Pick Or Pass On These Fast Food Dishes And We'll Reveal Your Celebrity Hubby

Fast food is one of our favorite things. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re suckers for convenience, or maybe it’s the fact that our taste buds have just grown accustomed to the high levels of processing that now go into food. Whatever the reason, the salty, sweet, and sauce-drenched meals are some of our favorite things to snack on. We love just how much variety comes in the world of fast food. We don’t need to spend hours looking up how to make tacos; we can drive down to Taco Bell and buy tacos. In this kind of quick and easy world, it means that we can satisfy any craving at any time of the day or night. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do the same with our relationships?

While dating apps might feel like the fast food of human connection, they don’t often end in marriage. This quiz is designed to help find a celebrity hubby, based solely off of our fast food picks. Is it possible to find love inside of a McChicken wrapper? We certainly think so. Take the test and find out, though. We’re sure that whatever hubby comes up will be the full meal deal we’ve always dreamed of.

Question 1

McDonald's Big Mac Meal

The classic Big Mac Meal, this is our go-to when thinking about picking up a fast food meal on our way home from work. While it might not be the healthiest, necessarily, it certainly is one of the most delicious. Pro tip: ask for Big Mac sauce on one of their value meal burgers for a low-cost alternative to this heavenly burger. We’re not saying that it’s a way to get a Big Mac for half the price, but it definitely gives us the taste we want for that $1.99 price.

Question 2

KFC Fried Chicken Pizza

Why have pizza when we could have fried chicken pizza? The only thing better than one kind of fast food is when we smash it together with another form of fast food. Sometimes we find it when we dip fries in a milkshake. And sometimes it comes to us in the form of a circular wheel of chicken with traditional pizza goodness on top. The toppings can be anything we can dream of as well. Vegetables? No thanks. We’re here for the meat-tastic taste of fried chicken crust and pepperoni toppers. Yum!

Question 3

Taco Bell Tacos

Looking for a cheap and easy way to quickly chow down on the delicious taste of a traditional cuisine? Taco Bell might not be the best place, but it’s some people’s only option. The taco cravings can be undeniable sometimes. When those cravings hit, we won’t judge someone for picking these Taco Bell Tacos. After all, they hit all of the right spots: they’re juicy, a little spicy, coated in cheese, and the shell provides a nice crunch. All in all, these are a big hit.

Question 4

Arby's Curly fries

Curly fries are a staple at some bars and university cafeterias, but nowhere seems to do them quite like Arby’s. Not only is their seasoning some of the best, but the way they cook them is close to perfect. When we get the perfectly curled fry it’s a little bit like bliss. Pure, curly, well-seasoned bliss, with a side of ketchup and mayo, please. For those that aren’t on the curly-fry-and-mayo train yet, it’s definitely time to board. It’s truly the perfect balance.

Question 5

The mac and cheese burger

Not necessarily a brand specific fast food product, but definitely one that would become a staple of our diets if we could get it anywhere. Many restaurants have clued into the popularity of this food product, which is why we’re starting to see it more and more. Basically, all we need to do is put mac and cheese on a burger. The result? Happiness. And maybe some low-level heartburn after we start to digest. But still, who could say no to cheesy happiness!

Question 6

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

Want all the delicious toppings of nachos, but looking for the starchy backdrop of well-salted fries? Look no further than these nacho fries, a product that we didn’t know existed until now. Taco Bell came up with this combination of two popular foods, and we think that it was pretty genius. The nacho flavors really highlight the softness and saltiness of the french fries, and we actually think they’re easier to eat than regular nachos. Crispy chips tend to break, while fries can handle the load.

Question 7

KFC Fried Chicken

Finally, we’re at the classic fried chicken. Protein is one of the building blocks of muscles, which is why it’s important for us to get enough. We’re growing humans, after all! KFC’s fried chicken must be secretly spiced because it’s just so finger-licking good. We can’t stop ourselves from finishing the bucket, even though it’s supposed to be a family-sized meal. No family is satisfied with one or two pieces of chicken a piece, though. Better get three buckets, just to be safe.

Question 8

Chicken nuggets

In the mood for chicken, but don’t want to spend the twenty bucks on a bucket? Look no further than the McDonald’s (or Wendy’s, or Arby’s, or really any of the famous name brand fast food joints) chicken nuggets. Many fast food joints have their own take on the nugget, but the flavor profile is basically the same: a little crispy, maybe juicy, and generally very plain. Dipping them in a chosen sauce highlights their seasoned-chicken flavor, making these more a vessel for sauce than anything else.

Question 9

A Dairy Queen Blizzard

Dairy Queen landed on gold when they created the Blizzard. In a similar fashion to the McFlurry, Blizzards are ice cream that have toppings blended through them. However, there’s something about a Blizzard that can’t be copied. They’re stick-to-the-spoon rich, and the flavors blend in the perfect way; way better than McDonald’s tossed on toppings. From seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Pie to the classic Oreo Cookie Supreme, Dairy Queen is always coming up with new favorites for their famous ice cream concoction.

Question 10

McDonald's breakfast sandwiches

What’s the next best thing to fast food burgers for dinner? Fast food burgers for breakfast! Not any old fast food burgers, though. Fast food breakfast burgers. English muffins, biscuits, and even pancakes take the place of buns, while eggs and sausage lay themselves down in lieu of burger patties. They might not be burgers, but they’re definitely just as great. And we get to eat them for breakfast! What could be more satisfying? Maybe asking for Big Mac sauce on it.

Question 11

Taco Bell's Triple Double Crunchwrap

We’ll admit it: we’re not sure we know what makes this crunchwrap a double, triple crunchwrap. In fact, we’re not even sure how one can have a triple crunchwrap, let alone how they would double it. What we do know is that crunchwraps are perfect for the person who wants the byproduct of a taco and a burrito in one conveniently grilled package. It seems like it has all the makings of a taco, but wrapped in a carryable pouch, like a burrito.

Question 12

KFC Waffle Double Down

One of the products on this list of fast food items that we personally have tried, this waffle double down is a thing of actual beauty. The waffle is lightly syruped, adding sweetness to that salty delight of a fried chicken burger bun. The chicken, in contrast, is juicy enough to squish down and fit inside our mouths for the perfect bite every time. While it might be a heart attack waiting to happen, we’ll take our chances in order to bask in its double-fried, subtly-maple goodness. KFC really outdid themselves with this one.

Question 13

McDonald‘s Lobster Roll

McDonald's doesn’t necessarily seem like the kind of place where we could get a lobster roll from, but sure enough the photos that we came across revealed than they did indeed carry it at some point, in some locations. We’ve heard rumors that it usually exists on the East Coast, specifically in those places where lobster isn’t necessarily the luxury item us West Coasters seem to think it is. The lobster roll might look a little sparse, but we’re sure it tastes good. Talk about getting bougie, right McDonald's?

Question 14

Taco Bell Beefy Crunch Burrito

Beefy like some of these hubbies, and crunchy like...nacho chips? The metaphor kind of fell apart, but this burrito certainly stands up against much stronger competitors. We’re big fans of the combination of crunch and spice, and think that burritos would be well-served with a dash of delicious crunchiness. That’s what makes this Taco Bell product great. It thinks about what the burrito has already, and then aims to improve it by adding the crunch. Time to get munching and crunching!

Question 15

McDonald‘s Fried Chicken Sandwich

It’s like staring into the eyes of a McChicken after it’s all grown up. Not only is the skin nice and golden brown, but the crispness looks a little more spiced than on a regular McChicken too. Not to mention the bun to meat ratio is spot on We’d love to sink our teeth into this chicken chunk, as it seems like it could be a contender for top fast food meal spot. That is, as long as we’re not tired of all the chicken, yet.

Question 16

Popcorn Chicken

Fast food seems to do a lot of chicken. To be fair, chicken is an easy meat to change and adapt, especially when we’re looking at all of the different secret spice blends and frying methods that exist. As great as the fried McChicken is, we personally think that popcorn chicken is our strongest contender for favorite fast food chicken. It’s like a sophisticated McNugget, with a better fry and even more flavor. These things are the best chicken flavor, rather than just being vessels for sauce.

Question 17

A&W onion rings

Curly fries might be one of the best potato-based fried snacks, but they’re certainly not the best circular fried side dish. That spot is reserved for onion rings, nature’s perfect fried food. Sweet, soft, and all-around delicious, A&W does something to these little guys that makes them taste like no other brand’s onion rings could ever dream of. We’re not quite sure what it is. Maybe it’s the oil they fry them in, or maybe it’s because they coat them in a delicious topping. We’d rather eat than try to figure it out!

Question 18

The Beyond Meat burger

Don’t worry veggies, we haven’t forgotten! There aren’t a whole lot of vegetarian options out there anymore for fast food. Some places might have grilled cheese or veggie sandwiches as options, but those don’t always cut it. Cue the Beyond Meat burger. Tasting almost exactly like meat, this burger does wonders to satisfy the most intense fast food cravings. And it does it all with half of the guilt, and maybe even less of the heartburn! We haven’t tried it yet, so we’ll have to do some testing before we make that claim.

Question 19

Burger King Chicken Fries

Another chicken dish? Oh yes! We just can’t get enough of that delectable fried bird. After polishing off some nuggets, popcorn chicken, and a bucket of KFC drumsticks, what better way to finish the meal than with a set of Chicken Fries from Burger King? Long and lean, these guys might even be better than onion rings, as much as it pains us to admit it. There’s less of the secret spicing happening with this meal, but they still go well paired with a cold and refreshing drink.

Question 20

McDonald's fries

A far cry from Chicken Fries, but absolutely worth any of the trekking we do out to McDonald's late at night. The french fries are the one thing even the strictest vegetarians have difficulty giving up. Perfectly salted and deliciously golden, these fries are potentially the best food ever created, in our opinion. Plus, we heard a rumor that they’ve come out with garlic and herb fries (Dailyhive). Talk about being the best of the best! If we could just eat those forever, that’d be great, thanks.

Question 21

Classic extra cheesy pizza

Whether we’re buying it from Papa John’s, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Romeo’s, Boston Pizza, or Freshslice doesn’t matter. When we’re in the mood for a classic cheesy pizza, there’s only one thing that will satisfy the craving: the cheesiest, most topping-heavy treat that money can buy. When it comes to pizza, there are two types of people in this world. Those are the pizza lovers, and the ones who prefer “flatbreads”, a poor facsimile for pizza. Which one are we dealing with, here?

Question 22

Dunkin' Donuts

It’s not all cheese and grease in the world of fast food meals, though. Breakfast sandwiches might feel like the morning burgers of McDonalds, but what about the actual breakfast food that’s out there? Hashbrowns, pancakes, and eggs are great for a sit down meal at Denny’s or IHop, but sometimes we want something that gets right to the heart of the breakfast matter. We’re talking about donuts. Round, sprinkled, glazed, long, and even jelly filled, donuts give us a special kind of joy that we just can’t get enough of. It’s impossible to eat just one!

Question 23

The McChicken

We’ve talked about the fancy McChicken, we’ve talked about McNuggets, but now it’s time to talk about a classic: the McChicken has been around forever. We’re not sure how long it’s been around for, but we certainly remember getting the junior as a meal when we were kids. Crunchy, yet soft, it’s like McDonald's created a palm-sized McNugget. We’re living for it, especially at 2 am after a long night out. There’s just something about that sweet, tangy, creamy McChicken sauce…

Question 24

Dairy Queen Brownie and Ice Cream

Remember when we mentioned that desserts are just as important in the world of fast food as other products are? No? Well, maybe that’s just our personal beliefs sneaking in. Honestly, if we could live off of brownies and ice cream, we’d never touch another Big Mac or family sized KFC bucket again. So much of our happiness comes from the complementary pairing of a warm brownie with some creamy vanilla ice cream; Dairy Queen really did us a solid by bringing this onto their menu.

Question 25

Carl‘s Jr. Pastrami Thickburger

A thickburger isn’t a pet name for these celebrity hubbies, though we won’t judge if anyone decides to start using it as such. No, a thickburger is a name that Carl’s Jr. has for some of their burger recipes. Juicy and large, the thickburgers come with a variety of toppings that make their huge patties even bigger. Take, for example, the pastrami thickburger. Loaded with even more meat, it’s not enough to just read about this burger. We need to fully experience this burger in order to understand the pure deliciousness it contains.

Question 26

Cheesecake Factory cheesecake

Forget about anyone who says that sit down restaurants can’t also live in the realm of fast food. We’re firm believers that the Cheesecake Factory transcends those kinds of boundaries and exists on a whole other plane that we can’t even begin to think about reaching. The Cheesecake Factory provides an important service to the world. They give hungry people their choice of cheesecake flavor. They’re big slices, served with care (AKA whipped cream), and there’s nothing we love more than that.

Question 27

Taco Bell Nachos

The fry nachos are one thing, but regular nachos? It’s hard to beat them. We can’t stop thinking about all the delicious nachos we’ve had in our lives. And yet, it always seems to come back to Taco Bell. Taco Bell nachos might not be the cheesiest or the beefiness, but there’s something about the flavors and the toppings-to-chips ratios that we can’t get enough of. We personally love nachos, and think that Taco Bell nachos are really able to hold their own against other, fancier plates.

Question 28

McDonald‘s Poutine

While we’re not sure if McDonald's has rolled this out everywhere, we are sure that those who have tried the poutine are remarkably satisfied with it, us being no exception to that rule. We love the pairing of the fries with the cheese, and can’t get enough of that salty gravy they pour over top. While it might not exactly be gourmet, it still has a solid flavor profile that makes for a delicious alternative to the normal golden side dish.

Question 29

Carl's Jr. Hand-Breaded Chicken BLT

Hand breaded or not, we think that there’s something wonderful about the idea of combining two classic flavors into one easy-to-eat sandwich. For those that don’t know, BLT stands for Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. We love the way that this sandwich takes the classic sandwich and layers it with breaded, crispy chicken. The seasoning is delicious, and the sandwich as a whole is even better. Who wouldn’t want something this good, right? Plus, lettuce and tomato are vegetables, so it’s basically like we ordered a handheld salad.

Question 30

McDonald‘s Ice Cream

A far cry from Dairy Queen, but still able to hold its own, we have a special place in our hearts for McDonald’s ice cream. Not only is this product quick and easy to get, but it somehow holds up to the summer heat just a little bit better than other, non-fast food ice cream. McDonald’s has really changed the game when it comes to ice cream. The only downside? Their ice cream sizes are inconsistent. Catch a cashier on a bad day and we’re likely to get a squat little cone. But find one that’s happy and excited about serving ice cream, and it’s going to be a well-stacked cone.

Question 31

Chick-fil-A‘s Grilled Chicken Salad

Salad? Really? While we’re not entirely sure we’ve ever bought a salad from a fast food restaurant, we know that there are people who have. It’s nice that they have it as an option, as it makes them a little more accessible to those that might not be able to have the burgers and fries on the menus. However, we’re not entirely sure they’re a totally healthy choice, after factoring in all the sauces and the extras. Oh well! They certainly taste good. That’s especially true for this delicious Grilled Chicken Salad.

Question 32

Subway Footlong

Want to eat a sandwich, but want to draw it out for a while? We’re sure that this footlong will do the trick. Subway has been equated, in our minds, with huge sandwiches for a while now. From picking up a footlong between classes to stopping and grabbing one on our way into a night shift, we can’t get enough of the build-our-own sandwich place. From veggies to salami to honey oat bread, Subway’s customization options are ridiculously amazing. While we might have to ask for more lettuce now, there’s something about it that still can’t be beat.

Question 33

Carl's Jr Tex Mex Bacon Burger

Not quite a thickburger, but still a good one in our books, this Jr. Tex Mex Bacon Burger checks all the right boxes. Not only does it have a juicy patty to sink our taste buds into, but it also has bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? We’re particularly big fans of the tex mex aspect of it too. The slight spice makes it the perfect little pick-me-up after a long and dull day at work, while the softness of the bun ensures our mouths don’t tingle too much. Is it the perfect burger? Maybe.

Question 34

Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Bites Pizza

Who doesn’t love the hot dog bites pizza, right? We’re personally very big fans of the fact that we can get what essentially amounts to two meals for the price of one. Pizza is always a good choice, no matter what mood we’re in. Sad? Order a pizza. Celebrating? Order a pizza. Feeling drained due to work and the upcoming holiday season? Order a pizza. The hot dogs are the cherry on top, with everyone who’s indulging being able to share in the dough-wrapped-doggy goodness.

Question 35

McDonald's Pancakes Breakfast

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve come to the McDonald’s Pancakes. We have fond memories of eating them for breakfast as kids, suckling the syrup pack that they come with until every last drop is out of the little plastic cup and onto our eagerly-awaiting taste buds. We LOVE pancakes, and the Mcdonald’s version of them are truly something special. Maybe it’s the nostalgia tinting the flavor, but sometimes we get a craving that nothing but these round cakes will satisfy. There’s something special about that.

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