Pick Or Pass On These Guy Foods And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl

Let's talk about something that we can all totally relate to... food!

Whoever says that they don't love a delicious slice of pizza or a hot dog with all the fixings is totally fibbing. There is nothing that says "comfort" like a plate of nachos drizzled with cheese and loaded up with goodies like olives, salsa, and guac! How about some french fries with a side of cheese? Mayo is optional.

We hope that nobody is hungry because this quiz is serving up some of the best guy foods in the world, and as an added bonus, we will give everyone a dream date to go along with their cheeseburger with the works. That's right! Pick or pass on these ultimate guy foods and we will pair you up with the ultimate girl of your dreams. What could be better? All we need everyone to do is go through this list of delicious treats and let us know if they are a mouthwatering delight, or if you would prefer to totally pass. The choice is personal, so simply pick or pass and we'll assign everyone to the gal of their dreams. Who is ready to get started on this yummy quiz?

Question 1

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Let's start off with one of the best (and we will leave the rest for later). Everyone knows that pulled pork is one of the greatest foods that was ever created in the history of the world. There is something so incredible about shredded pork cooked to perfection and crowned with just the right amount of barbeque sauce. Throw some coleslaw on it and we are totally in heaven. Who loves pulled pork sandwiches? Who will pass on this one?

Question 2

Mozzarella Sticks

Ah... this one is the ultimate pub food fave. Mozzarella sticks totally deserve their time in the sun for the rest of all eternity. Why? They are the perfect combination of cheese and breading. Deep fry those little gooey morsels and we have the food of the gods. We love to have our mozzarella sticks alongside a little tomato sauce, but we don't judge. However you love to eat them up is totally your business! Pick or pass on these treats.

Question 3

Deep Fried Veggies

Let's stick with the deep fried theme because it is fantastic. Deep fried veggies are the stuff that dreams are made out of. We love the fact that we can get our healthy veggies in and get our deep fried fix at the same time! There is something so tempting and tasty about these crunchy little morsels. Mushrooms, broccoli or carrots- it does not matter. We love them all! Who agrees with us that deep fried veggies are a winner?

Question 4


Okay... so we will leave it up to everyone to decide what kind of tacos that they like best. Whether it is the traditional beef or chicken, or veggie tacos, or even fish- every taco counts. Top them with a little slaw or some sour cream for a fresh twist on an old favorite. Hard shell or soft shell- it's all the same to us. All tacos are amazing. Who agrees? It is time to pick or pass on tacos.

Question 5

Jalapeno Poppers

How can anyone go wrong with breaded, delicious morsels that are simply oozing with cream cheese and all sorts of other goodness. Jalapeno poppers bring the fire and the flavor, and they are so darn tasty that we could eat about thirty and not get sick of them. We love the taste of these fiery little morsels- especially if they are wrapped in salty, crispy bacon. Who is hungry now? It's time to pick or pass on delicious jalapeno poppers.

Question 6

Crab Cakes

Talk about the sweetest stuff from the sea! Crab cakes are the ultimate guy food. They are the greatest thing in the world because they are fried and tasty, but also a little fancy at the same time. We wouldn't feel weird at all ordering them at a fancy restaurant. Crab cakes for the win! We love them with a little lemony mayo on the side, but you do you! Who loves crab cakes as much as we do? Pick or pass!

Question 7

Chicken Pot Pie

There is literally nothing in the world that says "comfort food" as much as chicken pot pie. This savory pie has it all- chunks of tender chicken, vegetables, creamy sauce, and a flaky crust. It might be a pie- but it is a pie for all of the guys. A meat pie! We love our chicken pot pie and we bet that there are plenty of people out there who would totally agree with us. Pick or pass on chicken pot pie!

Question 8

French Fries

Okay, how can any list of guy foods be complete without French fries. They are the ultimate salty snack- full of deep fried crispy goodness and served up with any number of different sauces. Love some ketchup? French fries have you covered. Wanna pop those fries in some mayo? No problem! Who would pick French fries every time? Who wants to take a pass on those crispy little potatoes? Let us know and we will give you a dream girl!

Question 9

Pretzels and Mustard

Pretzels come in many shapes and sizes, but there is little to no doubt that the best kind are the big soft ones that come served with plenty of mustard. There's something about the combination of bread with some tangy mustard that just makes everything seem so much better. We truly love a good pretzel and we bet that we are far from alone here. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on these doughy, delicious treats. Choose one now.

Question 10

Sausage and Peppers

When it comes to guy food, there's really not much that can match the best combo of sausage and peppers. Think about it. First of all, we have the sausage which is cooked to perfection and full of delicious spices. Secondly, we have the peppers which are a total guy food if there ever was one. The combination is just incredible. Who loves peppers and sausage as much as we do? It is time to pick or pass on this food.

Question 11


Cheeseburgers. They are arguably one of the best foods that was ever created. First, we take the humble hamburger which is completely tasty all on its own. They we top it with some ketchup and mustard and a slice of gooey cheese. It does not matter whether the cheese is brie, cheddar, mozzarella or anything in between. All cheese are welcome on our burgers. What matters is the match of cheese with the meaty taste of a hamburger patty. Yum!

Question 12

Cinnamon Bun

No quiz on guy food would be complete without a section on sweets, right? Cinnamon buns might not get all of the credit that chocolate treats do, but hear us out. They are totally the best for a variety of reasons. First of all, we have the sweet and fluffy dough that melts in our mouths. Secondly, we have the glaze and the light touch of cinnamon inside of the swirl. Total heaven on earth! Who here agrees with us?

Question 13


Of course, no list of guy foods would be complete without bacon. Let's be real here- bacon is everything, right? We love us some bacon and we bet that we are far from alone in that. Bacon can go on everything from savory foods to sweet foods and it is by far one of the most versatile and delicious ingredients to ever debut on any menu ever. Seriously. Can you tell that we are bacon addicts? Who is with us?

Question 14


There is nothing better than bacon... except maybe a BLT with some lettuce and tomato to go along with the bacony goodness. BLTs are one of the best sandwiches that were ever created. They combine the salty and addictive crunch of bacon with tomato and crispy lettuce. Throw on some mayo and we have a winner. The bread is usually toasted and tasty too. Who loves BLTs as much as we do? Who will give this sandwich a pass? Let us know.

Question 15

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Back to the sweet food! There are cookies.... and then there are giant chocolate chip cookies fit for any guy feast! We are talking about cookies bigger than our heads, cookies full of tasty chocolatey chips and buttery dough. We are talking about cookies that are fresh out of the oven and simply fall apart when we bite into them. Who is hungry now? We want to know who would always pick chocolate chip cookies and who will pass on them.

Question 16

Tuna Casserole

Tuna casserole is one of the ultimate comfort foods of the world, but is it also one of the ultimate guy foods? We will leave it up to everyone to be the judge. As for us, we love the taste of a creamy tuna casserole with plenty of egg noodles and vegetables, topped with a crunchy potato chip crust. Just like momma used to make! Let us know who would pick tuna casserole and who will give it a pass.

Question 17

Potato Skins

This pub fave is also one of the greatest guy foods around. It combines the humble potato skin with all of the greatest fixins in the world for a treat that is simply hard to pass up. Who does not love the taste of deep fried potato skins coated with a thick layer of cheddar cheese and filled to the brim with sour cream, chives and of course- bacon! We love anything with bacon! Who agrees with us? Pick or pass.

Question 18

Fish Fry

It's not just for friday nights anymore! Fish fries are some of the best foods around because they combine a few of our favorite things- deliciously prepared fish, tasty breading and tartar sauce. Yes, it really is the tartar sauce that takes fish fries up to the next level. The combo of fish and that tangy sauce makes this food a superstar. Who loves the taste of a fish fry with some french fries on the side? Pick or pass?

Question 19


Back to the sweet stuff. Brownies are one of those foods that we have loved since we were wee children. They are full of chocolate goodness and sometimes even come with little extra surprises, like nuts or pieces of chocolate candy inside. Occassionally, they are even drizzed with caramel or chocolate too. We love brownies and we bet that we are far from alone here. Who agrees with us that brownies are the absolute best? Pick or pass on brownies.

Question 20


Cheesecake is one of those comfort foods that just about everyone loves. The reality is, we can dress it up with everything from berries to chocolate, so it can fit just about any tastes. Cheesecake is endlessly versatile, totally delicious and a creamy and tasty way to enjoy some seriously amazing guy food. Come on, we all know that everyone loves a little cheesecake! Who would always pick cheesecake? Who would prefer to pass on this delicious and creamy dessert.

Question 21

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is one of those foods that we think of when someone says "guy foods". We just can't go wrong with processed and salty meat, right? Beef jerky is so great because it brings all of the meaty flavor in a portable and tasty package. We can keep some in our car, our desk at work, wherever. Plus, there are plenty of amazing flavors these days like jalapano and smoked cheddar. Yum! Pick or pass on this beef jerky.

Question 22

Ice Cream Sundae

We have been loving ice cream sundaes ever since we were little kids. They were always there when it was time for a frosty treat, and we loved the fact that they were covered in nuts and chocolate syrup for the ultimate summertime snack fest! Ice cream sundaes also always came with delicious candied cherries and sometimes rainbow sprinkles. We know that we are nerding out about ice cream here, but it's really hard not to. You know you wanna pick this one!

Question 23

Roast Turkey

It's not just for Thanksgiving! Roast turkey is the ultimate go to guy dinner. These days, we can even get roast turkey right at the store so there is really no need to roast one yourself. The combo of roasted meat and crispy skin is a winner and we could totally devour one of them by ourselves in front of the television. We bet that we are far from alone here. Who loves roast turkey as much as we do?

Question 24


Whether they are fresh, homemade or even frozen, there's a special place in the food Hall of Fame for burritos. Think about it. There is a ton of flavor packed into those warm and toasty tortillas. We have shredded meat, tons of veggies, creamy guac, spicy salsa and so much more. They are totally customizable, completely delicious and they really hit the spot every single time. All hail the humble burrito! Who loves these burritos as much as we do?

Question 25

Onion Rings

Let's get back to the pub food, shall we? Of course, we are talking about onion rings. In the great debate between onion rings and fries, onion rings sometimes come in second place, but not in our book. These two pub faves are absolutely neck and neck, and which one we prefer depends entirely on the day! Onion rings sometimes get the win because we can kinda trick ourselves into think that we are eating veggies. We sort of are, right?

Question 26

Reuben Sandwiches

The reuben sandwich takes all of the elements of an amazing dinner and puts them together into one incredibly delicious package that combines corned beef, dressing, cabbage and toasty bread. Although every restaurant makes its reubens differently, one thing always stays the same- they are crammed full of tasy and briny corned beef. Reuben sandwiches do not mess around. They will totally fill anyone up and make a hearty meal and some of the very best guy food around, period!

Question 27

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a close second to the reubens, and one that really reminds us of our childhood. We love the combination of crispy bread with just the right amound of butter, melty cheese and even a little bit of bacon on the inside. These sandwiches can be made with any number of different types of cheeses, from cheddar to brie to even mozzarella! The sky is truly the limit. Who loves grilled cheese sandwiches as much as we do?

Question 28

Hot Wings

Oh yeah! We have arrived at hot wings. Let's be totally honest here. There is not a pub food on the planet that can match these wings. There is no game, event or get-together that is complete without some super spicy wings accompanied by blue cheese dressing and maybe a carrot or celery stick on the side. Yum does not even begin to cover it. Who loves hot wings as much as we do? It is time to pick or pass.

Question 29


Speaking of the big game, it's time to talk about chili. The perfect chili is a personal preference. Some people like it with a lot of beans. Others prefer a meaty variety. Some people think that it is best when crowned with some cheddar cheese. Others love a dollop of sour cream on the top. The best chili is a totally personal choice, so simply think of the one you love the best and let us know if you would pick or pass.

Question 30


We are a little more than halfway through this quiz so it's time to talk about nachos. We know that everyone has been waiting for it! Nachos are one of those ultimate guy foods that it is hard not to love. Who can resist the pull of chips covered in gooey cheese and all of the fixings, along with shredded lettuce, olives, sour cream and other good stuff? We love nachos and we bet that we are far from alone!

Question 31

Pork Chops

We covered pulled pork earlier in the quiz, and we talked a little bit about our ongoing love of bacon, but now it's time to address another meaty fave- the pork chop. Steak gets a lot of the glory, but pork chops are pretty amazing all in their own right. That's because they have a unique flavor and can be dressed up with all sorts of other ingredients for a delicious dish that is one of the best guy foods.

Question 32

Mac ‘N Cheese

Mac ‘n cheese is the ultimate comfort food, hands down, but for guys it is something special. The combo of oozing cheese and pasta is just the thing after a long day out. We know guys who have better relationships with their mac 'n cheese than they do with just about anyone else in their lives and we totally understand. This is a judgment-free zone. Who loves mac 'n cheese as much as we do? Pick or pass on this comfort food classic.

Question 33

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This dip combines all of the good stuff that comes with wings- gooey cheese and pieces of chicken, sauce and sprinkles of blue cheese. It is comfort food heaven- and something that every dude loves to eat while watching the game or relaxing on the couch. There's really nothing in this world finer than some buffalo chicken dip. Who agrees with us? We would always pick buffalo chicken dip no matter what. It's time to pick or pass on this classic.

Question 34

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are one of those special foods that never cease to delight us. They're like the toy at the bottom of the cereal box, the little sometime extra in our take-out. Why settle for one spring roll when we can have a whole bunch of them, like the plate pictured here. When paired with some tasty dipping sauce these spring rolls go from ordinary all the way up to extraordinary. We love them- and we bet we're far from alone in this!

Question 35

Meatball Sub

The meatball sub is the undisputed reigning champ of all tasty sandwiches. Let's break it down. First of all, you have the toasty bread that is simply slathered with gooey mozzarella cheese and lots of sauce. Then there are the meatballs themselves- each one a meaty little orb of perfection. Truth be told, we could eat these delicious subs at any time of the day no matter what. Who agrees with us? It is time to pick or pass on meatball subs.

Question 36


Speaking of tasty meats, let's talk about kebabs. Kebabs are the best because we get our veggies incorporated into them also, and when they are grilled to perfection there is really nothing finer in the whole world. We l love kebabs. Who agrees with us? It is time to pick or pass on this ultimate guy food and we'll give everyone the perfect girl of their dreams. Come on- we know that everyone loves this meaty treat on a stick!

Question 37

Hot Dog

We are almost to the end of the quiz and it's time to break out the big questions, and by that we mean the ones that people tend to be totally split on. There are two camps in the world- those who love hot dogs and those who could pass on these meaty and tasty treats. Where do you fall? who loves the taste of a char-grilled hot dog with all of the fixins? Who will pass on this one?

Question 38

Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are one of those foods that everyone loves. They have everything- tender chicken meat, crispy breading and a satisfying crunch. Those are the three things that make the ultimate guy snack, right? Plus, chicken fingers come with a dipping sauce that is simply sublime. Plainly put, we love these crunchy little delights. Who agrees with us? It is time to pick or pass on chicken fingers and be one step closer to finding out who everyone's dream girl is!

Question 39


We will leave it up to everyone to determine what kind of toppings work best on thier pizza, so however you slice it (or decorate it with toppings) is up to you! Pizza is one of those comfort foods that we can't help but order after a long day out and about. It makes us feel so much better to dig right into a tasty pizza in front of the television. Who agrees? It's time to pick or pass on pizza.

Question 40

Chips and Dip

The dip that we have pictured here is onion, but you do you! This question is totally up for interpretation and any dip under the sun will work- as long as it comes with a heaping pile of tasty chips. Chips and dip is one of those snacks that we can mindlessly munch on in front of the television, and that makes it one of the ultimate guy foods. Who loves chips and dip? Pick or pass on this one.

Question 41

Lobster Roll

Lobster rolls are a bit of an aquired taste. There are some who will read this question and think that they like their lobster alongside some steak, drenched in butter and served at a fancy restuarant. Others think that they don't need to put on a suit and tie to enjoy this tasty treat from the sea. Where do you fit in? Who loves the taste of lobster meat piled high in a perfectly buttered and toasted roll? Pick or pass.

Question 42


Speaking of steak, let's talk about it! Nobody thought that we would get to the end of this quiz without discussing the ultimate guy food, right? Steak is one of those dishes that fits in perfectly with just about any and every mood. We can have it rare, medium or well-done, served with some fries or even a little lobster on the side. There is really no wrong way to do a nice steak. Who loves steak as much as we do?

Question 43

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

There are dips, and then there is spinach and artichoke dip- the creamy, cheesy version of the best vegetables in the world. Served with some toasted pita points, this dip is a superstar. There are plenty of variations on it. Some like it baked in the oven to a crispy brown perfection. Others think it's great right in its original creamy form- no baking needed. Who loves this spectacular dip? It is time to pick or pass on it now.

Question 44

Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Lobster might get a lot of the credit, but shrimp are just as tasty and delectable! These little gems from the sea are so perfect when served up with a heaping bowl of cocktail sauce for a combination that is both sweet and tangy. We could eat a massive pile of shrimp for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who agrees with us? Shrimp are truly one of the best foods in the world, so it's time to pick or pass on them.

Question 45


Let's talk about the ultimate snack to eat while we are sitting in front of the television. We mean popcorn of course! Popcorn is great because it can be dressed up with a drizzle of butter, a sprinkle of salt, or even some cheese for the perfect snack. Some people even like to crown their popcorn with some caramel or chocolate. Who loves popcorn as much as we do? It is time to pick or pass on this classic fave.

Question 46

Baby Back Ribs

Dripping with sauce and falling off the bone, baby back ribs are in a class all of their own. Sure, they take a long time to cook, but it is well worth the wait. We love the taste of meaty goodness with a slathering of sauce. There is nothing better on a cold day, or to eat while hibernating and watching television. Baby back ribs are the best! Who loves them as much as we do? Pick or pass on them.

Question 47

Pot Roast

Pot roast is a crockpot classic and it is super easy to make. Even guys who don't know their way around the kitchen can toss a roast into a pot with some seasoning, a little liquid and a lot of veggies. Eight hours later, it is meaty perfection. This is the ultimate guy food because it is super simple to prepare, tastes amazing and it combines all of our favorite flavors together in one amazing and delicious dish. So much yum!

Question 48

Roast Beef Sandwich

Speaking of beef, how can any list be complete without the roast beef sandwich. These tasty sandwiches come on salty rolls and combine thin slices of roast beef with spicy horseradish for the perfect flavor combo. They are great when served alongside some chips, or even fries. They are the ultimate pub food but we can also eat them at home. Who loves roast beef sandwiches as much as we do? It's time to pick or pass on this fave.

Question 49

Fried Chicken

We are almost done with this quiz so it's time to talk about a food that is near and dear to almost everyone's heart- fried chicken. Fried chicken is one of those foods that can be eaten at almost any time of the year, and can go from a fancy restuarant to your neighborhood diner in the blink of an eye. Who loves fried chicken as much as we do? It is time to pick or pass on this classic.

Question 50

Meat Loaf

Finally, let's talk about meat loaf. While other dishes might try to get all fancy with vegetables or other types of frilly things, meat loaf knows that the best foods are simple. Meat loaf is humble and delicious, covered in tomato sauce and studded with onions for a homey taste that we can't get enough of. Really, this is the ultimate guy food. Who agrees with us? It is time to pick or pass on meatloaf. Choose one option now.

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