Pick Or Pass On These Kids Movies To See If The Future Holds A Boy Or Girl

While these movies may have been created with children in mind, that certainly does not mean that grown ups can't enjoy them as well. For some of us, these classics will always be some of our most cherished films. These films are full of wild adventures, funny characters, bright colours, and amazing songs. Sometimes it seems that these films have more to offer than a lot of what Hollywood pumps out every year. When it comes down to it, these movies taught us the best lessons in life. It only makes sense that we would want to use these films to teach our own kids these very same lessons.

Today we will be listing 50 of the most classic kids movies of all time. We will go through them one by one, and everyone will get a chance to speak up for their favorite films. We all had our own favorites growing up, so no answer is a wrong answer in this quiz. Once everyone has voiced their opinion on each film, we will be able to tell them what color to paint the baby room! This will no doubt be the most magical 5 minutes of everyone's day, so call up some old friends and take this ultimate kids movie quiz now!

Question 1

Beauty and the Beast

Let's kick things off with a tale that really is as old as time. Belle was always a girl who dreamed of adventure and romance, but never did she think it was all waiting for her in a nearby forest. When Belle first arrived at the enchanted castle, things were not all happy and romantic. However, after getting to know Beast and all of his enchanted buddies, Belle quickly warmed to the idea of her new home. Pick or pass?

Question 2

Alice in Wonderland

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Alice. While she was a pretty girl, everything else in her life was fairly standard. Feeling very bored with her everyday life, Alice decided to go out exploring. Of course she did not realize that this excursion would lead her to an entirely different world. In this world everything seemed like a fantasy. The flowers could talk, the rabbits were in a rush, and tea was always being served up fresh.

Question 3

Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph was designed to smash buildings. Not in real life of course, but in his video game. He has spent years playing by the same rules, but he has started to grow tired of always having to play the bad guy. Ralph has decided that if he cannot be the good guy in his own game, maybe it is time to take his chances in another one. Game hopping can be dangerous though, and Ralph is probably the clumsiest guy in the gaming world...

Question 4


Has there ever been a movie with more innocent characters than Bambi? Bambi was just a baby when he was left orphaned in the forest, but he quickly found a few friends that were able to show him the ropes. While his life did not start off in the best possible way, Bambi has done a pretty good job at turning things around for himself. Of course he has Thumper to thank for a lot of this! Pick or pass?

Question 5

Toy Story

This is a story about true friendship. At one point in time, Woody was Andy's favorite toy. Woody loved being Andy's right hand man, but this situation could never last forever. Andy was bound to grow up and some point and the possibility of new toys was always there as well. When Andy was gift Buzz Lightyear (a battery powered toy), Woody thought he would be all but forgotten. However, Andy still loved Woody and Buzz became his very best friend!

Question 6


Lightning McQueen was the fastest car the world had ever seen. He won every single race he was ever in, and everyone truly thought he would remain the best forever. While on his way to one of the biggest racing events of the year, Lightning McQueen got lost and found himself in an abandoned town full of old rusted cars. It wasn't where he had pictured himself ending up, but sometimes true friends find us in the most unexpected of places.

Question 7

Peter Pan

Wendy Darling always believed that there was magic out there somewhere. She would tell her younger brothers all kinds of magical tales, but she never had witnessed any true form of magic herself. That was until a shadow appeared in her bedroom one evening. The shadow belonged to Peter Pan. Peter was a boy who lived in a magical land where kids never had to grow up or follow any rules at all. Naturally Wendy and her brothers had to follow Peter there to see what was up!

Question 8


Hercules was the son of the mighty god Zeus. He was in line to become just as powerful as his father one day, but his entire future changed when the wicked Hades stole baby Herc away. Instead of with his family up in the clouds, Hercules was raised here on earth. He always felt as though he did not belong, but it wasn't until he was grown up that he finally realized why he felt so very different. Are we picking or passing?

Question 9


Tangled tells the story of Rapunzel, but as it turns out, things went a little differently than we were originally told. Rapunzel was born the princess of a large kingdom. Her parents loved her deeply, but she was taken away by a wicked witch when she was just a baby. Rapunzel was raised in a tower thinking the witch was actually her mother. At the age of 18, Rapunzel finally decided to leave her tower and live the life she had been kept from.

Question 10

The Lion King

While Simba was growing up, he was always told that one day he would become the King of Pride Rock. This was something he was very much looking forward to, but when the opportunity came around earlier than he expected, he ran from it. Simba was young and he didn't believe he could do it. He left everything and everyone he knew, to begin a whole new life with new friends and a new motto. Although, our past always has a way of catching up to us.

Question 11

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the very first Disney film we ever got. We have her to thank for all of the classics that came later. Snow White was the most beautiful girl in her kingdom, and this was the reason why the wicked witch could not allow her to exist in it any longer. The witch was so jealous of Snow White's beauty, that she forced her into hiding. Luckily seven dwarfs came around to help her out!

Question 12


Tarzan has lived quite an interesting life. After winding up an orphan in the middle of the jungle, Tarzan was adopted by a mother Gorilla. While this may seem problematic, Tarzan actually had a wonderful childhood with his Gorilla family and all of his animal friends. In fact, it wasn't until he was grown up and finally saw another human, that he realized he did not exactly fit in with everyone he had grown up with. Do we pick or pass?

Question 13

The Aristocats

Dutchess and her three kittens have only ever know what it's like to be pampered. They live in a beautiful home and have the most loving owner in the world. However, their owner's butler is not exactly the nicest man in town. Jealous of the attention the cats get, the butler decided to drop them off in the middle of nowhere. Little did he know, an alley cat was waiting to help them find their way back! Pick or pass?

Question 14

A Bug's Life

Flik is not just any old ant. While he does what he can to help his colony collect food and supplies, his true passion is in inventing. Flik spends all of his free time coming up with and building unique inventions, with the hopes that one of them might just be able to help out the rest of his colony. Unfortunately, most of these inventions wind up causing more trouble than anything else, but there is not an ant out there more determined than Flik is.

Question 15

101 Dalmatians

There has never been a pair of prouder pups than Pongo and Perdy. They just had litter of 101 puppies and even their human owners are excited about the event. It looked as though they were all going to live happily ever after, but that is just when Cruella de Vil stepped in. She saw the puppies and decided they would make the most beautiful coat in the world. Clearly she did not realize just how resourceful puppies can really be!

Question 16

Finding Nemo

Nemo was born a little bit smaller than the rest of the baby fish in the ocean. Naturally this made his father a little overprotective of him. His father was an excellent guardian, but he was a little too obsessed with keeping Nemo safe. Trying to prove he could handle being on his own, Nemo decided to swim away from home. He wound up getting caught by a human diver, and now his dad is on a mission to get him back!

Question 17

Finding Dory

It has been a few years since Marlin successfully saved Nemo, and the two of them have been happily living beside their new best friend Dory. Everything was swimming along smoothly, when one day, Dory went missing. Knowing the ocean a little bit better after their last adventure, Marlin and Nemo decided to go out and find her themselves. It is a big ocean, but the love they have for their friend is bigger. How does everyone feel about this Disney sequel?

Question 18

Bee Movie

There are not too many rules in the Bee world. Things are kept quite simple. Bees cannot talk to humans and they are to start working in their hives after completing college. Not too hard to follow, right? Well, Barry is finding the idea of working inside of a hive to be rather dull. After breaking the rule about not talking to humans and finding out that they have been stealing their honey for years, Barry has decided it is his destiny to become a lawyer.

Question 19


Coraline is a little bit more adventurous than most girls her age. She is not scared of anything and she is always out looking for her next thrill. After moving into a new home with her parents, Coraline started to feel a little lonely. Her parents have been busy with the move and she has not made any new friends yet. While out exploring one afternoon, Coraline discovered a whole new universe. While this universe seems exciting, it may not be as magical as she first thought.

Question 20

Happy Feet

In the world of penguins, the only way to find a soul mate is by singing a song from the heart. Every penguin out there is born with a beautiful voice, so this system has worked pretty well for a while now. However, young mumble has just discovered that he couldn't carry a tune if he tried. Even though this was a tough realization, it did come along with a bright side. Mumble is the best dancer around, he just needs to get everyone to view his talent the way he does.

Question 21


Anastasia doesn't remember anything from when she was very small. Her earliest memories have all been from her time as a orphan. She is all grown up now though, and she is finally going out to give life a try on her own. However, a few people have told her that she bears an uncanny resemblance to the missing princess of Russia. Could she really be this mysterious missing princess? It seems unlikely, but it is an animated film afterall!

Question 22


Bolt is not like any other pup. Not only is he a television star, but he also has a fair share of magical powers. Of course these powers only exist on the television series, but Bolt is not aware of this fact. He truly believes that he is the fastest dog in the world and that his bark is so powerful that it can be heard from miles away. While none of this may be true, when his owner finds herself in danger, Bolt knows he is the only one capable of saving her.

Question 23

Christopher Robin

There was once a time when Christopher Robin would spend everyday playing in the Hundred Acre Woods with his pals Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Their adventures were endless and Christopher knew that he had the very best friends in the entire world. However, after growing up and forgetting about his pals, Christopher also seemed to forget about what was truly important in life. Not to worry though ... his buddies are back to remind of everything he has forgotten!

Question 24

Home Alone

Little Kevin McCallister is the youngest of his clan. His family is very large and very noisy. This meant that their planned holiday trip to Paris was not exactly going to be a peaceful event. Luckily, on the morning his family headed to the airport, Kevin was left behind. While his family tries to get on a flight back home, Kevin is looking at a holiday with the house to himself. What more could a kid ask for than that?

Question 25

Inside Out

This movie is all about learning how to deal with new emotions. When we are really young, emotions are fairly simple. We are happy when we are happy, and sad when we are sad. Not much to it at all. However, as we age, new emotions come along and mix in with out existing ones. Naturally this is not the easiest thing the manage, but most of the time our emotions do a good job keeping us in check! Thoughts?

Question 26

Kung Fu Panda

Po is not exactly the most in-shape panda, but if we could drop pounds by dreaming, Po would be the thinnest of us all. Po has always dreamed of becoming a Kung Fu master, but his belly and his lazy habits have always prevented this from becoming a reality. However, sometimes it is important to remember that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. He may just be a heavy panda, but he is capable of doing anything he puts his mind to!

Question 27

Big Hero 6

Hiro may just be a kid, but he knows technology better than any adult out there. He can build absolutely anything he dreams of and he has come up with some doozies. After his city fell under attack, Hiro knew he had to do something to help, but what could a kid really do in this type of situation? Maybe he couldn't do much on his own, but his robot pals certainly were capable of bringing down some bad guys!

Question 28


Miguel is a boy with a passion. He loves to play music more than anything else in the world, but his family simply will not allow it. For one reason or another, Miguel's entire family has a ban on all things musical. Knowing there has to be a way to change their minds, miguel goes out looking for the truth about how this ban started. If he could get to the bottom of how this whole thing started, maybe he would be able to change his future.

Question 29

Hotel Transylvania

We have all heard the stories of Count Dracula and his wicked ways, but has anyone ever stopped to ask why Dracula dislikes humans so much? In this film, we get to hear his side of the story. Dracula lost his wife to a mob of angry humans, and ever since he has not trusted them one bit. He has managed to keep his daughter away from the species for her entire life, but now that she is growing up, all she wants is to venture out on her own.

Question 30

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo was always a strange girl. Not in a bad way, she was just a bit different from the other kids her age. Not being able to connect with any of her classmates, Lilo's sister decided a dog may be the perfect companion for her. Of course when they went to the pound to pick one up, Lilo decided to go for the only one there that was actually an alien. Neither of them fit in with the rest, but they fit in with each other!

Question 31

Monsters INC

Mike and Sully have been best friends since college. They are two very different monsters, but sometimes it is the ones who are least like us that actually make the best friends. Mike is smart and knows how to keep things well organized. Sully on the other hand, is scary and strong. They both add something different into the mix, but together they are a pretty unstoppable team. They may argue from time to time, but the love has always been strong.

Question 32


Shrek never thought much about finding a soulmate or even a friend for that matter. He was an ogre afterall, so who was ever going to want to be in his company? Because of this, Shrek learned how to enjoy his solitude. He may have actually learned to enjoy solitude a little too much in fact. After a gang of fairytale creatures were told to take up residence in Shrek's swamp, he figured he had to do whatever it took to get his home back to the quiet place it had been.

Question 33


Even though Remy was born a rat and everyone he knows is also a rat, he finds very little to be desired when it comes to the rat way of life. He has no interest in eating human scraps, but instead he dreams of cooking up all kinds of delicious dishes. He knows that if he were to be given the chance, he could easily become the most famous chef in all of Paris. Too bad nobody is looking for rats to work in their kitchens ...

Question 34

The Peanuts Movie

Life has never exactly been simple for young Charlie Brown. While he sees all of the other kids running around and enjoying life without a care in the world, Chuck has always found this difficult. Luckily, a red haired girl has just moved to town, and she seems to be just the type of friend Charlie has been looking for all of his life. Of course while all of this is happening, Chuck's pet beagle is off on his own adventure.

Question 35

Boss Baby

Having a new sibling in the home is never easy on a kid. A new baby has just arrived in Tim's home and he is already causing all kinds of issues. Of course Tim was not ready for any baby to move into his family house, but this one is particularly bad. Tim has just found out that his new "sibling" is in fact a secret spy. How on earth is he going to get his parents to believe this?

Question 36

The Jungle Book

Mowgli has not exactly had the most traditional upbringing. Stranded alone in the jungle when he was just a baby, Mowgli wound up being taken in by a loving pack of wolves. While this could have been dangerous, the wolves always treated Mowgli like one of their own. When the time finally came for Mowgli to leave his pack, he was facing a dangerous trek through the jungle on his own. Luckily, a friendly bear came along to help him find his way!

Question 37

The Lego Movie

There was nothing very special about Emmet. He was a standard issue lego man, and he was very content living his average life. However, one day he was mistaken for a hero lego. Not having much of a choice, Emmet agreed to help a team of heroes save the entire lego universe from a wicked villain. This film taught us once again that anyone one of us can be a hero! How does everyone feel about this animated movie? Pick or pass?

Question 38


This film is all about how predators and prey interact with each other. In the animal city of Zootopia, there is a certain way things work. The big animals take on the big jobs and the small animals take on the small ones. However, little Judy Hopps, a rabbit raised on a carrot farm, has decided she wants to move to the city and become a cop. Normally this job would be reserved for animals like rhinos and bears, but Judy thinks she has what it takes to make it!

Question 39

The Little Mermaid

Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton. Being one of Triton's daughters comes along with all kinds of responsibilities. However, Ariel has her own hopes and dreams for the future and none of them involve living under her father's roof. All Ariel wants is to be free to roam around the human world. She is fascinated by humans and thinks she could fit in with them perfectly, if only she were to given the chance to do so. Pick or pass?

Question 40


Poppy is without a doubt the happiest troll that has ever existed. While Branch on the other hand, is the grumpiest troll that has ever existed. Normally these two would never have been friends, but after their village was invaded by bad guys, they had no choice but to partner up. Poppy's friends are missing, and it is up to this unlikely duo to go out and rescue them. Now they only have to figure out how to deal with each other along the way.

Question 41


When it comes to Mulan's family, the rules are very clear. The boys will grow up and go off to war for their country, and the girls will marry respectable men and have babies. For the most part these rules work well, but in the case of Mulan, they do not work at all. Mulan wants to fight for her country and she has no interest in any of the men she has met. Can she live the life she wants without bringing dishonor to her family?

Question 42


Here we have one of the most classic movies out of the whole bunch. While Cinderella was born to two loving parents, she lost both of them when she was just a child. Instead, she was raised by her wicked stepmother. She never once treated Cinderella like her own daughter, but opted for treating her like a servant. Cinderella never let this bring her down though. She always knew that one day her happily ever after would come to find her!

Question 43

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While Quasimodo may look different than the rest of us, he could not have a kinder heart. He spends his days locked away in a tower with only the stone gargoyles to keep him company, but he dreams of one day walking around with other humans. After meeting the charming Esmeralda, Quasimodo's dreams grew even bigger. When Esmerelda found herself in danger, Quasimodo knew he had to do whatever he could to help her. How do we feel about this one?

Question 44


Elsa is about to be crowned Queen of her kingdom, but nobody is more excited about the event than her younger sister Anna. While the girls were once best friends, Elsa's incredible ice powers have kind of come between them over the last few years. Anna has been keeping to herself for so long now, that she cannot think of a more exciting thing to happen than the opening of the castle doors. Soon she will be surrounded by new people to talk to!

Question 45

Lady and the Tramp

Both of these pooches came from entirely different backgrounds. Lady was the most pampered pooch on the block, and Tramp was the wisest street dog there ever was. Even though they were both very different, there was something there that neither of them could explain. The more time they spent together, the more powerful their love became. Sometimes it is the ones who are the least like us, that wind up stealing our hearts. How do we feel about this animated classic?

Question 46


Carl and Ellie had the kind of romance that most people never get to experience. They found each other when they were just kids and remain by each other's side every day after that. They shared countless dreams for their future together, and most of them they were able to achieve. However, there was one rather large dream that they never managed. Now that Carl is living on his own, he is thinking it is finally time to make the leap!

Question 47


Just to be clear, we are talking about the animated version of this movie and not the upcoming live-action remake. Aladdin was just a kid from the streets when he found the magic lamp. He had no idea that such a small object could have the power to change his entire life. Inside of this magic lamp, there was a genie. This genie was offering Aladdin three wishes. He could wish for absolutely anything in the world. Not such an easy choice to make ...

Question 48

Robin Hood

We all know the story of Robin Hood. He steals from the rich to give to the poor. While this is all common knowledge, it wasn't until this film, that we learnt that Robin Hood was actually a fox. As it turns out, everyone from Robin's story was actually an animal. His right hand man Little John was actually a rather large bear. How did everyone here feel about this version of the story? Is it an automatic pick or a hard pass?

Question 49


Before any wild adventures began, Pinocchio was just a wooden puppet. His maker wished upon a star and before he knew it, his beloved puppet had turned into the son he had always wanted. Even though this was a miracle, Pinocchio's new human life came along with some rules. No matter what happened, Pinocchio has to be honest. If he were to tell a lie, his nose would grow and everyone around would know that he had been dishonest. Pick or pass?

Question 50

Brother Bear

A young boy with a dislike for bears, gets a rude awakening when he magically becomes a bear himself. Kenai had previously lost family members to bears, so his dislike was fairly meritted. However, now that he is a bear himself, he is learning that even these animals struggle to survive out in the wild. The key to happy living is figuring out how to cohabitate with all those around us, not just the ones who look and talk like us!

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