Pick Or Pass On These Movie Theater Snacks To Discover A Horror Movie To Watch!

September is finally upon us, and even though the scorching hot weather outside serves as a stark reminder that it's still technically summer, we're already in fall mode and have begun counting down the days until Halloween! This is by far our favorite time of year—nothing makes us happier than filling up on pumpkin spice during the day and freaking out over a scary movie with a special someone at night. We all have a favorite horror film to watch when All Hallow's Eve is approaching, but instead jumping at the same scares for the umpteenth time, why not switch things up and try to find a new, more unpredictable favorite?

A variety of truly frightening films get released every decade, but several of the genre's most unforgettable and nightmare-inducing classics came out in the 90's. From Ghostface and Candyman to Hannibal Lecter and the Blair Witch, the monsters and bloodthirsty villains that haunted our dreams over twenty years ago still give us goosebumps today. Go ahead and decide which delicious theater snacks to put on the menu for an upcoming movie night and we'll reveal which classic 90's horror film to watch with Bae or a BFF!

Question 1


The most classic of all movie theater snacks, popcorn is basically the perfect treat to munch on during a film. Load it up with salt and butter, drop some M&M's into the bucket to make it even more flavorful, cover it in different cheese seasonings... there's really no wrong way to enjoy popcorn!

Question 2


Okay, nachos aren't the quietest snack to enjoy during a movie and things can get a bit messy when they're eaten with the lights are off, but some people still consider them to be the ultimate movie snack. Just be sure to pack napkins and expect a few dirty looks for all that munching and crunching!

Question 3

Sour Patch Kids

Some movies tend to drag in certain areas, so theater-goers try to bring snacks that'll help them stay away during those boring moments. Sour Patch Kids can definitely help with that—the clashing combination of sweet and sour makes it impossible to doze off while eating these sugar-coated soft candies.

Question 4

Mozzarella Sticks

We're pretty sure the only reason mozzarella sticks aren't considered to be as big of a movie theater classic as popcorn and M&M's is because several theaters tragically and foolishly don't serve them. These are the perfect treat for people who like to pig out during a film, but want something a bit more substantial than candy or sweets!

Question 5

Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn

Buttered popcorn is absolutely delicious and will likely be considered THE movie snack staple for years to come, but sometimes, it's fun to switch things up and opt for Smartfood's White Cheddar flavor! It still tastes great while also being a healthier option than typical theater popcorn, so we can feel less guilty eating countless handfuls of it during the film.

Question 6

Milk Duds

We've never heard anyone say that Milk Duds are their favorite candies, but for some reason, these chocolate-covered caramel sweets can be found in theaters across the world. They're not for everyone, but they've been pretty popular since they came out in 1926, so they clearly aren't "duds" like their name implies!

Question 7

Potato Chips

We're living in an age where you can get chips in just about every flavor imaginable—companies have expanded beyond classics like Sour Cream and Onion and Barbecue, and are starting to experiment with bizarre seasonings like Ketchup and Dill Pickles. Whatever flavors you like, you'll likely be able to find a chip that'll satisfy your taste buds!

Question 8

Gummy Bears

These fruity gummy snacks come in raspberry, orange, strawberry, pineapple and lemon flavors, so stuffing a handful of them into your mouth will definitely awaken your taste buds and let you stay focused on the movie. They're also shaped like adorable little bears, so they're as fun to eat as they are delicious!

Question 9

Chicken Fingers

Didn't have time to grab dinner before movie night? Order some chicken fingers at the concession stand! They're less greasy and messy than pizza, and they taste amazing. We totally understand vegans and vegetarians passing on chicken fingers, but there's no way anyone else would... right?

Question 10


We all scream for ice cream, but ice cream cones have to be eaten too quickly and it's too difficult to sneak entire cartons of ice cream into a theater. So how can we enjoy a nice frozen snack during a movie? Buy some Dibs! Like most theater snacks, Dibs fall into the finger foods category, so it's easy to eat them while remaining focused on the film!

Question 11


Here's another great way to enjoy a cold treat during a movie—ICEEs are frozen carbonated beverages available in a variety of fruit and soda flavors. They'll keep you awake and focused on the film better than a regular cup of soda would, and a Coca-Cola ICEE somehow tastes way better than regular Coca-Cola!

Question 12

Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots can typically only be found at theme parks and the occasional mall vending machine, but since some theaters wisely sell them at their concession stands, they totally deserve a spot on this list. This flash frozen dessert tastes pretty similar to regular ice cream, but Dippin' Dots are way more colorful and fun to eat!

Question 13


Pizza may not be the most conventional movie theater "snack," but more and more theaters are starting to serve pizza at their concession stands because, well, everyone loves it. The only issue with choosing pizza as a go-to movie snack is that one slice only lasts a few minutes of a film... if you want to stay snacking throughout the movie, you'll have to buy several!

Question 14


Oreos aren't the healthiest cookies out there, but they may just be the most delicious. There's just something so addictive about those chocolate wafers and that creme filling! We wouldn't typically recommend eating Oreos on a date because they leave your teeth all black, but the lights are off during a movie, so who cares!

Question 15

Junior Mints

Looking for a snack that'll leave your breath smelling fresh during a movie date, but will also satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than Junior Mints, the chocolate-coated candies that have a delicious mint filling. They'll leave your breath smelling like toothpaste, so you can feel totally comfortable pausing the movie for a quick smooch break after eating Junior Mints!

Question 16


Here's another tasty theater snack for those who are a bit concerned about their breath during a movie date. Starburst come in a variety of delicious and sweet-smelling fruit flavors, so by chewing on them throughout the film, you can feel safe if your special someone ever leans over for a quick kiss.

Question 17

Red Vines/Twizzlers

We know diehard fans of Red Vines and Twizzlers can tell the difference between these two brands of licorice, but we honestly can't, so we're just merging them together. Licorice is a great movie theater snack because it can last for the entire film, it's full of flavor, and if you bite off both ends of a stick... you can turn it into a makeshift straw!

Question 18

Hot Dogs

Another great movie treat for those who don't have time to swing by a restaurant or fast food joint before going to the theater! Hot Dogs can be a little messy if you cover them in ketchup or mustard and try to eat them in a dimly-lit theater, but as long as you're careful and pack plenty of napkins, you should be okay to enjoy them during the film!

Question 19

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There's nothing better than a freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie. Movie theaters don't tend to serve them because they don't have ovens in their concession stands, but let's be honest... we all sneak food into the theater every now and then anyway, so why not smuggle in some delicious, homemade cookies?!

Question 20


Skittles are typically as beloved as M&M's in the candy world, but unlike their chocolatey rivals, these fruity candies come with a bit of a risk when you eat them in a dark theater. Not all flavors of Skittles are equal and if you typically prefer to avoid the purple or yellow Skittles (we totally wouldn't blame you), you might want to avoid mindlessly shoving these into your mouth during a movie.

Question 21

Life Savers Mints

Worried about your breath but desperate for something to chew or suck on during the movie? Then these mints are literally Life Savers! They're delicious and come in a variety of sweet-smelling flavors like Orange, Wint-O-Green and Pep-O-Mint. Just be quiet taking them out of their individually-packaged wrappers to avoid interrupting the film.

Question 22

Dum Dum Lollipops

Need to keep your taste buds happy in order to stay focused on the film, but don't want to devour a crazy amount of calories? That's what Dum Dum lollipops are for! They come in a variety of delicious flavors and sucking on one or two of them will keep your mouth occupied throughout the entire movie.

Question 23

Soft Pretzels

We don't normally go out of our way to eat soft pretzels, but for whatever reason, we really love eating them during a movie! They're as deliciously salty as popcorn, but since they're also filled with carbs, they keep our energy high and our stomachs full during the film.

Question 24

Reese's Pieces

Love how easy M&M's are to eat during a movie, but want to expand your flavor horizons beyond pure chocolate? Grab some Reese's Pieces, which are basically M&M's with a few peanut butter-flavored candies thrown into the mix! They're as delicious as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but they're way easier to eat while focusing on the movie.

Question 25

Tootsie Rolls

Not satisfied with the candy options at the theater concession stand or simply can't afford their overpriced options? Just try our trick of sneaking in a pocket full of Tootsie Rolls—the theater won't notice, and you'll have something sugary (and cheap) to snack on throughout the entire film!

Question 26


Not a fan of raisins? We totally don't blame you, but you should still give Raisinets a shot at least once. The geniuses at Nestlé realized that once raisins are covered in chocolate, they suddenly become delicious! Okay, maybe it doesn't take a genius to realize that everything tastes better once it's covered in chocolate.

Question 27


Definitely not going to like raisins, no matter what they're covered in? Rewind the clock and enjoy their original form during the movie—grapes! They're a delicious and easy-to-consume finger food, they'll last the entire film, and you won't have to feel guilty about devouring so many of them once the credits roll because they're actually healthy.

Question 28

Welch's Fruit Snacks

Fruit is technically the primary ingredient in Welch's Fruit Snacks, but dieters shouldn't necessarily reach for these gummies during a movie—they're still filled with sugar and don't actually have any more nutritional value than any other gummy snack. If you don't care about how much sugar you're consuming during a film, however, go ahead and grab a tasty, fruity handful.

Question 29

Swedish Fish

This fish-shaped, chewy candy has been a movie theater staple since it came out in the late 1950's. Swedish Fish are absolutely delicious, and if their wrapper is to be believed, they're entirely fat free. Just be aware that sugar IS still their primary ingredient, so expect to crash after the film if you eat too many!

Question 30


It can be risky to eat certain candies in a movie theater because the minimal lighting means you can't always be prepared for what flavors are about to hit your taste buds, but no matter what color M&M you grab, they all taste exactly the same—like delicious, sweet chocolate. Eat them one at a time so they last the full movie or stuff your face with a few handfuls, who cares... just enjoy!

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