Pick Or Pass On These Fast Foods And We'll Guess Your Favorite Burger

We all know that fast food is bad for our bodies but can we help that it tastes so flipping good? Can we change the fact that it's so much quicker to buy something to eat than to make it? And not everyone likes to make food, they'd rather be doing something else. Life is a rush, so why not make it a little easier for ourselves right?

But as tempting as it might be, we cannot simply stuff our faces with junk food every day. Most fast foods contain way more oil that we should be eating and they are loaded with empty calories so, in the long run, they might end up causing us health problems.

Balance is the key. We don't need to deprive ourselves of junk food forever and live a miserable life but we do need to balance what we put into our bodies and make sure we get regular exercise. This way we never need to feel bad about eating that extra slice of pizza ever again!

Today we've lived up a few of the most popular types of fast foods. In order to get their burger match, all our readers need to do is pick or pass on these foods:

Question 1

Rib burger:

Burgers are one of the most popular types of fast food and they come in a number of different varieties so there is always something new to try. If you grow bored with beef burgers, for example, you might like to switch it up and have a juicy rib burger instead? Pick or pass:

Question 2

Snack cakes:

Life is pretty busy for most of us and sometimes we need a little pick-me-up to keep going. A snack cake (or two, or maybe even three) will give us that little sugar rush we need to get the work done. All we need to do is choose our favorite type! Pick or pass on snack cakes:

Question 3

Onion rings:

Onion rings are usually a side dish and they can be paired with just about any fast food. They go really well with burgers, steaks, and ribs, as well as fried fish and even fried chicken. And if you just need a snack a helping of onion rings will work great! Pick or pass:

Question 4

Fried fish:

Fried fish might not be as healthy as grilled fish or raw fish but that crispy battered skin is exactly what makes it so yummy. Paired with a helping of fries, a little lemon to squeeze over the top and maybe some tartar sauce, it's sure to be a feast.

Question 5

Chicken nuggets:

So it's the middle of the afternoon and not quite time for dinner yet but we are feeling peckish. We've got to get a little something to fill that gap and what could be better than a box of chicken nuggets and our favorite dipping sauce? Pick or pass on this fast food:

Question 6


Whether we are looking for food that can feed a crowd or something we can enjoy on our own; pizza is always the answer. It's universally-loved, can be customized in a thousand different ways, and will never fail to please. Pick or pass on a tasty family-sized pizza for dinner:

Question 7

Fish burger:

Ever found yourself craving a burger but not really in the food for beef or chicken? Well, you could always go for a veggie burger but there is another option too; a fish burger. Add fries and a soda or a milkshake and you'll be set. Pick or pass on a fish burger:

Question 8


Once we've chosen something off the menu the next thing we have to do is choose something to drink. So what's it going to be? Juice? Perhaps a soda? Or would a rich chocolate milkshake really help wash down that burger? Pick or pass on a milkshake with your meal:

Question 9

Mac and cheese:

Mac and cheese is such a simple meal but there's nothing in the world quite like it. It's a comfort food and whether it is home-made, a microwave meal, or from a fast food joint it's always guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. Pick or pass on a creamy bowl of mac and cheese:

Question 10

Baked apple pie:

There two types of apple pie in this world. The type that your grandma likes to make and the takeaway kind, and they are both delicious. A fast food apple pie is easy to eat on the go and the perfect dessert to top off a meal. Pick or pass:

Question 11


Coleslaw is a salad made from shredded cabbage and carrots (sometimes onions and bell peppers are added too) mixed with a mayonnaise-based dressing. It can be added as a side to many different types of fast foods from fried chicken to burgers, or even eaten on its own. Pick or pass:

Question 12

Veggie burger:

Meat is not for everyone and there's nothing wrong with choosing not to eat meat. But does that mean you shouldn't be able to munch down on a tasty burger? Of course not! Enter the veggie burger: not always the most popular item on the menu but probably one of the healthiest.

Question 13

Mash and gravy

Potatoes are surely one of the most versatile vegetables on the planet. Just think of all the things that can be made using a simple potato? Fries, hashbrowns, baked potato, salads, and don't forget one of the best of all: mash. Paired with gravy this can be a meal on its own!

Question 14

Beef chow mein:

So tonight we've decided to stay at home and chill. Maybe we'll watch a few episodes of our latest series or maybe we'll play games but one thing is for sure - we're going to need some food. So we grab the Chinese menu off the fridge and start dialing. How does beef chow mein sound?

Question 15


Croissants can be enjoyed for breakfast (stuffed with bacon, egg, and cheese), for lunch (with jam, cheese, and cream) or just anytime you feel like a treat. This flaky pastry, usually baked in a crescent shape pairs well with both savory and sweet. Pick or pass on a few of these:

Question 16

Breakfast Muffins:

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but most of us are so busy in the mornings that it is sometimes hard to find time to grab something to eat. For those who find themselves on the go and ravenous, a fast food breakfast muffin might just be the answer!

Question 17

Mushroom burger:

Now when we talk about a mushroom burger we could be talking about two different types. There's the beef burger that is topped with a mushroom sauce but there is also a type of burger where the patty is replaced with a giant mushroom instead. Both are pretty yummy! Pick or pass:

Question 18


There are a few things in this world that will always go together: bacon and eggs, strawberries and cream, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and, of course, fast food and ice-cream! Once we've wolfed down a big juicy burger there is nothing like a soft-serve ice-cream to settle the meal right? Pick or pass on ice-cream:

Question 19


Have you ever taken two slices of pizza, laid them on top of each other and eaten them like that? Well, then you had calzone! Just kidding! Calzone is similar to pizza, made with the same ingredients and fillings but it's just baked folded over - like a pie/pizza hybrid. Pick or pass?

Question 20

Butterfly shrimp:

We've been eating fast food all week. That's right, every day this week it's been either pizza or burgers and now it's the weekend and we are just craving something different. But the question is what to have? How about a plate of crispy butterfly shrimp? Pick or pass on this fast food:

Question 21

Chicken burger:

Some people don't like the taste of beef patty so when it comes to burgers they will always choose to go with chicken instead. Even those who enjoy beef might like to switch things up every now and again! Would you pick or pass on a crispy crumbed chicken burger?

Question 22


There's a reason why donuts are often sold in boxes and that's because one is just never enough. And they are fun to share! Some folks prefer them frosted, others like them with chocolate and sprinkles but if we put a donut in front of you right now, could you turn it down?

Question 23

Hot dog:

We've decided to head out for the day and so far we've been having fun but now it's almost lunchtime and we are starting to get hungry. We need fuel for the rest of the afternoon and the hot dog stand down the street looks very inviting... Pick or pass on hot dogs:

Question 24


This traditional Mexican food is now popular all over the world and once you've had one it's easy to see why. They generally contain mince, cheese, and lettuce stuffed or folded into a crispy tortilla but there are loads of other toppings that can be added too. Pick or pass on this fast food:

Question 25

Fried chicken:

Okay, so we know that fried food isn't good for us but does that change the fact that it tastes so good? No! It's pretty hard to resist hot, fried chicken, especially if someone puts a steaming bucket of it down in front of us! Who would be able to pass on this fast food?

Question 26

Cheese dog:

Hot dogs are yummy but there is one way to improve them and that's to add cheese. You can either choose a cheese-filled sausage for your hot dog or just add a little grated cheese. Or both if you want! Pick or pass on a tasty cheese dog for lunch:

Question 27

Club sandwich:

Sandwiches are popular fast food but there's always one that will top the list and that's the Club! It's made using thinly sliced cooked chicken (sometimes fried bacon), lettuce, tomato, and a dash of mayo. Enjoy it with some fries and a soft drink on the side, now what could be better than that?

Question 28

Roast beef sandwich:

Sometimes the best part of making oven-roasted meat is the sandwiches you get to make with all the leftovers. But you don't have to wait for a sandwich like this, you can just go get one. Pick or pass on a huge roast beef sandwich to fill that void:

Question 29


The perfect cheeseburger might look a little something like this: a soft bun cut in half and packed with crispy lettuce, juicy slices of tomato, sweet pickles, a grilled-to-perfection beef patty and of course cheese. Lots and lots of cheese! How would be able to turn down this delicious looking cheeseburger?

Question 30

Chicken wings:

Chicken wings (also sometimes known as buffalo wings) might be small and they can get a little messy (depending on how saucy you like them) but they are so moreish that a little mess doesn't really make any difference. They can be enjoyed on the bone or deboned, whatever you prefer.

Question 31


Fries are often served with fast foods like burgers but sometimes just a plate of fries can make a yummy quick snack. Just make sure that you have your favorite dipping sauce on the side and dig in. Who could go for a huge pile of crispy fries right now?

Question 32

Bacon burger:

Bacon is life. But burgers are also life. So the best solution, surely, is to combine the two? Is there any better way to jazz up a burger than by adding a few slices of crispy bacon and maybe a little cheese? We don't think so! Pick or pass on a bacon burger:

Question 33


Looking for the ideal fast food to share with a few friends? A huge plate of nachos just might be the answer. Make sure to add all your favorite toppings (and extra cheese) and then dig in - you don't want to miss out on this! Pick or pass on nachos:

Question 34


When we need something to eat and we need it immediately there is nothing more satisfying than finding some cookies to enjoy. Giant cookies, Oreo's, it doesn't matter what they are as long as they are soft and tasty. They also make the perfect traveling snack! Pick or pass on cookies:

Question 35

Hash browns:

Now, hash browns aren't really the type of fast food that we would eat on their own but they do go really well with other types of fast food. Hash browns can usually be found on the breakfast menu but they can also be added to beef and chicken burgers. Pick or pass:

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