Pick Or Pass On These Foods & We’ll Guess Your Favorite Film

There are so many food items in the world, as well as so many great films, and today, we are combining these two interests; we are mixing food questions with film results, all in order to make one quiz, which is just waiting to be completed...

Down below, there are 35 different foods that are listed out, and everyone who is here must pick them or pass on them, depending on if they are liked or not. Some of these decisions regarding eats and treats will be easy, while others may be a bit tough. But every question must be answered, and there is no wrong choice, so don’t worry.

The things that are picked and passed on will just help us in guessing everyone’s favorite film! Will it be a drama or a comedy? Will it be a thriller or an animated flick? Will it be an action movie? We will soon find out!

So get ready to pick or pass on these foods, so that we can make our guesses: Yes, we will tell everyone who is here with us today which film we think they like the best, out of all of the ones that exist out there!

Question 1

Pick or pass on apple pie.

First up is a classic dessert, which is apple pie. It mixes sweet fruit into a warm crust, and some people even serve it up with vanilla ice cream on top, to make it an even better treat! So tell us: Is apple pie a pick or a pass here?

Question 2

Pick or pass on bananas.

Bananas are a yellow fruit with a sweet taste. They can be made into pudding or a salad, eaten with peanut butter on them or enjoyed by themselves. But not everyone is a fan of this particular taste, so go ahead and pick or pass on them here and now!

Question 3

Pick or pass on donuts.

Donuts are a circular sweet treat, with a hole in the middle. They can be filled or topped with icing or sprinkles (or even, say, cereal or candy). The most common types are glazed, sour cream and powdered sugar. Will it be a pick or pass for these eats, in general?

Question 4

Pick or pass on chocolate cake.

There are so, so, so many types of cakes out there, but for this question right here, we are focusing in on a classic chocolate cake with a chocolate icing. For some, this is everything. For others, this is gross. So will pick or pass be clicked on down below?

Question 5

Pick or pass on ice cream.

Ice cream is a very popular food item in most corners of the world. It is cool and refreshing. It has a variety of flavors. It can have toppings added to it or mixed into it. And it is the next item that needs to be picked or passed right on over.

Question 6

Pick or pass on peanut butter cookies.

Another dessert option would be cookies, and today, we are offering up peanut butter ones. They usually have little criss-cross markings on the top of them, like these here, and they allow people who love PB to take their passion even further! So is this a pick or a pass?

Question 7

Pick or pass on s'mores.

When graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate combine, they make a staple food item: s’mores! These are common on camping trips and around campfires, and they can be quite fun to make, as well. Not everyone enjoys this treat, though, so tell us: What will be the answer on this question?

Question 8

Pick or pass on peanuts.

Those who enjoy salty snacks may turn to peanuts. This is a common and a popular type of nut, and it can come shelled or without and with flavorings (like a honey glaze) on them or not, too. Think about peanuts, and then click either pick or pass down below.

Question 9

Pick or pass on pretzels.

Another salty treat would be a pretzel. There are small ones that can come in packages, and there are big, soft ones that are purchased at events like ballgames and fairs. They can also be dipped into sauces like cheese and mustard. Will it be a yay or a nay for pretzels?

Question 10

Pick or pass on tortilla chips.

There are numerous chips in existence, but a common kind is the tortilla chip. These are usually synonymous with food that hails from Mexico, as people dip them into salsa, queso and/or guacamole before and during their meals. Who will pick these here, and who will pass on over them here today instead?

Question 11

Pick or pass on chicken nuggets.

A popular food item - one that is quite fast and easy - is the chicken nugget. Lots of people turn to this food option at fast food restaurants. But we know that not everyone who is here with us today likes nuggets, so please answer this question down below!

Question 12

Pick or pass on ramen.

Another meal choice that is relatively quick, easy and affordable to make is ramen. It can be eaten alone or topped up with and added into other foods. Think about ramen. Picture it fully. Then tell us: Should this food be picked down below or passed on over? Answer now!

Question 13

Pick or pass on deli meat.

Next up is deli meat. There are different types. They are usually put onto sandwiches or served up on boards with fruits and cheeses. Pick or pass on deli meat, in general, which will help us guess everyone’s favorite film at the end of this quiz that we have here.

Question 14

Pick or pass on French fries.

Everyone knows about French fries, and everyone has a favorite type. In general, is this food enjoyed, or no? Tell us by clicking one of the answer options below - either “pick” or “pass”. Then move on to the next question that is up within this quiz about food and flicks!

Question 15

Pick or pass on jerk chicken.

Jerk chicken has a spice to it, so it adds some zest and interest to plain meat. Some people are really into this flavoring, while others are not a fan at all. Think about it, and then, when ready, tell us if this food item is a pick or a pass.

Question 16

Pick or pass on ratatouille.

Ratatouille is a stewed vegetable dish. Yes, it is an animated movie about a rat, as well, but we are just talking about the food dish! And we need to know if more people would pick this food or would pass right on over it - so answer now, please.

Question 17

Pick or pass on polenta.

Next up is polenta, which is made from boiled cornmeal. It is usually served hot, but it can also be in a solid form and either baked, fried or grilled. Will this unique food be a pick or a pass? Answer, and then continue on in this food quiz here.

Question 18

Pick or pass on falafel.

If someone were to ground up chickpeas, they could make falafel! Some people quite enjoy this street food, while others may not like it or may not even be familiar with it. Whatever the case, please pick it or pass on it now, by clicking one of the options below.

Question 19

Pick or pass on curry vindaloo.

Curry is a popular Indian dish, and one type is vindaloo. Think about this food. Look at this photo of it. Then get ready to answer, which will help us, as we guess what movie - out of all of the ones that exist in the world - is the fave!

Question 20

Pick or pass on sushi.

A popular food item that exists out there is sushi, a Japanese option that wraps rice around seafood and veggies. We are anxious to see everyone’s answer regarding this meal, and we are also excited to throw out our movie guesses for everyone who is here in just a bit!

Question 21

Pick or pass on shepherd's pie.

A warm, hearty, comfort food is shepherd's pie, which has a crust or a topping of mashed potatoes. Inside, there is usually meat, but vegetables and cheese or gravy may be added, too. Is this heavy option enjoyed or not so much? Tell us by clicking an answer down below.

Question 22

Pick or pass on Snickers.

Let’s talk about candy. Specifically, let’s discuss Snickers, a common candy bar with nougat, caramel, peanuts and chocolate. Some people here today may click on the "pick" option below and may consider it the best. Others may not be into these ingredients, though, and are free to click on "pass" instead.

Question 23

Pick or pass on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

A fan favorite when it comes to candy is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It combines two classics - chocolate and peanut butter. There are different variations of this sweet treat, as well as different methods for eating it, too! So will this specific candy be a pick or a pass?

Question 24

Pick or pass on Starbursts.

Those who prefer fruity candy (instead of chocolate) may turn to Starbursts, which are individually wrapped squares with different fruit flavors (and everyone knows pink is the best). Think about this classic treat, and then click on an answer down below. Then, keep on keeping on, as there are more questions!

Question 25

Pick or pass on Payday.

A Payday candy bar has peanuts in it, and many prefer this option. However, not everyone is into it, which is why we have two answer choices: People can either click on “pick” (if they like it) or can click on “pass” (if they do not like it). So what will it be, here and now?

Question 26

Pick or pass on jelly beans.

Up next, we have jelly beans, and we are very anxious to see the answers here. These are a sort of strange option with a sort of strange texture, as well, but the Harry Potter books and movies did seem to increase their popularity! So what is the answer here?

Question 27

Pick or pass on fudge.

Tell us, guys and gals: What is the overall feeling on fudge? This is a thick, sweet, rich dessert option that comes in numerous flavors. Think about this sweet treat in general. Study this image we have provided of it. Then, when ready, either pick it or pass on it.

Question 28

Pick or pass on toffee.

Toffee is a candy made of caramelized sugar. It is hardened and may have something like nuts, chocolate or raisins added into it. Some people really enjoy this taste. Some people don’t like it or have never even tried it. That being said, it is time to give us an answer on toffee!

Question 29

Pick or pass on quiche.

Quiche is a food in a pie crust that can have meats, veggies or cheeses in it. It is a unique option, and it is the next one that is being offered up here on this quiz. Give us an answer, so we can get our guesses about films ready!

Question 30

Pick or pass on lobster.

A very classy and popular seafood item would be lobster, and it is next on this quiz. Whether it is picked or passed on over will help us with the final results. Yes, we will soon throw out our guesses on everyone’s favorite film, out of all that exists today.

Question 31

Pick or pass on steak.

Of course, one of the food items on this quiz is steak, a popular meat choice. We may not all agree on how to cook them (since people enjoy everything from rare to well done), but we can agree that it is time to answer: Down below there, please click on either “pick” or “pass”.

Question 32

Pick or pass on risotto.

Risotto is an Italian rice dish, and we are wondering if more people will say yes to it on this quiz or no. We are also wondering what film will get guessed for everyone who is here and if it will be the right choice or not. So answer now!

Question 33

Pick or pass on oysters.

Let's see what is up next on this quiz about food and film... Here is another seafood option to think about - oysters. Some people will quickly and easily choose a pick here, while others will opt to pass on these. Either way, we need an answer from all quiz-takers.

Question 34

Pick or pass on salmon.

When it comes to fish, some people enjoy salmon. However, some do not like the taste and/or do not like seafood at all! So think about this choice. Study this image. Take some time for this. And then, when ready, please click on one of the answer choices down below.

Question 35

Pick or pass on chicken cordon bleu.

Chicken cordon bleu has meat wrapped around cheese, and the entire thing is breaded and fried. That is right! Most people find it to be pretty good, but we know that not everyone is a fan of this food item, which is why we always offer up two answer choices.

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