Pick Or Pass On These NHL Stars And We'll Guess Your Favorite Team

There are a lot of top players in the National Hockey League, that's for sure. And we love to have our "star power". It's what makes the Washington Capitals so awesome, when suddenly they have Ovi rushing in with a breakaway. The stars of the NHL are what make the team, the league, and the sport shine. There is no denying that. Unless that star is someone like Brad Marchand (who doesn't really respect any of those things very much).

Now, given that, everyone who loves to watch or play hockey has a different idea of who the biggest star is, or who should even be considered a star. I think Ovechkin has star power, but I don't think Marchand does. I know many quiz-takers here both agree and disagree with me. And that is the beauty of this quiz, right here. We are going to play a little game of Pick or Pass (and no, we're not passing a puck. The puck stops here).

With each and every one of the 50 NHL stars on this list, the quiz-taker is going to either pick or pass on them and by the end, we will guess at everyone's favorite NHL team. Sure, it's not an easy feat, but it's fun all the same!

Question 1

Pick or Pass on William Karlsson

William Karlsson is not to be confused with Erick Karlsson who was traded from the Sens last season to play for the San Jose Sharks. No, Wild Bill Karlsson is a forward who has been playing for the Vegas Golden Knights. Of course, Karlsson did not start his NHL life with the Golden Knights. After all, that team only made its debut last year. Prior to that, he played for both the Anaheim Ducks and the Columbus Blue Jackets as well.

Question 2

Pick or Pass on Vladimir Tarasenko

Vladimir Tarasenko is a pretty quick and solid player who has been compared to some of the greats. He is pretty good when one-on-one with another player and he has been making a name for himself for quite some time now. In 2009, he was on the Russia team for the IIHF World Under 18 and he helped the team make silver that year. He also played again for them in 2011 when they brought home gold with the World Juniors.

Question 3

Pick or Pass on Victor Hedman

Victor Hedman is a Swedish player for the NHL who currently plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning. For those who do not know at this point, Tampa is at the top of the Eastern Conference right now. How good is Hedman? Well, let's put it this way...he was the second to be picked in the 2009 draft. That is a pretty solid tell with regards to just how desired he was by the team. And considering that his team is now among the top in the league, I'd say he's been a bit of a help.

Question 4

Pick or Pass on Tyler Seguin

Here is a guy who hails from the great white north. While he does not always play the role of Captain on his team, he is at least one of the alternate Captains. He plays for the Dallas Stars and while the team is not doing the greatest this season, that doesn't mean that Seguin is a slouch of a player. When he was first drafted into the Boston Bruins, he hit the Stanley Cup that very first season. As far as I'm concerned, that is not a very bad start.

Question 5

Pick or Pass on Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall is a pretty exceptional hockey player who has been playing for a not so exceptional team this past while. I mean, when the Toronto Maple Leafs school a team 7-2...well, that's just a walk over and hilarious. That being said, Hall is still a great player in the NHL and while he hails from the great white north, he plays for the Jersey Devils. Originally, he was a first draft pick for the Edmonton Oilers, but I guess he wanted to slowly move up the ladder to better teams.

Question 6

Pick or Pass on Steven Stamkos

Stamkos is probably one of the top players of the National Hockey League. How could we possibly know this? Well, stats don't lie, first and foremost, but on top of that, Stamkos was originally chosen first in the draft for not only his OHL team but also with the Tampa Bay Lightning when he hit the NHL. And considering that Tampa Bay is currently the top team in the league this season, I'd say that his being the captain must mean something.

Question 7

Pick or Pass on Sidney Crosby

Well, there is no denying that Crosby is one of the top players in the entire league. I mean, there are plenty of people who may pass on him in this quiz anyway because they just don't like how good he is, but no one can say that he's a bad player. Captain of the Penguins, Crosby has won the cup on more than one occasion and is thought to be one of the greatest players in NHL history, which is pretty nutty since he has hardly even started his life as a hockey player.

Question 8

Pick or Pass on Seth Jones

Seth Jones Is a fairly respected defenseman in the NHL. Considering how solidly the Columbus Blue Jackets have done in the past couple of years, I'd say he had at least a small part to play in their successes. Either way though, coming from the Nashville Predators where he was picked in the first round of drafts is not speaking too highly of him necessarily. But he's made his way all the same. And anyone here who is a fan of the Blue Jackets pretty well has to be a fan of Jones.

Question 9

Pick or Pass on Sergei Bobrovsky

If no one could guess from his name, Bobrovsky is a Ruskie player, which basically means he belongs to a group of NHL players which makes up a good solid chunk of the league. Nicknamed "Bob", this guy is the current goalie for the Columbus Blue Jackets. While he may have yet great seasons in the past, it would seem that this is not his year, but that doesn't mean he hasn't still won his share of awards and trophies.

Question 10

Pick or Pass on Sean Couturier

Some might suspect that this guy might be from Quebec, what with his French name and all, but he is actually from Phoenix (though he did grow up and start playing hockey in the great white north), Arizona. And in spite of the fact that he's from Phoenix, he actually plays for the Philadelphia Flyers. While Couturier did not get first or second pick in the draft when he came up to the NHL, he still has managed to settle in with the same team for some time now.

Question 11

Pick or Pass on Ryan Getzlaf

This Canuck never spent any time playing for a team from the great white north (not in the NHL anyway). He did manage to bring two gold medals to the north though, in his time on the world hockey rink. Otherwise, he has been a staple player for the Anaheim Ducks (too bad they're not Mighty anymore...thanks Disney) and he has led them fairly well in goals and assists since he arrive in 2003. He even helped them win the cup in one of those years.

Question 12

Pick or Pass on Roman Josi

Roman Josi is certainly better know for his international play over his time on the NHL ice. He has been part of a number of awards and championships with his Swiss team. He seems to play better when representing his homeland. Sure, a couple of silver medals doesn't equal the Stanley Cup and he was chosen 38th in his draft into the Nashville Predators, but that doesn't mean he isn't still an integral part of the team. He's certainly not a bench warmer.

Question 13

Pick or Pass on Phil Kessel

Alright, so there might be a lot of people out there who think that the Toronto Maple Leafs were just nutty to have let go of Kessel. But the same could be said for Boston who originally gave him to Toronto. And while it is true that as soon as Kessel started with the Penguins, he won two straight Stanley Cups, but I think that says more about Sidney Crosby than it does about Kessel. He was just lucky to be along for the ride. Not to say that he isn't an awesome player.

Question 14

Pick or Pass on Patrik Laine

This winger is a pretty solid Finnish player who was brought in only three years ago now as second in the overall picks for the Winnipeg Jets. For people who do not know where that team comes from, they are from the great white north. At any rate, Patrick Laine has been doing something good for the Jets. The past couple of years, the Jets have been building a great team that will make the playoffs this season, for sure.

Question 15

Pick or Pass on Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane plays for the Chicago Blackhawks as a right winger and has been with the team since he was chosen first in the overall draft back in 2007. He's got a few accolades with the National Hockey League, for sure, but it is not all that often that people are eager to talk about, or have even managed some time to be on the Olympic hockey team. Kane represented the States in two separate Olympic runs. They did not do well at all either time, but KAne, as captain, did lead them to bronze this past year.

Question 16

Pick or Pass on Patrice Bergeron

This guy grew up playing hockey in Quebec, and with his name, it should be no surprise to anyone that this is the case. Anyway, I think a lot of people didn't have much faith in him at the start when he was drafted 45th in 2003 to play for the Boston Bruins. But he did certainly make his mark and continues to be a strong player in the NHL, for sure. This guy has played and won for the great white north on three global rinks, earning him entry to the Triple Gold Club. He also scored the Stanley Cup goal in 2011 for the Bruins.

Question 17

Pick or Pass on P.K. Subban

I have to admit that, while I'm not a Montreal Canadiens fan, it was sad to see this amazing Canuck player leave the Canadiens and go to a State side team like the Nashville Predators. That being said, they are probably not about to make the playoffs this year, or at least they will struggle to get there but make no mistake in seeing that P.K. Subban is one of the best players on that team right now! Hands down.

Question 18

Pick or Pass on Nikita Kucherov

Kucherov is one of those players in the NHL who has never been traded and has never just walked over to another team. Since he first made his way into the NHL, he landed in Tampa Bay and has been playing for the Lightning ever since. And he even stands a fairly good chance of winning the Cup this year as they are the top team in the league at the moment. He currently has 372 points overall with the team and that puts him in 6th overall for the entire franchise.

Question 19

Pick or Pass on Nicklas Backstrom

Well, this Swedish NHL player has had some pretty great luck in his time with the Washington Capitals. The Caps have always been a pretty imposing team...at least they have been since they took on Ovechkin, and that has lead to a strong showing in the playoffs. And I'm sure that Backstrom, playing as an alternate captain for the team was more than happy to be a part of the Stanley Cup win that the Caps had just this year. Especially since that was his very first Cup.

Question 20

Pick or Pass on Nathan MacKinnon

Well, here is the important thing...while I can't and won't say that the Colorado Avalanche has been doing very well this season, I do have to say that this Canuck (not Vancouver Canucks) has been a pretty important part of any success that the team does end up with. Playing as the alternate captain on the team, Nathan MacKinnon has been playing for the Avalanche since 2013. He was picked first overall, and that is no small deal. Now the team just has to find its stride.

Question 21

Pick or Pass on Mathew Barzal

Mathew Barzal has got to be absolutely thrilled right now considering the New York Islanders just beat one of the poorest teams in the league (the Ottawa Senators) and one of the best teams in the league (the Toronto Maple Leafs) in back to back games. It must kind of hurt him too though, since he is a Canuck player underneath that New York jersey. Barzal is the fifth Islanders player to have ever won the Calder Memorial Trophy in the history of the franchise. Must be a good feeling too.

Question 22

Pick or Pass Mark Scheifele

I always wonder if it is difficult for a Canuck player from the great white north to play State side...though I'm sure the money makes them care less. Anyway, Scheifele is one of the lucky players from the north who actually gets to stay in a Canuck team (though not the Vancouver Canucks). Playing for the Winnipeg Jets, he was not only chosen in the first round of draft picks, but he was also the very first pick after the Atlanta Thrasher folded and the franchise reopened with the Winnipeg Jets.

Question 23

Pick or Pass on Jonathan Toews

It should not be surprising to anyone that most of the players on this quiz happen to hail from the great white north. I mean, that is pretty well half of the NHL players out there, at least. And Jonathan Toews is no exception to this stat. That being said, he was drafted into the Chicago Blackhawks and has stayed with them ever since. He is their captain and he knows a thing or two about the game. He is the second youngest captain to have ever played the NHL and he was a spot in the Triple Gold Club and he is also a three-time winner of the Stanley Cup.

Question 24

Pick or Pass on John Tavares

Surprise, surprise, yet another player from the great white north. John Tavares once played for the New York Islanders, which must have made them happy when they beat the Maple Leafs the other night, but that being said, Tavares has helped bump Toronto to the second best team in the league right now, and that is no easy task, for sure. An alternate captain for the team, Tavares has certainly been making a name for himself as one of the best scoring players on the team, and one of the best players overall.

Question 25

Pick or Pass on Johnny Gaudreau

It always does make me feel good when I see a player drafted to a team who then stays with the team for as long as they play. Or at least that is what it seems like with Gaudreau. He's not left the Calgary Flames since he started out with them in 2011. Sure, that is not an incredible amount of time, but considering how many players do get traded each year, it is sort of surprising. Though I think there are probably better Johnnys in NHL history than this one, Gaudreau is nicknamed Johnny Hockey.

Question 26

Pick or Pass on John Carlson

Carlson has put in his time with the Washington Capitals and while he is not exactly mentioned as the greatest of the players on the team, that does not mean that he has not done quite a bit of work helping to build up the team that finally gave him a Stanley Cup this year, after 10 years of playing for the same team. While I want to say how great that must be for him, I'd have rathered the Cup go to the Maple Leafs this past year.

Question 27

Pick or Pass on Jamie Benn

Jamie Benn is not the only Benn to be playing for the NHL. His older brother plays for the Canadiens. They both hail from the great white north but in spite of that, Jamie Benn has been playing in the deep south for the Dallas Stars since he was first drafted into the league. And while his brother might be more seasoned than he, Jamie Benn has his fair share of trophies, awards, and medals from his time on the ice.

Question 28

Pick or Pass on Jakub Voracek

Voracek is a right winger in the NHL. While he was drafted into the league by the Columbus Blue Jackets, Voracek has found his way to playing with the Philadelphia Flyers. Not exactly a great team at the moment, but also not quite one of the poorest either. That being said, Voracek is still one of the better players in the league. I'd say at least in the top 50 or so. Hailing from the Czech Republic, Voracek has made a name for himself both at home and in the NHL.

Question 29

Pick or Pass on Jack Eichel

This is one of the few players on this quiz who are actually from the States. That is a big deal, I think. Most are from Europe or the great white north. But Eichel is most certainly a Yank and plays centre for the Buffalo Sabres. He is even their captain, so he must be doing something right. And that is Especially good because Eichel has only been in the NHL since 2015 and has only ever played for the Sabres. That is a solid start.

Question 30

Pick or Pass on Filip Forsberg

Here is a pretty solid player. Along with P.K. Subban on his team, he can make the Nashville Predators seem like a pretty formidable team. This year might be an exception, butt hat does not change the fact that Forsberg, hailing from Sweden, is one of the better players for the team, and one of the better players in the league. Originally, he was drafted to play for the Washington Capitals, but they probably couldn't afford both him and Ovechkin, so...now he's with the Predators.

Question 31

Pick or Pass on Evgeny Kuznetsov

Well, with this name, I am sure that there is no hiding just where Evgeny is from. That being said, a good portion of the Washington Capitals are certainly not from Washington. Especially their star player Ovechkin. Kuznetsov has done very well in his own right on the ice as well though. He's helped bring his home country to gold in the World Juniors and the IIHF World Championship. And I'm sure the Stanley Cup last year didn't hurt either. Nor did being the highest-scoring player in the entire playoff season.

Question 32

Pick or Pass on Evgeni Malkin

Winning gold, silver and bronze in his international hockey life, Evgeni Malkin is probably one of the best players in the league. Or at least it certainly seems that way when he teams up with Sidney Crosby. They are a pretty tough duo to beat, which showed fairly recently in the NHL with back-to-back Stanley Cup wins before the Washington Capitals pulled it off this year. Who knows where Malkin and his buddy will make it this season? Hopefully not to the Cup again.

Question 33

Pick or Pass on Erik Karlsson

Erik Karlsson was once a beloved Ottawa Senator and everyone was happy to have him playing Defense for the team. Of course, he didn't just play defense because he loved nothing more than taking to the opposite end and scoring for the team. Of course, the leads to an open end if there is an intercept or steal part way through. That, coupled with Karlsson's desire to go where the money is, led him to end up playing for the San Jose Sharks of all teams.

Question 34

Pick or Pass on Dustin Byfuglien

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would not expect that this guy is from the States, but he is indeed, and he is one of the top players in the league. And considering just how well the WInnipeg Jets are doing this season, that should be no surprise whatsoever. Currently the alternate captain for the Jets, Byfuglien has dabbled with both offensive and defensive positions, but it seems that he is most at home working defense for his team.

Question 35

Pick or Pass on Drew Doughty

With Olympic medals and some trophies to add to his collection of successes, Drew Doughty is probably one of the best players in the league. It is just too bad that he happens to play for the Los Angeles Kings. I'm not saying they're a bad team, but they are not doing as well as his abilities could be used for. He is an alternate captain and a defenceman for the team and was the second draft pick when he was taken on by the Kings ten years ago.

Question 36

Pick or Pass on David Pastrnak

I'm not sure how much this Czech player loves his nickname, but he is at least loved by the fans of the Boston Bruins...and for that, they have nicknamed him Pasta. I assume this is based on his last name and the inability of some people to be able to say Pastrnak. Either way, Pasta was picked 25th overall when he was drafted right to Boston in 2014. Given that he's only had four years, he's made a good name for himself on the ice.

Question 37

Pick or Pass on Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid has been rocking it as one of the best players in the league for quite some time now. Which is incredible considering that he plays for the Edmonton Oilers (not historically a team that has done incredibly well). This Canuck has been called "the most highly evolved hockey player of all-time". That's according to The Sports Network anyway. And he has won plenty of awards and trophies for being one of, if not the best player in the league. Maybe he'll make a Stanley Cup win one day.

Question 38

Pick or Pass on Claude Giroux

I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone to learn that a man who plays hockey who has the name Claude Giroux hails from the great white north. Either way though, he is certainly one of the top players for the Philadelphia Flyers and has been with the very same team since he was first drafted into the NHL back in 2006. Though he was not one of the very first picks, he was drafted 22nd overall, which still isn't bad. And considering that his is now the team captain, I'd say he's done well.

Question 39

Pick or Pass on Carey Price

Carey Price is one of the greatest goalies in the NHL. He has had his share of injuries and rough seasons in the past few years but he has been playing for the Montreal Canadiens rather strongly since he was first drafted back in 2005. He has made a huge name for himself both in the league itself and abroad playing on the international rink, bringing home plenty of medals and awards and trophies. He is certainly one of the greats.

Question 40

Pick or Pass on Brent Burns

When he is not doing commercials for Lays Chips, Brent Burns is playing for the San Jose Sharks as one of the better players on both his team and in the league. He has made a great name for himself as a defenseman who really knows what he is doing. It's easy to see why the team would think he and Karlsson (both defensemen who can play as forwards) would play very well together. They might need more than one season to get used to each other though.

Question 41

Pick or Pass on Brad Marchand

Alright, so Brad Marchand may be from the great white north, but I know a few Canucks who would rather not remember that fact. Having only ever played for the Boston Bruins since he made his foray into the National Hockey League, Marchand has been nothing but a pain to every other player on every other team in the league. He is smarmy and he has a big mouth as well. While I will admit that he's entertaining, he is not a nice guy on the ice, that is for certain.

Question 42

Pick or Pass on Braden Holtby

Braden Holtby is, for sure, one of the better goalies in the NHL today. Considering that he and his team won the Stanley Cup this year, it is hardly easy to make a case for him being a bad goalie. It takes a whole team to make it all the way through the playoff season and come out on top at the other end. Hailing from the great white north, it is nice to see a Canuck take the Cup, even if not for a northern team.

Question 43

Pick or Pass on Blake Wheeler

Much as some or many people out there may not actually know or follow Blake Wheeler's work out on the ice all that much, given just how well the Winnipeg Jets are doing in the standings right now, it is hard to deny that he is a top player in the NHL. Playing right winger, and working as the captain for the Jets, Wheeler originally played for the Phoenix Coyotes, when he started out his time in the league. Of course...that's not a thing anymore.

Question 44

Pick or Pass on Auston Matthews

No introduction should have to be made about this guy. auston Matthews is certainly one of the best players in the league. He's only been playing for a couple of seasons thus far but in his very first game, he broke an NHL record for the most goals scored in a debut hockey game. He managed to sink four goals (before the Ottawa Senators ended up beating the Toronto Maple Leafs anyway). It was a great start for the rookie, that's for sure.

Question 45

Pick or Pass on Artemi Panarin

Hailing from that Ruskie northern land across the pond and across Europe as well, Panarin plays as a winger with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Now, Columbus has not been doing as well as they could be this season. It's still up in the air whether or not they'll hit the playoffs. But considering they came out of nowhere the past few seasons to really make a showing, I think Panarin will have a decent season all the same. He's at least doing better than he would be with the Blackhawks this year.

Question 46

Pick or Pass on Anze Kopitar

Kopitar has been playing for the Los Angeles Kings since he started out in the National Hockey League back in 2006. The interesting thing about this player is the fact that not only is he one of the top playing in the league (even if he's not with one of the top teams) but he is also the very first Slovenian player to have ever made the ranks of the NHL. It's not often that a Euro player comes from somewhere that isn't Scandinavia or some part of the former Union.

Question 47

Pick or Pass Andrei Vasilevskiy

Here is one of the strong reasons why the Tampa Bay Lightning are at the very top of the league right now. If a team does not have a very good goalie, they will have a real struggle getting up there, but Vasilevsky, in spite of being injured in November, came right back to nearly shut out the Toronto Maple Leafs in a 4-1 victory for the Lightning. He also tied the Lightning record for most saves in a game while playing the first game back. 48 saves.

Question 48

Pick or Pass on Alex Pietrangelo

It is sort of a sad thing for Pietrangelo (and extra sad because his team is called the Blues) that he is captain of a team that has never once, in their entire history, won a Stanley Cup. That must really burden him every once in a while. No matter how hard he and his team try, they can't seem to really hit the playoffs. That being said, this guy has still managed to win gold for himself in the Olympics, so that has to count for something.

Question 49

Pick or Pass on Alex Ovechkin

Here he is. Ovi. The main reason why the Washington Capitals are such a pain to play. Alexander Ovechkin is an incredible hockey player and is currently serving as the captain of the Washington Capitals. He has brought home the Stanley Cup (only this past year) and there is no wondering why. He is regarded by many to be one of the greatest players to have ever graced NHL ice. And it doesn't seem like he is willing to let that title go this season.

Question 50

Pick or Pass on Aleksander Barkov

Barkov is a hockey player who hails from Finland. Since his entry into the National Hockey League back in only 2013, Barkov has been playing with the Florida Panthers, a team which has had a couple of good seasons in the past few years, but nothing to ultimately write home about. But, Barkov must feel there is potential. He did take on the role of captain for the team, after all. And the Panthers must love him. They grabbed him in the first round of the draft in 2013.

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