Pick Or Pass On These Movies And We’ll Give You The Perfect Carry-Out Meal

Can we all just agree on the fact that as much fun as it is to go out to eat with friends or family or one's partner, sometimes it can feel that much nicer to pick up a meal on the way home too.

Sometimes we just don't feel like dealing with the hustle and bustle of being out in public, especially busy restaurants. And don't get us started on being around loads of people when we're just not in the mood. So, what's the next best option when we're in the mood for someone else to cook our meal, but we don't want to take an hour and a half to sit down in a nice restaurant? That's right — grabbing a quick carry out meal! It can be the best of both worlds really.

Just as it can be hard to decide what to get when dining out for a meal, it can be just as hard to decide what to get when bringing the food home. There are just so many choices and sometimes when we're super hungry, just about everything sounds good.

So, please, take the 'Pick Or Pass On These Movies And We’ll Give You The Perfect Carry Out Meal' quiz to make life a little easier tonight!

Question 1

The Favourite

The Favourite is the movie to put on if you want to see Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz fight over their majesty, played by Olivia Coleman. Not to mention that there are things like amazing dance sequences and duck races all taking place with huge wigs on everyone's heads. Do you pick or pass on The Favourite?

Question 2

The Meg

There's nothing quite like a movie about a massive shark-like creature previously thought to be extinct that's making some serious waves again to make you never want to step foot in the ocean anytime soon. All fictional of course, but if we ever needed someone to help fight off this big guy, Jason Statham would be our pick.

Question 3


Directed by the esteemed Dennis Villeneuve, Arrival tells the story of a linguistics professor, played by Amy Adams, who helps to lead a team of scientists and investigators when mysterious space crafts land on earth. As they work to unravel the mystery and communicate with the otherworldly creatures, the fate of mankind rests in the balance.

Question 4

Black Panther

There's a reason that Black Panther resonated with audiences everywhere. Part of that reason was that it was a really great story that was inclusive as well as entertaining. It also worked well in the Marvel universe as it was still connected to the bigger picture. Do you pick or pass on Black Panther?

Question 5


The It remake brought out in 2017 was definitely not one to miss if you're a fan of spooky movies because it was pretty hardcore. There's just something even spookier when you're dealing with a sinister clown who is after a bunch of kids in a small and sleepy town. Do you pick or pass on 2017's It?

Question 6


Clueless will always be a 90's classic. The character of Cher Horowitz and her rich Beverly Hills posse were so representative of that time, it's like looking at a snapshot of 1995. Even if you didn't grow up in that time, Clueless is still so fun and completely quotable, you really can't turn it off when you see it's on. Do you pick or pass on Clueless?

Question 7

John Wick

It's hard to believe that just a few short years ago, the world didn't even know who John Wick is. And now we're three movies deep and we all just want more! In this movie we find the legendary retired assassin in a state of mourning after his wife passes that leads to revenge when his prized car is stolen and his puppy's life is taken.

Question 8


The Taken movies — as there are now three of them that have been made, basically reignited Liam Neeson's and made him the action star he is today. In the movie he plays a tough as nails former FBI operative who takes his daughter to Paris for vacation. When she's taken from him, he vows to do whatever it takes to get her back.

Question 9

A Star Is Born

In 2018's A Star Is Born we're met with struggling musician Ally who happens to meet the very successful Jackson Maine one night at the club she sings in. When he convinces her to come out on stage with him and sing for crowds of people, she finds her whole world rapidly changes.

Question 10

Wonder Woman

In Wonder Woman, we find Diana, a leader of the Amazons who is being trained to be a great fighter for her people. When a pilot from the outside accidentally enters her paradise and warns her of a major conflict happening in the outside world, she takes it upon herself to accompany him to help. Do you pick or pass on Wonder Woman?

Question 11

The Incredibles 2

Is there anything cuter than an animated family of superheroes who are all about fighting for the greater good all while figuring out how to keep things running in their family life at home? We're going to say no on that one. Do you pick or pass on the adorable Incredibles 2?

Question 12

Pitch Perfect

Not only does Pitch Perfect depict the antics and fun that can come along with being in an all-girl acapella group in college, but it also just shows how important it can be to find your special group of friends who understand you and whom you can depend on. That right there can be pure magic — all played out to the right song, of course!

Question 13

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is such a fun movie to watch because you're a little bit deeper into the story and you know the characters a little better and they are still making you laugh all the way through. It's such a great blending of action and humor and colorfulness to boot!

Question 14


Just when we thought they'd done all the remakes, out comes Jumanji in 2017. Starring Dwayne Johnson, the movie starts with four teenagers discovering an old video game console and quickly find themselves sent into the game as the adult avatars in the jungle. Do you pick or pass on Jumanji?

Question 15

Back To The Future

In this classic from the 1980's, Michael J. Fox stars as Marty McFly who spends his free time with an eccentric scientist, Doc Brown. When an experiment in his DeLorean car sends him back to the 1950's in the time when his parents were teenagers, it brings about a whole adventure into making sure things happen as they were planned to occur.

Question 16

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games will always be the movie that thrust Jennifer Lawrence into the full-on mainstream and for that, we will be forever grateful. In this movie, she plays Katniss, a young but skillful tribute from District 12 who must fight other kids in a televised battle in order to survive.

Question 17

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins with the young Rey coming to Luke Skywalker looking for answers as she shows strong signs of the Force. Meanwhile, there is an all out battle being played out between Leia and the Resistance against Kylo Ren and General Hux. Do you pick or pass on Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Question 18

Second Act

Can we all just fall at the feet at rom-com sweetheart Jennifer Lopez? She's just done it so well for so many years now. In Second Act she plays a hardworking woman who has spent her life working in a store until she decides to reinvent herself and work her way up the corporate ladder in the bustling New York City.

Question 19

That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment takes us into the world of three attractive guy best friends living in New York City. When they each find themselves single at the same time together in a really long time, they make a pact to have fun and stay that way. But, of course, life and dating soon gets in the way for all of them.

Question 20

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump has to be that one movie out there that is on just about everyone's list of favorites just because it has a little something for everyone. There's war and love and shrimp boats and football and history all in one sweet little movie package. Plus, Tom Hanks and Sally Field? What talents!

Question 21


There's nothing like a spooky movie to turn you off of the board game you used to bring out at every sleepover growing up! In Ouija, a single mother in the 1960's who makes her living performing scam seances. When her daughters get involved in the dark magic, the unthinkable happens when a wicked spirit is brought into her home.

Question 22

Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile is a great little gem of a movie that features Julia Roberts as an art history professor for a prestigious all-women college in the 1950's. Determined to make an impact on these young women and encourage them to follow their dreams, she finds that they change her life as much as they change hers.

Question 23


Elysium is a unique movie in the sense that Matt Damon plays this ripped dude with tattoos who is looking to take on the elite and wealthy people who are living on a man-made space while the poor are left on the remnants of Earth. Anyone else feeling a little uncomfortable thinking about where we all might be headed?

Question 24

The Girl On The Train

The Girl On The Train will always feel so good to watch if you are someone who has ever caught your partner being with someone else. In this movie, Emily Blunt plays a woman who rides the train every day and sees who she believes to be the perfect couple on her way into the city. When she sees something fishy go down between the two, her whole world is suddenly turned upside down.

Question 25

Begin Again

In Begin Again, when Gretta, played by Keira Knightley, and her boyfriend head to New York to pursue a life in music, she's soon left on her own when he gives into a new temptation. When she meets a failing record executive in a club, things seem to quickly turn around as they begin a working relationship together.

Question 26

Green Lantern

Does anyone else out there only think of the movie Green Lantern as the film that brought together real life couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively? We barely even remember the plot. We know there was a lot of green going on and he was a superhero of some sort, for all intents and purposes. That's really all we need to remember about it, right?

Question 27

The Holiday

It never quite feels like the holidays until you've sat down in your parents' living room with a glass of wine and trough of popcorn and watched The Holiday for the 20th time. It just doesn't feel as cozy and nice come December without watching Cameron Diaz and Jude Law fall in love while Kate Winslet and Jack Black create cute little jingles together.

Question 28

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is the movie that reminds you of being a teenager and fighting with your parents only because in reality, you're actually so much alike. Starring Saoirse Ronan as a senior in high school in the early 2000's, she longs to move out of California and experience culture and the big city in college. Do you pick or pass on Lady Bird?

Question 29


Based on the true story of Jeff Bauman who lost both of his legs in the explosion that occurred at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Bauman as he fights for his life during a very difficult journey through physical and mental rehabilitation. Do you pick or pass on Stronger?

Question 30

Molly's Game

Molly's Game tells the true story of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic skier who ran many successful underground poker games in Los Angeles and New York until she was shut down by the FBI. She fights for her freedom and reputation in court alongside her loyal attorney. Do you pick or pass on Molly's Game?

Question 31

Girls Trip

You know a movie's going to be good when the friend group has a longtime nickname for themselves. That's just a rule. In Girls Trip, when the Flossy Posse gets back together to attend a popular music festival, things are definitely rekindled between them as they dance, party and enjoy one another for the first time in years.

Question 32


Her is the movie that basically shows us what would happen if we fell in love with our Alexa device. Only, in this movie it's the sensitive, kind and handsome Theodore, played by Joaquin Phoenix, who we are supposed to believe can't find love in the real world. Even if we have a hard time believing that, this movie does genuinely work.

Question 33


Lion is a movie about finding family again. Based on the true story, the movie starts with a young Saroo who gets separated from his family in India when he is a young boy and ends up being adopted into a family in Australia. 25 years later he sets out on a journey to see if his family from afar still exists.

Question 34

Snow White And The Huntsman

In Snow White And The Huntsman, Ravenna needs the life force of young maidens around her in order to maintain her youthful beauty. Just when she's in the need of her beautiful step daughter's beauty, she escapes. Ravenna hires a huntsman to track down Snow White and bring her back, only when they return she is met with an army ready to take her down.

Question 35

Ocean's 8

Played by Sandra Bullock, Debbie Ocean has been stuck in jail for five years and basically the entire time she was in there she was devising the perfect heist after her release. With a group of friends new and old, they come together to take over one of the biggest and most elaborate parties of the year.

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