Pick Or Pass On These Creepy Movies And We'll Guess How Boring You Are

Anyone who is super into movies will know there are a ton of different genres of movies. From funny movies to romantic ones and even super creepy movies, there are all kinds of genres. When we're in the mood for a certain type of movie, it's easy to choose one of these genres and start watching something that's perfect for how we're feeling.

Sometimes, we want things to get a little spooky and we turn to one of the many creepy movies that have been made over the years. Whether the culprit is a human or a ghost, there's always someone in the movie that is out to get the main character and makes us all worried about turning the lights off at night.

Pick or pass on these spooky movies to find out who's boring and who's not!

Question 1

As Above, So Below

Question 2


Question 3


Question 4

Pet Sematary

Question 5


Question 6


Question 7

Escape Room

Question 8

The Babadook

Question 9

Friend Request

Question 10

Jennifer's Body

Question 11

It Follows

Question 12

The Neon Demon

Question 13


Question 14

The Shallows

Question 15

Get Out

Question 16

Black Swan

Question 17


Question 18

The Conjuring

Question 19

The Village

Question 20


Question 21

A Cure for Wellness

Question 22

The Nun

Question 23

The Boy

Question 24

Paranormal Activity

Question 25


Question 26

Hide and Seek

Question 27

The Sixth Sense

Question 28

The Ritual

Question 29


Question 30

Don't Breathe

Question 31


Question 32

The Visit

Question 33

The Butterfly Effect

Question 34

Starry Eyes

Question 35

The Purge

Question 36


Question 37

Truth or Dare

Question 38


Question 39


Question 40

Tragedy Girls

Question 41

The Cabin in the Woods

Question 42

A Quiet Place

Question 43


Question 44

The Strangers

Question 45


Question 46

Gone Girl

Question 47


Question 48

I Am Legend

Question 49


Question 50

The Grudge

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