Pick Or Pass On These McDonald's Menu Items And Get A Movie To Watch

Astoundingly, McDonald's serves to more than 68 million customers a day. As one of the most profitable corporations in the world, they have spent a great deal on marketing, implementing top strategies. Even with the controversial release of documentary Super Size Me in 2004, which attempted to expose McDonald's unhealthiness, they have continued to remain relevant. McDonald's knows how to make burgers, and they have proven this time and time again. Their menu is inventive and continually changing.

McDonald's is not only based in the United States. Their international menu serves culturally unique items found in many different countries. Head to India for a delectable Chicken Maharaja Mac, go to Russia for a McShrimp or go to Japan for a Cheese Tsukimi Burger. McDonald's does an exceptional job shaping their menu to match flavors to local population tastes. Items on this quiz may be from McDonald's international menu, recently removed from the menu, or be served today.

McDonald's is an international icon serving customers in more than one-hundred countries. You don't have to be a McDonald's expert to complete this quiz! In fact, this quiz only requires you to pick or pass on McDonald's menu items.  Pick or pass on these McDonald's menu items and get a movie to watch!

Question 1

How about the Big Mac?

Its signature sauce is now being sold in grocery stores because of its delectable taste. Combined, the ingredients to make this burger's sauce are a variant of Thousand Island dressing. When it released in Pennsylvania, this burger cost 45 cents.

Question 2

Who could pass on McDonald's World Famous Fries?

The Golden Arches restaurant produces world-class fries enjoyed all over the world. McDonald's Fries are the perfect amount of crispiness and are made with potatoes and cooked in vegetable oil. Who could pass on McDonald's World Famous Fries?

Question 3

Can anyone handle a juicy Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwich?

Its one of the most healthy items on the menu, since it is made with grilled chicken and contains various vegetables. One may be interested in learning that the Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwich has no artificial preservatives. Can anyone handle a juicy Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwich?

Question 4

A Nocilla McFlurry from Spain for dessert?

Nocilla is basically the Spanish Nutella. It sounds like a dream come true. McDonald's decided to make a Nocilla McFlurry which is a must-have when visiting the country of Spain. Would anyone have a Nocilla McFlurry from Spain for Dessert?

Question 5

Does anyone want a Maple and Bacon Poutine from Canada?

Poutine was invented in Quebec, Canada has been made famous throughout the world. The combination of cheese curds and gravy on fries is too good for words. Now, answer this question. Does anyone want a Maple and Bacon Poutine?

Question 6

Pick or Pass a McDonald's Side Salad?

This salad is totally worth it if one wants a small and healthy alternative to other McDonald's menu items. It is not the healthiest salad, but it can't be that bad. Pick or pass a McDonald's Side Salad?

Question 7

Craving the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is sure to satisfy a craving with its two 1/4 lb beef patties, thick cut onions, and two slices of cheese. There is no way anyone could pass up a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

Question 8

And the Fiery Buffalo Chicken One?

With a fiery buffalo sauce, the Fiery Buffalo Chicken One is a true delight. There probably isn't a single fried chicken menu item that isn't worth picking. Pick the Fiery Buffalo Chicken One now and don't regret this decision!

Question 9

Grab peanuts with a Hot Fudge Sundae!

Be sure to grab some peanuts when picking up a palatable Hot Fudge Sundae. It is possibly the most delicious fast food Hot Fudge Sundae—maybe even better than Dairy Queen. Does anyone want to eat a Hot Fudge Sundae?

Question 10

What about a Bubblegum Squash McFlurry from Australia?

The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry is a delight to eat. If ever taking a trip to Australia, one has to stop by the McDonald's to see their unique menu. "Squash" means marshmallows, so don't worry about finding vegetables in a McFlurry!

Question 11

How about the Mighty Angus Burger?

The Mighty Angus Burger is perhaps the most overall tasty burger. It has a slice of tomato, fresh green lettuce, and crumbled hickory smoked bacon. It is the mother of all burgers. Let us know if the Mighty Angus Burger is on the menu!

Question 12

Would anyone like a Junior Chicken Value Pick?

McDonald's Value Picks make it easy for anyone to go to a McDonald's and get a delicious meal. In fact, most people prefer to order entirely from the Value Picks menu instead of paying for an expensive Big Mac meal. Would anyone like a Junior Chicken Value Pick?

Question 13

Mmm. It's a Hot Chocolate!

McDonald's Hot Chocolate is a delight for a cold evening. Swing by the McDonald's and grab a Hot Chocolate for instant gratification. Mmmmm. It's a Hot Chocolate! How could anyone pass on a Hot Chocolate? Is it a pick or a pass?

Question 14

Pick or Pass for 10 Chicken McNuggets?

On any given day, and especially while returning from the bar, this chicken meal is gratifying, to say the least. The meal was recently converted to 100% white meat making it healthier and still, more delicious. It is irresistible when combined with dipping sauces such as Sweet and Sour and Hot Mustard.

Question 15

Is an Oreo McFlurry a Pick or a Pass?

Oreo combines with McFLurry to make one of the tastiest concoctions ever conceived. It's a perfect dessert to enjoy on a hot summer day. Would anyone really want to enjoy this McFlurry? Is an Oreo McFlurry on this menu?

Question 16

Would anyone want an Egg McMuffin?

There are few better choices than devouring an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. Made with real egg, the Egg McMuffin is a real delight. Put some ketchup on the egg to make it complete. Would anyone want an Egg McMuffin?

Question 17

How about a Wasabi Ebi Burger from Singapore?

This sandwich which is served in Singapore is comparable to the Filet-O-Fish for its fish content. Its shrimp content combined with wasabi sauce and coleslaw make it a delight. How about a Wasabi Ebi Burger from Singapore?

Question 18

Dare to pick up a Big Tasty?

Countries of Europe, the Middle East, and South America serve Big Tasty. This sandwich has a special sauce and can have a chicken or beef patty. It is everything we dreamed of, so is it time to pick the Big Tasty?

Question 19

Yum. A warm croissant?

A yummy and warm croissant is perfect for the mornings. Croissants were recently introduced to North American menus and may or may not be available at a local McDonald's. Now tell us this, does anybody want a warm croissant?

Question 20

How about a warm muffin?

These muffins are so warm and soft that they need to be indulged. One really has to taste these muffins to know if they are delicious. Banana Chocolate Chunk, Blueberry, and Fruit and Fibre are muffin choices. How about a warm muffin?

Question 21

How about a McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookie?

There are many sweet and little treats at McDonald's that can be ordered on the side of a meal or can be used as a dessert. The McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookie is one of the lesser-known menu items that is actually worth it.

Question 22

Is it Pick or Pass with the Double Cheeseburger?

This is yet another item that is contained on the McDonald's Value Picks menu. It is one of the most simple burgers on the menu. It has two patties and two slices of cheese and is not to be confused with the McDouble which has one slice of cheese. How about a Double Cheeseburger?

Question 23

In for the Seriously Chicken Sandwich?

McDonald's has a pair of new Seriously Chicken Sandwiches that will figuratively knock socks off. Using premium chicken, and a bun that is appropriately dressed, the Seriously Chicken Sandwich is a high-quality chicken sandwich. In for the Seriously Chicken Sandwich?

Question 24

Will anyone drink this Premium Roast Brewed Coffee?

The Premium Roast Brewed Coffee at McDonald's is one of the best coffees worldwide. It has become the victor in multiple blind taste-tests, beating out competitors such as Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. Will anyone drink this Premium Roast Brewed Coffee?

Question 25

How about the Bacon & Cheddar Angus Burger?

This McDonald's is one of the juiciest on the menu partly because it uses a premium beef patty. It is priced slightly higher than the other burgers, but believe that it is worth every penny. Can anyone name this McD’s burger?

Question 26

Select the McLobster?

This seasonal sandwich is only available in Atlantic Canada and New England. With 100% Atlantic lobster, it is a treat for any McDonald's connoisseur. Due to lack of supply, this sandwich was never sold on a wide scale. Select the McLobster?

Question 27

Want the Chicken Snack Wrap?

McDonald's has many different wraps, and there probably isn't one that isn't 100% tasty. McDonald's uses high-quality chicken. McDonald's can be healthy if choosing the right items. Does anyone want the McDonald's Chicken Snack Wrap?

Question 28

Want a White Hot Chocolate?

If anyone thought the regular Hot Chocolate is delicious, he or she would surely be blown away by McDonald's White Hot Chocolate. McDonald's adds items to their menu that people actually want, and that is another reason why we like McDonald's.

Question 29

Interested in a McDouble?

Why have one patty when the McDouble has two? It is a savory burger that needs to be eaten. It is priced quite low since it appears on the McDonald's value menu. This one should be an easy decision. Interested in a McDouble?

Question 30

Want to eat a Chicken and Bacon with Spinach Breakfast Wrap?

McDonald's wraps are a smart breakfast because of their nutritional content. This particular wrap has plenty of nutritional content in part because of its spinach. Want to eat a Chicken and Bacon with Spinach Breakfast Wrap?

Question 31

Having a Prosperity Burger?

This burger bears a similarity to the McRib, but it uses a beef patty instead. With onions, black pepper sauce, and a unique black pepper sauce, the Prosperity Burger is a must-have for those taking a trip to Malaysia. How about a Prosperity Burger?

Question 32

Want an Iced Coffee from Mickey D's?

The Iced Coffee at McDonald's is a real treat for a hot summer day. Ask for extra syrup for extra flavor during an upcoming trip to McDonald's. Iced Coffees along with other drinks are priced at a $1 all summer long.

Question 33

Have a Happy Meal!

One doesn't have to be a kid to enjoy a Happy Meal. In addition to containing a choice between nuggets, a hamburger, or a cheeseburger, McDonald's Happy Meals contain a toy. These toys can be Power Rangers, Nintendo, or Pokémon themed. Have a Happy Meal!

Question 34

Passing on a McChicken?

The McChicken has been a McDonald's favorite for years now. Its signature McChicken Sauce is too tasty for words. This sauce can be combined with hamburgers, fries, and whatever one's imagination can conjure up.

Question 35

Going to indulge with a McRib?

The McRib usually only appears on the McDonald's menu for a limited time. Due to popular demand because of its deliciousness, the McRib returns, causing people to storm to the Golden Arches to satisfy their cravings.

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