely new, and that's fine too! When it comes down to it, what snacking really says about everyone is that people love to share food with each other, and have the experience of enjoying something delicious together.

Take a look at these snack foods. Pick your favorites, and pass on the ones you don't like, and we'll try to guess your Zodiac sign!

Question 1


Who doesn't love a delicious brownie? They're essentially the perfect baked good for people who love chocolate. The chewy but soft texture, the rich chocolatey flavor, not to mention the many, many ways that people can customize them. You can add almost anything to a brownie and it will make it better: Peanut butter, walnuts, caramel, M&M's... The possibilities are endless! And still, even if people just enjoy a nice, plain chocolate brownie, it's still truly delicious on its own.

Question 2


They're one of the most classic snacks out there, and for good reason. Twizzlers were a departure from the classic licorice candy that so many people were used to. It's just that black licorice has a very distinct flavor, and not everyone enjoys it. So, along come Twizzlers, essentially the same snack, but with a brighter, fruitier flavor. As time went on, Twizzlers got even more experimental, with pull and peel, sour flavors, and even colorful twists. Still, people love the classic.

Question 3

Rice Krispie Squares

Whether it's a ta family picnic, a party, or any other kind of event, there's no denying that the most classic dessert that anyone can bring is a tray of Rice Krispie squares. These sweet, sticky, crispy treats are a perennial favorite among dessert fans, and for good reason. they are so easy to make, and yet everyone is happy when they get put out on the dessert table. Like brownies, Rice Krispie squares can also be endlessly customized with all sorts of candy.

Question 4

Beef Jerky

Some people will say that beef jerky is a snack without any class. After all, doesn't it sound a little bit uncouth to call something "jerky?" That may be true for some folks out there, but the fact of the matter is that beef jerky has quickly gained a lot of popularity as a snack. Why? It has to do with the fact that unlike many other snack foods, beef jerky is almost pure protein. There are no carbs to be found in this snack.

Question 5


Does anyone remember Bugles? Sure, they may not be quite as popular as they used to be, but these conical snacks can still be a big hit if they are given a place at the party. First of all, they come in a variety of great flavors. Second, there is an inherent nostalgia factor. Surely, people will remember that they ate bugles as a kid and want to revisit that feeling. Finally, it's still fun to make them into witch fingers.

Question 6

Caramel Corn

There are people out there who love regular popcorn, and that's all well and good. But there are also people who would turn down buttery and salty for crunchy and sweet any day. For those people, nothing else will do except for caramel corn. This classic treat is one of the most perfect snacks there is. It combines the crunchy satisfaction of popcorn with the melty, flavorful sweetness of caramel, and what makes it even better is that the caramel doesn't melt too much when people eat it.

Question 7

Peppermint Patties

Cool, refreshing, sweet, chocolatey... What better combination of flavors could there ever be than a peppermint patty? Sure, mint and chocolate is a bit of an acquired taste, but once people get into it, they can never really go back to living without it. It's just the perfect balance of sweet and cool that makes them so amazing. It's hard to think that anything could make them better, but try putting one in the freezer. Now that is a delicious treat.

Question 8


People who love to eat nuts know that pistachios are the kind of snack that is worth the effort. That's because you never get pistachios that are already out of the shell. OH no, these are a nut that people have to work for. It might not always be easy to get them out of there, but they are well worth the struggle. Of course, there are sometimes the pistachios that haven't quite opened up yet, and those require a little more work.

Question 9

Chex Mix

It's the snack mix that literally everyone has their version of. Chex Mix is the kind of endlessly customizable snack that keeps on giving. It all starts with some Chex cereal, which isn't that great to have in the morning before going to work, but does somehow make for an excellent addition to a snack mix. Then people can add whatever they want: pretzels, chocolate, potato chips, cheese crackers... The possibilities go on and on, and every single one of them will please people.

Question 10

Sun Chips

Sun Chips are yet another snack that is truly underrated. These wavy, delicious multigrain chips have a wonderfully crunchy texture, and the flavors really pop, particularly the harvest cheddar. Of course, Sun Chips are notable not just for their flavor, but for a massive design flaw in their packaging. A few years ago, the company wanted to make the bags more biodegradable, but in the process, the material used to make them ended up being incredibly loud and crinkly whenever anyone opened them.

Question 11


There's already been a question about caramel corn, so now is the time to talk about other types of popcorn. This question is going to be a catch-all for any other types of flavors. There is, of course, the classic style, which features nothing more than butter and salt (always delicious), but there are other options as well. There is the popular cheese corn, which is dusted with tangy, rich cheese powder. Then, there is the baffling Chicago style, which is a mixture of caramel and cheese corn.

Question 12


What is it about pretzels that makes them so delicious and irresistible? Most people would just cop out and say that it's the salt. Everyone loves salty foods and pretzels are all about that chunky salt that adorns the outside. However, there is something to be said about the bread itself, which is often very flavorful, with a lovely texture and a deep, brown color. The next question is whether people prefer giant soft pretzels more or the kind that comes in a bag?

Question 13


Candy coated chocolate that never melts in people's hands... What better snack could there be, really? Everyone loves M&M's for many reasons, but it might just be because, on top of being a fun, colorful snack to put out in a big bowl, they can also be used to spruce up other snacks like brownies, trail mix, and Rice Krispie squares. They come in a variety of flavors, as well, from the classic milk chocolate to peanut to more interesting ones like caramel and peanut butter.

Question 14


Pizza is a fascinating food, because sure, it's being included here in a list of snack foods, but it can also just be a meal on its own. Of course, pizza is one of the most crowd-pleasing foods out there. The combination of a tasty crust, rich, delicious sauce, and melty, tasty cheese makes for something that approaches pure perfection. Then, of course, there is a wide variety of topping choices. Some people like pepperoni, others like to get more creative. There are no wrong answers!

Question 15


Salty, crispy, fluffy... What isn't there to love about fries? They go with just about any meal, and they are also perfect on their own. They can be enjoyed with ketchup, vinegar, and even mayo in some instances. Fries are basically turning potatoes into something greater than the sum of their parts. Sure, they might be nothing more than sliced spuds fried in some oil than giving a little bit of salt, but at the end of the day, it seems like there is much more to them.

Question 16


Some people will scoff at the fact that Fritos could even be considered a snack food. If anything, they're more of an ingredient, right? After all, Frito pie is something that any Texas housewife knows how to make (and it is pretty delicious). Still, Fritos have their place on the snack table. The texture and level of saltiness make them a perfect sort of grab and go snack, one that can satisfy a person's snack craving and doesn't make a big mess.

Question 17


Sure, chips and salsa or chips and guac are a nice combo, but let's take a minute and talk about a big old plate of fully loaded nachos. Is there really anything better than that? Break them down into their constituent parts and it's easy to see why they are so delciisou.: tortilla chips, cheese, green onion, jalapenos, ground beef... Plus there are so many other things to add: olives, black beans, tomato... Plus they can still be served with salsa and guac!

Question 18

Fun Dip

The story about fun dip is actually a pretty interesting one. There once was a salesman, who was selling powdered drink mix. However, he found out that kids were eating the powder on its own. Even though it was strange, the businessman saw an opportunity. He used his powder to create pixie sticks. Pixie sticks then became the basis for fun dip, where a candy stick was added. Finally, after parents started to question the validity of kids eating straight sugar, the same formula was used to make sweet tarts.

Question 19

Potato Chips

Nobody can eat just one potato chip. That was the slogan used to advertise Lays, but really, it can be said about any kind of chip. Obviously, potato chips come in a lot of different flavors: salt and vinegar, barbecue, and sour cream and onion. But there are also selections like ruffled chips and kettle chips. In fact, kettle chips are probably the best option out of all of them. they have a level of crunch and flavor that is unmatched by any other kind.

Question 20


Twinkies are the absolutely legendary snack cake that supposedly can last forever due to all of the chemicals in them. Of course, it doesn't really change the fact that they are pretty delicious. Seriously, people have been trying to replicate these things for years, and while they often come close, they never quite get it right, meaning that the only way to enjoy a genuine Twinkie is to have one made by Hostess. Even though they said they would stop making them, Twinkie production continues.

Question 21


Peanuts are the classic snack for almost any sort of outing. Circus? Peanuts. Movie? Peanuts. Night out with friends? Peanuts. Baseball game? Come on! Peanuts are right there in the song. They're the kind of perfect snack that is fun to eat because people also get to pull the peanuts out of their shell. Sure, they make a big mess, but that's what makes them the perfect outdoor snack. People can leave those shells all over the place, and it won't matter.

Question 22

Jelly Bellys

Jelly beans might be a snack that seems a little date, but Jelly Bellys? No way! These tiny little beans pack a huge punch of flavor in every bite. There are so many varieties, and everyone has their favorites. There are the traditional fruit flavors, but also flavors like cola, root beer, and the divisive buttered popcorn and burnt marshmallow. There are also a lot of fun combinations that people can try with Jelly Bellys, where flavors are combined to make entirely new ones.

Question 23

Gummy Worms

Eating worms? No thanks! Eating gummy worms? Yes, please! These fun, fruity, and chewy candy worms are always a big hit with adults and kids. They haven't changed much in the many years that they have been available, but how could anyone ever improve on them? They always come in two colors, and everyone has their favorite combination. Gummy worms are the perfect snack for any occasion, but they are especially great during Halloween, when they can make cakes and other desserts just a little spookier!

Question 24

Onion Rings

Onions are probably one of the most versatile vegetables out there. People can use them to add flavor to just about any dish. They can be caramelized and used to top burgers or hot dogs, and they can even just be thrown on top of a pizza or even nachos. However, one of the best things that anyone can do with an onion is to turn it into onion rings. These crispy, delicious battered onions are absolutely perfect as a side dish or just on their own.

Question 25

Kit Kat

It's the chocolate bar that is so famous that it even has its own theme song. Kit Kats might not be as loaded as other chocolate bars, but there is no denying that they are pretty delicious. There's something about the ratio of chocolate to wafer that just works so well, and will have people asking for a stick whenever they see one. Of course, some people go a little bit nuts and like to just bite right into the bar instead of breaking it apart.

Question 26

Teddy Grahams

Who wants to eat a bowl of bears? Not real bears, of course! Teddy Grahams are the adorable snack that is perfect for little kids but is still beloved by adults. These little cookies are packed with flavor, and on top of that, they are actually pretty adorable. Teddy Grahams can be delicious on their own, but they are also the perfect cookie to serve with a sweet dessert dip, like on that is made with peanut butter or chocolate.

Question 27

Chocolate Chip Cookies

They are the classic cookie, the one that everyone loves and would definitely enjoy with a cold glass of milk. As the story goes, chocolate chip cookies were invented when a baker was trying to make chocolate cookies but she realized she didn't have any cocoa left. Instead, she broke up a chunk of chocolate in the hopes that it would melt into the dough and make cookies. However, the chunks stayed where they were, and the rest is cookie history.

Question 28


What kind of snack can people turn to when they need a break from the sugary and salty ones that everyone knows and loves? Well, the best option, really, is the humble clementine. These tiny citrus fruits, like other citrus fruits, comes in its own convenient packaging and breaks up easily into segments. Clementines are often sweet, juicy, and the best ones have just a little bit of sour citrus bite to them. They are also packed with vitamins, making them a perfect snack choice.

Question 29


What is a donut without the hole in the middle? Well, it's still a donut, right? Just consider the humble jelly-filled or even the cult favorite bear claw. Of course, the donuts that most people know and love are the sweet rings of dough that can be glazed, dipped, or served with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. There's no way people can have just one, much like potato chips. If bringing them to an event, make sure to provide at least two per person.

Question 30


Chewy, fruity, and perfectly packed in a shattering candy shell. Skittles are the kind of snack that is just about perfect for people who prefer fruity flavors to the richer sweetness of chocolate. Skittles might have started out as five basic flavors in a red bag, but over time they have expanded into other territories, including tropical fruit, sour flavors, and even spicy ones! Skittles continue to be the kind of snack that people love to have with popcorn when they go to the movies.

Question 31


Okay, okay, they might be divisive, but let's face facts: raisins are still a good snack. Sure, there are people in the world who take one look at them and turn up their noses, but there also raisin devotees who really just love them in everything: cookies, tarts, trail mix, and more. Raisins might not be all that attractive, but they do have a great texture and a nice hint of sweetness that contrasts other, saltier foods very well. Pick or pass?

Question 32


Cheetos are the kind of snack that turn some people off. After all, they can be a little bit much if too many are eaten at once, and they leave a distinct, orange crust on people's hands. However, there is something perfect about their flavor that just keeps people coming back for more. They are great in their classic, puffy form, but for true Cheto perfection, one must go to the crunchy variety, which provides a nicer texture along with that classic cheese flavor.

Question 33

Oh Henry!

Oh, hungry? OH, Henry! Anyone familiar with chocolate bars knows that Oh Henry! is one of the best options out there. It is one of the heartier chocolate bars on the market, complete with peanuts, chewy fudge, and caramel. It's the kind of chocolate bar that might not shine quite as much as a Milky Way or a Snickers, but there is something special about, and the peanuts, along with all of the other fillings, give it a nice textural balance that is oh so satisfying.

Question 34

Sunflower Seeds

Like peanuts, sunflower seeds are the kind of snack that people can really only eat outdoors. They might not be quite as popular as their nutty cousins, but sunflower seeds are really something special. They are especially good at baseball games in the park, as they give people something to chew on, but don't really make too much of a mess. Like chips, sunflower seeds can come in a variety of flavors, and a big bag of them is relatively inexpensive!

Question 35

Apple chips

Potato chips are delicious, but at the end of the day, they really do just signify a rather unhealthy choice. Plus, they are so common that people might be getting bored with them. If a person really wants to change things up and bring a new snack to a party, they might consider apple chips. These fruity, crispy chips are a nice change of pace and offer a different flavor profile than the average snack. They can also be dipped into yogurt for extra flavor.

Question 36


Milk is a nice beverage, but when people shake things up with it (literally!) it becomes something so much better. A milkshake is the kind of thing that can take any snacking experience to the next level. It is sweet, creamy, and totally delicious. Plus, people can make milkshakes in all kinds of flavors. There are classics like strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, but people have gotten really creative and tried their hands at flavors like salted caramel, oreo, and peanut butter.

Question 37


What if potato chips could be cut in a certain way and stacked in a can? That was the central question that led to the creation of Pringles, one of the most fun and recognizable potato chip brands out there. Once a can of these chips is popped, as their slogan goes, "the fun don't stop." That's certainly true, right up until the last few chips are left in the bottom of the tube and become impossible to reach, necessitating an entire pour-out.

Question 38

Gummy Bears

What is it with snacks and being shaped like bears? First, there were Teddy Grahams, and now gummy bears! these sweet little cousins to the humble gummy worm might not be as big, but they are still packed with delicious flavor. They are the kind of snack that is just too fun to eat. Plus, all of the various colors make these a bright addition to any snack table. They are also delicious when used as a sundae topping, and are even better if left in the fridge!

Question 39


They don't call these things jawbreakers for no reason. These candy balls are almost impossible to eat in one sitting. They are made up of layer after layer of hard candy shell, and trying to bite through one will result in a very sore jaw. The better thing to do is just try to wear them down gradually. It might take a few days, but that's kind of the fun thing about jawbreakers: unlike other candy, they aren't just gone in an instant.

Question 40

Hot Dogs

Here's another classic example of a food that can be both a meal and a snack. Hot dogs are the kind of food that can be found almost anywhere: baseball games, the park, the supermarket, and on just about every corner in a big city. They can be fun to eat with a lot of toppings, or they can be enjoyed with just a simple smear of ketchup and mustard. They can also come in a lot of different varieties depending on the area.

Question 41

Sour Patch Kids

There might not be another gummy candy out there that is quite as revered, or as beloved, as the humble sour patch kid. These little tart and sweet candies are the kind of thing that can be shared with anyone because there's just something so great about their flavor. Sure, they start out sour, but at the end, they are deliciously sweet. Over time, more flavors have been added to the standard bag, and there is even breakfast cereal, although that can't be very good, right?

Question 42

Apple Pie

Apple pie is one of those desserts that just gets everyone talking. After all, there are so many different ways to make it, and yet even the most simplistic approach will result in a food that is beloved by almost everyone. The combination of delicious apples with sugar cinnamon and a perfectly flaky and buttery crust is something that is hard to replicate in any other kind of dessert. Apple pie can be served on its own, with a scoop of ice cream, or in some cases, a nice slice of cheddar on top.

Question 43

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter cups might just be the perfect chocolate treat. Consider this: what other chocolate was combining the flavors of sweet and salty long before that was even a trope in cooking? The soft chocolate coating, combined with the rich and slightly salty peanut butter center just makes for a perfect sweet snacking experience. Over time, other varieties have been produced, including white chocolate, crunchy, and even the big cup, with extra chocolate and peanut butter goodness. But nothing quite compares to putting the originals in the freezer!

Question 44


People love burgers, right? They're great food for any occasion: easy to eat, topped with whatever people like, and filled with delicious flavor. So what makes burgers even better? How about making them bite-sized and serving three or four at a time? That's what people get with sliders, which are a really fun way to eat a familiar food. Sliders also offer the chance for more customization, as people can make a whole bunch with one flavor, and a whole bunch with another.

Question 45


Better not lay a hand on these Butterfingers! that was the slogan for this delicious chocolate bar, which was actually famously advertised using characters from The Simpsons. Butterfingers are a unique chocolate snack, because the filling is peanut buttery, but also crispy. It's the kind of bar that really offers up a nice blend of sweet and salty, while also providing a nice textural blend. Butterfingers were also made into bite-sized snacks called BB's, which were just as fun and delicious.

Question 46


Sure, some people might just consider muffins to be cupcakes without any icing, but the fact of the matter is that muffins are pretty much always a popular choice, whether people need something to give them a burst of energy in the morning, or they want a midday snack that is not too filling. Muffins, of course, can come in a variety of different flavors. There are the standards, like blueberry and chocolate chip, but they can also be made with other great flavors, like lemon and cranberry.

Question 47


Chocolate is a nice treat for sure, but let's not forget what one of the most decadent and delicious snacks out there really is: fudge. Fudge goes beyond the average chocolate treat, adding sweetness, richness, and a texture that is unmatched by anything else. Fudge can be just plain chocolate, sure, but there are also a ton of other flavor combinations that are just as good: maple walnut, peanut butter, caramel, and even white chocolate are all delicious in their own right.

Question 48

Banana Chips

Apple chips have already been mentioned in this quiz, but there are plenty of other unconventional chip options out there, including the ever popular banana chip. These little yellow wonders are crispy like a potato chip but have the added benefit of containing a touch of sweetness from the sugars in the banana. Plus, since bananas are am ore starchy fruit, they actually end up with a more potato-like texture as a chip. They are the kind of thing is perfect on its own, but would also be good with a peanut butter dip!

Question 49

Hot Tamales

Some people just enjoy sweet candy, whether it has a fruity flavor or something like chocolate or caramel. Then there are others who look at all of those regular candies and scoff, demanding something that is challenging, something that is not just sweet, but also spicy. That's where a snack like hot tamales comes in. These cinnamon flavored candies are more than just a sweet snack, they are also the kind of thing that can catch people off guard if they aren't prepared for the heat.

Question 50

Hershey's Kisses

Finally, a truly classic chocolate snack. There might not be any sort of chocolate treat that is more popular or well-known than the humble Hershey's kiss. These little teardrops of delicious chocolate are essentially just giant chocolate chips, and that is really okay with everyone. They come in a variety of flavors, including almond, peanut butter, caramel, and the white and milk chocolate swirl, but most people, honestly, just love the regular old milk chocolate variety. They are perfect for holidays or any occasion.

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