Pick Or Pass On These Guy Foods And Discover Your Perfect Wifey

When it comes to eating, it is best to eat the foods that we love the most! We only get one life and it would be a waste if we didn't indulge our cravings! There are a lot of manly foods that guys love to eat on this quiz such as pork ribs, venison, meat lovers pizza, beef jerky, and chili cheese fries! There are also a lot of food items on this quiz that a man wouldn't mind sharing with a lovely wifey by his side! Imagine sharing a plate of buttery lobster with a super gorgeous actress like Jennifer Garner! What about splitting a delicious sub sandwich with the lovely Priyanka Chopra? A Thanksgiving style feast with turkey, potatoes, gravy, and more sounds even better with a lovely and talented actress like Eva Longoria at the table!

We haven't even gotten started discussing desserts! Paula Patton might be famous for her acting skills in front of a camera in Hollywood, but she can probably bake a deliciously rich and fluffy chocolate cake as well! Emma Watson is so sweet in all of her Hollywood interviews and her sweetness could possibly stand to rival against a slice of sweet apple pie too!

Question 1


Lobster is one of the ritzier, more expensive food options on this quiz! It can be ordered at most restaurants that are higher class and it tastes great when dipped into butter. Most things taste great in butter of course!

Question 2

Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is truly the best. The crispy outer layer of skin is fried to perfection and the chicken on the inside tastes wonderful too! Everything about fried chicken is great. Food places like KFC serve it on the regular!

Question 3

Chorizo & Eggs?

Chorizo & eggs taste great together. This meal can be served and eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That is exciting for guys who find themselves hungry multiple times throughout the day! Chorizo is awesome and eggs are really awesome!

Question 4


Burritos are delicious. They can be served at breakfast time filled with eggs, sausage, cheese, bacon, and more. Or they can be served for dinner with steak, beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and everything else folded in! Pick or pass now!

Question 5


Eggs are an awesome brain food that a lot of people depend on for breakfast! They are super filling and they taste great with salt and pepper! There are plenty f great ways to serve eggs like over easy for example!

Question 6

Doritos Chips?

Doritos are very popular when it comes time to pick a favorite bag of chips to munch on. Doritos come in a variety of flavors but the most popular flavor is the nacho cheese flavor. The cool ranch flavor rocks too!

Question 7


Steak tastes great when it is a plate with potatoes, green beans, and other yummy dinner food items. Steak can be served medium rare, rare, well done, or however a person likes it!

Question 8

Chicken Wings?

Chicken wings are pretty amazing to eat! They are popular from places like Wingstop but that is not the only place where it can be ordered from. There are a lot of great places where one can get chicken wings from!

Question 9

French Fries?

French fries are super popular and are easily added as a side dish to any main entree. Ordering fries on the side is very common! They taste great from places like McDonald's or In-N-Out! They are super salty and crunchy!

Question 10

Pepperoni Pizza?

Pepperoni pizza is so amazing! It is one of the most popular foods on this entire quiz! Pizza, in general, is popular but pizza with pepperoni as the sole topping is super popular! It is time to pick or pass!

Question 11


Ever bitten into a hot dog on the Fourth of July? That holiday in the middle of the summer is all about barbecues and fireworks! Eating hot dogs on that day is kind of a tradition! Pick or pass now!

Question 12


Nachos are a classic and traditional thing to eat in certain cultures. They are made up of chips, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and a bunch of other yummy toppings. Some people like to add spicy ingredients while others keep it mild.

Question 13


Cheeseburgers are amazing! Meat, cheese, tomatoes, pickles, onions, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, and sometimes more placed between two fluffy buns! Some people like to add bacon to their cheeseburger which always tastes great! It is time to pick or pass now!

Question 14


Bacon is one of the most popular breakfast items to eat because it tastes crispy and delectable! Bacon is also an ingredient that can be added to burgers, salads, and more! That means that it is quite the versatile item!

Question 15

Meat Lovers Pizza?

Meat lovers pizza is a popular type of pizza because it is covered in a variety of different meats like meatballs, pepperoni, and sausage. Picky eaters might not approve of this type of pizza but it is sure worth a try!

Question 16

Corn On The Cob?

One of the best side dishes at any great bbq is corn on the cob. It is also has been considered a truly wonderful comfort food as well. Corn on the cob is and always has been one of the best side dishes.

Question 17

Chili Cheese Dog?

Chili Cheese Dogs are amazing! They are not just the average hot dog because they come with a lot of different toppings! They are served with onions, cheese, and lots of meat! Chili Cheese Dogs are super awesome to eat!

Question 18

Honey-Baked Ham?

Another amazing holiday treat is the one and only honey-baked ham. The two most popular times of the year to eat the honey-baked ham is on Thanksgiving and Christmas. If one plans on having it this year they had better order it ahead of time.

Question 19

Chili Cheese Fries?

Chili Cheese Fries are very similar to Chili Cheese Dogs in terms of toppings but the difference is the base of the food. Instead of a hot dog base, Chili Cheese Fries are made with French fries as the base.

Question 20

Onion Rings?

One of the best side dishes to any manly meal are definitely onion rings. Onion Rings dipped in ketchup, tartar sauce, thousand island, ranch dressing, and even mayonnaise. Everyone knows that onion rings are always a close second to french fries.

Question 21

Spaghetti & Meatballs?

Spaghetti & Meatballs is an awesome meal to enjoy on any given evening. Noodles taste great alone and so do meatballs-- when one puts those two things together, they are bound to get something totally incredible and tasty! Pick or pass!

Question 22

Mac & Cheese?

Mac & Cheese is another great lunch and dinner option that people love to eat! Noodles are awesome and cheese is awesome so when they are put together, magic happens! It is now time to pick or pass on this!

Question 23

Snickers Chocolate Bars?

Snickers Chocolate Bars are very popular around most holidays! Halloween, Easter, and Christmas are days filled with a lot of sweets and Snickers Chocolate Bars are commonly used to satisfy the sweet tooths of children! Pick or pass on this!

Question 24

Beef Jerky?

Beef Jerky is a very delicious thing to snack on when one gets hungry. It is popular and can be purchased at most grocery stores and convenience stores too. It is now time to play pick or pass with this snack!

Question 25

Polish Sausage?

Polish Sausage is a total man food! It is commonly enjoyed by men all over the world for being so delicious and filling! They are not difficult to cook up! Time to play pick or pass on Polish Sausage now!

Question 26


One of the most expensive and considered a delicacy to some is the one and only venison. Since this is usually served on the rarer side of things some stay away from it. It is now the time to play pick or pass with this food!

Question 27


Another menu item on the list that can be enjoyed either home cooked or in a restaurant is taquitos. Taquitos and guacamole at a traditional cultural restaurant are never a bad choice. If one gets to enjoy these with homemade guacamole they are even luckier!

Question 28


Another very famously home cooked meal is the famous meatloaf. The only meat we can absolutely love served with literally only ketchup is amazing in every way. Knowing someone that makes an amazing homemade meatloaf is very lucky! Pick or pass!

Question 29

Chips & Salsa?

Chips & Salsa is a fun party snack to eat. It is also fun to eat Chips & Salsa on a completely regular day too. Chips are always great but they do taste better when dipped in the right salsa!

Question 30

Chicken Pot Pie?

Ever taken a big yummy bite of Chicken Pot Pie? It is totally worth it! Chicken Pot Pie tastes great because it comes with chicken, veggies, and other yummy ingredients mixed together in a warm and flaky crust. Pick or pass!

Question 31

Fettuccine Alfredo?

Fettuccine Alfredo is one of the best meals to enjoy. It tastes so amazing whether it is home cooked or ordered from a restaurant! It is one of those dinners no one wants to miss! Time to pick or pass!

Question 32

Chocolate Protein Shake?

The chocolate protein shake has come a very long way since the start of the protein craze. There are many different versions such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and even sweet chocolate. Plus one can choose the number of carbs, protein, and sugars.

Question 33

Beef Ravioli?

Beef Ravioli is definitely one of the manliest of foods on the list. Of course, everyone loves a great meal at a restaurant but it takes a real man to eat out of a can and beef ravioli is the original man meal out of a can.

Question 34

Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate Cake becomes one of the first things one eats when becoming a man. It is definitely the greatest dessert for any manly meal and always comes in a wide variety of styles. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is truly amazing.

Question 35

Hamburger Helper?

Hamburger Helper is a fun meal to enjoy for people who like to cook easy meals at home! It comes in a variety of delicious flavors and some of those flavors have cool stuff mixed in. Veggies are often also added!Steak is a very filling dinner to have!

Question 36


Tamales are always a great traditional food around the holidays. They are also found at some of the best cookouts and house parties. Some of the best tamales can also be found on the local street corner in some neighborhoods.

Question 37

Fish & Chips?

Fish and chips are by far one of the best treats to come from the east coast. Fish and chips restaurants started to take over on the west coast during the 1970's and really made a big splash all over California.

Question 38


Calzones are an amazingly popular alternative to the traditional pizza, spaghetti, fettucini, ravioli, or cheese bread in an italian restaurant. Calzones really are just a pizza folded in half but with alternate ingredients such as meatballs, meat sauce, and even marinara sauce.

Question 39

Apple Pie?

Apple Pie is an all-time favorite for any event, holiday, cookout, or celebration. Of course, the best way to enjoy apple pie is with vanilla ice cream also known as a la mode. Apple pie is a delicious and delectable treat!

Question 40

Tater Tots?

Tater tots are a crowd pleaser because they can easily be served on a giant platter with many different dipping sauces to choose from. Tater tots are a classic lunch option that people like to add to their lunch orders!

Question 41

Lamb Chops?

One of our more expensive but well worth the money items on our list is the infamous lamb chops. Lamb chops are always a very high priced meal in a restaurant and always found at an upscale type of place.

Question 42


One of the more hearty dishes on the list is the wonderful bowl of chili. A warm bowl of chili when it is cold outside is an amazing and very filling type of meal. If one is lucky enough to have it homemade they are super lucky and blessed!

Question 43

Potato Chips?

An always popular manly snack is the world famous potato chips. The saltier the potato chips the better. The potato chips come in a variety of flavors and are always good no matter what. It is now time to pick or pass!

Question 44

Sub Sandwiches?

Sub sandwiches are super popular from places like Subway, Quizno, and Blimpie! There are plenty of other sandwich shops that are considered mom & pops so they do not have franchise naming to them. The sandwiches they serve are still amazing!

Question 45

Sloppy Joe?

Sloppy Joes are considered classic man food because they are "sloppy" when it comes to eating! They are a little messy which is not a problem for hungry men in the slightest. Sloppy Joe meat comes served inside a bun!

Question 46


One of the most popular items on this list has to be the tacos. Whether one is eating traditional street tacos from a truck, homemade tacos, or ones from the local fast food place, tacos are always a must-have on a list like this.

Question 47


The famous Thanksgiving tradition is to either bake, deep fry, or broil a turkey. This has been one of the main courses at a Christmas feast as well. The turkey is always the best part of any holiday feast regardless of what the side dishes may be.

Question 48

Pork Ribs?

Pork ribs are super delicious. They are considered classic man food since they are kind of messy to eat! The more sauce, the better, even if it is a little bit messier! Pork ribs are truly always worth the trouble!

Question 49


Another hearty side dish to add to our list are the potatoes. Potatoes come in so many different styles and flavors it is impossible to name them all. The one thing we can always count on is that they will complete our appetites.

Question 50

Grilled Cheese?

Grilled cheese sandwiches, when made to perfection, are the best! Different layers of different types of cheese can be melted together in between two slices of buttery bread. Grilled cheese sandwiches are truly excellent for any meal of the day!

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