Pick Or Pass On These Fast Foods And We'll Guess Your Favorite Actor

Don't try this quiz on an empty stomach!

Let's be honest for a moment. We all lead hectic lives and sometimes there just isn't enough time to prepare our own food at home. Or perhaps we just don't enjoy cooking or we feel like we can better spend that time doing something else. Whatever the reason, it's okay because there are hundreds of fast food dishes out there just waiting to be ordered. Delicious food we don't need to spend time cooking? Sounds perfect to us!

Now we might choose to enjoy our fast food treats while we are out and about or we might want to curl up with them on the couch. And if we are going to take the couch option, then a few movies might be just the thing to keep us entertained while we munch on our bounty. A title with a few of our favorite actors would be the ideal choice but we don't need to be fussy. Even a few episodes of a series would do!

All our readers need to do today is pick or pass on these fast food items and we'll try to guess who their favorite actor is. Think we can get it right? Let's try!

Question 1

Fried chicken:

It's Friday night and we've invited a few friends over to chill with us, play games, and catch up. We've got some sodas and everything is set up but there's something missing - food! What are we going to feed these folks? We could go into the kitchen and try to make something but wouldn't it just be easier to go out and grab and a bucket of fried chicken for everyone to enjoy? Yes, yes, it would. Pick or pass on fried chicken:

Question 2


If the perfect cheeseburger does exist, we think this could be it. This burger has been made using a soft, fresh bun and a 100% pure beef patty, garnished with lettuce (placed at the bottom to prevent any sogginess), slices of juicy tomato, pickles, our favorite sauce, and, of course, cheese! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it... This burger is sure to satisfy even the fussiest eaters so we think it's time to tuck in. Pick or pass on this cheeseburger:

Question 3


Now while we could enjoy a pack of fries on their own (and they do make a pretty good snack), they are usually served along with something else. They go best with other fast foods like burgers or fried chicken, but there are actually very few dishes that won't be enhanced by the addition of some deep fried potato chips. Just make sure to grab some ketchup or a dipping sauce to make them extra yummy! Pick or pass on this fast food:

Question 4

Chicken burger:

We've all faced this dilemma before: we're in the mood for some delicious fried chicken but we're also craving a burger. Now we could just order both but another solution is to have the best of both worlds and go for a chicken burger instead. It will satisfy both cravings at the same time - what a winner! This burger comes with fries, a side salad and a choice of cold sodas to wash everything down with. Pick or pass on a chicken burger:

Question 5

Grilled cheese sandwich:

Fast food doesn't just mean food that we buy from our local takeout restaurant or drive-through, it can also extend to quick meals that we can make ourselves at home. Making a grilled cheese sandwich is so easy that almost anyone with a stove or toaster can do it, and all we need to create it is bread and cheese; two staples that we can usually find in the kitchen. It's the perfect anytime snack and can be ready in just a few minutes.

Question 6

BLT sandwich:

When we are craving a sandwich but we aren't sure what we want to order, the BLT is always a good choice. Sometimes menu options can be way too much but with the BLT we can always be sure that it will hit the spot. Made with crispy bacon slices, juicy tomato and crunchy lettuce (served on our favorite bread) this sandwich will always have a special place in our hearts (and our stomachs!). Go ahead and pick or pass on this sandwich:

Question 7


Sometimes we need food that can be eaten on the go and nothing fits the bill quite like a humble burrito. These can usually be heated up in a matter of minutes and because all the filling is contained inside the wrap they are easy to eat while we get on with other things. No mess, no fuss! And as a bonus, they are usually quite cheap. Sure it's not a balanced meal but at least our stomachs won't be growling anymore!

Question 8

Chicken nuggets:

Whether we are looking for a snack to enjoy with our friends or just something to munch on while we catch up on the latest episodes of our favorite series, chicken nuggets are always welcome. As long as they come with our fav dipping sauce of course! There's never actually a bad time to enjoy chicken nuggets, whether they are as a main course, a snack or just a side dish with the rest of our food. Pick or pass on some crispy golden nuggets:

Question 9


There's nothing quite like the smell of BBQ ribs to get our mouths watering and knowing that we're about to enjoy something so delicious is an awesome feeling. The only problem or obstacle, when it comes to eating ribs is that things can get a little messy but honestly, they are so good that we don't really care how much sauce we get on our face while we are devouring them! We can always have a shower afterward, right? Pick or pass?

Question 10

Mac and cheese:

Did someone say mac and cheese? Where is it? Let us at it! This is one of the simplest meals that we can whip up in a hurry and even if we don't feel like making it from scratch we can always pick up a ready-made one (or frozen one) from the store or grab a portion (or two, or three) from our favorite take-out joint. Mac and cheese is a comfort food that will brighten up any day, no matter how bad it has been!

Question 11

Cheese pizza:

In the 1990 comedy classic Home Alone, all Macaulay Culkin's character, Kevin, wanted was just a simple cheese pizza, but his brother scoffed it all down before he could get any. There are times when simple is better and although a pizza loaded with toppings is good, sometimes a pizza topped with a few different cheeses is just what we want. And hopefully, unlike poor Kevin, we'll actually get to have a slice before someone else gets to it. Pick or pass on cheese pizza:

Question 12

Mash and gravy:

Looking for the perfect side dish? It has to be mash and gravy! It can be served with fried chicken, sausages, steak, and even on its own for a quick snack. This is one that can also be made quite easily at home without too much effort but it's also just as easy to order from the local takeout place. Mash and gravy is definitely one of the best comfort foods and it's always a welcome addition to any meal.

Question 13

Chicken fingers:

Chicken fingers are made by taking thin slices of chicken fillet, slicing them lengthways, rolling them in batter and then letting them deep fry until they reach a detectable golden brown shade. Also sometimes known as chicken strips, these are an ideal on-the-go snack or side dish and are also perfect for adding to salads. Just like with chicken nuggets, these fingers are best when enjoyed with a yummy dipping sauce. Who could go for a big serving of these right now?

Question 14


Because it's made with corn instead of wheat, cornbread is generally denser which makes it perfect for mopping up any leftover sauces. It is usually served as a side dish and it's actually really good for us too as it's packed with nutrients and vitamins. It's great to serve with chili dishes, soups, stews, and BBQ meats like chicken or pork. Just make sure there's enough to go around as everyone will be wanting seconds! Pick or pass on a few slices of buttered cornbread:

Question 15

Club sandwich:

We're in the mood for a club sandwich and we've decided that instead of ordering one, we're going to make one for ourselves. Want to join in? Here's what we'll need: a few slices of our favorite bread, some sliced chicken or fried bacon, sliced tomato, lettuce, and some mayonnaise to taste. Once we've put it together all we need to do is cut it into quarters, put it on a plate, and enjoy! Now that was a tasty club sandwich.

Question 16

Pulled pork sandwich:

There's a new Southern-style takeout that just opened in our neighborhood and tonight we're going to check it out. From what we've seen in their flyers they have all kinds of great dishes on the menu, all the classics we just can't get enough of like collard greens, fried chicken, grits, mac and cheese, cornbread, and black-eyed peas. As soon as we arrive we see they have a special offer tonight on their pulled BBQ pork sandwich. Should we go ahead and order that?

Question 17

Onion rings:

Onion rings are usually served as a side dish but there's no reason why they can't (and should) be eaten as a snack too. They go great with just about any dish, including burgers, steaks, chicken, and even fish dishes. We just need to make sure that we eat them while they are still hot because they just don't have the same crunch when they have cooled down. Like fries and chicken nuggets, these can also be enjoyed with a dipping sauce.

Question 18


Hashbrowns can be served at any time of the day or night. They go great with bacon and eggs or breakfast muffins, are perfect for adding to burgers or to just have as a side dish. Hashbrowns are made using grated potato that is battered and deep-fried and with a little practice, they are actually quite simple to prepare at home. They can be a little on the greasy side, depending on how they are prepared so we wouldn't suggest eating too many in one sitting.

Question 19


A bite-sized burger? Yes, please! There's nothing wrong with a full-sized burger but there's just something about sliders that makes them so much more fun to eat. Perhaps it's the fact that they can be held in one hand that makes them so appealing because there is nothing worse than biting into a burger and having it spill its contents all over the place. Yes, sliders are the perfect on-the-go fast food, ideal for whenever we need something quick and easy.

Question 20

Waffle fries:

Now there are all kinds of different fries available today. We can even have fries made from other veggies or fries that come with their own toppings, like bacon, chili, or cheese. But one of the yummiest options available has got to be waffle fries. These fries are made using the same cutting method as crinkle cut chips except that they are turned 90° between cuts, resulting in that classic waffle shape. Pick or pass on a helping of waffle fries:

Question 21


We've had a long day at work, one of those days when all we can think about is just getting home. But as we were leaving the office our BFF called and asked us to meet up for a quick dinner. We don't really feel like going but we decide to go anyway because we know that it will perk us up. When we arrive we see that our friend is waiting for us and she's already ordered a big plate of nachos for us to share. Now that's what friends are for!

Question 22

Roast beef sandwich:

We hosted a family reunion this past weekend and in order to feed all our relatives, we decided to make a massive beef roast for Sunday lunch. It was a winner all round and almost everyone came back for seconds but believe it or not, we still have some meat left over. But that's not a problem as we plan to make roast beef sandwiches, so it won't be taking up fridge space for much longer! Pick or pass on a roast beef sandwich:

Question 23

Greek salad:

Now don't start thinking that our list of fast-foods is only for the meat-eaters. We've thrown in a number of yummy fast-foods for the health food fans too! Next up on the menu is one of our favorites: the greek salad. It's made with crispy chopped lettuce, juicy tomato chunks, crumbly feta cheese, cucumber, and, of course, a healthy handful of black olives. Sounds just about perfect, right? This can be eaten on its own or enjoyed with another dish. Pick or pass?

Question 24

Bacon burger:

Bacon is life. Honestly, there is never a time when a slice of bacon won't be appreciated. Whether it's being served up for breakfast with eggs and sausages, added to a BLT for lunch, sprinkled into a salad, or squeezed into a burger, the chances that we'll say no to bacon are almost zero. If we had to live a life without bacon, well, we'd rather not even think of that. Who is with us on this one? Pick or pass on a bacon burger:

Question 25

Chicken wings:

We're hosting a small party at our place tonight and of course, we have left it until the last minute to plan what we are going to feed our guests. We only need some snack food so we're heading off the to store to see what they have on offer. We grab a few bags of chips, some biscuits, and drinks, and then make our way to the deli counter. We're in luck this afternoon because they've just taken a tray of chicken wings out. Should we get some?

Question 26

Veggie wraps:

When we're not in the mood for something greasy, or we are watching what we eat, the best thing to do is to fill up on some veggies and give our bodies something healthy. And when it comes to fast foods and quick snacks there are plenty of options. One of the is a yummy wrap stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, and onion, or whatever other toppings we are in the mood for. Pick or pass on a veggie wrap for lunch:

Question 27

Hawaiian pizza:

Now if there is one type of pizza that we could eat almost every night it would have to be this one! There's nothing quite like the taste of a Hawaiian pizza and whether it's made with a thin crust or a thick crust, it's always guaranteed to hit the spot. We just need to make sure that we order something for everyone else in the house too because we don't want to have to share a single slice of this pizza.

Question 28

Rib burger:

We're at our favorite burger joint tonight with our family and their new menu has everyone buzzing. They've added a variety of new burgers and sides to their offering and although we are tempted to go with our regular order of a cheeseburger, the new rib burger looks really good too. No-one else at our table ordered one, so we decided to try it out and wow, it was so worth it! We'll be back for more, that's for sure.

Question 29

Fish burger:

Now when we think of burgers we generally think of chicken or beef as the main ingredient, but what are the options for those who don't eat these meats? Well, they could always opt for a veggie burger, perhaps with a large mushroom or hashbrown in place of the patty. Other option, for those that eat fish, is to order a fish burger instead. These types of burgers are great for anyone longing for a taste of the ocean. Pick or pass on fish burgers:

Question 30


The best thing about tacos is that they are really versatile because we can add just about anything to them. Tacos are generally made using a corn or wheat tortilla that is folded over a filling. There are loads of options when it comes to fillings with some of the most popular being ground beef, pork, chicken, beans, corn, and cheese. It's an ideal dish to grab from a fast-food joint or to serve up at home. Pick or pass on tacos:

Question 31

Popcorn shrimp:

Now tonight we are in the mood for something a little bit different. We feel like having fries or onion rings but we want something a little meatier and with a different flavor so we've decided to order a helping of popcorn shrimp. This is the perfect starter dish to have before a burger or even a pizza, and also great as a snack. And if we are feeling energetic we might even try making it at home (or buying it frozen and baking it in the oven!).

Question 32

Apple pie:

Now after we've finished that burger or pizza, or bucket of fried chicken (hey, no judgment here) we obviously need something to round off the meal. No, we're not talking about a piece of fruit or anything silly like that, we are talking about a proper sweet treat. Now soft-serve is always a good option but how about combining that will a slice of sweet apple pie? Now that sounds like a winning dessert to us! Pick or pass on apple pie:

Question 33

Baked potato:

Now let's say we're at home, it's quite late, and we suddenly decide that we are hungry. We want to make a snack that won't require too much preparation or effort but also something that will satisfy our tummies so that we can get a good night sleep. The humble baked potato is the perfect option! All we need to do is pierce the potato a few times with a fork and stick it in the microwave. When it's done, we just add toppings and enjoy - how easy is that?

Question 34

Breakfast muffins:

In most households, the mornings are the most stressful time of the day. This is when everyone needs to get ready and prepare for their day, and with a hundred things to do before school or work starts, it can be easy to run out of time to eat breakfast. We don't want to skip this important meal so we always have the option of grabbing a few breakfast muffins on the way. It's better than eating no breakfast at all!

Question 35

Meaty pizza:

Tonight we've decided to order in pizza and chill on the couch with our dog. We don't feel like socializing and we just need a little bit of time to ourselves. While we were checking out the pizza menu we opted to go with one of our old favorites: the meat lovers pizza. This one comes crammed with ground beef, BBQ sauce, bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, and, of course, a generous layer of cheese. This is going to be good!

Question 36


We've been on vacation over the holidays but now it's time to finally get to work. It's always a little sad to leave the leisurely days behind us and get back to the daily grind but there is a treat that can help ease this transition. We've decided to surprise our fellow co-workers by arriving at the office with a big box of donuts. They don't have to know how many we ate in the car, do they? Pick or pass on donuts:

Question 37

Fish and chips:

Whenever we are lucky enough to vacation by the sea, there is always one meal that we have to have and that's fish and chips. This dish is always better with an ocean view, but of course, it can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Providing the fish is fresh and well battered and the chips are crunchy, this is a perfect takeaway dish for anyone who feels like something from the ocean. Pick or pass on a helping of fish and chips:

Question 38


Coleslaw is usually served as a side dish and goes well with anything from fish and chips to fried chicken. It's on the menu at most fast-food joints but it's also something that can be made quite easily at home, provided we have a way to shred veggies. All we need is some cabbage (different colors are fun but not a necessity), a few carrots, some onions, spices, and mayonnaise and we can whip up our own coleslaw in just a few minutes.

Question 39


Now we've enjoyed quite a feast here today but there's still something missing. What are we going to get to help wash all this yummy fast food down? We could opt for a big glass of water or perhaps some fruit juice, but honestly, we're leaning more towards a soda right now. A milkshake or iced tea would also do but there's nothing quite like the taste of coke with fast food is there? Pick or pass on a bottle of coke:

Question 40


There are many different flavors of milkshakes for those who enjoy having something creamy along with their burgers, chicken pieces, or pizza. We have the option of going for traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry or stepping out and having something a little more exciting, like salted caramel or perhaps even a monster shake. No-one is ever too old to appreciate the great taste of a well-made shake! Decide on the best flavor and pick or pass on a milkshake:

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