Pick Or Pass On These Original Pokemon And We'll Guess Your Favorite Trainer

Alright Pokemon fans, time to take the ultimate test! In this quiz, we will be listing original Pokemon, one by one, and everyone here just has to pick out which they would want to catch for themselves. Keep in mind, not all of these Pokemon are easily trained, meaning some of them should only be captured by the most experienced trainers!

Once everyone has selected the Pokemon they want fighting for them, we will be able to guess everyone's all-time favorite trainer! Hopefully, everyone has been studying up on their Pokemon facts, because any bit of information will greatly help in this decision-making process. It is time to finally see who the true trainers are, and who should probably stick to playing Pokemon Go!.

Question 1


Here we are looking at one angry Pokemon. Not only will Primeape become angered by even the slightest bit of eye contact, but once it enters into rage mode, its muscles will instantly grow stronger. That being said, some of its intelligence will be lost when reaching this stage of anger. (Bulbapedia)

Question 2


Jigglypuff may be small and pink, but this Pokemon is very determined when it comes to bringing down its foes. Jigglypuff will first use its sparkling eyes to distract its victim, then it will inflate its lungs and sing its heart out until its opponent has fallen fast asleep. (Bulbapedia)

Question 3


Looks like things are heating up over here! Magmar is a Pokemon known for its ability to use fire. Not only does the pattern on its body allow it to perfectly camouflage into the bright flames themselves, but Magmar can actually spit fire bullets from its mouth as well! (Bulbapedia)

Question 4


Oddish is not a Pokemon we would likely find while walking around during the day. For safety reasons, this Pokemon has become nocturnal. During the day, it will hide its sensitive body in some rich soil. Once the moon is shining, Oddish will sprout from the ground and begin its exploring! (Bulbapedia)

Question 5


Here we are looking at the saddest Pokemon of all time. Not only will Cubone avoid any social interactions with humans or other Pokemon of its kind, but it will spend all of its free time crying and shrieking. On nights with a full moon, Cubone's cries will grow even louder. (Bulbapedia)

Question 6


Even though this Pokemon is quite rare out in the wild, there have been a handful of sightings in the past. The flower on Venusaur's back will not only attract prey, but its scent will also help to calm the emotions in all nearby humans. Venusaur can also use the many vines located inside of its flower. (Bulbapedia)

Question 7


Snorlax is one sleepy Pokemon. While Snorlax is the largest Normal-type Pokemon is existence, its size will not help all that much in terms of battling. Snorlax will spend almost the entire day asleep, only waking once it becomes hungry. It needs to eat about 900 pounds of food daily, and it will go right back to sleep after eating. (Bulbapedia)

Question 8


Chansey is a Pokemon many humans actively go looking for. While its powers wont come in handy for battling, it is rumored to bring good luck to anyone who can catch it. Its eggs are also very nutritious, and will become extremely delicious if Chansey is treated with love and kindness. (Bulbapedia)

Question 9


Here is a Pokemon that is rumored to now be extinct, and that may actually be a good thing. Not only did it have sharp scythes instead of arms, but before its extinction, it was in the process of evolving into a land creature. On land, Kabutops would have had many more options in terms of prey. (Bulbapedia)

Question 10


Growlithe is one of few Pokemon who will completely devote itself to its human trainer. Should this Pokemon feel like its trainer or its territory is being threatened, it will stop at nothing until it has successfully chased away the culprit. To make this Pokemon even more human-friendly, it can actually smell our emotions. (Bulbapedia)

Question 11


This Pokemon is a funny little guy. While Farfetch'd is quite small and does greatly resemble a duck, it is also a fierce fighter. It must remain in contact with the leek stalk it carries around, though it will use the stalk as a weapon should an enemy approach. (Bulbapedia)

Question 12


Not only is this Pokemon comprised of rock, but it eats them as well. Graveler can often be found living up in the mountains. Since it walks very slowly, this Pokemon prefers to tuck its arms into its body and roll down the mountains to get around. Should it accidentally roll into water, it will explode. (Bulbapedia)

Question 13


Even though this Pokemon has rarely been seen by humans, we have been able to gather a few bits of information on it. Articuno likes to lives on top of icy mountains. When it flaps its wings, it creates a wind so cold, that snow will begin to fall around it. (Bulbapedia)

Question 14


Shellder may not be the best Pokemon in terms of fighting, but it does have a few perks of its own. Its shell is said to be harder than diamonds, and many humans have made armour from it in the past. Shellder can also create pearls in its mouth, and will happily spit them out. (Bulbapedia)

Question 15


This Pokemon is all about electricity. Electabuzz must constantly be consuming electricity, since its body is always leaking it. When in the dark, its body will glow due to the amount of currents passing through it at all times. Electabuzz will often try to get hit by lightning, just to absorb the extra currents. (Bulbapedia)

Question 16


Meowth is a Pokemon we know quite a bit about thanks to the anime series. Meowth is the only Pokemon we have ever seen use human speech as its regular means of communication. We also know that it is a nocturnal Pokemon, who has a strong liking for sparkling objects. (Bulbapedia)

Question 17


Venomoth is a Pokemon who prefers to live in very dense forests, with little light, and plenty of hiding places. Since it is nocturnal, it needs to be able to safely hide during the day. At night, it will fly around catching its prey by releasing poisonous scales from its wings. (Bulbapedia)

Question 18


This Pokemon may be shaped like a snake, but it is about 10 times the size of one. The body of Onix is made up entirely of boulders and smaller stones. It prefers to travel around by burrowing deep in the ground. Since it has a compass inside of its head, it will never get lost. (Bulbapedia)

Question 19


Slowpoke may not be the brightest Pokemon of the whole bunch, but it is more than capable of caring for itself. Slowpoke will use its long tail to fish for prey. In some regions, it is believed that Slowpoke's yawns bring rain. The humans living in these regions, usually worship Slowpoke. (Bulbapedia)

Question 20


Since Drowzee usually only approaches humans who happen to be sleeping, they are not found in the wild all that often. Drowzee will use its powers to put humans to sleep. Afterwards, it will try to sense the human's dreams, as it eats dreams for sustenance. The happier the dream, the tastier the snack. (Bulbapedia)

Question 21


Here we are looking at one of the most feared Pokemon in existence. Gyarados is well known for its uncontrollable temper. Its rampages can sometimes last for months at a time, and once it has entered into rampage mode, nothing in the world will be able to calm it down. (Bulbapedia)

Question 22


Koffing is a Pokemon we can easily find in a city, or any area that happens to have a lot of trash around. Koffing uses garbage to enhance the gases inside of its body. It can use these gases against an opponent in battle, and they are also what allows Koffing to stay afloat. (Bulbapedia)

Question 23


This tiny Pokemon, is one that will be of much more use when kept in water. Since this Pokemon's feet are so small and underdeveloped, it has difficulty walking. However, its long tail makes it a very powerful swimmer. We can also check on this Pokemon's health, by looking at the spiral on its belly. (Bulbapedia)

Question 24


Gengar is not a Pokemon we would want to annoy at all. Since this Pokemon has the ability to camouflage itself into any shadow, it can easily pull a sneak attack on anyone. It also enjoys pulling pranks and casting curses more than any other Pokemon out there. Best to keep an eye on this one! (Bulbapedia)

Question 25


Ninetales is a very powerful Pokemon, in more ways than one. This Pokemon is bright enough to easily be able to understand human speech. It is also able to tell when it's being mistreated. Should this happen, this Pokemon will not hesitate to cast a curse on the culprit. (Bulbapedia)

Question 26


This Pokemon has no legs, so instead it hangs from tree branches in the forest. Since this Pokemon can so easily camouflage itself into its surroundings, it can easily wait for unsuspecting prey to pass right beneath it. When this happens, it will douse the prey in a toxic powder before consuming it. (Bulbapedia)

Question 27


This Pokemon actually went extinct years ago, though it has recently been brought back to life thanks to some very bright scientists. Back when it was alive in nature, this Pokemon was said to rule the skies. Its attitude was aggressive and its behaviors were ruthless. That being said, it was very vulnerable when on the ground. (Bulbapedia)

Question 28


Here we are looking at a very powerful Pokemon, but one that does not like fighting in battles at all. This Pokemon is actually quite trusting of humans and other Pokemon. It will happily ferry humans across large bodies of water, though this has made it a target for hunters in the past. (Bulbapedia)

Question 29


Throughout history, humans have gone after Goldeen because of its beauty. That being said, if Goldeen is to be kept in an aquarium, it will use its horn to break out. When in the wild, Goldeen will use its strong horn for just about everything. Humans must be wary of swimming in waters that contain Goldeen. (Bulbapedia)

Question 30


Seel is naturally a very gifted swimmer. However, it is very clumsy while trying to maneuver around on land. This Pokemon with thrive in the coldest temperatures available. The colder the atmosphere, the stronger and more active this Pokemon will become. While in the wild, this Pokemon is normally nocturnal. (Bulbapedia)

Question 31


Here we have a Pokemon that is actually quite mysterious. This Pokemon is rumored to live up in rain clouds, only coming down when a fresh storm is underway. Its wings are said to be able to shed lightning bolts, which is why is uses the storms as camouflage. (Bulbapedia)

Question 32


Kangaskhan is a very devoted parent. This Pokemon is the only one known to carry around its young. When it believes the area is safe, it will allow its baby to venture outside of its pouch to play. However, should it feel threatened at all, this Pokemon will defend itself and its child with everything it has. (Bulbapedia)

Question 33


It is true that Mew is very adorable, but that is not exactly why it is so heavily sought after. Mew is the only Pokemon in the world that contains the DNA of all other Pokemon. This means Mew can use any form of attack or defense move that exists. (Bulbapedia)

Question 34


Gloom is a very misunderstood Pokemon. Due to the sap oozing from its mouth, many believe this Pokemon to be dim. However, the sap can actually be used as a fertilizer for most kinds of plants. The flower on its head can also be quite useful in perfume production. (Bulbapedia)

Question 35


Okay, here is a Pokemon we think most will be familiar with. This small yellow Pokemon has a whole lot of electricity coursing through its body. While this electricity is essential to its survival, it must be careful to not store too much, or it will risk becoming easily angered or irritated. (Bulbapedia)

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