Pick Or Pass On These Movies And We'll Totally Guess Your Favorite Celeb!

Let us see now if we can guess everyone's favorite celeb ever based on top movie choices. Movies are so fun to watch because they help us escape from the real world for an hour or two! We can dive into an action movie and follow our fave heroes as they take down bad guys, track down their enemies, save their damsels in distress, and much more! Action movies are always great when it comes to keeping us on the edges of our seats, excited to see more and excited to see how things will turn out for the main characters. Love stories and romances are also fun to watch because everyone hopes to find a bit of love in their life at one point or another.

We all hope that we can meet the right guy or gal one day and that everything will go the way it goes in the movies. Love stories provide us with a bit of true hope and a sense of cheer! Sometimes even animated movies are the most enjoyable to watch because animation allows for characters to do stuff they could not do if they were being played by real actors and actresses!

Question 1

Night School?

Night School is a great movie to pick on a movie quiz like this one. It stars Kevin Hart in the leading role and he is one of the funniest guys out there that we know. He is super hilarious because of his awesome comedy style and the way he cracks so many jokes in such a fluid way. He only stars in movies that he knows will be funny and this movie is definitely up to par for his standard.

Question 2

Bride Wars?

This movie stars Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson in the leading roles. They played two best friends who are both about to get married on the same day. Before they find out that their wedding plans are conflicting with each other‘s wedding plans, they are very excited for each other to get married. As soon as they discover that their wedding plans will conflict, they immediately turn into enemies and try to sabotage each other. Pick or pass on this.

Question 3

Avengers: Endgame?

This movie is the newest and most recent Avengers movie to be released. A lot of people were very upset by the way that it ended because most of the main characters ended up passing away. For example, we lost the character of Black Widow who is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson and we also lost the character of Iron Man who is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. A lot of fans wish that these main characters did not pass away so that we could see them in the future.

Question 4

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?

This animated movie is really fun to watch for people who are big fans of the hero Spiderman. Most of the time when we think of Spiderman, we see him being played out by different actors. In the last 10 years, we have seen three different actors play the role of Spiderman. This version of the Spiderman story includes animated characters who are different and very exciting. Fans are hopeful that they will continue releasing animated Spiderman movies in the future.

Question 5

Pitch Perfect?

For those of us who love movies that include a lot of music, this movie is definitely the best one to consider! It includes a lot of really cool cover songs. The main characters in this movie have incredible singing voices and use their talents to seeing some of the best songs that are super popular on the radio today. Anna Kendrick is the actress who plays the leading role and no one else could have taken on that role better than she did. Another actor is included in this movie is named Brittany Snow.

Question 6

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy?

It is time to pick or pass on this movie that stars Will Ferrell in a leading role. Steve Carell is another great actor who is included in this movie and the two of them really do a great job bringing such a comedic script to life on screen. The movie is about them plus two other workers who announce the news on their television station. They are considered anchormen and that is how they earn a living. This movie is definitely meant to make people laugh.

Question 7

He's Just Not That Into You?

This movie is considered a chick flick because it follows the storylines and dialogue of many different women as they navigate through the troublesome world of dating. Each woman included in this movie is dealing with her own romantic struggle. Jennifer Aniston is one of the actresses in this movie and her character plays the role of a woman who has been living with her boyfriend for several years and wants him to finally propose to her. He never proposes to her though.

Question 8

The Dark Knight?

This movie is a great addition to the Batman story. Those of us who are fans of Batman as a hero from the world of DC know that a lot of the best Batman movies are the ones that Christian Bale is included in. This movie has Christian Bale in a leading role and he does not disappoint. All of the Batman movies that he stars in are extremely dark and kind of sad but they are extremely interesting and also very intriguing. He really does make these movies so much better.

Question 9

The Devil Wears Prada?

This movie star is Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway and the leading roles. This movie is all about style and making it big in the world of fashion. Meryl Streep plays the role of the boss who is very hard to work for and very difficult to deal with. She is super particular about details and things that other people would consider to be very minute. Anne Hathaway plays the role of a young adult woman who wants to work in the fashion industry and does her best to make it in that industry.

Question 10


This is a DC movie about a super cool hero who goes by the name of Aquaman. He is an underwater hero who knows how to control the tides and control the ocean waves in order to take down his enemies. He fights alongside other cool DC heroes like Superman, Batman, and wonder woman. Although in his solo movie, he does not need help from any of the other DC heroes because he is able to take on the bad guys he is facing all by himself without any issues.

Question 11

The Proposal?

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are the actor and actress who come together to bring this hilarious script to life. It is about a woman who is nervous because she feels that she might be deported back to her home country. She convinces her assistant at work to pretend it to marry her so that she does not have to go home. He is very resistant to this idea because he is never treated very well by her and he does not want to get married to her. He ends up agreeing.

Question 12

Casino Royale?

This is the James Bond movie that a lot of people really loved and had high reviews for. James Bond movies are usually always super excellent and this movie does not disappoint either. This movie allows us to follow James bond as he does what he has to do in order to take down his enemies and save the girl that he cares about. He uses his tools to his advantage and he also uses his wit. His charm is another thing that definitely comes in handy for him.

Question 13

Friends with Benefits?

This movie star is Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis as a couple who do not want to label themselves as a couple. They want to just have fun without any labels and basically enjoy a friends with benefits type of situation without any strings attached. Unfortunately for them, feeling start to rise and they realize that they want to be much more than just friends who occasionally hang out and spend time together. They realize that they want a legitimate relationship.

Question 14

The Ugly Truth?

This movie is definitely considered a chick flick and it stars Katherine Hiegel who was once the queen of starring in chick flicks back in the day before she earned herself a bad reputation in the Hollywood industry. She ended up being labeled as an actress who was very difficult to work with and a lot of directors and producers decided that they did not want to deal with her on set any longer. Prior to that, she starred in this movie and it was awesome.

Question 15


Twilight is one of the biggest movies ever. It is the first movie in a franchise and it was released in the year 2008. It is about a teenage girl who transfers to a new high school in a new city. The high school she was at before was in a city that she lived in with her mother and it was in a very sunshiny town. She ended up moving in with her dad to a colder city in the state of Washington and that is where she met and fell in love with a vampire who goes by the name of Edward.

Question 16

The Notebook?

This movie is about an elderly couple who hang out and spend time together at an elderly folk home. The woman does not have a good memory but the man she is with has an excellent memory still. He decides to read to her a story and the story is about them when they were younger. The story is about them as they met each other and fell in love with each other and grew together over the years. Because she has a memory loss problem, she does not remember until the end of the movie.

Question 17

Crazy, Stupid, Love?

This movie stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the leading roles and the two of them do a really great job together. The movie is all about finding love, even if it does not seem like it is going to work out. This movie even labeled the idea of love as being crazy and stupid… It’s in the title! It really does remind us that sometimes we should just let her guard down and try to fall in love with the right person who is right in front of us all along.

Question 18

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

This movie is adorable, sweet, and totally great to watch with friends, family, loved ones, or even just totally solo. It is called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and it is worth getting picked for so many reasons. it is a kind of emotional movie though so it would be best to have some tissues ready. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is worth watching and enjoying whether it is for fun or for friendship reasons. Pick or pass.

Question 19

Letters to Juliet?

This is an amazing movie that stars Amanda Seyfried in a leading role. She is someone who a lot of us know and recognize from the Mean Girls movie that was released in 2004. She has definitely moved on past that role from Mean Girls and she has grown as an actress in the Hollywood spotlight right in front of our eyes. That is why she has so many fans and so many people who absolutely love and adore her so much.

Question 20

Black Panther?

It is time to pick or pass on a movie like Black Panther. This movie was released in 2018 and it broke records for being so awesome and incredible. It starred a lot of actors who were of color which was a very big deal because for some reason, prior to 2018, a lot of movies did not care to incorporate too many black actors in their movies. This movie is a lot of black actors and that was very groundbreaking! It was super fun to watch, super engaging, and super entertaining.

Question 21

She's the Man?

Channing Tatum is the male lead in this chick flick. Amanda Bynes is the female lead included here also. The two of them are a really good match and they did a really great job in this movie. She plays the role of a girl who wants to play soccer but is unable to play because they do not support a female team at her school. She chooses to pretend to be her twin brother and to pretend to be a boy in order to play soccer with the boy's team. She gets away with it for a while.

Question 22

The Wolf of Wall Street?

This movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio in a leading role as a man who acts in a very ruthless and reckless manner in order to become wealthier. He does whatever he can do in order to trick the system into putting more money into his own pocket. He tricks people and plays games with peoples money one too many times and it ends up letting him in jail by the end of the movie. This is a really entertaining movie to watch and it should definitely get packed.

Question 23

Dear John?

This movie stars Amanda Seyfried in a leading role and it also stars Channing Tatum in the leading role as well. The two of them are both super attractive and they are both also incredible actors. This is one chick flick that should never be passed up and it also should not be forgotten, even though it has a very slow storyline. The storyline is pretty slow and can even be a little bit boring at some point but it is still worth being watched for those of us who have the patience.

Question 24

Iron Man?

Iron Man is one of the best and most popular marvel movies of all time. It stars the character of Tony Stark as he works in a lab to create a super suit in order to keep himself alive. The suit is connected to his heart and he uses it in order to be strong and fight back against bad guys. The guys that he fights back against seem as though they might be stronger than he is but, in the end, he is the one who is able to conquer over all and win the toughest battles.

Question 25

A Cinderella Story?

This movie star is Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff in the leading roles. They are high school students who are secretly texting each other but they do not know how the other person works. They have been talking to each other for a long time after meeting each other in a chat room. They relate because they both like poetry and they both appreciate the English side of writing. They have so much in common but they do not know how each other looks until they end up meeting up at the end of the movie.

Question 26


This movie is pretty hilarious even though it is filled with a lot of bad humor. A lot of the jokes in this movie land flawlessly and perfectly and that is because the actors and actresses who are included here do a really good job. Jonah Hill is one of the leading actors in this movie and one of the female lead in this movie is actually Emma Stone. She appears in so many more movies after this one but this is definitely where she got her start!

Question 27

Love Actually?

This movie is a love story that is filled with so much romance and so much thoughtfulness. People who love to see true love unfold right before their eyes will definitely want to turn into a movie like this one. This is not a movie that should be passed for any reason. For those of us who would rather not see the idea of love unfold right before our eyes, we might want to skip a movie like this one because it is filled with a lot of romantic moments that might make a single person feel bad.

Question 28

101 Dalmatians?

This animated movie is about a bunch of Dalmatian puppies who are born to two loving parents. There is a woman out there who really wants to use there for her to create the perfect coat and so, therefore, she goes on a hunt to try to steal these puppies and do what she can to there for her. They are constantly trying to escape from her clutches and get away from her so that she cannot move forward with her plan. They do what they can to escape and they end up being successful in getting away.

Question 29

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are the leading actor and actress in this movie about a guy and girl who are working at companies that require them to do something that is a little bit out of their comfort zones. They have to pretend to act in certain ways that they do not want to in order to succeed at what they are trying to do in their own individual lives and not their own individual jobs. During the journey of what they are doing, they end up actually falling for each other and being interested in each other.

Question 30

13 Going on 30?

Jennifer Garner is the star of this movie and she also stars in this movie with the handsome Mark Ruffalo. The movie starts off with them as kids at the age of 13. They attend her birthday party together where she gets bullied and tormented by other kids at the party. She makes a wish that she could become 30 years old overnight and when she wakes up the next morning, she is instantly 30 years old and her entire life has changed. She has to figure out what to do!

Question 31


This is an animated movie that Disney released to us and the whole world is so happy about it because of all of the amazing music that is included in it! It is about a teenage girl who wants to escape from the island that she was raised on in order to explore the ocean and the great big blue Sea. She ends up getting on a boat and sailing out to see in order to explore the world and save the people on her island.

Question 32

Ant-Man and the Wasp?

This movie is about a hero named Ant-man and it comes from the world of DC. He is a really cool hero even though he does not have the strongest powers in comparison to everyone else who is around him. He links up with another hero who goes by the name of Wasp and she helps him to fight back against bad guys throughout the course of the film. They are a really strong team and they fight very well together.

Question 33

The Holiday?

This movie stars Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz in the leading female roles! What more could we ask for? Kate Winslet is one of the coolest actresses of all time ever since the day that she starred in Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio. And Cameron Diaz is clearly one of the best actors of all time from her time working as a fighter in the iconic group Charlie’s Angels! Both of these girls are totally incredible and they make this love story such a better one to watch.

Question 34

The Secret Life of Pets?

This is an animated movie about what pets do you when their parents leave them home alone. They must experience what life is like without their own or to feed them food and take them on a walk! We get to peek into what they do when they are by there one time. This movie is super interesting because it gives us dialogue from House dogs, House cats, and House bunny rabbits as well as other adorable pets! Pick or pass.

Question 35

Step Brothers?

Will Ferrell is one of the leading actors in this hilarious movie about two men who are in their early 40s who still live at home with their mom and their dad. Their mom and their dad start dating each other and end up falling in love. At that point, they end up moving into the same house together and it changes their lives. They do not get along at first but eventually, they become friends and they grow really close to each other. This is a hilarious comedy to watch.

Question 36

Legally Blonde?

Reese Witherspoon is the star of this movie and no one else could’ve done it better than she did. She plays the role of a college girl who is pursuing an academic degree in the world of law. She wants to become a lawyer who defends the rights of people who need the best offense. Nobody seems to take her seriously because of who she is and because of the way she looks. It only makes her try harder and do what she can to prove herself to the world.

Question 37


This is an animated movie about a girl who does not get along very well with her mom. It is a Disney movie so right off the top, we already know that this movie is going to have a good ending. She ends up having great disputes and arguments with her mom because her mom wants her to be someone that she is not and from there, her mom ends up getting cursed and getting turned into a bear. She has to figure out how to get her mom turned back into a normal woman.

Question 38

Mean Girls?

Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lindsay Lohan are the top three main actresses included in this amazing movie from 2004. This movie is all about the dynamic of high school and the way that girls interact with each other in terms of friendship, romance, fashion, and more. One of the girls is a new transfer from Africa and she must figure out how to fit in with the popular girls are her school in order to sabotage them from the inside.

Question 39

Bridget Jones's Diary?

This movie is about a 32-year-old woman who writes everything down in her diary when it comes to romance, love, relationships, food, friendships, and more. She is dating around and enjoying life but more than anything, she wants to settle down and have a family. She feels like she might be getting too old to finally have what she wants so when she meets the right guy, things begin to fall in line. But then she needs another great guy at the same time!

Question 40


This animated movie is told from the perspective of many different talking animals who live together in a village. The movie is filled with a lot of deeper meanings about getting rid of prejudices and judgment for people who are different. We do not all have to be the same for us to accept each other and love each other. That is why this movie is such a great one for little kids to watch. It really opens up our eyes.

Question 41

50 First Dates?

This cute movie is a chick flick for couples to watch together and it is called 50 First Dates. 50 First Dates stars Adam Sandler is in the leading role as the male and Drew Barrymore is the female lead. This is only the first movie they film together because later on, a few years down the line, they come back together to film a movie called Blended that is also pretty funny. Pick or pass on 50 First Dates.

Question 42

The Princess Diaries?

Pick or pass on The Princess Diaries for this quiz round. The Princess Diaries is a movie that focuses on a young teenage girl as she grows up in the city with her mom and her best friend, Lily. She finds out from her grandma that she is royal and she has to decide where to go from there. She must decide if she should return to being a normal girl or if she should take on her royal position.

Question 43

The Grinch?

The Grinch is a cute kid movie that came out once in the 90s, once in the early 2000s, and again just recently with a different style of animation. In the original movie from the 90s, the cartoon style is old-fashioned but still delightful. In the movie from the early 2000s, we were able to see Jim Carrey take on the role of the Grinch and he did an excellent job at it. In the newest one, the animation is better.

Question 44

Sweet Home Alabama?

Pick or pass on a movie like Sweet Home Alabama for this fun quiz round. Sweet Home Alabama is a movie that is meant for people to watch who want to see true love as it unfolds, right before our eyes. Sweet Home Alabama stars Reese Witherspoon in the leading role and she does a great job taking on the role. Pick or pass on Sweet Home Alabama right about now. If it is worth picking, let us know above!

Question 45

A Walk to Remember?

A Walk to Remember is the movie up for question on this quiz round. It is considered a chick flick and that is probably because A Walk to Remember was written by none other than Nicholas Sparks, the king of romance novels. A Walk to Remember focuses on two teens who fall in love despite how different they are when it comes to their social and family lives. A Walk to Remember has a lot of great and romantic moments.

Question 46


Clueless is a cute movie from the 80s about a group of teenage girls as they get through high school. They are focused on parties, friendship, love, and high-end fashion. The main character is a girl who loves to dress up in cute clothes that make her feel like she is a model. She even takes pictures of herself in all of her clothing because she feels like pictures are more truthful than mirrors are. Pick or pass on Clueless.

Question 47

Finding Dory?

Finding Dory is an adorable animated film from Disney. Disney did it again with this movie and the success of ticket sales really showcased that fact. The movie is about dory as she tries to find her way back home to her parents who lost her when she was still very young and innocent. She got lost in the ocean and could not remember where to go because of her short term memory loss. The story ends in a happy way.

Question 48

Pretty Woman?

Pretty Woman is a great movie that stars Julia Roberts in the leading role as a young woman who earns money in a very unsavory way. She sort of puts herself at risk with the way she goes about earning money for herself but it does not matter to her at the time because she thinks she is in control of what is happening. She meets someone who decides to change her life and take her out of that world.

Question 49

Miss Congeniality?

Miss Congeniality is an epic movie that stars Sandra Bullock in the leading role. She is a shy, quiet, and reserved woman who works for an investigative program who work together to take bad guys down. The group she works with tell her she must go undercover to take down bad guys by pretending to be a pageant beauty queen contestant. She is resistant to the idea at first but she ends up realizing she must do this for work.

Question 50


This animated movie is one of the best movies released by Disney. Disney usually always does a great job with the movies they produce and this movie is no exception. It is about a young boy who grows up learning more and more about his family history and the world of music that surrounds him. He grows up to be about nine or ten years old and he finds out new things about his history that he never knew before.

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