Pick Or Pass On These Marvel Cosplays And We'll Reveal Your Superhero Halloween Costume

We'll miss the lazy days by the pool and barbecues with loved ones that summer had to offer, but nothing makes us happier than the arrival of autumn! We put pumpkin spice into everything we eat and drink, we spend all of October watching spooky movies and all of our free time is dedicated to figuring out what we're doing for Halloween.

Some people are content with just grabbing whatever they can find in their closets and turning those old clothes into a cheap, unimaginative costume. Not us—we take Halloween extremely seriously and use our favorite holiday as a chance to become the people we've always dreamed of being. Sometimes this means we don the outfits of our biggest real-life role models, but every few years, we pretend to be a superhero who inspires us or a villain who allows us to temporarily reveal our hidden dark sides! Choosing an absolute favorite Marvel character to dress up as is almost impossible since Marvel's comics and cinematic universe is filled with individuals who we'd swap places within a heartbeat, but by picking or passing on these Marvel cosplays, this quiz can determine which hero or villain would be the best fit this Halloween!

Question 1


Believe it or not, this isn't actually Cate Blanchett's Hela from Thor: Ragnarok—it's just a costume made by a seriously talented cosplayer! It features Hela's elaborate headpiece and her iconic emerald outfit, and the wearer's fantastic make-up gives her the intimidating cheek bones and smoky eyes.

Question 2


Even though we'll always love Fox's original X-Men trilogy, we can't help wishing they would have made Rogue more like her comic book counterpart. Anna Paquin's Rogue was awkward, shy and her costume was all wrong. This costume is leagues better—the uniform, hair and attitude perfectly match the Rogue we know and love!

Question 3


It's really hard to make a good Carnage costume, but this definitely has to be one of the best we've ever seen. Just like Carnage loves to do in the comics when he's facing off against Spider-Man, he's used his symbiote to develop sharp claws in one hand and an ax in the other. No one's going to mess with this monster!

Question 4


Wolverine is the best there is at what he does... and what he does isn't always nice! Instead of opting for Logan's classic yellow spandex X-Men costume with the ridiculous pointy black mask, this cosplayer went for a more realistic look, donnng a leather jacket, cigar and Wolverine's iconic adamantium claws.

Question 5


Jubilee hasn't been a big character in the X-Men films, but she was a fan-favorite back in the 90's X-Men animated series! This costume recalls her look on that classic show—she's got the yellow coat, bright pink shirt, jean shorts and a playful attitude. And the special effect totally makes it look like this cosplayer is creating fireworks from her hands, just like Jubilee!

Question 6

Scarlet Witch

We appreciate that the Marvel Cinematic Universe likes putting its heroes in more realistic outfits, but we totally wouldn't mind if Elizabeth Olsen replaced her scarlet leather coat with a red cape and headpiece! This totally looks like the real-life version of the Wanda Maximoff we know from Marvel's comics.

Question 7


As we've seen in Sony's 2018 hit video game, Spidey owns too many different costumes to keep track of. We'll always prefer his classic red and blue look, though! This costume looks like it was taken straight from a movie set, and we love that we could visualize its wearer swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper in it!

Question 8


It's definitely not easy to look like the God of Thunder. As we've seen from Chris Hemsworth's portrayal, Thor is supposed to be ridiculously muscular and his uniform is designed to show that chiseled body off. This guy did the best that he could, and he at least deserves credit for having the right hair!

Question 9

Black Panther

We don't all have the same costume budget for Halloween as Marvel does for the MCU, but this cosplayer did a great job working with what he had. His Black Panther costume looks incredibly similar to the real deal, and the claws seem sharp enough to be made from real adamantium!

Question 10


The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Thanos was primarily made with CGI, but this guy found a way to become the Mad Titan in real life! His battle armor looks fantastic, his face make-up is incredibly realistic, and his completed Infinity Gauntlet should have the whole universe shaking in fear.

Question 11


Comic conventions across the world are filled with people dressing up like Wade Wilson, but we've never seen anything quite like this Deadpool cosplay! Someone hilariously took a stormtrooper costume and painted it to resemble the Merc with a Mouth's classic uniform. It's funny and creative, just like Deadpool himself!

Question 12


Move aside, Spidey—a new arachnid-themed hero is in town! Ever since she was first introduced just a few short years ago, fans have been absolutely obsessed with the idea of an alternate-reality Gwen Stacy getting bitten with a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker and becoming Spider-Woman. This outfit perfectly resembles her look from the comics!

Question 13


Juggernaut isn't an easy character to dress up as, so it's no big surprise that so few people even attempt to cosplay as the classic X-Men villain. We give this person credit for trying, though—the gigantic helmet is spot-on, but the similarities to the massive and powerful baddie pretty much end there.

Question 14

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is about to become the star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so expect to see women worldwide dressing up as Carol Danvers pretty soon! Few of them will look as comic book-accurate as this cosplayer, though. Her costume is absolutely perfect, and her air of confidence makes us think that she's ready to go take down Thanos.

Question 15


Gambit has been a fan-favorite X-Men character ever since he was first created back in 1990. This cosplayer did an amazing job recreating the popular Cajun's iconic look, from the glowing red eyes to the body armor, brown coat and staff. Move aside, Channing Tatum... we've found a new star for the Gambit solo film!

Question 16

Red Skull

Instead of shaving his head and painting his face red to resemble Captain America's greatest and most diabolical adversary, this cosplayer chose to simply wear a red skeleton mask and put on a vintage German military uniform. The glowing Tesseract really completes this Red Skull look!

Question 17


With X-Men: Dark Phoenix hitting theaters next June, the whole world will soon know and fear Jean Grey's incredibly powerful alter-ego. As the Phoenix, Jean primarily wears either a red uniform or a green one, but this cosplayer opted to recreate her lesser-known—but still awesome—white outfit with gold trim.

Question 18


Believe it or not, even though the Anti-Venom symbiote looks absolutely nightmare-inducing, he's actually a good guy. In the comics, Anti-Venom sacrificed himself to help cure the people of New York City of a major virus! This is the perfect costume for people who want to be heroes... but don't mind freaking out a few kids in the process on Halloween night.

Question 19


We all know Hulk from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but only comic book fans know about Bruce Banner's cousin, Jennifer Walters. After receiving an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce, she became She-Hulk, a hero who retains her intelligence and emotional control when she turns all green and muscled! This awesome costume recalls the comic storyline when She-Hulk temporarily joined with the Fantastic Four.

Question 20


We admittedly prefer Magneto's classic purple-and-red outfit from the 90's, but we still love this guy's costume inspired by Erik's look in Fox's X-Men: First Class films. He has it all, from the helmet that keeps his frenemy Charles Xavier out of his head to the blue and yellow battle suit.

Question 21

Doctor Strange

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! It looks like this Sorcerer Supreme made his cape out of an old carpet, but other than that, this costume is just as good as the Benedict Cumberbatch version of Doctor Strange. He even has the right facial hair and is wearing the Eye of Agamotto!

Question 22

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the perfect superhero to dress up as if you don't want to break the bank buying new items for the costume. Just grab a scarf from your closet and throw on a pair of jeans and a leather jacket! This cosplayer looks identical to the Netflix character we've grown to love.

Question 23

Iron Man

We used to think only people with a bank account as big as Tony Stark's could make a believable Iron Man costume, but this expert cosplayer somehow managed to accomplish the impossible! His armored outfit looks like it's made of real metal, and his facial hair and designer sunglasses make him look just like the billionaire philanthropist.

Question 24


Just when we thought someone pulling off a realistic Iron Man cosplay was impressive, we found this costume! Thanks to a 3D printer and a whole lot of skill, someone actually managed to create the massive Hulkbuster suit Tony wore to fight the Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Question 25


Here's another awesome costume inspired by the MCU films. When he was first introduced in the comics, Falcon wore a far more campy red and white uniform. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Falcon's military look is far less ridiculous, and we're seriously impressed by the wings this cosplayer created!

Question 26


We'll never love a Loki as much as we love Tom Hiddleston's version of the God of Mischief, but this guy's take on Thor's wicked half-brother is still pretty amazing! The costume is almost identical to the one seen in the MCU films, and the man in the iconic horned helmet has Loki's charming and twisted smirk down perfectly.

Question 27

Doctor Octopus

We're really into dressing up for Halloween, but we'll probably never put as much time, money and effort into a costume as this man clearly put into his Doctor Octopus cosplay. Not only did he find Octavius' classic coat and goggles... he made all four gigantic metal tentacles as well!

Question 28


We've grown accustomed to Netflix Daredevil's fairly bland black-and-dark red costume, but the Devil of Hell's Kitchen's classic bright red uniform with his double-D logo on the front will always be his superior look. This cosplayer's mask looks a bit big, but other than that, he looks like he stepped right out of the pages of Marvel's comics!

Question 29

Mister Fantastic

How can you recreate the look of a superhero who has the ability to stretch his limbs to ridiculous lengths? We wouldn't have thought such a feat was even possible, until we came across this clever Mister Fantastic costume. It really looks like this cosplayer's arms are stretched out several extra feet!

Question 30

Agent Venom

Sony's Venom film introduced casual superhero-genre fans to Eddie Brock's merger with a alien symbiote. In the comics, that same symbiote eventually separated from Eddie and joined with Spidey's friend Flash Thompson to become the superhero Agent Venom. The lesser-known character has become a fan-favorite in the comics, and he looks EXACTLY like this!

Question 31

Captain America

Not a fan of Captain America's typical red, white and blue costume with the scale mail design all over it? Don't worry, this guy wasn't either... so he chose to pay tribute to the Star Spangled Avenger by wearing his classic WWII rescue uniform instead! This costume is easier to recreate, but it's still every bit as amazing as Steve Roger's more iconic look.

Question 32

Black Widow

Take note, Marvel Cinematic Universe costume designers—THIS is what Black Widow's outfit is supposed to look like! This cosplayer managed to recreate Natasha's exact look from the comics, but it's still realistic enough that we could picture her fighting alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes wearing it!

Question 33


Spider-Man has an incredibly large catalog of villains, and several of them choose to wear some seriously ridiculous costumes. Mysterio's uniform has to be the weirdest, though, because he has a gigantic fishbowl for a helmet! We never thought we'd see a decent cosplay of such a silly character, but we were wrong—this doesn't look half bad!

Question 34


As much as we appreciate comic book accuracy... there's no way a real-life sharpshooter or Avenger would put on the ridiculous purple uniform Hawkeye used to wear when Marvel first introduced him. His MCU costume is actually leagues better, and this cosplayer did a fantastic job recreating it. We're also incredibly impressed by his perfect archery stance!

Question 35


Ant-Man is another character whose costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks way better than the one he wears in the comics. Comic book Ant-Man wears this impractical red, black and blue spandex uniform and bulky metal helmet. Kudos to this guy for managing to make the silly classic uniform look good!

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