Pick Or Pass On These Cheat Foods And We’ll Guess Your Sign

Everyone is always trying to eat better, but the truth is that it can be difficult. While there are plenty of delicious healthy foods out there, there are just too many temptations to ignore. Sweets, snacks, and all manner of hearty, savory foods are constantly just calling out, waiting to be devoured. While most people can stick to their regimen of eating healthy foods and ignoring the bad ones, some people just have to give themselves an out. That's why they developed the idea of a skip day: the one day every week that people are allowed to indulge in their favorite foods, no matter the carbs, sugar, or calories.

It's not actually a bad idea. People can find it too difficult to go on and on without at least having a bite of something they love, and if they break from their routine, it can lead to a spiral of unhealthy foods and laziness. It's far better to allow 24 hours of pure food indulgence. Most people who do this find that once they get into the habit of being healthier, they don't even use their skip days all that much. They actually find it far more satisfying to just keep on track with their new, healthier lifestyle.

Of course, sticking to a plan and a person's ability to do so really depends on their distinct personality. Pick or pass on some of these foods and we'll try to guess your sign!

Question 1


Is there really anything better to have in the morning than waffles? Those round (or square) breakfast delights with the perfectly engineered, syrup-holding grid built into them? there's just something so perfect about this particularly breakfast pastry. Maybe it's the way they can be served with just butter and maple syrup or piled high with fruit, chocolate, and whipped cream. Maybe it's the way they perfectly go with fried chicken. Whatever it is, waffles are definitely a perfect sneaky food.

Question 2


Some people love cake, but there is just never enough time to eat a slice. Not to mention the fact the portability factor of a slice of cake is just not that high. It also requires a fork and a plate, and no one is going to take that on their commute! So what is a cake lover to do? Turn to the humble cupcake, of course! IT's got cake, it's got icing, and sometimes it even has a filling!

Question 3

Ice Cream

On a sweltering day, there's nothing that can quite cool a person down like a good old-fashioned ice cream cone. Even a sundae, eaten on a sunny patio, can do the trick! Ice cream is just one o those great foods that seem to please everybody. It comes in a variety of delicious flavors and can be topped with just about anything a person can think of. Whether it's traditional or soft-serve, ice cream is sure to make any skip day worthwhile!

Question 4

Mozzarella Sticks

Appetizers often provide a challenge to people who love to eat: often there's only enough time (or financial means) to get one, and it can be difficult to decide between all of the delicious deep-fried options. However, when a winner emerges, it is almost always a basket of delicious mozzarella sticks. These breaded, gooey, cheesy treats are perfect when dipped in marinara. They are also really easy to make, considering that most of the time, they are just deep-fried cheese strings.

Question 5

Hot Dogs

Sitting in the park, watching a ball game, having a backyard barbecue... What do all of these things have in common (besides being outdoors)? Hot dogs! Yes, this humble food can be found in all manner of events. It's so ubiquitous, that it can even be found being sold on street corners to hungry people on their way to an important meeting. They may seem simple, but there is so much opportunity for customization. In fact, different regions in the US all dress their dogs up in unique ways.

Question 6


Much like their breakfast cousin, waffles, pancakes are sure to be a crowdpleaser. These fluffy, golden, disks of goodness are great with maple syrup and butter (bonus points for melting the butter and mixing it with the syrup to make basically a perfect breakfast sauce), but they can also be complemented by any number of toppings, like berries, whipped cream, or even fruit syrups. Pancakes can also be loaded up with chocolate chips or made with lemon and ricotta cheese.

Question 7

Mac and Cheese

There are few comfort foods that are as, well, comforting as macaroni and cheese. Whether it comes from a blue box or is made from scratch, mac and cheese is just one of those foods that can fill people up and put a smile on their faces. It's endlessly customizable, and its flavor can change dramatically depending on the cheeses used and other fillings. of course, no homemade mac and cheese is complete without a nice bread crumb topping. Best eaten on a cold winter day!

Question 8


Is Nutella the same as peanut butter? Well, it is and it isn't. Sure, it's a spread that is made from nuts, and it tastes great on just about anything (just like peanut butter), but Nutella is really more of a dessert spread than anything else. Its secret is that it isn't just made with hazelnuts, but also chocolate, milk, and a whole lot of sugar. Ever wonder why Ferrero Rochers taste so good? the secret is the Nutella filling.

Question 9

Grilled Cheese

Few things can be so simple and bring as much joy as a grilled cheese sandwich. All it takes is three ingredients: butter, bread, and cheese, and yet the end result is always somehow greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone has their own preferences for what makes a great grilled cheese. Maybe they like to get fancy and do a blend of cheeses on artisan bread and even add a bit of parmesan to the outside to make an extra cheesy, crunchy crust. Or, maybe they just like a Kraft single on Wonder bread. No wrong answers!

Question 10

Onion Rings

Who needs fries when onion rings are an option? More than their potato counterparts, onion rings really do elevate a meal. whereas fries can sometimes feel like filler, just there to make sure a person is full, onion rings are actually more of a flavor experience. These simple pieces of onion coated in batter are just the kind of thing that can take a meal from good to great. They can even be used as a topping on burgers, which makes them a great choice for any occasion.

Question 11


Here it is: the ultimate crowd-pleasing food, pizza. Is there any other food that can bring people together quite like these savory pies? No matter how many people need to be fed, pizza somehow always manages to get the job done. With a never-ending cavalcade of topping choices, it's also the most customizable food out there, whether people just like pepperoni or if they want to go for something more adventurous like anchovies. As long as they don't ask for pineapple, everyone will be happy.

Question 12

Garlic Bread

Continuing on from [pizza, next up on this quiz is garlic bread. How can something so simple be so delicious? No one would ever suspect that bread coated in garlic and butter thrown under a broiler could end up being so incredibly delicious, but it happens. It's the kind of thing that haunts people who go on low carb diets, especially if there's the option to get garlic bread with cheese as well. It's the closest thing to pizza without actually being pizza.

Question 13

Potato Chips

Potato chips are exactly the kind of thing that is hard for anyone to stop eating. Lays built its whole brand around the fact that nobody could eat just one potato chip and stop. It proves to be true, as any bowl of chips set out in front of a group of people will eventually be completely empty. No matter what flavor a person prefers, whether it's plain, salt and vinegar, or barbecue, potato chips are always a winning choice for a snack.

Question 14


Chocolate might be decadent on its own, but there's really no denying that fudge, which can be any flavor, really, though is most often associated with chocolate, is vastly superior. The process of making it ensures that each bite has a soft, creamy texture that is unmatched by anything else. Whether a person prefers the classic chocolate, or likes to go with more interesting flavors like maple walnut, chocolate mint, or strawberry, it's pretty much always impossible to turn down a good chunk of fudge.

Question 15


Oreos are the kind of cookie that isn't showy, but they end up being people's favorite anyway. The simplicity of two chocolate cookies with a white cream filling is timeless, and although Oreo has tried numerous times to make other Oreo flavors as big as the classic that started it all, it's just impossible to match the perfect simplicity of a good old-fashioned Oreo, especially when coupled with a cold glass of milk for dunking. The only variation that has actually improved on the classic cookie is the double stuf.

Question 16

Fried Shrimp

Is it an appetizer or a meal? Snack or side dish? It's hard to say, but the best answer anyone can provide is that a plate of fried shrimp is pretty much just perfect for any occasion. When a perfectly seasoned breading meets the tender meatiness of shrimp, magic happens. Pair them with a good dipping sauce and a nice wedge of lemon, and no one is going to be able to resist them. Bonus points for making them spicy.

Question 17


There's a reason donuts come in boxes of 12. They are so hard to resist that it's always a good idea to bring a lot of them. donuts, much like other pastries, come in a variety of flavors, but it is the simple ones, the absolute classics that still get the most attention: jelly-filled, glazed, chocolate dip... These are the donuts that anyone will go for when the box is opened in front of them. Of course, adding in a few donut holes also helps to make everyone happy.

Question 18


Fries already got a mention on this quiz when comparing them to onion rings, but they obviously deserve their own entry as well. Fries are just so perfect for any occasion. Do they make a good snack? Yes! Do they make the perfect side dish? Also yes! How about just as an appetizer to share between a few people? As long as there's enough to go around, then why not? Fries are great when dipped ink ketchup, or topped with just about any savory item as well.

Question 19


When most people think of pretzels, they probably think of the salty bread items that are tied into a knot and sold at baseball games, the movies, and other various events. However, pretzels have made their way into a lot of different sections of the food world. People can get sandwiches on pretzel buns, they can get stuffed pretzels, there are even places that will do a pretzel pizza crust! No matter how people get their pretzels, there's no denying they make a great snack.

Question 20


Nachos are pretty much a perfect hangout food, as long as the people gathered to eat them respect the rules about sharing the best nachos fairly. That's because while nachos make a great snack, there will inevitably be some chips that are more loaded up with delicious toppings (like cheese, jalapeno, olive,s green onion, and any kind of meat that is included) than others. If that's the case, then the less-dressed nachos should be entitled to more dips into the guacamole or salsa.

Question 21


Skittles, unlike some of the other small, bite-sized candies to which they have a similar appearance, are actually all about providing a hit of fruit flavor. Skittles might not be at the top of everyone's list for their favorite snack foods, but the truth is that if they are available at a party or being given out for free, people will eat them. The other beautiful thing about Skittles is the sheer amount of flavors that are available right now, including sour and spicy ones.

Question 22

Cinnamon Bun

Once again this quiz features a food that can be many different things. Is a cinnamon bun a snack, breakfast, or a dessert? Is it just something people eat at the airport while they are waiting to board their flight? No matter how a cinnamon bun is consumed, one thing is clear: they are truly delicious. There's something so great about how all of the flavors come together to make a unique taste experience. If they're fresh, then it's just about the best thing a person can have.

Question 23


Spaghetti is yet another comfort food that pretty much makes everyone happy (what is it about pasta that is just so perfect?). Spaghetti is best served with a really nice marinara sauce, but it can also be done with a meat sauce, cream sauce, or served with just butter and parmesan cheese. For the fancier people out there who want something simple yet elegant, spaghetti can also be perfect for pasta Aglio e Olio: pasta made with just olive oil and garlic.

Question 24

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of those foods that is just too hard to resist. In fact, it almost borders on impossible to resist. Not only is it truly delicious, but it is also incredibly easy to make. All it takes is a whole chicken, flour, spices, and either a buttermilk marinade or even just a few eggs. Drop those breaded pieces in some hot oil, and watch the magic happen. There are plenty of variations on this simple recipe, and all of them bring something new to the table.

Question 25

Tater Tots

Tater Tots have had something of a glam up in recent years. What started once as a budget side dish at home and something to get mildly excited about in the school cafeteria has since become a trendy appetizer in hip restaurants. Tater tots, like fries, can be customized in a number of ways to make them better than just their regular form. They can be smothered in cheese, tossed with herbs and spices, and even served with fancy things like truffle oil.

Question 26

Corn Dog

A staple of the county fair scene, as well as theme parks everywhere, the corn dog is a food that is almost perfectly designed to be eaten while walking around and looking for ways to throw money away on midway games. The combination of hot dog, delicious cornbread coating, and of course the revolutionary stick make the corn dog truly amazing. The batter on the outside is both crispy and soft at the same time, and it can be topped in a number of ways.

Question 27

Tempura Veggies

Now for something a little bit different. Some people reading this might be thinking "veggies on a junk food list? This is preposterous!" However, this isn't just an assortment of plain vegetables. This is a plate of tempura veggies, greens that have been battered and fired until deliciously, shatteringly crisp. It's the perfect midpoint between something healthy and something that may not exactly be that good for you. These can be served with a number of dipping sauces, but are best served with something involving soy and miso.

Question 28

Cookie Dough

Is this entry supposed to be about cookies? Absolutely not! Cookie dough is the star of the show this time around. There are plenty of ways to eat cookie dough, although many of them are not exactly food safe (raw eggs and raw flour should never be consumed). However, there are plenty of recipes out there for making safe-to-eat cookie dough, and while some might think that the danger of raw ingredients is part of the fun, they definitely don't have to be.

Question 29


Cereal might seem like a boring choice to be included on a quiz filled with truly delicious junk foods, but the fact of the matter is that there is nothing quite as satisfying in the morning as a bowl of sugary, delicious cereal topped with milk. There are so many great varieties out there, and all those cereals that people weren't allowed to have as kids because they weren't healthy? Well, they will definitely sell those to adults, so go nuts with the Reese Puffs!

Question 30

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake doesn't just have to be consumed at birthday parties. Is anyone surprised to learn that? Okay, maybe that's a bit too vague. Chocolate cake doesn't have to be limited to only special occasions. In fact, pretty much every grocery store out there either sells ready-made chocolate cakes or even a chocolate cake mix that people can buy any time they want. That means that chocolate cake is pretty always available, whether it's someone's birthday or not. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Question 31


Twinkies often get looked down on. sure, they might be a snack cake that is designed to sit on store shelves for an inordinately long amount of time, but think about this for a second: Twinkies have been around in the market for decades, which means they must be doing something right. If something like a twinkie was available in a gourmet restaurant and given a fancier name, it would probably sell like gangbusters. There is also the popular chocolate-coated variety known as Chocodiles.

Question 32


There might not be any sort of sandwich on this list as coveted, beloved, and delicious as the simple cheeseburger. Where does one get the best cheeseburger on the market? Well, that's all a matter of taste. There are people who believe that the best burger must be eaten at a sit-down restaurant and that it should be topped with gourmet ingredients, remoulade, and sit atop a brioche bun to be worth any time. Others are just happy with a simple quarter-pounder from McDonald's.

Question 33


M&M's are basically the perfect chocolate delivery system. Not only do they not melt in anyone's hands (well, to a point. It is still sugar and chocolate and will definitely start to dissolve after a little while), but they can also be eaten en masse. After all, no one ever says that they are going to have one M&M, right? Plus, there are a variety of great flavors out there, including peanut, caramel, dark chocolate, and peanut butter (the latter being probably the best variety).

Question 34

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Alright, now the quiz gets into the end result of cookie dough: a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Sure, there are some people out there who prefer oatmeal raisin, sugar, or even peanut butter cookies, but this entry will just focus on the classic. After all, there is something universally beloved about these simple cookies. So much so, that they are practically the default logo for cookies everywhere. Everyone has a different way of making them, but they all end up being really delicious no matter what.

Question 35


Croissants may just seem like an average run-of-the-mill bread product, but the truth is that there is so much more to these classic pastries. Croissants are kind of magical in the sense that they can either be sweet or savory. They can be topped with cheese or almonds, chocolate or jam. They are perfect with a cup of coffee, and can even be great for making a sandwich. All those buttery layers of pastry ensure that every bit is perfectly delicious.

Question 36

Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls may not be as popular as their puff counterparts, but the truth is that anyone who has had the pleasure of eating them knows that it is hard to stop once they get started. Planters used to sell their own variety of cheese balls. However, the product was discontinued. There are still people out there who claim that the Planters version was the best that could be bought, but at least there are some companies trying their best to recreate that magic.

Question 37


"A burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef." Mitch Hedberg uttered that truly great observation, and it couldn't be truer. Of course, a burrito can hold many different kinds of meat, or no meat at all, if that's how people want it. The beauty of burritos is that they pack so much flavor into one perfectly portable food item. That includes obvious items like steak, chicken, carnitas, or black beans. OF course, there is also the breakfast variety, which can be stuffed with eggs, bacon, cheese, and salsa.

Question 38

Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn is far better than just regular popcorn. How come? Because of the extra layer of flavor it provides other than just butter and salt. Sure, regular old movie popcorn can get the job done, caramel corn is just a little bit more special. It was one of the first snacks to hit on that sweet and salty flavor balance that has become so trendy in the last few years. IT can even have nuts, chocolate, or spicy pepper flakes added to it to build even more flavor.

Question 39


Looks like things are getting even fancier on this quiz! After all, what's better than a nice bowl of perfectly made risotto? How about risotto that's been stuffed with cheese, breaded, then fried? Arancini is not an everyday food, to be sure. However, whenever there is a chance to eat it, people should jump at the opportunity. Good arancini are few and far between, and missing out on the chance to eat this delicious appetizer from Italy would be totally regrettable.

Question 40

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are yet another item on this quiz that can hold many different roles. They can be a snack, an appetizer, a shared dish, or even just something to have for dinner. There is something perfect about the way the heat of the hot sauce combines with the melted butter (which is the traditional way to make buffalo sauce) to create something that perfectly coats a nice, crispy, meaty chicken wing, making it somehow better than the sum of its parts

Question 41

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is the most traditional food on this list by a long shot. After all, it's the symbol of simpler times, isn't it? Picture a pie cooling on the windowsill of an idyllic farmhouse. Is it apple? Of course, it is. Apple pie is another dessert that is simple, yet elegant. Everyone has a different apple pie recipe, resulting in a delicious product pretty much every time. It can be served with ice cream, and even a slice of cheddar in some places, but apple pie is just as good on its own.

Question 42


Come on, of course bacon was going to make the cut! this is the magic food, the one that sent the internet into a tizzy and became basically one of the most popular things in the world. Far from being just a breakfast food, bacon can be used to improve the flavor of almost anything. There's bacon-wrapped shrimp, bacon cheeseburgers, even bacon sundaes and milkshakes. Those last two might not be the best thing to eat, but it doesn't change the fact that bacon is amazing.

Question 43


Brownies are to cookies as a steak is to a chicken breast. That's not an attempt to sell cookies short, it's just that a tray of chocolate brownies is probably going to prove harder to resist than a plate of cookies, if only because brownies are not really something that is as good when bought in a store, unlike the huge variety of cookies out there. Brownies are at their best when they are freshly homemade and devoid of any filler like walnuts or even chocolate chips.

Question 44


Bagels are the kind of baked good that just makes everyone happy. There are so many different varieties, that everyone can find their favorite. Maybe they like the classics like poppyseed or sesame. Maybe they love the coveted everything bagel, with its seed, garlic, and onion combo. Maybe they like to go even less conventional and grab a blueberry or chocolate chip bagel from the bunch. No matter what kind of bagel someone likes, it's just the kind of thing that makes a morning perfect.

Question 45


On the one hand, there are brownies. On the other, there are blondies. Unlike their chocolate counterpart, blondies are built on more traditional flavors like sugar and vanilla. Think of them as being a softer, square cookie without any chocolate chips. while that might not sound very exciting (it does have the word 'square' in there, after all), there are people out there for whom blondies are the ultimate dessert. The flavors of a blondie are allowed to shine without getting bogged down in too much rich chocolate.

Question 46


Macarons have become more of a trendy dessert lately, but there's a good reason for that: not only are these unique cookies delicious, but their bright colors and variety of flavors make them a perfect addition to any dessert table. On top of that, these cookies are also traditionally gluten-free, as they are actually made using egg whites, sugar, and almond flour. That's good news for people who have gluten allergies or sensitivities, as these delicious treats can be consumed by anyone!

Question 47


Hashbrowns can elevate any breakfast into the realm of something even better: brunch. Sure, some people really can't stand that word, as it implies a trendy, overpriced breakfast where there isn't enough food and the restaurant is way too crowded. However, brunch doesn't have to be that way. It can just be a bigger breakfast than usual eaten a bit later than usual and finished off with a nice mimosa. Either way, it should include some sort of hashbrown, preferably ones made with shredded potatoes.

Question 48


Pudding might not be the most exciting dessert, but the fact of the matter is that it is a versatile one. Not only can it come in a variety of different flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and banana, but it can also be used to make things like cream pies and other delicious desserts. Of course, pudding on its own is a perfectly fine food, one that doesn't require a lot of effort to eat, but is pretty delicious anyway.

Question 49

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is basically just sugar. It's true! However, it's the process of how that sugar gets turned into something resembling cotton that makes it so special. Sure, it might not be for everyone, and if people are a bit older, then they are less likely to enjoy the overly sweet flavor of cotton candy, but it is still something that can be enjoyed by adults., It might give them a sense of childlike nostalgia, but it might also just be kind of delicious (in small doses, of course).

Question 50


Now it's time for the star of the show, the mother of all cheat foods: chocolate. Sure, it's been mentioned briefly in some of the other questions on this quiz, but now it gets its own time to shine. Chocolate might be good at complementing other foods, but it's also delicious on its own, whether it's being enjoyed in bar form, mixed into milk, or even just a handful of chocolate chips (which were supposed to be used for baking but never actually made it into the cookies).

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