Pick Or Pass On These Makeup Looks And We’ll Reveal If You Actually Know Makeup

Makeup is fun. It's such an easy way to express a mood and create a little drama. Some women love natural makeup that enhances their looks without being too noticeable, while others prefer makeup that is bold and beautiful.

There is no right or wrong way to wear makeup. It is about expressing personality and personal style through cosmetics. Makeup rules can be ignored anytime, right?

Women who take this quiz (guys are welcome to take the quiz, too, of course...more and more guys are wearing makeup these days) will be able to pick or pass on some amazing makeup looks and then get matched with beauty icons who share the same beauty sensibility.

This quiz is fun, lighthearted and perfect for makeup lovers everywhere. So, why not start this exciting quiz right now?

Question 1

Vamp makeup look

This makeup look is so Old Hollywood. It's a classic femme fatale look that is timeless. To get the look, go for a dark red lip, a matte foundation, pressed powder and a smoky, neutral-toned eye. This look is the ideal complement to a little black dress or a sparkly evening gown.

Question 2

Beach-inspired makeup look

This look is sun-kissed, natural and very appealing. It is about applying the right types of cosmetics, including tinted moisturizer, bronzer and highlighter, to give the skin maximum glow. It is not about bright cosmetics that are better suited to nightclubs or red carpet events. This low-key makeup look will suit almost anyone.

Question 3

Paris-inspired makeup look

To get the chic Paris look, use a strong red lip color on a clean face. When a lip color is this bold, keeping the rest of a makeup look very subtle and natural is the key to getting this look right. A little foundation or concealer is ok, plus a bit of mascara.

Question 4

Shimmery makeup look

Shimmery makeup is very popular these days. More and more men and women are using shimmery cosmetics, such as highlighters, lip glosses and luminizers, to create glow on certain areas of the face...or all over. James Charles is a makeup guru who definitely believes in the power of sparkle and shimmer.

Question 5

Goth makeup look

There is something darkly romantic about the whole Goth makeup thing. It is a look that calls to mind glam vampires. The look is distinct. Most people recognize the Goth look as soon as they see it. To get the look, powder the face and define the eyes and brows with dark makeup. Go for a cool red lip.

Question 6

Cat-eye makeup look

Adele loves the cat-eye makeup look and so do lots of other women. Liquid eyeliner is the key to getting the attractive and dramatic "flick" at the end of each upper lid. Some women are better at creating cat-eye makeup looks than others. This makeup look requires a bit of technical skill.

Question 7

Peachy makeup look

This makeup look tends to flatter those who have warm tones in their complexions. Peach makeup can look very natural, unless the complexion is really cool. Celebs who look great in peach makeup include Hayden Panettiere, Julianne Hough and Jennifer Lopez. Peach is a great choice for a natural makeup look.

Question 8

Berry makeup look

Berry tones are very flattering on most women. A berry lip color adds definition and depth, without being too bright. Katie Holmes look great in a rich berry lip color. It creates a bit of contrast without overpowering her features. Berry cheek colors are also great ways to add a healthy flush to the face.

Question 9

Music festival makeup look

Coachella attracts plenty of social media influencers, including celeb offspring. It is a music festival where attendees like to show their style. To get a music festival makeup look, for Coachella or any other festival, go for glitter under the eyes or above the eyes. Keep the rest of the face natural.

Question 10

Neutral everyday makeup look

Kendall Jenner goes for a neutral and natural look for events like basketball games. She conceals imperfections and then chooses neutral makeup shades that complement her complexion. It is possible to wear quite a lot of neutral-toned makeup without looking overdone. Is this everyday look just right, or is it too blah?

Question 11

Metallic makeup look

Metallic cosmetics can provide different effects. When applied with skill, they tend to give an ultra-modern look that is polished and sleek. The key to getting a sophisticated metallic look is adding metallic makeup to just one feature. They eyes are a natural choice, but there are also metallic highlighters and lip colors.

Question 12

Green eye makeup look

This look is very interesting on women with green eyes, but it can work for any eye color. Some women shy away from colorful eye shadows, while others love the dramatic effects that they give. With this look, a green shadow covers the lid and eyeliner and mascara finish the look.

Question 13

Contour makeup look

Contour has been around for ages. Old-time actresses used it to define their faces. Contour makeup is still popular today. In fact, it is hugely popular. With contour, dark makeup is used to narrow jawlines or noses visually. It is also used to emphasize cheekbones. Draw the ideal face with contour makeup!

Question 14

Edgy pink makeup look

Is this makeup look too much, or does it appeal? Pink is very easy to wear, but this look is definitely on the edgy side. It is a look that is far from the everyday natural look. This look shows how versatile pink really is. Pick or pass on this look now.

Question 15

Prom makeup look

This soft makeup look features a medium pink lip and defined eyes. It is a look that is just right for a party dress. It goes well with a fancier hairstyle. To get the look, choose a rose-pink lip color, black eyeliner and mascara and a bit of rosy blush.

Question 16

Bridal makeup look

Most women want to look like their best selves on their wedding days. This means natural makeup with a bit more drama on the eyes. Get a flattering bridal makeup look by choosing makeup that matches your skin tone. Add extra eyeliner and mascara to look great in wedding pics.

Question 17

Cool blue eye makeup look

This look is so cool. It features a deep blue eye shadow, plus neutral-toned cheeks and lips. To get the look, add a liberal amount of royal blue eye shadow to the lids and crease. Finish the look with black eyeliner and a couple of coats of lengthening black mascara.

Question 18

Rosy cheeks makeup look

This healthy and pretty makeup look is very easy to wear. It is about creating a gorgeous flush with deep pink cream or powder blush. To balance flushed pink cheeks, keep the eyes and lips simple and natural. This look is timeless. Women have been adding rouge to their cheeks for centuries.

Question 19

Heavy eyeliner makeup look

This look is just right for women who want to add some rock and roll edge. Heavy eyeliner definitely gives that "rock chick" look and it is not too hard to apply very noticeable eyeliner. Just circle the eyes with eyeliner a couple of times, on the top and bottom. Smudge to soften the eyeliner.

Question 20

Purple makeup look

Purple is such a pretty color. It can be worn on the eyes, lips and cheeks. A swipe of violet eye shadow will add drama, while a softer purple lip will look feminine and not too unnatural. Purple blush should be used sparingly to finish the look. Pick or pass on purple makeup now.

Question 21

Matte red lips makeup look

Nothing transforms the face like red lipstick. Some women find it too bright and dramatic, while others adore it. When red lips are matte, the look is more polished and sophisticated. There is no shine to the red lip color and this makes the effect more high-fashion. Pick or pass now.

Question 22

Brown lipstick makeup look

Brown lipstick is so 90s and it has regained some popularity. While some women find brown lipstick hard to wear, it does give a unique look that is a little bit offbeat. It is something that was trendy way back then, so it looks fresh now. Pick or pass on brown lips.

Question 23

Cut crease eye makeup look

This look is so dramatic. It is too much for some women. It is high glam at its finest. Cut crease eye makeup visually enlarges the eye and defines it. It is about putting dark makeup into the crease area. This look is suitable for nightclubs. Is is fun or overdone?

Question 24

No mascara makeup look

Some makeup artists believe that skipping the mascara is the key to keeping a makeup look young and fresh. Others think that the face looks unfinished without a coat or two or brown or black mascara. Everyone has their own opinion about makeup. That is the fun of it, really.

Question 25

Red carpet makeup look

Red carpet makeup is all about glamour, but the makeup does not have to be in the brightest shades. It can be more subtle. Pinky-brown lips, defined eyes and blush on the cheeks provide classic red carpet glamour. It is about making a woman look polished, glowing and her very best.

Question 26

Neon eye makeup look

Neon is so trendy right now. To get a cool neon eye makeup look, choose a fave neon hue eye shadow, such as lemon yellow, bright pink, electric blue or lime green, and apply it all over the lid. Add just a little to the crease. Keep other makeup neutral.

Question 27

Rose gold makeup look

Rose gold makeup is currently very popular. Kim Kardashian has been photographed wearing rose gold eye shadow and its is such a flattering shade. Rose gold makeup works on lips and cheeks, too. Pair this makeup look with rose gold jewelry for a gorgeous effect. Rose gold jewelry is optional.

Question 28

False eyelashes makeup look

Want eyes that look way bigger and brighter? If so, a false eyelash makeup look may be just the ticket. This look is not exactly natural, so it may not be right for women who do not want to look fake. However, some false eyelashes look more natural than others do.

Question 29

Orange eye makeup look

Orange eye shadow is bold and exciting. It can work on fair or darker skin. On fair skin, it creates a lot of contrast and drama. On darker skin, it brings out so much beautiful warmth. This color is fun to experiment with year-round. Is it too bold, or just right?

Question 30

Dewy makeup look

Dewy skin looks youthful and fresh and it can be achieved at any age. It is about using the right skin care and makeup products. A dewy look is about skipping a lot of powder. It is about letting skin have a bit of moisture and shine. This look is very natural.

Question 31

No-makeup makeup look

This look is about subtlety. It is about covering imperfections, adding a little no-color mascara and maybe some lip balm. It is right for women who do not want to look like they are trying too hard. This look is confident. It is ideal for running errands or going to the gym.

Question 32

Over-the-top makeup look

This look is about adding color to every facial feature. It is about showcasing the eyes, lips, cheeks and complexion with bright tones and rich pigments. It is not a look for the "natural makeup" type of person. This over-the-top look takes major confidence. Some women love it and some do not.

Question 33

Glossy eye makeup look

There are different ways to achieve this fashion-forward makeup look. One is to find an eye gloss product that has just the right texture and finish. Another is to top powder eye shadows with Vaseline or another type of beauty product with a glossy, shiny finish. Pick or pass now

Question 34

Pale and delicate makeup look

Fashion models often wear this makeup look on runaways, especially when they are wearing ultra-modern clothes, such as Calvin Klein designs. Makeup is light and the effect is delicate. Makeup shades are pink or pink with a touch of brown. This makeup look is so minimalist. It is also flattering.

Question 35

Strong brow makeup look

Strong and sculpted brows are in. A lot of cosmetics companies offer brow products, such as brow pencils or brow gels, which make it easy for women to get this look. Strong brows with clean shapes help to highlight the eyes. Is this look a good one, or less than awesome?

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