Pick Or Pass On These Sandwiches And We’ll Reveal Who’s More Harry, Ron Or Hermione

What's the first thing we all think of when somebody mentions Harry Potter? That's right! Sandwiches! Oh, alright, fine. So, the first thing that we all think of when somebody mentions Harry Potter isn't sandwiches, it's magic, but that answer has nothing at all to do with what we want to talk about right now, and since we're just no good at segues today, we'll just have to let it go. So sue us.

Sandwiches may have little, if anything, to do with Harry Potter, we'll grant everyone that much, but here's the thing. We're hungry, and we could totally go for a sandwich right about now to tide us over 'til the next meal. And, here's another thing. We're completely mad when it comes to any of our fandoms, and it just so happens that the Harry Potter fandom is at the tippity top of that list. So, call us crazy, but it only made sense (in a "this doesn't make sense at all" kind of way) to bring the two together.

Hope everybody's hungry! And also wants to know if they're more Harry, Ron or Hermione! 'Cause that's what we're fixing to find out. Pick or pass on these sandwiches, and we'll reveal which of the famous magical trio everyone's most like.

Question 1

Grilled Cheese

Ah, the grilled cheese sammich. A true classic! A simple piece of cheese wedged between two simple pieces of bread. A simple sandwich that's simple in every respect, and one that's also simply amazing. Throw in a side of warm tomato soup with just a touch of parmesan, and you've got yourself one heckuva meal deal!

Question 2

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

We didn't really need more proof that bacon makes everything delicious, but okay. The bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich—known to its closest friends simply as BLT—is a delight to the senses, and quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to lettuce and tomato. Let's face it, without bacon, those two didn't stand a chance.

Question 3

Peanut Butter and Jelly

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich might just be the most nostalgic of the sandwiches, and we can't help but feel that all that sentimentality adds a special something to the flavor. Whether you prefer crunchy or creamy peanut butter, grape, strawberry or orange jam, every PB&J is delightfully delicious in its own way.

Question 4

Caprese Panini

Oh, yeah, we're big fans of the caprese. We mean, how could you not be? It's got freshly sliced tomatoes, pats of subtly satisfying mozzarella cheese and just the right amount of basil. Three winning flavors all harmonizing together between slices of grilled bread. Some people even put pesto on their caprese paninis. Ingenious!

Question 5

Lobster Roll

You say the word "lobster" and we are so there. Heck, you say the word "roll" and we are so there, because we love lobster AND bread. But, anyway, when you say those two words together, it sounds like heaven to us. Luxurious yet casual, the lobster roll is a sandwich for anyone who wants to feel fancy in a flash.

Question 6


Here's one sandwich we could sure go for right about now. 'Course, to be fair, we could go for any of these sammiches at any given time, but no matter. The point is, the pastrami sandwich, whether it's served up on rye as is the tradition, or whether it's on any other bread, is always a treat.

Question 7

Beef Dip

The beef dip, sometimes called a French dip, is a sandwich, sure, but we like to call it an interactive sandwich because when you get it, it's not done. You have to dip it in the sauce to eat it. Pfft! It's almost like a chore! Well, it would be, if it weren't so stinkin' delicious.

Question 8

Philly Cheesesteak

This is one of those sandwiches that's not like a snack sandwich. You know, it's not like a PB&J, this here sandwich is a meal. It's hearty is what we're saying, capeesh? It's got melted cheese, sauteed peppers and onions and thin slices of beef, all lovingly thrown together on a carbalicious bread roll. Yum!

Question 9

Sloppy Joe

This is a sandwich that has absolutely no pretensions. It's not trying to be fancy, it's not trying to put on airs. The Sloppy Joe knows exactly who it is, and instead of trying to pretend it's a got itself together, it acknowledges that it's a mess and embraces that. We respect this sandwich, if nothing else. You do you, Sloppy Joe. You do you.

Question 10


*Drools* Ugh, sorry. We're just getting so hungry. How could we not? The Reuben sandwich is a classic for a reason, people. It's because it's hard to beat! Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and a Thousand Island style dressing sandwiched between two layers of rye bread, this sandwich is as nice to look at as it is to eat.

Question 11

Croque Monsieur

Okay, look. No more beating around the bush. The Croque Monsieur sandwich is just a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich that took a gap year to study abroad in Paris, and thinks it's better than everyone else, now, because it knows how to order croissants and lattes in French. But, still, it is tasty.

Question 12

Po' Boy

The Po' Boy just doesn't get enough love these days, and that might just be why it's called a Po' Boy. Actually, the Po' Boy got its name because it was a hearty sandwich anybody could afford to buy. Typically seafood, like fried shrimp or crawfish, on a baguette or similar type of bun, the Po' Boy is divine.

Question 13

Peanut Butter and Banana

A delightful taste on a classic sandwich, the peanut butter and banana sandwich is so tasty, we almost feel like it should be considered a dessert. The sweet and salty flavor pairing totally shines with this meal, and we're digging it. Some people put honey on their PB and banana sandwiches, to which we say, heck yeah!

Question 14


The Muffaletta sandwich is named after the bread it's on. A Muffaletta loaf is a round piece of sesame bread, and for the sandwich of the same name, it's sliced open, the inside scooped out to make way for irresistible toppings: olive salads, meats and cheeses. Sheesh! Talk about a plateful of yum.

Question 15

Fried Chicken

Look, we all know how wonderful fried chicken is, so we don't think you need us to tell you what that is. But, come on, we can't NOT talk about a fried chicken sandwich. They're too delicious not to discuss! Crunchy, warm fried chicken, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and/or pickles, this is one sandwich that's hard to beat.

Question 16


At first glance, the fruit sandwich might sound delicious. Fruit, sandwiches, both of those things are delicious, so why wouldn't they be delicious together? Well, permit us to explain why. It's because the fruit and the sandwich is held together with mayonnaise. It's okay if you need to go throw up. We'll wait here for you. Take your time.

Question 17

Meatball Sub

The meatball sub delivers all of the deliciousness of a plate of spaghetti, just without the spaghetti. All of the other major players make an appearance in this sandwich. You may not have the noodles, but you've still got the tomato sauce, the plethora of melted cheeses, the garlicky bread and, most importantly, the meatballs.

Question 18


Meatloaf? Wait, isn't that already a meal all by itself? What's it trying to do being another meal? Well, we guess we won't complain because meatloaf sandwiches are delicious. These things just taste like home! A thick slice of meatloaf, a sweet yet tangy ketchup glazed, all nestled together between two pieces of bread. Fantastic!

Question 19


If you ask us, vegetables are for putting on your plate when you're at family gatherings to convince your relatives you are a functioning, responsible adult. But, they're also for spitting into your napkin when nobody is looking. Alright, so maybe vegetables aren't our thing, but slapped together on a sandwich this delicious looking? Well, we might be persuaded to think again.

Question 20

Fried Fish

Fish is blech. That's not our opinion, that's a fact. But, if you take that same fish, batter it and fry it? Well, now you're talking! Tell ya what, we'll go even further than that. You take that fried filet and you stick it on a sandwich and we might even enjoy eating fish for a change.

Question 21


The bologna sandwich. Let's face it, this sandwich isn't anybody's favorite. Why even pretend that anyone likes bologna when we all know nobody does? But what this sandwich does have going for it is the sentimental factor, which it has in abundance, and which it HAS to have in abundance because it for sure as heck doesn't have any flavor.

Question 22

Chip Butty

French fries on a sandwich? We mean, sure. Yeah, okay, that sounds fine to us. We would be happy to eat that. A step up (or, possibly, a step down, depending on how you look at it) from putting fries on a cheeseburger, the Chip Butty is a favorite in the UK. Is it a favorite with you, too?

Question 23


This is one sandwich that needs no introduction. Heck, the hamburger is so iconically itself, we have a tendency to forget that it's a sandwich at all! A hamburger is always a treat, whether it's fresh off the grill or straight into your car from the drive-through window. With or without cheese, this sandwich is amazeballs.

Question 24

Apple and White Cheddar

We love, love, love apples with cheddar cheese. The blend of flavors is so tasty. You've got the tart, crisp sweetness of the apple coupled with the soft, sharp, savory flavor of the cheese. Mmm! We could eat those two all by themselves but on a sandwich, the deliciousness multiplies tenfold, and we're ready for that.

Question 25

Luther Burger

We don't know if we should tell you all about the luther burger because it's so unhealthy, all we did was read about it on Google and now we have to go the emergency room for an EKG. The luther burger is a cheeseburger on a doughnut. Make what you will of that.

Question 26

Cucumber and Avocado

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Before you go making some delicious guacamole with those avocados you got there, why not consider slicing them and putting them on a sandwich with some cucumbers? Sure, it might be bland, tasteless and completely unenjoyable, but what if it isn't? No, no, you're right. This sandwich does sound a little weird.

Question 27


Any sandwich that has marshmallow fluff on it is A-OK by us. We're serious, you guys, we just can't get enough of the salty and sweet flavor pairing. It's always satisfying, every single time. Now, if only we could figure out a way to get this sandwich on a stick so we could roast it over a campfire for maximum deliciousness...

Question 28

Juicy Lucy

The wonderful thing about the Juicy Lucy is, you think you're getting a hamburger—which definitely isn't a let down, to be sure—but then, one bite in, and it hits you. A tidal wave of cheese. And, really, when you get down to it, isn't cheese the greatest surprise of all? We think so.

Question 29

Pimento Cheese

There's really nothing to a pimento cheese sandwich, it's incredibly simple to make. It's a couple of slices of bread with a layer of pimento cheese in between. Doesn't sound tough to whip up, does it? But, if you're not a fan of pimento cheese (which is just processed cheese with pimentos in it), then it MIGHT be tough to eat.

Question 30

Chopped Beef

Ooooh! Boy, howdy, we would be happy to wait in line for a sandwich like this! Barbecue is always delicious, especially when you've got the hankerin' for it, but of all of the barbecue classics out there, we don't think any of it satisfies in the same way as the chopped beef sandwich.

Question 31

Tuna Salad

We'll be honest, tuna isn't really our thing. But, if tasting delicious isn't high up on your priorities list when it comes to your sandwiches, then this one might be for you. Tuna salad consists of tuna, boiled eggs, pickles, celery, dryer lint, thumbtacks and, aw, heck, we don't know. Besides, if you like this sandwich, you probably already know what's on it.

Question 32

Pepper and Egg

Man, listen. If you like eggs and you like peppers and you like sandwiches, then you just wait until you hear about this puppy. The pepper and egg sandwich combines all three of those things into one, and it's a glorious meal. Zesty, hearty and filling, move over, Kurt Vonnegut, this here's the real breakfast of champions.

Question 33


Doesn't everything sound so much fancier in Italian? We mean, if we told you we got you a pork sandwich for lunch, you probably wouldn't think much of it. But if we told you we got you a porchetta? Oooh! Now your interest is peaked! The porchetta sandwich contains a flavorful pork roast (called a porchetta) for the most deliciousness possible.

Question 34

Potato Chip Grilled Cheese

The potato chip grilled cheese is just like a regular grilled cheese except (hang onto your hats!) it has potato chips in it! Gasp! No way! Yes, it's true, we know this is hard to believe, but it is possible to put potato chips on a cheese sandwich before frying it in butter in a pan. What a time to be alive!

Question 35

Strawberry and Nutella

Gurrrrl, we love strawberries, whether they're fresh, in a jam or in some kind of dessert item. So when we heard about this strawberries and Nutella sandwich, we had to close our computer for a second and come to terms with the fact that something so wonderful exists. Ugh. We could eat these forever.

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