Pick Or Pass On These Movie Hunks And We'll Guess Your Sign

Romantic comedies are one of the most popular forms of movie, as they offer something for everyone. Usually, we often think of them as being mostly made for women, but in reality, that just isn't really true anymore. Not only do people get to enjoy the romantic side of these movies, but there's the chance to have a good laugh at the same time, meaning that everybody has a chance to enjoy themselves in the audience. That being said, we know why we're all really here, and that's for the hunks!

What we've done is pull together some of the best romantic comedy hunks out there, and we want to know how everyone feels about them, by either picking or passing on them. Once everyone has done that, we will then be able to take these answers and use them to guess the sign of everyone out there.

So, is everyone ready to get judging some romantic hunks? Want a chance to take a look at some of the best that the romantic comedy has to offer? Well then, it's about time that we got started isn't it!

Question 1

Channing Tatum In She's The Man

While this man may not have been well known at the time, he certainly had a lot going for him, namely his looks! Since this movie, he has proved that he actually has a lot of acting talent, but we're sure that even he would admit that making his way into the world of acting was made a lot easier due to the fact that he is a total hunk! He was a hunk back then and he still is a hunk to this day.

Question 2

James Marsden In 27 Dresses

Nobody can really argue that this man has managed to push his way into the mainstream consciousness, but that doesn't mean he hasn't worked on a lot of movies in which he has played the hunk, and what a hunk he plays! With a face like that, he's essentially set for life if he's okay always taking on the role of a good looking man, as it looks as if he will always be a good looking man. Unlike many of the other men in this quiz, this guy doesn't seem to age!

Question 3

Chris Evans In What's Your Number

While he's best known for his work as Captain America now, it's no surprise looking at this man that there was a time that he was known for being a real hunk, somebody that could be relied upon to feature in any romantic comedy and get people interested. Is there any women out there that aren't immediately interested when they see that this man is involved in the filming of a movie?!

Question 4

Patrick Dempsey In Made Of Honor

Look, there are some people out there that we all just have to accept as a species are better looking than the rest of us, and this guy is one of those people. In a way, it's impossible for this man to play the part of anything other than a handsome human being, somebody that will either prove to be a pretty bad person, or will end up being the handsome angel that the main woman is looking for...

Question 5

Heath Ledger In 10 Things I Hate About You

His tragic passing of this world coincided with people falling for him in a big way in the acting business, after he put in the work on The Dark Knight and proved he had some serious acting chops. That being said, some people will never forget the work that he did on various romantic comedies, with this one arguably being his best. To this day, he's looked upon as a young hunk, one that was able to use his looks at first, before proving he had a lot more to give.

Question 6

Ben Affleck In He's Just Not That Into You

He's probably now better known for his work behind the camera and for taking on roles in various superhero movies, but there was a time when this guy worked almost exclusively in romantic comedies, and it's easy to see why directors wanted him for that work. Just look at the guy! He's got that stereotypical boy next door look, so it takes a lot for any women in the audience to stay away from the guy and what he has to offer.

Question 7

Cary Elwes In The Princess Bride

Okay, so that mustache may not be to everyone's taste, but even if we imagine that thing off his face, there's no way that anyone can argue this man doesn't have a pretty suave look about him. He has it going on, and anyone that argues this point is clearly not looking close enough. Plus, he's very cool and charming in this movie, using his wit to overcome the various odds that are placed in his way.

Question 8

Chad Michael Murray In A Cinderella Story

Is there any actor who better exemplifies the sort of look that was wanted by people in the 90s and early millenium than this guy? Even if it's only because of nostalgia, this man has got a look that a lot of women like, and to be honest, we don't think we can blame them. This man's face just seems to scream comfort and happiness for a lot of people, so it's no surprise that he has become known as quite the hunk in rom com circles.

Question 9

Will Smith In Hitch

Sure, romantic comedies may not be the sorts of movies that he is known for, but he has appeared in a couple throughout his time in Hollywood, with Hitch being one of them. Nobody is denying that this man is attractive, but his charm is definitely up for debate... His rather childish sense of humor is something that a lot of women find interesting, but for others it's a major turn off, making this guy somewhat of a marmite hunk.

Question 10

Gerard Butler In The Ugly Truth

We know that he's done a lot of work at this point, but is there anyone that can really look at those boyish good looks and think he should be in anything other than romantic comedies? Throw in the fact that this man has an incredible body and there is no reason that any woman in the audience shouldn't be swooning as soon as he walks on screen. Honestly, there's a lot to grab a hold of here, so don't let it walk by!

Question 11

Jake Gyllenhaal In Love And Other Drugs

Is there no role that this man can't pick up and run with?! He has spent the last decade or so proving to us all that Donnie Darko wasn't a one off, and that he has some acting talent underneath those good looks. However, that doesn't mean that he can't lean back on his hunkiness from time to time, and we're glad that he does because it means we get to see him looking like this! Romantic comedies may not offer him the most challenging work, but it offers us a chance to see him like this!

Question 12

Bradley Cooper In Silver Linings Playbook

While he may not be portrayed a very accurate representation of someone with a mental health problem, there's no denying that Cooper has a real look about him, someone that can quite easily state that they fit the bill when it comes down to what women usually find attractive in men. We say more power to him, and we hope that he's able to use these looks to his advantage for the rest of his time in Hollywood to get himself some good roles.

Question 13

Matthew McConaughey In How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This was before the man became known for a lot more than his romantic comedy prowess, that he proved he actually had acting talent and wasn't just a good looking guy who was able to charm his way into some big budget movies! Yes, before True Detective, this actor had managed to get a lot of women in many audiences to side with him purely because of his face and body. Can they be blamed?!

Question 14

Andrew Lincoln In Love Actually

Sure, he's now best known for his work on the set of TWD, a TV show, but he had actually been putting in work as a film actor for a long time before he made it big on television. One of the movies he's best known for is this one, and while many have pointed out that his actions towards the end of the movie are highly weird and downright creepy, there's no taking away from the fact that he made a lot of women in the audience swoon!

Question 15

Ryan Gosling In Crazy Stupid Love

For a modern audience, this guy is the epitome of the hunk, a man that looks good, has a serious amount of charm and looks after his body to a level that most other men on this planet could only dream of doing. Sure, some women will find him a bit bland compared to some of the more interesting hunks in this quiz, but there's no denying that he looks like a human being that has had all of the jagged edges sanded off.

Question 16

Ashton Kutcher In No Strings Attached

He's become a bit of a laughing stock in recent years, but that hasn't stopped many women from confessing their attraction for this man, as he has a lot of money and is hugely attractive. Sure, he's now best known for the work he put in on Two And A Half Men, taking over for Charlie Sheen, but he has actually appeared on the big screen a lot more times than he has on the small one, so audiences have been going to see him on film for a long time now!

Question 17

Jamie Dornan In Fifty Shades Of Grey

Nobody can say that this movie didn't have quite the controversy following it, but did that really matter?! It didn't stop people from going to see it, and we think that has a lot to do with this man. Is there anyone out there that can say this man isn't beautiful? Sure, he may be a bit bland compared to some of the other men that we've included in this quiz, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter when the man looks this good!

Question 18

Dermot Mulroney In The Wedding Date

It's funny to think that many people won't know who this man is, despite him being one of the major hunks still in the acting business. Unless they've seen this movie or remember him from the later episodes of Friends, they probably won't have had the pleasure of witnessing him in action. While we can't rate the film too highly, we have to suggest that any woman out there goes and gives this one a look just to see the level of hunk we've got right here!

Question 19

John Cusack In Say Anything

He may not have aged brilliantly and has become somewhat of a party boy over the past couple of decades, but there was a time when his boy next door look made him a genuine heartthrob among many young women. Honestly, we think that this man will always be remembered for his work on Say Anything, and while a lot of that has to do with his acting talent, it also has a lot to do with the hunky looks that this guy had for years!

Question 20

Ryan Reynolds In The Proposal

This is an actor who didn't really hit his stride until he appeared in Deadpool, forced as he was to appear in a lot of romantic comedies for decades. However, there's no denying that this man is good looking, and the work that he does on his body on a daily basis has turned him into a truly desirable hunk. We don't blame any audience member for enjoying this guy being on screen, and we think he continues to be one of the best hunks in Hollywood.

Question 21

Bill Hader In Trainwreck

As we've already said, it's great for a man to have a sense of humor, as this is one of the best ways to get women interested, but it also helps to follow that up with some good looks, which is exactly what Hader has! Rather than being the stereotypical attractive man that we've already seen gets chosen for this sort of role, Hader has a rugged handsomeness about him, the sort of look that not everyone will go for, but the people that do will go for hard!

Question 22

Paul Rudd In Clueless

Is it just us, or does this man never age? Seriously, there's absolutely no way that anyone can find conclusive proof that this man ages like the rest of the human race. Take a look at some of his earlier movies and then have a look at the stuff he's done recently, because we can't tell people now that he looks pretty much exactly the same, which none of his other contemporaries can say they've managed to do throughout their lives!

Question 23

Josh Lucas In Sweet Home Alabama

While he certainly didn't end up with the same amount of fame that was afforded his co-star, this man proved to us all that he was a hunk in this movie. If anything, we're sad that he didn't get a chance to prove his hunky credentials in some more movies. This was a man who has great hunk promise, and unlike many of the other men in this quiz, he never got a chance to deliver on that promise. If we're honest, we think that's a bad thing.

Question 24

Justin Timberlake In Friends With Benefits

While he may have started out in music, Timberlake has spent years moving into the world of Hollywood, where he has mainly acted in romantic comedies, likely due to the fact that he has been known for his looks ever since he burst onto the scene with his first single. Honestly, this is a man who has had looks for years. Can anyone blame Britney Spears for being with this hunk back in the day? He's only got better looking the older he's gotten as well!

Question 25

Joseph Gordon-Levitt In 500 Days Of Summer

There has been a lot of talk about the characters in this movie and which we should be rooting for and which we shouldn't, but it's generally accepted that this is the movie that made people realize just how much of a hunk Joseph Gordon-Levitt is! After this movie, he continued to wow with his boyish charm and boy next door looks, and while he mainly focuses on more serious roles now, it's clear that this man has a lot to offer when it comes to hunky roles.

Question 26

Penn Badgley In Easy A

A movie following a young woman as she attempts to deal with a rumor about infidelity that follows her is obviously going to have to include some hunks, so it's no surprise that the people involved with making this movie ended up picking this man. We don't care how old people are, there is no way of looking at this young man and seeing anything other than a hunk that is worth all of our attention, especially from women.

Question 27

Adam Sandler In 50 First Dates

While he certainly is best known for his work in the world of comedy, that doesn't mean the guy hasn't branched out from time to time, and that includes in the world of romantic comedies, where has put in a lot of work. It's no surprise that many people find this guy attractive though, as women often make the comment that men who can make them laugh are infinitely more attractive than those who can't, and this guy can make anyone laugh!

Question 28

Jude Law In The Holiday

While he may have proven himself to be rather slimy in the real world, Law has been playing beautiful hunks for years at this point. We're not surprised that so many women look at this man and see someone desirable. Not only does he has very good looks, but he has an accent that makes anyone from outside of the UK swoon. Believe it or not, but there are actually a lot of people who sound like this in the UK, so it may be a good idea to go visit if this is the sort of thing that people like...

Question 29

Kevin Hart In Think Like A Man

He may be short, but that doesn't change the fact that this man is a real hunk in the world of comedy! Honestly, it's hard to stand by this man when it comes to his actions in his personal life, but is there anyway of denying that the guy has managed to spend the last decade or so making a lot of money and proving that he has what it takes to be remembered as a real hunk. Keep going man! We're behind him all the way.

Question 30

Chris O'Dowd In Bridesmades

This man put a lot of effort into becoming a household name in the UK, so it's no surprise that he's now spent the last few years moving into the US market. He's doing well, and while he seemed like an unlikely object of desire for anyone at first, he's now built quite a name for himself in the world of Hollywood. It won't be long before this guy is recognized as the hunk he is, and some people out there may already be noticing it!

Question 31

Colin Firth In Bridget Jones' Story

There are few actors out there that fit the bill when it comes to attractive and charming men from the UK, but this actor has been putting in the work for a long time, which is why he has appeared as a romantic comedy hunk for years now. He has appeared in more prestigious works since, but some people will never forget the work that he put in as a romantic comedy legend, and there's a reason for that.

Question 32

Daniel Radcliffe In What If

There will be no time when this young man isn't known for the work that he did as a child on the Harry Potter series, but that doesn't mean he isn't trying his hardest to leave that part of his life behind! Not only has he started to appear in numerous impressive roles, we think that he has really turned into quite the hunk, bringing his UK charm to the world of Hollywood in a big way! Take note child actors, this is how it's done.

Question 33

Jason Segel In Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This guy threw himself at the role and really found something that fit him. He manages to pull it off, and that's why we've included him on this quiz, despite the fact that he certainly doesn't fit the stereotype that fills many people's heads when the concept of a rom com hunk is mentioned. We say that there's too many types of hunk out there to let this sort of character get typecast!

Question 34

Hugh Grant In Love Actually

This is another man that has been able to use his charming UK accent to bewitch many women across the world, with audiences swooning whenever he opens his mouth. He often plays men that are clearly out of their depth, or are unable to fully comprehend the various social situations that he's forced to navigate, which we would argue brings out the hunk in him in a major way. Anyone looking to break into the business from the UK could do a lot worse than copying this guy!

Question 35

Jason Bateman In The Switch

After breaking into the world of popular acting in Arrested Development, nobody thought that this man would end up playing the hunk character in any romantic comedies, and yet he has done it, and we wouldn't be surprised if he keeps doing it either. Sure, he may not be the sort of thing that everyone likes, but we reckon that he's definitely worth a second look for any woman that considers him to just be a funny man.

Question 36

Jim Carrey In Yes Man

He was always going to be an odd choice, but we don't think there's anything wrong with this man being thought of as a hunk. Not only did he put in the work on Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, a movie that highlighted that he wasn't just a funny guy, but had a depth and vulnerability to him, but he also played a rather hunky character in Yes Man as well. Sure, it was more a comedy than anything else, but it had a serious romantic element too!

Question 37

John Krasinski In License To Wed

This is another actor that nobody saw becoming a hunk, but he managed it somehow! After starting out on The Office, many people saw him as a good looking man, but he has taken that to a new level, having a haircut and going to the gym. He has managed to give himself a seriously hunky makeover, that we think has actually helped him get roles in romantic comedies and dramas since! It's no surprise more and more women are starting notice him.

Question 38

Joseph Fiennes In Shakespeare In Love

We think it's a good sign of how truly good looking someone is that they continue to be total hunks even when placed in clothes from the past. In modern times, it's easy to hit some sort of niche by picking the right clothes these days, so forcing people to use the small amount of clothes that were popular back in the day is a good barometer. What we're saying is, this man looks good in this image, despite what he happens to be wearing!

Question 39

Vince Vaughn In The Break Up

He would likely refer to himself as a comedy actor, but we don't think that's true at this point, as he is willing to take on whatever roles he can get his hands on. Some would say that he's an odd hunk choice, but we're not so sure... Due to his numerous roles in various movies, he's certainly got a lot of money in his back pocket, and he could make a woman laugh as well. Whether or not he's physically attractive is up to the individual to decide...

Question 40

Tom Cruise In Jerry Maguire

Cruise isn't often thought of as a hunk, largely due to his personal life, his height, and the fact that he has been working mainly on action movies throughout his time in the world of acting. That being said, during the earlier years of his life, he was working on movies such as this one which turned him into a real romantic, a hunk that is willing to do what needs to be done and try to keep a good relationship going on at the same time.

Question 41

Steve Carell In Crazy Stupid Love

We know that he's mainly known as a comedy actor, and that is what he's best at, but when this man dresses up well he can be a real hunk when he wants to. Not only that, but we suggest that people take a look at what the guy looks like when he has a beard, because it is impressive! We will never be able to see anything other than Michael Scott when looking at this man, but that just shows how much of a hunk he really is, that we can temporarily forget about that character.

Question 42

Ben Stiller In There's Something About Mary

To a lot of people this man is not the stereotype of attraction, but to others he fits the bill due to his looks mixed with his humor. He may play quite a nerdy character in this movie, but he's vulnerable and awkward as well, something that a lot of women in the audience can empathize with. There's nothing nicer than a man that can understand how people feel in social situations, when we feel at our most vulnerable after all!

Question 43

Kumail Nanjiani In The Big Sick

He may be an unlikely hunk, but he's a hunk nonetheless, a man that will stand by the woman he loves no matter what they go through, which is something that many people can't say about their favorite hunks. Some hunks out there know they look good so they let the rest of their humanity fall to the wayside, but it's the hunks like this that look good, make us laugh, and treat the women in their life correctly!

Question 44

Tom Hanks In You've Got Mail

Hanks has spent a lot of his time in Hollywood taking on a lot of impressive roles, but that hasn't put him above the romantic comedy from time to time. Some people won't be able to understand why we would ever refer to this man as a hunk, but to be honest, he's certainly got a lot about him that people can enjoy. Not only that, but he has a lot of awards to prove that he has some serious acting skills as well!

Question 45

Pierce Brosnan In Mamma Mia 2

We know he's getting older at this point, but there's no way that he's getting uglier as he gets older. Anyone that has been picked to play James Bond in the past is a genuine hunk, but that doesn't mean they've managed to stay a hunk throughout the rest of their lives. Brosnan has clearly made a deal with the devil as he's still looking good, that hint of grey in his hair only adding to the level of hunk on display right here.

Question 46

Paul Dano In Ruby Sparks

He has a habit of picking up rather odd roles, but we know that to a lot of millennials, this guy has a got a very interesting look, one that makes him very attractive to them! Isn't it funny to think that there is a whole generation of women who are more likely to find this man attractive? Just goes to show how so many of us are persuaded to find some people more attractive based on the society and the culture that we grew up in!

Question 47

Owen Wilson In Wedding Crashers

We can understand why some women would be put off by his nose, but it's impossible to look past the hair when gazing at this boy next door. Whenever a man has been able to play a male model in a movie, then we know that this guy must have a look about him that many women find attractive, otherwise it just wouldn't have been plausible for him to be cast in that sort of role. What do people think?!

Question 48

Domhnall Gleeson In About Time

Following in the footsteps of his father, this guy has found himself appearing in impressive roles. However, the role that really made us realize how much of a hunk he is was in this romantic comedy. Unlike a lot of the hunks in this quiz, this guy has got it all. He's worth a look whether it's because of the way that he looks, or because the audience is looking for a chance to witness a young man in his prime!

Question 49

Nicholas Hoult In Warm Bodies

After some work as a child, Hoult had shown that he acting talent that should be able to carry on into his adulthood. Then, he turned himself into quite the object of desire in the UK after working on Skins, a TV show that supposedly told the untold story of young people across the UK. However, it wasn't long before he made it to the eyes of the international market, where he has been welcome with open arms!

Question 50

Martin Freeman In Love Actually

This man continues to top many people's lists when it comes to unlikely objects of lust, and we can definitely see why if we're being honest. His boyish looks have followed him throughout his life, and they don't look like they're going anywhere for the rest of his life either. This guy will always have work coming his way if he's able to fit this sort of boy next door look forever.

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