Pick Or Pass On These Movies And We'll Guess Your Favorite Genre

Anyone who likes watching movies will know that there are a ton of different movies out there that a person can choose from. It seems like a new movie that we want to watch comes out just about every week which means that it can almost seem hard to keep up with all the awesome new movies that we want to watch! Luckily, having a movie night is an awesome way to unwind after a long day or spend some quality time with friends, a significant other, or family members. And with so many different movies, it's easy to find one that everyone will love on movie night.

Not only are there a ton of different movies but those movies are all divided up into a lot of different genres as well. Movies fall into all kinds of different genres based on the type of movie it is, whether it's a suspenseful movie, a spooky movie, a funny movie, or even a romantic movie. Most people, especially movie lovers, definitely have a favorite genre that they like to watch and that they typically gravitate toward when it comes time to pick a movie to watch.

Pick or pass on these movies and we'll guess everyone's favorite genre of movie!

Question 1

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Who doesn't wish they could forget something that happened to them? Whether it's an embarrassing event, an ex, or something else, most people have something that they probably want to forget. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a movie that was released in 2004 and is focused entirely around the concept of erasing a person from someone's memory. After a bad breakup, Joel learns that his ex, Clementine, has undergone a treatment to remove him from her mind and he seeks out the same treatment to forget her.

Question 2

Baby Driver

Baby Driver is an action movie that was released in 2017 that stars Ansel Elgort as a getaway driver named Baby who loves music and is trying to step away from the life of being a getaway driver for criminals in order to start a normal life with his girlfriend. Baby plans to drive for one last job before he calls it quits for good but he finds out that stepping away from this life is harder than he had imagined.

Question 3

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a Netflix original movie that is based on the Jenny Han novel by the same name. This movie is a romantic comedy that follows the life of a high school student named Lara Jean who has a real unique hobby. Each time she gets a crush on someone, she writes them a letter and then stashes it away where it'll never be seen by anyone... Until they're all mailed out to their recipients. Oops!

Question 4

The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie is an animated film from 2014 that stars Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Alison Bree, and Charlie Day, among other stars as the voices of different LEGO characters. Chris Pratt voices Emmett Brickowski, the main character in The LEGO Movie who is a LEGO person that works at a construction site and meets a mysterious woman who are trying to stop the villain of the movie, Lord Business, from using his superweapon, Kragle, from freezing the entire LEGO universe.

Question 5

Get Out

Get Out is a movie that was released in 2017 and was written and directed by Key & Peele star, Jordan Peele. This movie follows a young man named Chris who is traveling to the countryside with his girlfriend, Rose, in order to meet her family for the first time. Once they arrive, they meet her father, a neurosurgeon, and her mother, a hypnotist. Although her parents seem warm and welcoming, things start to get strange for Chris pretty quickly.

Question 6

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is a 2006 comedy that stars Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, the strict editor in chief of a fashion magazine called Runway. In the film, Anne Hathaway plays Andy, a recent college graduate who is trying to land a job in the journalism world when she gets a job as one of Miranda's assistants, despite the fact that she has no interest in fashion or the fashion industry. As she advances in her job, she starts to change her attitude.

Question 7


Mother! is a movie that stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a couple known only as an artist named "Mother" and a poet named "Him" who live in a large, somewhat dilapidated house that the two of them are working to renovate. One day, a stranger known as Man arrives at the home and asks to stay in their home, something that Him immediately agrees to despite the fact that Mother is apprehensive. Things begin to get strange as more and more people arrive.

Question 8

(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer is a movie that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel as Tom and Summer, co-workers at a greeting card company. The two of them begin talking and realize they have more in common than they had actually expected, like having similar taste in music. The two of them begin to grow closer and start a relationship. This movie spans over 500 days of their relationship and jumps between various points in the beginning, middle, and end of their time together.

Question 9

The Proposal

The Proposal was released in 2009 and stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. In the film, Sandra Bullock is the editor in chief at a publishing firm and is facing the possibility of being sent back to her home country of Canada if she doesn't find a way to stay in the US. In order to stay in the country and keep her job, she forces her assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds, to pose as her fiance. He agrees, under the condition that they go to Alaska to meet his parents.

Question 10


Annabelle is a movie that was released in 2014 and tells the story of a doll that paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated. This movie is one of many from the universe of The Conjuring, along with movies like The Conjuring series, The Nun, and upcoming movies like The Crooked Man. The movie follows a young couple that start to experience strange, paranormal phenomena after getting a porcelain doll as a gift. Pick or pass on this spooky film?

Question 11

The Babysitter

The Babysitter is a Netflix original film that was released in 2017. This movie blends a comedy with a spooky movie and stars Samara Weaving, Bella Thorne, Judah Lewis, and Robbie Amell. In the movie Samara Weaving plays a babysitter named Bee who often babysits for a twelve year old boy named Cole, played by Judah Lewis. Cole's friends encourage him to stay up after Bee thinks he goes to sleep in order to see what she does when she's babysitting but quickly realizes it was a mistake.

Question 12

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was released in 2017 and is a superhero movie based on the comic book character of the same name. The movie follows as Diana Prince, who is living in modern-day Paris when the movie begins, receives an item that helps to bring back her memories and help her remember who she actually is. Diana was raised on a secret island known as Themyscira and trained to be a warrior like many of the other women living there which leads her to become Wonder Woman.

Question 13

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a musical that stars Zac Efron, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, and Hugh Jackman as various people involved in the Barnum & Bailey Circus, including the owner and his partner, his wife, and some performers in the circus. The film follows the creation of the circus as well as a lot of the behind-the-scenes drama that goes on between the people involved, including the romance between Zac Efron and Zendaya's characters, Phillip and Anne, and why they can't be together.

Question 14

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body is a dark comedy that was released in 2009 and stars Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, and Adam Brody. In the movie, Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox play high school students who are best friends, despite the fact that they're pretty different from one another. Seyfried plays a more academically-driven student named Needy while Fox plays a popular girl named Jennifer. One night, after a concert that Needy and Jennifer attend, Jennifer goes to hang out with the band and her life changes.

Question 15

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an animated movie that follows the life of Miles Morales, also known in the comic book world as the superhero Spider-Man. This movie also features other versions of Spider-Man from different comic universes like Peter Parker, Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen, Peter B. Parker, SP//dr, and a ton of Spider-Man villains as all these different variations of Spider-Man team up to save each of the universes that they live in from the villains that threaten them. Pretty cool, right?

Question 16

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical film that was released in 2018 and stars Rami Malek as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. The movie begins before Freddie Mercury was even known as Freddie Mercury and when he had just met the other members of Queen, while they were still in a band known as Smile, and follows his life and career from the early 1970s through the 1980s. The movie has been nominated for and won several different awards since its release.

Question 17

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a thriller that was released in 2010 and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a US Marshal named Teddy Daniels and Mark Ruffalo as his investigative partner, Ben Kingsley. The movie is set in the 1950s and follows as Teddy and Ben are sent to a correctional facility on an island off the coast of Massachusetts in order to investigate the supposed escape and disappearance of one of the inmates at the facility but find themselves trapped there during a storm.

Question 18

Mary Poppins Returns

Marry Poppins Returns is a musical fantasy movie that is set in London in the 1930s, two decades after the events of the original Mary Poppins film. Some of the actors and actresses from the original Marry Poppins film, like Karen Dotrice, appear in cameo appearances in the film. The movie features Mary Poppins making a return back to the family she was once a nanny for in order to help them after the family began to have financial issues.

Question 19

Toy Story

Toy Story was released in 1995 and is the very first feature length film released by Pixar. Toy Story is set in a world where toys come to life as soon as their owners leave the room and they then have a whole life of their own. In Toy Story, Sheriff Woody is the favorite toy of a young boy named Andy until Andy's birthday when he receives a cool new action figure named Buzz Lightyear who has no idea he's not really an astronaut.

Question 20

The Village

This 2004 thriller was written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan and stars Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, Bryce Dallas Howard, and a number of other actors and actresses. The setting is a small village in Pennsylvania that seems to be set sometime in the 19th century. The citizens of this village find themselves the victims of a strange monster that keeps attacking people who live there, causing people to stay in their homes at night and not venture into the forest.

Question 21

A Star is Born

A Star is Born is a remake of a classic movie and is the first movie that Bradley Cooper, who also starred in the film alongside Lady Gaga, has directed. In the 2018 movie, Bradley Cooper plays a musician named Jackson Maine who has been in the music world for a while when he meets Lady Gaga's character, Ally. Ally is a struggling musician whose music starts to gain popularity after meeting Jackson but their relationship begins to wear down as time goes on.

Question 22

Black Panther

Black Panther is a Marvel superhero movie based on the comic book character of the same name and was released in 2018. The story begins after a meteorite that contains the fictional element vibranium lands in Africa and causes the people there to battle over who gets it. One warrior, who became the first Black Panther, united all the people to create the fictional nation of Wakanda. Together, they used the vibranium to advance their technology and isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

Question 23

The To Do List

The To Do List is a comedy that was released in 2013 that stars Aubrey Plaza as a high school graduate named Brandy. The movie is set in the 1990s and is set just after Brandy graduates high school. Since Brandy spent a lot of her time in high school focused on her academics, she really didn't do many of the fun things that she had wanted to do and she felt like she missed out on a lot, so she sets out to do them all over the summer.

Question 24


Suspiria is a movie that was released in 2018 and was inspired by a movie by the same name that was released in 1977. Suspiria is set back in the 1970s and stars Dakota Johnson as a woman named Susie who is from the US but is attending a prestigious dance academy in Berlin. Susie is successful at the school, despite the fact that she had no prior training in dance, but her arrival at the school brings on a string of strange occurrences.

Question 25


Bumblebee is an action film that was released in 2018 and is the sixth installment in the live-action Transformers series. This movie is based around the Transformers character that the film is named after. The movie is set in the 1980s with Bumblebee, the title transformer, living in a junkyard in California when Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfeld, finds him in his VW Bug car form and revives him, only to find out that this yellow car isn't the vehicle that she had imagined.

Question 26

27 Dresses

27 Dresses is a romantic comedy that was released in 2008 and stars Katherine Heigl as a woman named Jane who has been the bridesmaid in 27 different weddings for her friends and family members. She's always happy to be a bridesmaid for people when they get married but when her sister announces that she's engaged to the man that Jane has been secretly in love with, Jane has to think about whether or not it's worth it to put everyone else before herself.

Question 27


Unsane is a psychological thriller that was released in 2018 and is notable among movie fans because of the fact that, according to Wikipedia, it was shot in a super non-traditional way: completely on an iPhone 7 Plus. Cool, right? This spooky movie follows a woman named Sawyer who moved to a new city in order to get away from someone with a crush on her who wouldn't leave her alone but after she finds herself held in a treatment facility, she begins to believe he followed her there.

Question 28

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is a romantic comedy that was released in 2018 and stars Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Awkwafina, and Gemma Chan, among other actors and actresses. The movie follows as Rachel, played by Constance Wu, and her long-time boyfriend Nick, played by Henry Golding, are set to travel to Singapore to attend Nick's friend's wedding. Little does Rachel know, Nick's family is quite well-known there and she finds herself at the center of a lot of attention because of her relationship with him.

Question 29

17 Again

In this 2009 comedy, Matthew Perry and Zac Efron play the same character. How is that possible? Matthew Perry plays the 37 year old version of the main character, a guy named Mike who definitely peaked in high school and hasn't been having the greatest life since he graduated, while Zac Efron plays the 17 year old version version of him. After an accident, he finds himself back in the body of his 17 year old self, despite being in the present day, and is given another chance at youth.

Question 30

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a comedic movie that was released in 2008 and stars Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Russell Brand. In the movie, Jason Segel plays a man named Peter who works as a composer for the TV show his girlfriend, Sarah, works on. After Sarah abruptly ends their relationship, Peter decides to go on vacation to Hawaii in order to try to move on with his life and get over her. Unfortunately, Sarah is also on vacation there with her new boyfriend.

Question 31


Moana is an animated film released by Pixar in 2016. It tells the story of a teenager from the Polynesian island of Motunui who is the daughter of the chief of Motunui and who sets out on an amazing journey across the sea in order to try to return a legendary relic and save her people. On her journey, Moana meets several different mythological figures and the movie is like many other Disney films in that it has some really catchy songs.

Question 32

I Am Legend

I Am Legend is a movie from 2007 that stars Will Smith as a man named Robert Neville who is living in New York City after a virus wiped out the majority of the Earth's population. In their place, the virus has turned many of the people on Earth into nocturnal creatures that are similar to a mix between a zombie and a vampire. Through flashbacks, viewers learn that Robert lost his wife and daughter shortly after the outbreak and he now works to try to find other survivors and a cure.

Question 33

The Visit

The Visit is a movie that was released in 2015 and was written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The movie follows a pair of siblings living in Philadelphia, named Becca and Tyler, who are heading to the country to visit their mostly estranged grandparents while their single mother goes on a trip with her boyfriend. Almost immediately after arriving at the rural farmhouse, Becca and Tyler begin witnessing strange events and are given some bizarre instructions on places in the house that are off limits.

Question 34

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a sci-fi movie based on a novel of the same name and was released in 2018. The movie takes place in a dystopian future and is set in 2045 when most of the world has become covered in litter and humans use a virtual reality program called the OASIS in order to escape their regular lives and live as an avatar on the Internet. After the creator of the OASIS passes away, he reveals that a puzzle inside the OASIS holds the key to inheriting his fortune.

Question 35

Fyre Fraud

Fyre Fraud is a documentary that was released in 2019 on the streaming service Hulu. Fyre Fraud is a documentary that covers the events that lead up to the failed music festival, Fyre, and the life of the creators of the festival, Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule. The documentary explores the way that Fyre was conceived, set up, and the impact that the festival and its eventual failure had on the island on which the festival was set as well as the aftermath for the promoters and creators.

Question 36

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! is a romantic comedy from 2008 that stars a large ensemble cast including actors and actresses like Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and other actors and actresses. The movie is set on an island in Greece where the main character, Sophie who is played by Amanda Seyfried, is going to get married. She wants her father to walk her down the aisle but doesn't know his identity, so she turns to her mother's diary to try to find him.

Question 37


Tangled is a Disney movie that was released in 2010 and is based off the classic fairytale Rapunzel. Like the story it's based on, this movie is about a girl named Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore, who has magical hair that seems to grow forever and can be used like another limb by Rapunzel. When Rapunzel was a baby, she was taken away by a woman named Gothel and locked up in a tower in order to keep Gothel young forever.

Question 38

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a comedic movie from 2004 and stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, and Lacey Chabert among other actors and actresses. The movie is based off of a self-help novel and the screenplay for the film was written by Tina Fey. The movie follows a high school student named Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan, who has been homeschooled by her researcher parents in Africa until recently. After moving to a traditional high school, she's finding it hard to fit in with the other students.

Question 39

Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw is a 2019 movie that made its premier at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2019 before being released on Netflix on February 1st, 2019. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this satirical movie as Morf Vandewalt, an art critic living in Los Angeles. A huge stash of paintings are found in the apartment of an unknown artist who recently passed away and the art community rushes to try to purchase them but a supernatural force is quick to punish their greed.

Question 40


Aquaman is a 2018 superhero movie that is based on the DC Comics character by the same name This movie stars Jason Momoa as the title character, Aquaman or Arthur Curry, Amber Heard as Mera, and Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, among other actors and actresses. Aquaman tells the story of the leader of Atlantis, King Orm, and his plan to conquer the people of Atlantis. But, his half-Atlantean brother, Aquaman, is standing in his way and plans to stop him.

Question 41

Bird Box

Bird Box was released at AFI Fest in 2018 and became a favorite among movie watchers all over after it was released on Netflix later that year. This spooky movie is one that was basically everywhere after its release! Bird Box stars Sandra Bullock as a woman living in a post-apocalyptic world that is overrun by monsters. In the film, Sandra Bullock's character is accompanied by two young children who she's helping to guide across the landscape without looking at the monsters.

Question 42


Monster-in-Law is a romantic comedy that was released in 2005 and stars Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan and Wanda Sykes. According to Wikipedia, this is the first movie that Jane Fonda had been in since 1990. The movie follows a young couple named Charlie and Kevin, played by Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan, who become engaged and are planning their wedding. Unfortunately for Charlie, Kevin's mother, Viola, is incredibly overbearing and is definitely not a fan of Charlie, making the wedding planning difficult.

Question 43


Twilight is the first movie in a series of supernatural romance movies that are focused on a high school student named Bella Swan and the vampire she falls in love with, Edward Cullen. Bella Swan is a human who moved from Arizona to the rainy town of Forks, Washington to live with her father and meets a fellow student at school who comes from a large, somewhat unusual family. The two of them get into a relationships and she learns about the supernatural world around her.

Question 44

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness is a biographical film based on the life of a man named Chris Gardener. In the film, Will Smith plays Chris, a young single father who was recently evicted from his apartment and is struggling to make ends meet as a salesman. This changes when he takes a position as an intern at a brokerage firm but unfortunately, the position is an unpaid one that only has a chance at landing a paid position in the future.

Question 45


Watchmen is a 2009 action film that is an adaptation of the DC Comics series by the same name that was released in the 1980s. Watchmen is set in an alternative version of 1985 in which superheroes that wear cool costumes are a completely normal and accepted part of life. After one superhero loses their life, a vigilante named Rorschach learns of a secret plot to get rid of all the superheroes and calls several of his associates, one of which has actual powers, out of retirement to help him.

Question 46


It is a movie that was released in 2017 and is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. A miniseries was also released that was based on the same novel back in 1990. This movie is set in 1989 and takes place in the fictional town of Derry, Maine, the location of many Stephen King novels, and follows a group of children who live in the town when a mysterious creature, often taking the shape of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, begins to attack Derry residents.

Question 47

The Hangover

The Hangover is a comedic movie that was released in 2009 and stars actors and actresses like Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis among others as friends who go on a road trip to Las Vegas for a single night in order to have the most epic bachelor party that their friend could have ever imagined before he gets married the following day. Unfortunately, their epic night was a little too much fun because their friend was missing the next day.

Question 48


Aladdin is a 1992 animated film from Disney and, according to Wikipedia, is the 31st movie that was released by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Aladdin is set in the fictional city of Agrabah and follows as a man named Jafar and his parrot, Iago, try to find a legendary location known as the Cave of Wonders because of myths and legends surrounding it that claim that a treasure beyond his wildest imagination is in it. When a homeless man named Aladdin finds it and the genie inside, his life changes.

Question 49

Into the Wild

This biographical movie was released in 2007 and stars Emile Hirsch as Christopher McCandless. Christopher was the son of wealthy parents and a graduate of a prestigious college where he had been one of the top students and an athlete. While everyone expected him to go on to have a high-paying job after college, he instead chose to live off the grid in the wilderness. This movie tells the story of the last part of his life as he roamed Alaska.

Question 50

Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum is a comedic movie that was released in 2007 and stars Ben Stiller as Larry Daley, a man who is always daydreaming and thinks that one day, his dreams will get him somewhere big. Until then, he takes a job as a night security guard at a history museum and notices something strange happening at night while he's working there. Instead of the quiet night he expected, the exhibits in the museum all seem to come to life.

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