Pick Or Pass On These Fast Foods And We'll Reveal Your Favorite TV Show

Fast food is one of those things that, while we all know is terrible for us, we crave it all the time! Life is too short to be worrying about it really, which is why so many of us will turn to fast food when we're bored, sad, or just plain hungry! This quiz is a tribute to all those times when we probably should've gone for the healthy option or cooked for ourselves, but instead we gave in to the urge, the craving that we all know comes with the brilliant world of fast food! We think that, based on what sort of fast food someone likes, we can tell a lot about them.

What we're going to do is ask people to pick or pass on various forms of fast food that we all know and love. Once they've done that, we think we'll be able to guess their favorite television show, the show that they sit down to watch as they eat their favorite form of fast food!

So, are people ready to take a look at some of the best fast food items out there?! Want to find out if we can tell people's favorite television shows? The only way to find out is to get started!

Question 1

Apple Pie

This quintessentially American food is now sold at numerous fast food outlets, allowing everyone the chance to eat a quick baked treat after eating their main meal. Who wouldn't want to be able to pick a baked apple pie up fast?!

Question 2

Baked Potato

While it's easy to create one of these at home, they can also be picked up for easy on the street. They are used by a lot of people for a quick lunch while they're at work and need somebody else to sort out a potato fast for them.

Question 3


Easy to pick up at a deli and a breakfast food staple at various fast food places, these treats are made easy with the purchase of a cheap waffle iron that can quickly turn an easy to make batter into tasty and sweet waffles!

Question 4


Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato are three fantastic foods that, for some reason go brilliantly together between two slices of bread. Go and find this at any deli in the US and people are in for great ride!

Question 5

Breakfast Sandwich

Incorporating everything that is great about a breakfast meal, this sort of sandwich takes bacon, egg, and cheese and slaps it on a breakfast muffin. That being said, people can add whatever food they want on top of it!

Question 6

Burrito Bowl

Sometimes we go on diets, and while we want to continue to eat fast food, we don't want to eat certain parts of it. For example, if we don't want to eat carbs, we can remove the wrap from a burrito and have the ingredients in a bowl!

Question 7

Waffle Fries

While we're not sure that this ruffled shape makes much of a difference to taste, for some reason, people seem to absolutely love waffle fries. Maybe it's just something about the surface area of the fry that makes a difference?!

Question 8

Tater Tots

Served as a side dish, all these little things are is grated potato that is then deep fried into a little ball for people to knock back alongside the rest of their meal. It's no surprise that many different fast food joints sell these as they're easy to make!

Question 9


This sort of meal allows people to take everything they would normally have and then wrap it all up into meal of its own. This Mexican dish has become a standard form of fast food, even being sold on the street, for many in the US.

Question 10

Chicken Fingers

Everybody loves chicken. Even people who don't like meat end up loving chicken, which is why somebody made it easier for people to eat chicken. Buy some of these and it's easy to dip the chicken and then eat it straight away.

Question 11


Another Mexican dish, these are flat corn tortillas filled to the brim with delicious ingredients. Unlike a Burrito, the tortillas can either be soft or hard and then don't fully cover the ingredients within the tortilla either!

Question 12

Subway Sandwiches

If people choose good ingredients, this is probably the only form of fast food in this quiz that can actually be quite healthy! Sure, most people don't make them healthy, but they always have that option!

Question 13


These are essentially hamburgers for people who can't be bothered to take on the size of a full hamburger. Sliders allow people the chance to eat a hamburger like they would any other easy snack, rather than having to deal with a full sandwich.

Question 14

Popcorn Chicken

Yet another form of chicken that allow people the chance to eat their favorite meat without ever having to deal with a mess. Named after the easiest snack to eat of all time, expect to throw this popcorn sized chicken right down the throat!

Question 15


This Italian dish has become a serious staple among the US fast food options, even being offered on the street. In fact, New York is famous for making huge Pizza pies that are then sold by the slice, rather than by the whole Pizza.

Question 16

Chicken Fries

Fries are all well and good, but we would honestly rather have chicken breaded and fried, given to us in the place of fries. Choose a favorite dipping sauce and these fries will jump straight to the top of the favorite fast food list.

Question 17


Leave it to the United States to turn breakfast into a fast food type situation! For most people, breakfast is a chance to get invigorated, whereas for others, it's a chance to fill the body with some flaky Pancake discs!

Question 18

Onion Rings

Believe it or not, there are actually some people out there that don't like fries. Those people, when they go to a fast food joint, they order their burger but they get onion rings instead. With the proper batter, they can be just as good!

Question 19

Chicken Nuggets

We're not sure why human beings have come up with so many ways to bread and fry chicken to get it into our bodies, but they have, and we're pretty happy about it as well if we're honest! Chickens probably won't be happy with it...

Question 20

Naked Chicken Chalupa

Taco Bell has created all new ways for people to take in Mexican food. Believe it or not, this is a chance for someone to enjoy a taco, but instead of a corn tortilla, the fast food joint has used deep fried chicken to hold the filling!

Question 21


This is has long been the sort of thing that many people made at home, with a lot of families having it for a regular evening meal. The name and shape merely comes from the fact that the meat is cooked in a loaf tin!

Question 22


Sure, everybody likes ice cream, but McDonalds gave us all a chance to enjoy ice cream mixed with various forms of favorite candy bars. Ever wanted a flake to be mixed in with the ice cream and caramel? Now is the chance to make it happen!

Question 23

Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

Typically a meal made at home, this side can be found at various fast food places, generally served with some form of biscuit as well. Find the right place and this rather simple dish can end up being delicious.

Question 24

Mac N Cheese

This can either be a side or a full meal in its own right, and while many people continue to make it at home as well, there's a lot of people who like to get out there and have it as a form of fast food instead.

Question 25

Chicken Wings

There is no decent fast food place out there that, if they claim to do chicken, doesn't do chicken wings. That is a sure fire way to find out that everything else on the menu must taste trash, because they clearly don't know what they're doing.

Question 26


Various places like Subway and other delicatessens that offer fast food will sell cookies as a form of dessert to have a long with the main meal that was bought at the joint. A way of getting just a little extra money from someone!

Question 27

Honey Butter Biscuits

Often ordered on the side of a meal such as mashed potatoes and gravy, these see a lot of action in fast food joints in the south where things like biscuits and gravy are a meal that many people see as part of their tradition.

Question 28

Curly Fries

Just like chicken, human beings are always trying to find a new way to get potatoes into their system. As if fries weren't already good enough, somebody decided it would be best to make them spicy and have them in spirals!

Question 29


A perfect accompaniment to a coffee, donuts are so popular within the US that there are fast food joints that pretty much only sell these and hot beverages. They come in so many flavors that that's all they need!

Question 30

Fish Sandwich

If people aren't in the mood for beef or chicken, then fish has got them sorted out! Usually breaded and then fried before placed along with salad and some form of zingy sauce between two slices of bread, they always taste great.

Question 31

Hash Browns

Shred up some potato, fry it in a pan, and it tastes delicious. Who knew that something so simple could end up tasting so brilliant. Throw some cheese on top and this fast food favorite goes from side to main!

Question 32


Can't believe it's taken this long to get to the hamburger! A famous treat when it comes to fast food, the hamburger has seen many changes throughout its life on US shores. Often plated up with some form of fries, it's a traditional treat.

Question 33

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is one of those things that can be easy to make at home, but when they're bought at a fast food joint they hit a whole new level. They add a crazy amount of ingredients that really compliment this simple dish.

Question 34

Garlic Bread

Even though pizza is well loved by a lot of people, we don't think that garlic bread ever gets the love that it deserves. When people aren't feeling pizza, they can be sure that garlic bread will hit that fast food spot they're looking to itch.

Question 35


Fries are a cornerstone of fast food. They're so simple, and yet a good portion of fries can be the best thing about a quick meal. People have made so many different types of this humble food, and we love every type!

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