Pick Or Pass On These Musicians And We'll Guess Your Favorite

There have been so many different music artists that have tried to make it big in the entertainment industry over the years but not all of them have been able to reach mainstream success. It seems like there is always a new artist trying to make it big in the music industry, as well as millions of music hopefuls that line up to audition for reality singing competition shows. Some of them are able to reach the top at one point but that doesn't exactly guarantee that they will have lasting power in the music industry.

The general public is known for evolving their tastes in music and artists need to be able to grow and evolve with the rest of the world. So many artists will find themselves in the category of one-hit-wonders and many others will find themselves being constantly defined by one or two of their biggest successes. From a debut studio album that just can't seem to be topped to a series of songs that the performer will undoubtedly have to perform at each and every one of their shows, it's interesting how the world can pick favorites with musicians. Let's pick or pass on these musicians and see if we can guess everyone's absolute favorite!

Question 1

Ed Sheeran?

When Ed Sheeran first burst onto the music scene, it actually took a while for him to reach mainstream success. Yet, his friendship with some of the biggest names in the music industry and a string of a few hit singles that were everywhere on the radio definitely changed things for him.

Question 2

Ariana Grande?

When Ariana Grande first started appearing on the music scene, people couldn't help but compare her to Mariah Carey. She had the same stellar vocal ability in regards to the incredible range. Yet, Grande has been able to separate herself from the pop diva through her various hits and musical stylings.

Question 3

Justin Timberlake?

When Justin Timberlake was first introduced to the world, he was just a kid on a short-lived Mickey Mouse television series. Yet, that all changed when he became a starring member of a boyband and went on to embark on a solo life in the music career. Nowadays, he's seen as one of the most beloved artists in the music industry.

Question 4

Shawn Mendes?

There have been a number of male artists that have tried to make a name for themselves in the world of pop music but many have come and gone without much fanfare. It doesn't seem like that will be the case for Shawn Mendes since he's already proven that he has major staying power.

Question 5

John Legend?

There have been a number of soulful singers that have graced the radio over the years but there seems to be something extremely special about John Legend. His voice seems to lend itself well to all genres of music and his personality has allowed him to be seen as far more than just a singer.

Question 6

Camila Cabello?

When Camila Cabello was first starting out in the music industry, she competed as a solo artist on the reality singing competition series, The X-Factor. Yet, she didn't move on as a solo artist and, instead, was thrust into a group. However, she ultimately left the group and made it on her own as a solo artist.

Question 7

Billie Eilish?

There have been some young singers that have tried to break out and make a name for themselves over the years but there is something truly unique about Billie Eilish. She's broken records in the UK and she's become hugely popular in various places around the world with her unique sound and style.

Question 8

Lady Gaga?

When Lady Gaga first became known to the world, she was known for her over-the-top stage performances and her out-of-the-box stylings on the red carpet. Yet, she's toned down her look and style over the years and now she has made quite a name for herself as an accomplished actress.

Question 9

Demi Lovato?

When Demi Lovato first started out in the entertainment industry, there were some that worried that she would become just another stereotypical story of a Disney or Nickelodeon kid. Yet, she's been able to battle her demons and go on to become one of the music industry's most celebrated pop artists.

Question 10


There have been a number of powerhouse singers that have tried to make a name for themselves over the years but there is something truly unique about the singer/songwriter, Adele. She had a huge amount of success with her debut album and it seems like the world is always wanting more.

Question 11

Justin Bieber?

When Justin Bieber first started uploading videos of his vocal ability, it seemed to attract a number of people in the music industry. It wasn't long before he became a huge hit as a young pop star. He's dealt with a few issues with growing and evolving as a young man in the entertainment industry but he's still seen as hugely talented.

Question 12

Katy Perry?

There are some people that don't realize that Katy Perry actually released a studio album by a different name when she first embarked in the music industry. Yet, her Christian music didn't skyrocket in popularity in the same way as her pop music. Nowadays, she's known for her over-the-top performances and looks on the red carpet.

Question 13

Bruno Mars?

When Bruno Mars first burst onto the music scene, people seemed to think of him as an artist that was embracing the nostalgia of music from days gone by. His look was definitely something that made him stand out. Yet, things have started to evolve for him and now he's seen as something completely unique.

Question 14


While Drake is often thrust into the rap category because of the style of a number of his songs, it's undeniable that he is also a hugely talented vocalist. He has released a number of songs that have crossed over to other genres in music and he's also known for being quite the ladies man.

Question 15

Harry Styles?

When Harry Styles first competed on the reality singing competition series, The X-Factor, he was auditioning as a solo artist. Yet, he wasn't able to make it through the competition on his own and was thrust into the group, One Direction. Nowadays, he's had a huge amount of success as a solo artist.

Question 16

Sam Hunt?

The world of country music has changed greatly over the most recent years and many people think it has started to really intertwine with the pop genre. Yet, Sam Hunt has done something that has truly put a different twist on country music since he has included talking into the lyrics of his songs.

Question 17


When Pink first introduced herself into the world of music, it was difficult to truly put her into one particular category. While some people thought of her as more in the rap and R&B genre, others saw her as more of a Rockstar. Nowadays, people don't worry about putting her into a genre and they just enjoy her music.

Question 18


There aren't many music artists that have been able to maintain their popularity in the same way as Usher. He has consistently released songs that have made it to the top of the charts. He's also become quite likable in the eyes of the public and was once featured as a coach on The Voice.

Question 19

Keith Urban?

Country music artists used to have one particular look and background but that has certainly changed over the years. When Keith Urban first introduced himself to the world, people didn't exactly know how to react to a country star that hailed from Australia. Yet, he has been completely embraced by the country music community.

Question 20

Cardi B?

When Cardi B was first seen on episodes of Love & Hip Hop, no one could have predicted how far she would become in the entertainment industry. People loved seeing her uploaded videos because of how real she was with the world. She also has become a huge powerhouse in the fashion and music industry.

Question 21


When Rihanna was first introduced to the world, she was seen as the beauty from Barbados with an amazing talent as a vocalist. She has since grown and evolved as a performer and music artist. While she's definitely seen as a huge talent as a vocalist, she's also become known for her amazing star power on the stage.

Question 22

The Weeknd?

There are some music artists that can neatly fit into one particular category when it comes to music genres. Yet, there are other artists that can't be so easily defined. The Weeknd is sometimes described as an R&B artist but he's also been defined as a techno and pop artist.

Question 23

Chris Martin?

There aren't many rock artists that are able to truly intertwine themselves into so many different music genres but Chris Martin has the ability to lend his voice to songs that wouldn't necessarily suit any other artist or group. He even performed alongside some of the biggest pop and R&B artists onstage.

Question 24

Kenny Chesney?

When it comes to country music artists, people tend to think of songs that include farms and dogs. While Kenny Chesney has definitely sung his fair share of farm songs, he seems to be best known for his laid back tunes that talk about clear waters and walking into an establishment without shoes or a shirt.

Question 25

Gwen Stefani?

When Gwen Stefanie was first introduced to the world as the lead singer of the rock group, No Doubt, it was instantly obvious that she would be seen as a huge star. She had major star power on the stage and people were absolutely thrilled to see her embark on a solo life in the music industry.

Question 26

Sam Smith?

When Sam Smith was first introduced onto the music scene, people couldn't help but fall in love with his smooth vocal skills and his utterly moving lyrics. He definitely had a different look when he first became known to the world but people seem to love his new and healthier look.

Question 27

Taylor Swift?

When Taylor Swift first started appearing on the stage, she was known as a country artist that could also play the guitar. People loved seeing her with the ringlet curls and bedazzled guitar. Yet, she eventually decided to leave the country genre and make her way to the world of pop.

Question 28

Miley Cyrus?

There was a time when Miley Cyrus was solely known as a celebrity kid and the daughter of a former country artist that topped the charts. Yet, she eventually made a name for herself as a young actress and aspiring singer. Nowadays, she's known for having her own string of hit singles under her belt.

Question 29


When Sia was first starting out in the music industry, there was definitely some mystery surrounding her persona since she constantly covered her face. She was often seen with giant wigs that would cover her face entirely. Yet, she's recently let go of that and now she lets her face be seen.

Question 30

Nicki Minaj?

There have been a number of female rap artists over the years but none of them have had the same sort of mainstream appeal as Nicki Minaj. She's cultivated a fanbase of all ages and demographics, all over the world. Nowadays, she's seen as one of the most popular female artists of all time.

Question 31


There aren't many music artists that have been able to cultivate the same sort of fanbase as Prince. He was known as hugely talented as a music artist and actor. While many people are saddened by the fact that he was taken before his time, his legacy will always live on.

Question 32

Brad Paisley?

There are some country artists that are solely known for their musical and vocal ability but there are others that seem to have won over the world through their charismatic personality. Brad Paisley has had a string of hit singles but many people love him best for his ability to host country music award shows.

Question 33


There have been a number of rappers that have come and gone over the years and many of them are known for squandering their profits from their musical ability. Yet, that definitely hasn't been the case for Jay-Z. He is known as a hugely successful businessman and mogul in various industries beyond the music world.

Question 34

Blake Shelton?

Blake Shelton is a clear example of how certain celebrities just seem to get better with age. There was a time when he was known for being that country star with the patented mullet but now he's seen as one of the most celebrated country stars of all time and a major heartthrob.

Question 35

Sean “Diddy” Combs?

There aren't many other artists that can boast having the same ability to evolve over the years like Sean "Diddy" Combs. While some people know him as "Puffy" and some know him as "Puff Daddy", it's undeniable that he has an innate ability to evolve and grow as an artist.

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