'Pick Or Pass' On These Fitness Classes And We'll Reveal The Next Best Summer Activity

I’m sure we’ve all noticed it before, but summer seems to motivate everyone, at times only momentarily, to get fit. It seems that once the warm weather starts coming around, we all start thinking about getting a beach bod, drinking 8 glasses of water a day and researching how to cook kale. It's in our human nature to want to look our best, and summer is the time which all makes us strive to be our best selves.

This quiz will ask each participant to “pick” or “pass” on a list of fitness classes. Some of these classes are conventional ones that most people are familiar with, or maybe even tried once or twice in the past. Others, however, are may seem surprising and get quizzers thing: “Is that a real class?” Some seem a little bizarre and others seem too good to be true. This quiz will definitely remind us all that it is possible to have fun while getting fit!

This quiz will see what kind of activities each quizzer is into and will then recommend the perfect summer activity for each individual. Who’s ready to evaluate some cool new fitness classes and discover a fun summer activity idea? It’s time to get quizzing!

Question 1


The goal of an aerobics class is to engage the aerobic system and can range from strength exercises, cardio and flexibility training. These classes result in better cardio and weight loss. While these classes might seem to be easy, I dare every quizzer to try one out! Who’s up for the challenge?

Question 2


Crossfit includes a mix of weightlifting, calisthenics, cardio and interval training to form a very brutal workout. It requires good cardio and a lot of stench but will also bring about a lot of results. It will improve endurance, flexibility, balance and obviously strength. Who’s looking for a serious workout?

Question 3


Zumba is the kind of sport that everyone undermines until the day they get coerced intro trying one. It seems like all fun and games when observing a teacher effortlessly dance, but in reality, t’s the furthest thing from a walk it in the park. Who’s in the mood for some dancing?

Question 4


A lot of people thing yoga is all about stretching, breathing and meditation, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Yoga focuses on strength, balance and movements all synchronized with one’s breathing. It’s meant to look effortless and that’s largely why it’s thought to be so simple. Any yogis interested?

Question 5


Tai-Chi is a martial art that originated in China that emphasizes on slow movements, meditation and breathing. It is intended to bring about a sense of calmness and a general well being. Despite not being very intensive, this exercise will help practitioners find inner harmony and peace. Who’s in?

Question 6


Bootcamp is meant to test our limits and push us to have the best workout ever. It’s done in a group setting so that we can stay motivated and pumped. It’s definitely a tough workout that’ll keep pushing even when you want to give up. Who needs this kind of push to get in shape?

Question 7


Despite its abbreviation, HIIT is not at all a contact sport. It is an acronym that stands for High-Intensity Interval training. This activity boasts the ability to burn lots of fat and calories in a short amount of time. Sound too good to be true? Who’s going to try it to find out?

Question 8


Gymnastics is a sports that makes people wonder: “How are they doing that?” The flexibility, strength and coordination of those who practice gymnastics is incredible to watch, but of course, it all starts with practice. Anyone interested in jumping on the bandwagon?

Question 9


Jumping is an exercise course that uses special Jumping trampolines to have an amazing cardio workout. It’s a little more complicated than just jumping on a trampoline in a friend’s backyard, because it combines a perfect amount of slower jumps with faster, sprint-like jumps. Who wants to have child-like fun while getting fit?

Question 10


Spinning is a high-intensity cardio activity where participants pedal on a stationary bike with alternating speeds and levels of resistance. The instructor is usually there to hype everyone up, set the pace and make it a fun group workout! Decide if this class is a pass or not.

Question 11


Pilates is an exercise style created by Joseph Pilates where participants use special machines to do physical conditioning exercises. This fitness course emphasizes strength, especially in the abs and lower-back, as well as flexibility. Who’s looking to get toned?

Question 12


Insanity is a total body workout that combines endurance, strength, coordination, balance and agility. It doesn’t use equipment or require a gym, so introverts and homebodies, this one is for you! This system uses max interval training to burn fat and build muscle, who’s interested?

Question 13

Rope Training

Rope Training uses ropes to strengthen the core, shoulder and grip. It is a cardiovascular exercise that requires that the participants slam ropes repeatedly to gain endurance and power. Does this look like a fun way to gain some strength? Make a choice below!

Question 14


Kickboxercise is a mix of kickboxing and boxing, where drills from these two sports are employed in a non-contact environment. This includes shadow boxing, skipping and punching punching bags. If anyone has some leftover aggression, this is the way to get it out!

Question 15

Outdoor bootcamp

Bootcamps are a kind of fitness class where smaller groups of people are pushed and motivated by the group to consistently work their hardest during their workout. While these are mainly done inside, try taking an outside bootcamp course this summer. Who’s in for some sun and some fun?

Question 16


Dancercise is a fancy term for dance classes, because these courses often target glutes, abs and legs and kick participants into some serious shape. Dancing is fun, but its not all fun and games because these classes burn a whole lot of calories. Who wants to get their groove on?

Question 17

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga has all the amazing benefits of regular yoga but done in a 37 degrees celsius room. It allows for yogis to sweat a little more, burn off some extra calories, detox their system, find calm and get extra bendy. Anyone who loves warm temperatures would fit in in this style of course.

Question 18


In a barre class, a ballet bar is used to complete each exercise. It mixes pilates, dance, yoga and strength training and mixes in some fun music. These workouts should be energizing but also challenging. Are there any ballerinas looking for a new challenge?

Question 19


Boxing is a combat spot where two people fight while wearing big, protective gloves. The activity is done in a boxing ring and practiced in a boxing gym. There is a lot of strategy, strength and determination needed to succeed in this sport. Who wants to step in the ring?

Question 20

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a little different then regular yoga, largely because it’s done from a low-handing hammock. The participants flow through their practice from this hammock and use it to achieve all their poses. Anyone who’s ever dreamt of flying needs to give this course a go.

Question 21

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts, commonly abbreviated to be MMA, is a full-contact sport that allows that the two fighters fight standing up and on the ground. There are several different kinds of MMA classes, like Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Karate. Who wants to battle?

Question 22

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is exactly what the name implies: Zumba but in water! It’s a lot easier to move freely when the water helps us feel super lightweight and its definitely a way to stay refreshed by working out. Who’s in for some Aqua Zumba?

Question 23


Stretching classes are all about improving on flexibility. Surprisingly, being a little more bendy can benefit a lot of other areas of one’s workout regime. Stretch properly can even help reduce pain and injury after a workout. While it sounds relaxing, stretching can be quite painful. Who needs this kind of class?

Question 24


A lot of gyms offer these cardio fitness classes which are accessible to everyone and aim to get all participants moving. It’s open to the instructors interpretation, however it usually involves lots of jumping on and off platforms. These classes are high energy and will get our heart rates up to help burn fat. Sound cool?

Question 25


This fitness class is a mix of cardio classes and pilates classes. It takes the slower, strength training exercises from pilates and mixes them together with some cardio to create an extremely effective workout. Talk about fat burning and muscle building all in one! Who wants to participate?

Question 26

Nike Running Club

Nike Running Club is group of runners who run together for encouragement and also, to have guidance from one another. This group is open to everyone and is accessible through an app. It’s the perfect way to make fit friends to help us stay accountable for our fitness journey. Who loves this idea?

Question 27


Soulcycle is a fitness class that has taken New York and the media by storm. It is a 45 minute cycling class that emphasizes strength and rhythm, but is all done with incredible playlists in a candlelit room. It’s definitely an extremely high energy class. Has anyone been looking to try it?

Question 28

Pound Drumming Class

Oh yes, its possible to get in shape while drumming. In a Pound Drumming Class, participants are given two drumsticks to have a jam session while doing cardio and strength moves. Students in this class literally make their own playlist while exercising, by making music themselves. How cool is that?

Question 29


Skyrobics mixes aerobics and bootcamp fitness classes and takes place in a large space, nearly the size of a basketball court. The floor is made out of trampolines to create a fun workout that doesn’t hurt the knees. The class mixes cardio with strength training to get the best of both worlds. Who’s down to jump around?

Question 30


SurfSET is a whole new challenge, as an entire workout is done on a surfboard that is on the ground, yet still mobile as though it were in water. It forces participants to engage their core and stabilizer muscles to find balance. Any surf lovers interested?

Question 31

Cycling Karaoke

Cycling Karaoke is very unique kind of spinning class, as it also has karaoke. It’s all about letting loose and singing some favourite tunes which putting in some serious work. It’s definitely all about being fearless and wanting to have fun: Who’s in?

Question 32

Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is the kind of activity we all did as children and never thought much of, but Hula Hooping is now a great way to get in shape! These classes help build strength, coordination and burn a whole lot of calories. Who’s inner child is excited?

Question 33

Kangoo Jump

Kangoo Jump fitness classes entail that participants wear Kangoo Jump rebound shoes while jogging, or training. These shoes are super bouncy, so it’ll definitely get a good laugh at first, but the workout is lots of fun. Who’s excited to try?

Question 34

Paddle Board Yoga

Paddle Board Yoga has all the great elements of a regular yoga class, but instead, these movements are achieved on a paddle board on water. Yep, imagine trying to do a headstand or a downward dog while on a moving paddle board. This class takes some serious balance skills, who’s got them?

Question 35

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey sounds totally absurd, but apparently its been practiced since the 1950s. Its all about working as a team to get the puck in the net, but instead of on ice, it’s done underwater. Anyone who loves water polo should try this one out!

Question 36


Swimming is a fun summer activity that a lot of us do to relax, but swimming classes can actually be extremely intense. Floating in water is super easy, but doing drills and swimming laps is a different ballgame. Who’s headed to the Olympics this summer?

Question 37

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics takes all the difficult movements of aerobics classes and applies them while the participants are in water. This exercise is easy on the joints and makes aerobics accessible to a lot more people. Who loves water and fitness?

Question 38


Dancing is an activity that is rarely thought about when listing fitness classes, but this activity is some serious hard work. Classes include strength training, cardio and flexibility for an all body workout that will make all participants feel the burn. Who wants to get their groove on?

Question 39

Belly Dancing

Since Dancing is a fitness class, Belly Dancing is equally as challenging. It is one of the most ancient dances originating in the Middle East and makes participants work their strength, flexibility and most importantly grace. Is the next Shakira amongst these quizzers?

Question 40


Self-Defence classes are a great way to get stronger, but also know how to take down a bad guy. The classes focus on striking, throwing, restraining and teach participants how to stay calm and focused. It's an important skill to have and can make everyone more confident in their ability to defend themselves.

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