Pick Or Pass On These Smash Bros Characters And We'll Guess Your Main

Since the first Super Smash Bros. was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999, the series has been a dream come true for gamers of all varieties. While fans of the fighting genre won out most of all, virtually anyone who ever picked up a controller can find something to like in the series. Finally, all of our favorite characters were in a single game, participating in an all-out brawl (and/or melee) for ultimate video game supremacy.

Of course, such is the nature of a fighting game that a person’s favorite character in general won’t necessarily be the one they use each time they play Super Smash Bros. What makes them so popular in their own series may even serve as a detriment when it comes to total warfare, with players needing to consider how to apply their unique skills in a far different environment that the one in which they’re familiar. With more and more obscure characters cropping up as the series continued, it’s entirely possible a person’s Smash Bros. main may even hail from a game they’ve never actually played.

To find out which character is best suited for an individual, they’re probably going to have to play as them all and see who does and doesn’t work out for them personally. With that thought in mind, keep reading to pick or pass on these Super Smash Bros. characters and we’ll guess which one gets the most play.

Question 1

Is Kirby a good character?

Right off the bat, being able to fly gives Kirby a huge advantage over the other characters of Super Smash Bros. That he can swallow them and take an aspect of their power essentially makes playing as Kirby choosing every character at once. On the downside, his own abilities are somewhat limited, making the pink puffball a bit reliant on his opponents to truly poise a threat.

Question 2

Does picking Luigi lead to victory?

In spite of the fact his brother gets all the attention (or maybe because of it), to many Super Mario Bros. fans, Luigi has been the real hero all along. Naturally, the same held true when the famous plumbers started competing in Super Smash Bros., as well, and his extended reach definitely serves as a big plus. However, there’s a reason Mario gets all the spotlight.

Question 3

Can Link help players win?

Call him the Hero of Time, the Defender of Hyrule, or even that silly little Fairy Boy, the man wearing the Triforce of Courage never gives up, no matter the challenge. No battle royale can be tougher than the demon Ganon, but then again, Link is probably used to carrying a few fairies into battle, and he’s always had significantly less hearts without their assistance.

Question 4

Will Samus get picked or passed?

Traveling from planet to planet to help the Galactic Federation rid the universe of Space Pirates like Ridley, Samus Aran has a great deal experience adapting to her surroundings when battling new, exotic opponents. The catch with Super Smash Bros. is that her powered exoskeleton won’t get any upgrades in this arena, leaving her with just the basics to reign supreme.

Question 5

Has Fox McCloud been a winner?

Bravely leading the forces of Corneria against the Venomian army in Andross, Fox McCloud shows no fear as he navigates his Airwing. On foot, he’s also an expert marksman, and as his name and species implies, he’s quite cunning in a tight situation. That said, Super Smash Bros. takes the sky away from him, leaving the Fox to his own devices.

Question 6

Does picking Zelda lead to victory?

No longer content to let Link do all the fighting on her behalf, the leader of Hyrule has been taking matters into her own hands on Super Smash Bros. Whether Zelda or the exotic and fast-paced Sheik, this is one royal who has no problem getting in on the action, with her third of the Triforce giving her boundless wisdom to match her hero’s courage.

Question 7

Has Donkey Kong been a winner?

Big, mean, and incredibly territorial, Donkey Kong has been challenging Mario longer than anyone else. His primate body has lead to incredible strength, which only gets stronger with a little preparation, making it all too easy for him to knock opponents off the battleground. However, he’s also so darn big and bulky the wrong misstep can send him flying off the screen, as well.

Question 8

Is Sonic a good character?

Leaving behind only a blue shade of light in his path, Sonic the Hedgehog is without a doubt the fastest of all Super Smash Bros. combatants. Having spent years besting Dr. Eggman, he’s also clearly able to hold his own in a battle. Of course, anyone moving that quickly needs to pay super close attention to ensure they don’t accidentally run straight out of the arena.

Question 9

Can Cloud help players win?

Carrying around a massive Buster Sword and blessed with the power of Limit Breaks, Cloud Strife is a powerful force in both Final Fantasy and Super Smash Bros. He’s also faster than he looks, no doubt having built up powerful leg muscles traversing the planet he tried saving. Unfortunately, though, he can’t bring his allies or Materia along with him to the Super Smash Bros. arena.

Question 10

Will Solid Snake get picked or passed?

A master spy with an expertise at just about any weapon available, the most surprising thing about Solid Snake entering the Super Smash Bros. arena was that he made no effort to hide his presence. Granted, Snake’s natural skilled at hand-to-hand combat makes it clear sneaking isn’t his only talent. This time, however, FOXHOUND won’t be radioing him with advice.

Question 11

Does picking Dr. Mario lead to victory?

Is there anything Mario can’t do? In addition to his skills at plumbing and bouncing on Koopa’s heads, he’s also apparently an expert physician, with a very unique type of vitamin that does more harm than good to the patients at whom he throws them. Of course, one has to wonder if his stethoscope makes nearby explosions in the Super Smash Bros. arena too loud to handle.

Question 12

Will Pac-Man get picked or passed?

Originally just three-quarters of a big yellow circle eating dots and ghosts, it’s amazing how far Pac-Man came by the time he entered the Super Smash Bros. arena. All he needs is a Power Pellet, and suddenly every opponent turns into a delicious meal. Then again, if he gets lost in the maze, it won’t be long before the others devour him.

Question 13

Is Mega Man a good character?

Expertly crafted by Dr. Light to face all sorts of specialized robots, Mega Man is nothing if not adaptive to his surroundings. No matter which Super Smash Bros. arena he’s in, this blue cyborg will find a way to thrive and turn his enemies into dust. Unless, that is, his opponents get too close for comfort, as Mega Man has always been stronger from a distance.

Question 14

Will Pikachu get picked or passed?

Bouncing around the screen at the blink of an eye, Pikachu is perhaps the Pokémon best suited for the Super Smash Bros. arena on his own. Both literally and figuratively electrifying in combat, his opponents won’t know what hit them until they feel a jolt of energy blowing them off the stage. That said, Pikachu’s size makes it easy for him to face a similar fate.

Question 15

Can Yoshi help players win?

Able to produce an infinite number of projectile eggs, Yoshi is one of the few Super Smash Bros. characters to enter the arena with a weapon that never runs out. Through great physical effort, he can also kick his legs so fast it’s almost like he’s flying, saving him from sudden eliminations. The downside is that his best friends Mario and Luigi aren’t offering any more guidance.

Question 16

Does playing as Toon Link lead to victory?

Whether called Toon Link or Young Link, this particular Hero of Hyrule is clearly younger than the other version, yet that doesn’t make him any less formidable to the Super Smash Bros. arena. In fact, his younger age makes him a little faster, and Link’s abilities slightly differ, as well. Despite this, some people just don’t like the aesthetics, preferring his classic design.

Question 17

Has Mr. Game & Watch been a winner?

Simple black silhouettes never looked so menacing as when Mr. Game & Watch entered the Super Smash Bros. battlefield. While the other fighters rely on flashy moves and intense graphics, all he needs is a frying pan and some bacon to send his enemies flying, leading to his victory. The downside is that a design this basic has little room for high level defense.

Question 18

Is Olimar a good character?

By and large, the characters of Super Smash Bros. are left to their own devices when doing battle, making Captain Olimar unique for sending out armies of Pikmin to do his bidding. That he’s used to doing things on a tight timeframe also means Olimar won’t be intimidated with the urgency these battles require. Granted, he’s also quite small, and would be lost without his helpers.

Question 19

Will Ike get picked or passed?

Setting the tone for future Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros., the Radiant Hero Ike didn’t let the switch from tactical combat to close quarters fighting slow him down. His sword can still cut through any opponent’s defenses, but only if he can think on his feet, as any form of inaction can see him knocked off the field.

Question 20

Can Ganondorf help players win?

Link may be the Hero of Time, but Ganondorf is the one with the Triforce of Power. This fact put the two in conflict for all eternity, and on the Super Smash Bros. field, it’s what makes the evil beast one of the strongest combatants around. Luckily for Ganon’s enemies, he’s also pretty darn bulky and slow, meaning it’s not too hard to sneak up on him.

Question 21

Does picking Jigglypuff lead to victory?

Bouncing around like a big cute ball and singing fun songs to lull opponents to sleep, Jigglypuff is arguably one of the less likely combatants to make its way to the Super Smash Bros. arena. That doesn’t mean players haven’t found great use for this Pokémon’s talents, especially when the Final Smash allows it to balloon in size and fill the whole screen.

Question 22

Is Wario a good character?

Bigger, tougher, and most of all a whole lot meaner than the other inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, Wario relies on brute force and raw power against his rival Mario and in the Super Smash Bros. arena. Just one well-timed charge can send opponents flying, yet his increased size also makes the yellow fighter a lot slower, and easier to knock off the field himself.

Question 23

Has Marth been a winner?

At this point, there’s no shortage of Super Smash Bros. characters with swords, but Fire Emblem’s Marth still seems to be more skilled at wielding his than most others. The catch is that Marth’s sword is pretty much his only weapon, meaning he needs to get pretty close to his opponents for it to be an effective tool against them.

Question 24

Can Ness help players win?

With just his baseball bat and the power of PK Fire, young Ness and his friends defended the world against aliens in EarthBound. In the Super Smash Bros. series, he’s all on his own, using those same simple skills to knock enemies out of the arena and keep himself in it. Ness’s one weakness is his small stature, which no amount of psychic energy can fix.

Question 25

Does playing as Diddy Kong lead to victory?

Younger, faster, and just a hint more mischievous than his uncle, Diddy Kong nonetheless retains all the ape-like instincts of Donkey Kong, making him a formidable threat in the Super Smash Bros. arena. Of course, the fact he’s a little bit smaller makes it easier to send him flying, and he’s always a bit lost without the bigger DK backing him up.

Question 26

Will Pit get picked or passed?

Blessed with wings and the Sacred Bow of Palutena, the angelic Pit entered the Super Smash Bros. arena with a significant number of advantages. That his bow can double as a sword almost makes him unstoppable. The catch is that those wings only work with Palutena’s help, which might leave this Greek hero a little overconfident before he realizes she didn’t join him on the battlefield.

Question 27

Is Little Mac a good character?

Years before Super Smash Bros. was even a glimmer in designer’s eyes, Little Mac had been taking on all comers in the boxing ring no matter their size. This made him more than prepared for the onslaught of crazy characters he’s facing today, but simply memorizing their patterns and waiting for the right time to land a Star Uppercut isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Question 28

Has King Dedede been a winner?

Similar to the pink puffball with which he’s constantly getting into conflict, King Dedede can both fly through the air and suck up some of his opponents, and he’s got a giant hammer to knock them off the Super Smash Bros. battlefield when those old tricks don’t work. The downside is he’s a whole lot bigger, and thus an easier target for faraway enemies.

Question 29

Can the Duck Hunt Duo help players win?

Quite frankly, plenty of people playing the original Duck Hunt wound up strongly disliking this dog for his constant mockery, but it all makes sense now that he’s working with the birds directly. No matter how well they work together, though, these tiny animals are still quite small, making it easy for players to get some revenge and knock them of the Super Smash Bros. field.

Question 30

Will the Pokémon Trainer get picked or passed?

Over time, the Super Smash Bros. series decided to let most Pokémon it contains stand on their own, but there were still serious advantages to playing as the Pocket Monsters’s trainer. Everyone rushes for a Pokéball whenever it pops up on screen, and this guy has three of them already at his disposal. Unfortunately, that means when one of his fighters are eliminated, they all are.

Question 31

Does playing as Captain Falcon lead to victory?

Originally just a futuristic racecar driver with a cool name, Captain Falcon immediately proved himself a formidable fighter when entering the Super Smash Bros. battlefield. Flying through the stage with Falcon Kicks and the all-powerful Falcon Punch, he can send opponents flying without them knowing what hit them…as long as he gets close enough to land his mark.

Question 32

Have the Ice Climbers been winners?

Individually known as Popo and Nana, the Ice Climbers spent most of their time prior to the Super Smash Bros. series venturing up frozen peaks to collect as many vegetables as possible. Naturally, eating their greens made them quite powerful entities in the Super Smash Bros. battlefield, though they’re hindered by the fact players can only control one of them, and the other just may go flying.

Question 33

Is Bowser a good character?

After years of watching his rivals Mario and Luigi have all the fun, it was only a matter of time before the King of Koopas, Bowser, entered the Super Smash Bros. arena. Viciously breathing fire and packing a serious punch, this giant dinosaur immediately strikes fear into all opponents on the battlefield. On the other hand, he’s extremely slow, making it easy to take him by surprise.

Question 34

Can Bayonetta help players win?

The final witch in the Umbra clan, Bayonetta possesses a magical ability unlike any other in the Super Smash Bros. arena. She’s also an expert markswoman, able to overwhelm enemies in a barrage of bullets from great distances, made all more powerful through her unique combo abilities. The only downside is her light build, making her vulnerable to flying off the stage from a single punch.

Question 35

Can Meta Knight help players win?

From the very beginning, Meta Knight has been one of the more mysterious characters around, be it in Super Smash Bros. or the Kirby series. All fans really know for sure is that he’s incredible with a sword, and the wings on his back make it hard to keep him out of the arena for long. Weakened him enough, though, and he’ll go flying just like his puffball rival.

Question 36

Is Ryu a good character?

Ryu may have been a Street Fighter for longer than anyone else in the Super Smash Bros. arena, but there’s a big difference in his battle against Shadaloo and this tournament of video game champions. Nonetheless, his Shoryuken’s and Hadoken’s still pack a mighty punch, with the catch being that a skilled enough opponent can easily dodge this offensive onslaught.

Question 37

Will Shulk get picked or passed?

Unlike the many other swords in the Super Smash Bros. universe, the Monado carried by Shulk can do a whole lot more than simply hack and slash his opponents. The blade’s unique Arts allow him a great deal of versatility, yet this unique ability can only truly be utilized by the best players around, thanks to the level of precision required to pull them off.

Question 38

Does playing as Bowser Jr. lead to victory?

Matching his father’s devious nature and hatred for Mario, it’s hardly a surprise Bowser, Jr. would follow the old man to the Super Smash Bros. arena. Always seen in his flying cart, it’s hard to knock the little guy out of the arena, unless of course he’s removed from his method of transportation, in which case his small size almost makes it too easy.

Question 39

Does picking Lucario lead to victory?

Pokémon were nothing knew to Super Smash Bros. by the time Lucario made his entrance in the arena, but at the same time, his skills are far more complex than Pikachu or Jigglypuff. Blessed with the Aura ability, Lucario is the one fighter who gets stronger as he takes damage, which naturally serves as his greatest strength and weakness, considering what it requires for him to get powerful.

Question 40

Can R.O.B. help players win?

Despite what the law of robotics may imply, R.O.B. is one cybernetic creature more than willing to land a hurting on his various opponents in the Super Smash Bros. arena. Well, once he gets going anyway, as the simple machine is easily one of the slowest combatants around. On the plus side, his Robo Beams make it easy for him to do damage from afar.

Question 41

Does playing as Falco lead to victory?

Typically just a wingman, the Super Smash Bros. series gave Falco his first chance to stand out on his own. Turns out this bird is just as talented and wily as his captain, not to mention a bit faster, and with shinier new toys. Naturally, though, one must wonder if Falco can really achieve glory without the rest of his team offering direction and support.

Question 42

Does picking Rosalina and Luma lead to victory?

With an entire army of Luma’s supporting her reign, Rosalina never needed to rely on Mario to save her like Peach does. These star-like creatures both do most of the fighting and protect their “mother,” neutralizing enemy attacks before she even takes damage. The downside is that without her Luma, Rosalina quickly becomes a target to everyone in the Super Smash Bros. arena.

Question 43

Will the Mii Fighter get picked or passed?

Regardless of whether a player picks the Gunner, Swordfighter, or Brawler, the real perk of a Mii Fighter is customization, letting players develop their own perfect combatant for the Super Smash Bros. arena. Of course, someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing in this regard will quickly fall victim to the old standards, which have easier to master move sets that wrote themselves.

Question 44

Does picking Peach lead to victory?

Hardly the pampered royal she appears as upon first glance, Peach is more than willing to take matters into her own hands to defend the Mushroom Kingdom. Her magic parasol and giant dress also help Peach gracefully float through the air, saving her from elimination on the Super Smash Bros. battlefield. Of course, there’s a reason Bowser has been able to kidnap her so many times.

Question 45

Is Wolf a good character?

How does one take down a Fox? Call in a Wolf. That was the plan Andross devised to hold their own against Corneria, and while it didn’t quite work, this canine always served a valiant opponent, a role he continues to hold in Super Smash Bros. On the other hand, he’s also quick to respect his enemies, possibly letting them off easy.

Question 46

Has the Wii Fit Trainer been a winner?

Were Super Smash Bros. an actual contest based on physical ability, the Wii Fit Trainer would probably have the best conditioning required for never ending battle. Even in this video game universe, her workout regiment lead to a great deal of power, especially after the right breathing exercises. Unfortunately, this sort of skill takes time to build up, and opponents aren’t going to wait for a pre-battle stretch.

Question 47

Is the Villager a good character?

After years of sitting in the background and watching the action, the Villager was wholly prepared to enter the Super Smash Bros. arena and join in on the fun. Camping out in the background lead him to understand how a fighter can deal damage from afar, but the sedentary lifestyle may have also contributed to an overall slowness that makes it hard to adapt against a quick opponent.

Question 48

Will Mewtwo get picked or passed?

At this point, there are more Pokémon in the Super Smash Bros. world than creatures from any other series, yet Mewtwo still stands out as perhaps the most special. Legendary from the start, this psychic warrior can take enemies down with it’s mind, but its lanky form leads to a frailty that makes tossing the monster out of the arena a valid way to stop its wrath.

Question 49

Can Lucas help players win?

Much like his buddy Ness, Lucas doesn’t let his small size stop him from making a huge impact on the Super Smash Bros. battlefield. Not only that, but his PK abilities are arguably superior to his counterpoint, lasting longer and reaching further distances. Of course, he’s still just a kid, meaning he’s lightweight and easy to send flying faster than his lightning can save him.

Question 50

Is Mario a good character?

As Nintendo’s mascot, most prolific, and arguably most popular character, if anyone is prepared to battle for video game supremacy, it’s Mario. Jumping through the skies with his first in the air, Mario never needed much to take his enemies down, and he certainly knows how to survive when the odds are against him. Still, a more versatile opponent could spell his doom.

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