Pick Or Pass On These Ice Cream Flavors And We'll Guess Your Top 3 Favorite Junk Foods

Ice cream: year-round dessert, freezer must-have, and the ultimate in childhood nostalgia. It’s almost ridiculous how much we love our ice cream, no matter what flavor it is. While we certainly have our favorites, it’s clear that most of us would rather have ice cream of any sort than no ice cream at all. And can we blame those people? NO! Ice cream is the dream. However, ice cream definitely doesn’t overshadow other aspects of the junk food tier on our food pyramids. While ice cream is great for parties, holidays, and to cap off a meal, there are aisles and aisles of junk food to choose from.

But which is the junk food that we’re often caught grabbing? Which kind of chips, cookies, or candy always tends to make its way into our shopping carts? Honestly, it’s different for each person. Some people know that they’re wanting a little more saltiness than they are sweet. Some opt for squishy treats instead of crunchy stuff. We can tell a lot about a person by what type of junk food they eat. We can also tell a lot by which ice cream flavors people pick or pass on. We’re putting our psychic junk food powers to the test with this quiz. We bet we can guess what everyone’s top three junk food choices are, based solely on what kind of ice cream flavors are picked.

Question 1


Starting with an old standard is our friend chocolate. Chocolate has stood by us for many years, and it’ll stand by us for many more to come. Not only does it have the kind of stand-alone, satisfying flavor that’s important to have in ice cream, it’s also one of the old standards.

Question 2

Blueberry Cheesecake

A weird one, but one that’s going to be a delicious addition to anyone’s list of new and wonderful flavors. Blueberry cheesecake is an ice cream flavor that features sweet fruit bursts paired with tart, toothsome cheesecake bits. The deliciousness is second to none when it comes to this fruit-filled masterpiece.

Question 3


The old classic, Oreo has taken over as one of the most popular options. Not only do we get to satisfy our ice cream cravings, but we also get to satisfy those crunchy cookie cravings too with this one. Plus, it’s kind of reminiscent of dipping cookies in milk; that’s a classic taste we love getting reminded of!

Question 4

Chocolate Marshmallow

Sometimes the names are a little opaque, while sometimes they’re right on the money. This flavor is a blend of chocolate and marshmallow, making it a delicious choice for anyone wanting to embrace the moodiness of chocolate with the light whimsy of marshmallow. Or, really, anyone who likes a strong cup of hot chocolate.

Question 5


Another classic, vanilla is most often used as base for other mix-ins and things. The vanilla that we know and love is a smooth, sophisticated flavor, perfect for changing and making our own. The way that the ice cream typically looks is a crisp, pure cream color. If we’re lucky, though, we can sometimes see flecks of vanilla bean in it. Yum!

Question 6

Black Sesame

This nutty, wholesome ice cream flavor is more common in some parts of the world than others; trust us when we say it’s worth trying, though. The sesame flavor balances the sweetness of the ice cream mix, while giving it a dark purple or black color tone. It’s cool looking, and cool to eat. What a great mix!

Question 7


Sweet and smooth, some people dislike butterscotch because it reminds them of their grandparents. Butterscotch candies don’t exactly stack up against a Reese’s cup or a Snickers, right? Luckily for us, butterscotch gets a new spin with this ice cream flavor. It’s a unique taste, but one that most people love after trying it.

Question 8

Cookie Dough

When we were kids, we were bad for snagging the bowl that Mom mixed the cookies in. Scraping it clean and eating the extra dough often earned us a glare and a comment about how raw cookie dough will make us sick. Satisfy those childhood cravings with cookie dough ice cream. Chunks of cookie dough are made safely, so Mom can’t complain.

Question 9

Chocolate Mint

Another straightforward name, this is a must for any Peppermint Patty or Thin Mint fans. Two classic chocolates that create the perfect little tingle in our mouths. The mint is refreshing after a nice meal, while the chocolate chips give us just enough chocolate flavor to satisfy any lingering sweet cravings.

Question 10

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

This is a triple whammy ice cream, but one that’s sticking with two flavors. Not only does this ice cream have chocolate and peanut butter flavored ice cream swirls, but it’s also got actual peanut butter cups chopped up and stuck inside of it. If there’s a bunch of leftover candy in the freezer, try whipping together this ice cream flavor; it’s easier than it looks.

Question 11

Coffee Cup

The coffee ice cream debate is a strong one. Not only do we find that some people really dislike coffee as a flavor, but we also find that mixing it with ice cream is just too sweet. Coffee lovers don’t want to cover the flavor with sugar, while ice cream lovers don’t want the bitter taste of coffee to be impacting their ice cream.

Question 12

Cotton Candy

A strong hit and miss option, cotton candy isn’t always everyone’s top choice. As controversial as bubblegum, cotton candy is typically a pink or blue hue. It’s not always a hit, but that doesn’t stop us from including it on this quiz. Besides, the people that like it really, really like it; maybe it’s the rest of us that have the problem.

Question 13

Fluffer Nutter

Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff makes for the best of friends. Who would have thought that these two would pair so perfectly? Chocolate is often the flavor that gets paired with both of these options independently. It looks like chocolate is on its way out, though, ever since these two hit the scene.

Question 14

Caramel Swirl

Want vanilla, but don’t want plain vanilla? In the same way that adding a drizzle of honey to yogurt adds some fun and flavor, so does adding a swirl of caramel to ice cream. This product is a delicious choice for anyone who’s looking for more of a creative ice cream option.

Question 15

Coconut Chocolate

Chocolate can pair with basically everything: peanut butter, marshmallow, coconut. Even sadness is fixed and improved by chocolate. Coconut might be a food that not everyone appreciates, but we certainly like the flavor. When paired with chocolate it reminds us of macaroons and nanaimo bars, two of the best bakery desserts in the world (in our opinion).

Question 16


Just in time for the holidays, gingersnap is one of the warmest flavors we’ll ever find in a cold tub of ice cream. Gingersnaps are famous for their zesty flavor, featuring cinnamon, ginger, and sometimes even nutmeg or cumin. If there was ever an ice cream made to be a winter dessert, this is it.

Question 17

Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is a wonderful dessert that a lot of people don’t know about. Just as famous as its lemon meringue pie sister, key lime pie isn’t as commonly found due to its tricky preparation. Key limes are small, after all, and it takes a whole lot of them to make a pie. Now we can have it any day of the week in this citrusy ice cream.

Question 18

Mocha Almond Fudge

This dramatic, detailed ice cream actually isn’t as complex to build as we might think. The almond part is pretty straightforward, after all. Fudge is also straightforward, giving us the rich chocolate flavor so many of us crave. The mocha aspect? A little more subtle, the touch of coffee complements the chocolate tone nicely.

Question 19

Orange Pineapple

Enough of this chocolate talk. We want something a little more tropical. Something that makes us think of sunny days and fancy drinks. The solution? This orange and pineapple flavored ice cream. Potentially more of a sorbet, this flavor embraces the sun. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can’t eat oranges and sip on pineapple juice.

Question 20

Rocky Road

A surprising classic, we’re willing to bet that Rocky Road has passed people’s lips at least once in their lives. Typically a mix of vanilla and chocolate ice creams, the rocky part of the road comes from marshmallow swirls, chocolate chunks, and nuts. Sometimes there’s even brownie bits in there, depending on the ice cream maker.

Question 21

Tiger Stripes

Scared to find fur in the bowl? Don’t be. Tiger Stripes is a flavor that’s existed for many, many years. Most consider it a classic, though few actually know what the flavor combination is that gives Tiger Stripes its signature style. The answer, friends, is fudge and orange. Orange ice cream with fudges stripes makes up the friendly tiger we know and love.

Question 22

Ultimate Fudge Brownie

It’s just the ultimate flavor. Any further questions? Okay, we know that we should give a little more detail. Not only does this ice cream feature a fantastic name, but it’s also one of the best mixes for chocolate lovers. Fudge flavored ice cream is a strong base for the brownie chunks. Chocolate on chocolate? Yes please.

Question 23

White Out

Can anyone guess what this name is? This is a secret flavor that only the best of the best know. Just kidding! It’s actually a white chocolate alternative to dark and milk chocolate flavors. It’s double chocolate, but made with white chocolate ice cream and white chocolate chips. Super sweet, and perfect for making sundaes.

Question 24

Raspberry Dream

Creamy and dreamy, Raspberry Dream is a flavor that berry lovers inevitably fall for. While it has many names, the flavor profile remains the same: creamy, smooth vanilla swirled with seedless raspberry. Sometimes there’s even raspberries mixed in throughout, depending on how fresh it is. Just remember that raspberries can have seeds.

Question 25


The traditional dessert gets a unique spin on its style by being turned into a delicate and delightful ice cream. While we don’t get the same hit of cookie that a regular tiramisu has, it’s got the same flavor profiles. A dash of coffee, a hint of cream, and the delightful chocolate shavings make this a luxury ice cream.

Question 26


We talked about cotton candy, but now it’s time to talk about one of the other most polarizing flavors: bubblegum. We’re of the opinion that only 5 year olds like bubblegum. However, the half of the adult population that loves bubblegum thinks we’re off our rockers. Pink, blue, and sometimes a swirl of both, bubblegum is definitely a niche flavor.

Question 27

Pralines and Cream

Can butter be an ice cream flavor? It can now! Pralines and cream is a flavor that features not only buttery sweetness in the base ice cream, but also notes of vanilla. The caramel swirl is a decadent drizzle running throughout, while the pralines come in as chunks throughout the ice cream. Buttery and nutty? Delicious.

Question 28

Egg Nog

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: egg nog season. While some have seen this stocking the shelves of their local grocery store since mid-October, we’re happy to report that it’s officially socially acceptable to purchase it now. The creaminess is undeniable, though the “egg” portion of this nog might turn some people off of it.

Question 29


Everyone knows what a s’more tastes like, right? Crafted over campfires, the first step is to prep the sandwich. Get the chocolate on the graham cracker, and then put it aside. Grab that marshmallow and toast it until it’s perfectly golden brown, then squish it between the chocolate layer and the top cracker. Mmm! Anyone for “s’more”?

Question 30

Cinnamon Bun

Probably the most popular dessert ever, cinnamon buns are equally amazing for breakfast as they are after a delicious meal. The cinnamon bun is a beautiful creature, with swirls of ooey-gooey cinnamon sugar and soft, melt-in-our-mouths dough. Try topping this ice cream off with some cream cheese icing for the full cinnamon bun experience.

Question 31

Pumpkin Pie

The holidays might be coming up fast and furious, but there’s still space for pumpkin pie. Excessive amounts of pie gets eaten the closer we get to the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop. Oh no. In fact, we think that we should embrace pumpkin pie in all aspects of our life; including the ice cream we keep in our freezer!

Question 32

Peach Cobbler

For those looking for a dessert dupe who may not be as interested in the chocolatey stuff, try this the peach cobbler ice cream option. Peach ice cream is made with chunks of crumble in it, giving us the full cobbler experience without having to spend hours in the kitchen peeling, mixing, and baking.

Question 33


Criss cross, applesauce! Some people prefer vanilla ice cream with their apple pie, but why not try putting this delicious, apple and cinnamon flavored ice cream on top next time? Upping the apple flavor makes everyone excited, and can only satisfy the apple pie desire even more. Plus, the apples bring a crispness that’s not often found in ice cream.

Question 34

Maple Bacon

It’s a match made in someone’s wildest dreams that has since turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Not only do maple and bacon taste amazing on their own, but they’re elevated to a whole new level when they’re together. Even more delicious is the addition of them to ice cream. Maple bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

Question 35


Florals are not often thought of as being popular ice cream options, but we’re willing to bet that people would embrace them more if they tried them. Lavender is naturally a little sweet, and gives an aromatic sense of satisfaction to the whole ice cream experience. Plus, it’s usually one of the only purple ice cream options out there!

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