Pick Or Pass On These Kid Movies To Reveal Your Future Baby's Sign

Anyone who truly knows kid movies, knows that they are certainly not just for kids. Family friendly films are amusing for everyone. The story lines are easy to follow, yet they are still exciting. The characters are lovable and usually come with a few jokes up their sleeves. Plus, let's not forget that the songs are usually catchier than anything grown-up musicals have to offer. So, for these reasons and so many more... kid movies are really the ones to be watching!

Does anyone here find themselves watching animated flicks more than live-action ones? If so, than this quiz is a must take! We are going to list 50 of the most popular kid movies, and all everyone here has to do is select the best ones. Once everyone has made their selections, we are going to tally up the results and guess the sign of everyone's future baby! This quiz will cover more than just the Disney classics, so we highly suggest everyone know their stuff before starting this one. Everything from Pixar to Dreamworks will be covered, and of course we will sprinkle in some Disney as well! Get ready for this one, it is sure to be the most magical 10 minutes of the day!

Question 1

Inside Out

This film was all about the emotions of one girl. We do not see the actual girl much, but instead each of her emotions play the main characters. The movie tries to explain what it is like to experience emotions for the first time, and how to properly cope with the news ones that are continuously popping up.

Question 2

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. is an alien who somehow ended up living on our planet. He was discovered by a boy who he instantly had a connection with. The boy wanted more than anything to help his new alien friend, but getting him back to his own planet turned into a much more difficult task than he originally thought it would be.

Question 3

Toy Story

Woody is Andy's absolute favorite toy in the world. They two do everything together and Woody could not be any happier with the arrangement. However, once Andy is gifted a new toy (one with battery operated functions) everything begins to change... How did everyone here feel about this Disney classic film?

Question 4

The Jungle Book

Mowgli has spent his entire life with the same wolf pack. It wasn't a traditional upbringing, but he was truly happy with his furry family. After a dangerous incident however, Mowgli must take to the jungle and try to make it on his own. Luckily, there are a few animals out there who still have his back!

Question 5


Moana was born to lead her village. She loves her island and her people, but she feels as though a different destiny is awaiting her. She dreams of sailing the open ocean and exploring new ground. Now she must choose between the path she was born into, and the path her heart was meant to follow.

Question 6


Carl enjoyed a peaceful life alongside his wife. The two of them shared many dreams, one of which was to sail their house across the sky by way of balloons. After Carl lost his wife, he decided to continue with their dream. With the help of a few unwanted new friends, Carl may just be able to achieve his life's goal.

Question 7

Finding Nemo

Nemo was always one of the smaller fish in the ocean. His father always tried to keep him well protected, but Nemo just wanted to explore. One day, Nemo explored a little too far and was taken by a few scuba divers. Now it is up to his father to search the ocean and to find him.

Question 8

Mary Poppins

As far as nannies go, Mary Poppins is quite unusual. She has a heart full of songs, as well as a bag full of magical tricks. One never knows what kind of activity she has planned, but we can always assume that it is going to be spectacular! How did everyone feel about this one?

Question 9


Remy is not like the other rats he knows. He isn't content with just sitting back and nibbling on some old cheese. Remy dreams of one day becoming a world famous chef. The only issue with this dream? Well, fancy restaurants do not typically hire rats to work in the kitchens...

Question 10

The LEGO Movie

Emmet has spent his entire life playing it safe. He follows every rule and makes sure things are done properly the first time. However, after he is mistaken for being a hero, he is left with no choice but to accept the title. Now, it is up to him to save the day.

Question 11

How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup has never fit in. He has spent his whole life trying to be the person his parents and friends want him to be, but it just never seems to work for him. After he meets a dragon who is also an outcast though, everything changes for not only Hiccup, but for his new dragon pal as well.

Question 12

The Incredibles

Superheroes used to be a big part of everyday life. They were always around to save the day when we needed them. However, after a few civilian complaints, the heroes were all forced into hiding. Imagine how hard it must be to keep superhuman strength a secret... Pick or pass on this one?

Question 13

Beauty and the Beast

Belle is the prettiest girl in town, yet everyone still finds her a bit odd. She isn't really, she just dreams of things bigger than her provincial life. After finding herself captive in a strange castle, Belle begins to realize maybe the adventure she had always dreamed of wasn't so far from home after all...

Question 14

101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil has her eyes set on the new litter of dalmatian puppies she has just encountered. She believes they will make the most beautiful coat in the whole world. Little does she know, these puppies are not going down without a fight! What was everyone's take of this classic Disney movie?

Question 15

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack has been the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown for as long as he can remember. He loves his job very much, but after accidentally falling upon Christmastown, Jack begins to wonder if there is not more to life than just trick or treating. Now he must choose between what he has always known, and what he wants to discover.

Question 16

Monsters, Inc.

Mike and Sullivan are best friends and work partners. They work in the scream business, meaning they use their monster-good looks to generate screams, which are then used to power their whole town. It's a strange job, but hey, someone has to do it! Who here was a fan of this one?

Question 17

The Lion King

Simba was born the Prince of Pride Rock. His father was the beloved king of the land, meaning Simba had some pretty large paws to eventually fill. However, after a sad turn of events, Simba was left to take over Pride Rock at a much younger age than he had expected. Can a cub so young truly be a king?

Question 18

The Muppet Movie

The Muppets were once the biggest stars in Hollywood. However, after some time, their popularity dwindled and children just didn't seem interested in them anymore. Now, they are being given their final chance to save their brand, but it is going to take a lot of hard work as well as some help from a few new friends.

Question 19


Aladdin has not been very fortunate in his life. He is very poor, and the only thing he has to his name is his pet monkey. After finding a magic lamp however, it looks like Aladdin's luck is finally starting to change for the better. He's only got 3 wishes, so he is going to have to make them count!

Question 20


Giselle is your standard fairytale princess. She is friends with all of the woodland animals, and she has recently found her one true love. However, a wicked stepmother has come along to banish her to a land without magic or happy endings. Now, Giselle is stuck in New York City with no idea how to get home.

Question 21


Elsa is about to be made queen, something she has been worrying about for many years. It is not that she doesn't love her people or her kingdom, but she has a secret which will become very hard to keep once she is crowned the queen. Elsa was born with incredible ice powers, and even she does not know exactly how powerful they are...

Question 22

A Bug's Life

Flik is an ant, but he is also an inventor. He works very hard to create things that can help him and his fellow ants collect food. However, these inventions are not always full proof. This has caused his fellow ants to not trust him very much. After one of Flik's inventions leads to some real trouble, he must find a way to reverse the mistake.

Question 23


Coraline has just moved into a new home with her parents. Naturally, her parents are a little preoccupied with the move, so Coraline takes it upon herself to do some exploring. While exploring, Coraline comes across a parallel universe. Everything seems the same in this universe except somehow better... Who loved this one?

Question 24

Lady and the Tramp

Lady has been a pampered pooch her entire life. Tramp on the other hand, has been a street dog for as long as he can remember. Now that Lady has found herself lost on the streets though, Tramp may be the only one capable of helping her out. Pick or pass on this classic?

Question 25

The Little Mermaid

Ariel is the daughter of King Triton. She loves her father and her sisters very much, but she dreams of what life could be like above the water. She wants to run, dance, and sing out in the open air. However, this is of course strictly forbidden. Rules were meant to be broken though, right?

Question 26

Big Hero 6

Hiro lives a fairly quiet life. He is a genius in all things technology, so he mostly spends his time creating robotic friends for himself. However, after he is tossed into a dangerous scenario, Hiro must transform his robot pals into heroic fighters. Was anyone here a big fan of this film, or not so much?

Question 27

Home Alone

The entire McCallister clan is packed and ready for their trip to Paris. They have successfully boarded the plane and are prepared for take off. Of course, this is when they discover they have forgotten their youngest boy at home. Now little Kevin McCallister has the house to himself for the holidays...

Question 28


Shrek lives a quiet life by his swamp and he is very happy this arrangement. However, after a bunch of fairy-tale creatures are banished to his swamp, Shrek must find a way to get rid of them or he will be stuck living with a constant headache for the rest of his life. Was this an instant classic for anyone?

Question 29


Mulan has never been the perfect daughter. Her parents want nothing more than for her to marry a nice man and to be happy. However, Mulan knows her happiness will not be found in a marriage. When China falls under attack, Mulan knows she must help save her country even if it is not the lady-like thing to do.

Question 30


Rapunzel has sent her entire life hidden away in a tall tower. Her mother tells her that this is for her own good, as nothing but hardship waits below the tower. Rapunzel just can't accept that answer. She believes there has to be some good out there waiting for her somewhere.

Question 31


Hercules has been an outcast his entire life. He is accident prone and causes trouble just about everywhere he goes. While this has been rough on him, he has always held onto the hope that there was a place somewhere out there where he would fit in perfectly. Finding our true place in this world however, is never an easy task...

Question 32


Pocahontas is the daughter of the chief. This title comes along with some big responsibilities, but all Pocahontas is concerned with is exploring and enjoying the beauty that surrounds her. When a battle begins between her people and the newcomers, Pocahontas is the only one who knows there is a better way to explain things than clashing.

Question 33


Rango has only ever known life as a pampered pet. He has never been on any adventures, let alone been the one to save the day. However, now that he has found himself alone in the wild, he is going to need to start thinking quick on his feet if he wants to survive.

Question 34


Victor Frankenstein does not exactly fit in well with the other kids at school. His only real friend is his pet dog. However, after his dog passes, Victor decides to go to great lengths to bring him back. While achieving this should have been a great feat, things get a little out of hand when other animals start coming back to life...

Question 35


Cinderella was born to loving parents, but they were sadly taken from her at an early age. She has spent the majority of her life being raised by her wicked stepmother, and she has become somewhat of a maid to her. However, when Cinderella hears of a ball happening at the castle, she knows it may be her only chance at a new life.

Question 36

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Flint Lockwood is an inventor. Sure, none of his inventions have ever really worked properly, but who can blame a guy for trying, right? When Flint's hometown falls onto hard times and no one can afford to eat, Flint takes it upon himself to save the day. He creates an invention which changes weather into food! What could possibly go wrong?

Question 37


Miguel has a true passion for music. He loves everything about it, but sadly his family has an ancient ban on all things musical. Miguel knows that if he wants to pursue a future in music, he must first get to the bottom of his family's ban. To do this, Miguel must travel the mysterious distant land where the secret is hidden.

Question 38

Finding Dory

Nemo, his father, and their friend Dory have been living a peaceful life since Nemo was successfully rescued a few years back. However, now Dory seems to have gone missing. Once again Marlin and his son must set out on a great adventure if they want to find their friend before any mean sharks do.

Question 39


Judy grew up on her family's carrot farm, but she never dreamed of going into the business herself. Instead, Judy dreamed of one day becoming a police officer in the big animal city of Zootopia. This is a job normally reserved for bigger animals, but nothing (especially size) is going to stop Judy from achieving her dreams.

Question 40

Ice Age

Thousands of years ago Earth was populated by creatures very different from the ones we know today. Once Earth began to freeze over, these creatures knew their only hope at surviving was to travel as far south as they could. This film told the story of their migration. What was everyone's take on this kid movie?

Question 41

The Polar Express

A young man has began to doubt in the Christmas spirit. He just does not feel it as strongly as he once did. However, after a magical train picks him up and brings him to the North Pole, he begins to wonder if actually believing is the key to magic.

Question 42

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo is a lonely girl. The kids at school think she is strange and her sister is very busy trying to make enough money to support the two of them. Lilo decides that a puppy would be the perfect companion to cure her loneliness. Although, after bringing one home from the pound, she finds her new pet to be just as strange as she is.

Question 43


Wall-E is a robot who has been specially designed to clean. He has spent his entire life collecting refuse in isolation. Naturally, this has caused him to become quite lonely. When a female bot arrives on his planet however, Wall-E begins to learn what it is like to have a real friend.

Question 44

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana has spent her entire life working towards one goal. She dreams of one day opening her very own restaurant. This is something she knows will take hard work, but nobody out there works harder than Tiana. She has almost made it to her dream, when a frog steps in and causes all kinds of trouble for her.

Question 45


Merida does not want to follow in the footsteps of her family. All she wants is the freedom to make her own choices in life. However, after seeking this freedom by way of magic, she accidentally unleashes a wicked curse upon her kingdom. Now she is going to have to learn what it really means to be a hero if she wants to save the day.

Question 46

Happy Feet

Mumble the penguin is dealing with a pretty tough situation. To find a soul mate, penguins must sing. This wouldn't be an issue, if Mumble had any singing abilities at all, but he does not. What Mumble does possess though, is the unique ability to dance! Can a dancing penguin exist is a singer's world?

Question 47


Buddy the elf has no idea that he is a human. Having grown up in the North Pole, he just always assumed that he was born taller than the other elves. Once he learns the truth however, he sets off on an epic journey to find his true family. Too bad they are on the naughty list...

Question 48

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter always thought he was a regular kid. Of course, he was being raised by his aunt and uncle who told him how strange he was on a daily basis, but he never actually thought they were right. However, all of his beliefs change when a giant shows up telling him he is a wizard.

Question 49

Peter Pan

Wendy Darling and her two brothers are visited by Peter Pan one evening. Peter Pan is a magical boy who can fly and never seems to age. Peter offers to bring the siblings with him back to Neverland. He explains that nobody has to grow up in Neverland and the fun can last forever!

Question 50


Lightning McQueen is the fastest racing car known to man. He is about to participate in his biggest race yet, and he is feeling extremely confident. However, after a mix-up, Lightning McQueen finds himself in a town full of old rusted cars. He must now somehow get back to his race or else be forgotten about forever...

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