Pick Or Pass On These Engagement Rings And We'll Reveal The Perfect Wedding Dress

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many details to go over and decisions to make. And two of the biggest details and the most important decisions are the ring and the dress. That being said, we are going to focus on those aspects, right here and right now, in this fun wedding quiz!

Down below, there are 35 different engagements rings. Some are simple and dainty, a few have colored stones, and others are big and blingy. For each question and ring, everyone who is here needs to pick or pass; if someone likes a certain style, that is a “pick”, and if someone is not into a certain ring, that is a “pass”. Easy enough, yeah? And it is fun to image all these rocks on our hands, too!

Then, in the end, we will add up all the results and calculate all the answers in order to give everyone something exciting...the perfect wedding dress! Yes, based on the rings that are selected, we can help people figure out the best type of dress to wear on that big day (whether it is coming up or just a fantasy at this point in time). Ready to see it all? Good...Let us get started now!

Question 1

Pick or pass on this detailed ring?

This first ring is very detailed. It has a large stone in the middle, and its color is a gold one. Along the sides of the ring, around that large stone, there are lots of tiny little diamonds, as well as prongs that stick up and out. This adds some dimension to the entire thing, as well as some drama to a sparkly engagement ring. Decide if all of the details call for a pick or call for a pass.

Question 2

Pick or pass on this intricate ring?

This next engagement ring also has some detail, as it is quite intricate. There is another single stone in the middle, and all around it, there are cuts and curves and shines and shimmers along the thick silver band. Those who prefer tiny details and interesting elements may favor this ring, while those who usually go for jewelry that is more simple may not like this one. Either way, choose pick or choose pass from the options that are below.

Question 3

Pick or pass on this shimmering ring?

When people think about wedding rings, they usually think about sparkly diamonds - like this one! This piece definitely makes a statement, and it would surely stand out on any hand, during any type of wedding ceremony. However, some people do not want lots of sparkle on their rings, and some people choose to not go with diamonds at all. Therefore, based on opinions, decide if this ring is a winner or not; go with one of the two answers below.

Question 4

Pick or pass on this large ring?

Brides who like a little drama and a lot of glam may opt for an engagement ring like this one. It, again, has that one central diamond, but there are plenty of other pretty little stones all around it. This definitely has an old Hollywood vibe and would work well for a luxurious and elaborate wedding. Those who like pieces that are more dainty and less detailed, though, will not enjoy this and will probably select the "pass" answer below!

Question 5

Pick or pass on this studded ring?

Solitary stones are common in engagement rings, and it is up to couples to decide what else to add. There are numerous colors from which to choose. Additional stones can be added around the big one. And there are a variety of shapes to consider, too. This particular ring is gold, is covered in three bands of diamonds and has a square-shaped diamond up top. Like it? Then go ahead and pick it! Not liking it? Then pass on it instead!

Question 6

Pick or pass on this shapely ring?

As mentioned, there are different shapes to consider when choosing an engagement ring, and many are more than just a circle with a diamond on top. Take this one, for instance. It has two oval shapes on each side of its band, and there is a sun-like shape around the main stone. Oh, and all of those shapes are filled with diamonds, for even more sparkle and shine! As usual, either go for this ring or skip on over it.

Question 7

Pick or pass on this art deco ring?

Art deco is a common design style, especially when it comes to rings. They have vintage flairs and distinct cuts, such as this rectangular one here. Plus, this one also comes with a diamond band, so that the bride has one main stone, as well as lots of little ones. Who is digging this art deco ring? Feel free to select the "pick" answer below. And who is not really a fan of this style or cut? Then pass on it!

Question 8

Pick or pass on this sleek ring?

Upon first glance, this ring may just look like a silver band and a diamond - something traditional. But there is some added oomph here. The band is very sleek and modern, wrapping around the stone in a unique way. Those who are into contemporary designs or who are throwing modern weddings may go for something like this. However, not every bride will be delighted by the sight of this, which is why there are two options down below there.

Question 9

Pick or pass on this geometric ring?

Here, we have another art deco shape and another rectangular stone with sleek lines and cuts. This geometric diamond will definitely stand out on that special finger on that left hand. Everyone who is here now needs to really study this ring and decide on an answer; one choice is to say yes to this ring (and click on "pick"), and the other way to go is to say not to this piece of jewelry (and click on "pass" below).

Question 10

Pick or pass on this curved ring?

This ring may be thin, but it is not simple. First of all, it has little diamonds across its slender silver band. Then, for some more excitement, it is curved. Who says a ring just has to be a perfect circle? This one has a point in the middle, so it draws the eye to its beauty even more. But, yes, not everyone will see its beauty, and some people who are here today will choose to answer with "pass".

Question 11

Pick or pass on this connected ring?

Another unique option, within the world of engagement rings, is something like this. It is, once again, what appears to be a normal round band. But instead of having one large stone in the middle, there are two - with a space in between them. These two different diamonds are connected by the ring portion that wraps around the finger, creating a funky yet elegant piece of jewelry. Into it? Say yes to it! Not loving it? Give it a thumbs down.

Question 12

Pick or pass on this teardrop ring?

Another shape for a ring is the teardrop, and this one has double the fun. There is a diamond in the middle of the ring, upon a silver band, and it has that classic teardrop shape. Then, surrounding that, there is an outline of a teardrop shape, which is lined in tiny little diamonds. Just look at all that sparkle. There will probably be many who select this engagement ring, but it is different, so it is definitely not for everyone.

Question 13

Pick or pass on this gold ring?

For some more interesting detail, go for an artsy band, like this one. It is like a sculpture on its own, with textures and fragments that all come together in a gold band, which thickly wraps around an oval stone. Some people will be all over this and will click on "pick" below. Others will not understand this at all and will click on "pass" below. What will be the answer that gets the most clicks on this question, though?

Question 14

Pick or pass on this silver ring?

There have been a couple of modern rings listed out here so far, but this one may be the most modern of them all. It is super thick - with almost a concrete look - and it has one round diamond that is embedded down inside the silver band. Brides who prefer chunky statement pieces, substantial pieces of jewelry and contemporary designs may find this one to be super satisfactory. But, yes, not everyone has to go along with this one!

Question 15

Pick or pass on this dainty ring?

For something on the simple side, there are rings like this: They have slim bands in either a traditional gold or silver color. They have one stone in the middle of the ring, which is usually a diamond. They do not need extra details or added drama, because the basic beauty speaks for itself. Not every bride is basic, though, and many do not want that word anywhere near their wedding! So pick or pass on this dainty ring here.

Question 16

Pick or pass on this simple ring?

Here is a similar option, and it will be interesting to see everyone's thoughts on it. Some of these rings may look alike, but each piece is unique and special and wonderful - just like people. Everyone's different thoughts, opinions and preferences will lead to some people being very much into this ring and will lead to some other people being very much against a ring like this. So what will it be? What is the answer for this ring?

Question 17

Pick or pass on this triangle ring?

There are been round diamonds, oval-shaped ones and even some teardrops, but next up is a triangle stone. There is, again, a simple and slim band, but at the front and at the center, there is a diamond in a triangular shape. This can be playful, modern, edgy and funky, and it would be fun to see the wedding ceremony and reception that accompanied a ring like this one. So what is the final answer for this one right here?

Question 18

Pick or pass on this pearl ring?

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but what about pearls? Pearls are classic. They evoke thoughts of elegance and beauty. That being said, it makes sense that many engagement rings come topped with a pearl. There are even different colors of them, but this white one, wrapped with a multi-strand band in a classic silver, is something that many will surely go for here. If not, though, feel free to click the other answer below - the "pass" button.

Question 19

Pick or pass on this circle ring?

It has been discussed how just a few changes can really mix up the entire look of a ring, and while this one may have some traditional elements, it is quite original. Yes, it has a circular gold band, and yeah, there is one circular diamond in the middle. But the way this diamond is presented and held gives it a youthful and modern vibe. Who is digging this engagement ring? Say yes to it. Who is not a fan of this one? Pass then!

Question 20

Pick or pass on this slim ring?

That youthful and modern vibe is taken up a notch with this piece of jewelry, which puts an edge on the entire thing. There is something sort of rock and roll and dark about this ring, which many brides would love to include. Those who like gold, who want something more detailed or who need lots of diamonds, though, won't like this one. So there are, of course, two answer options from which to choose, down below there for everyone.

Question 21

Pick or pass on this blue ring?

Don't forget about all the colors that stones can come in - like this blue! Say a bride's favorite color is blue. Say a partner's birthstone is blue. Pretend a couple's school colors were blue. Imagine a beach wedding with blue accents everywhere. This ring would work for all of those scenarios and then some. However, some people are not fans of the color blue. If that is the case for anyone, we have "pass" as the other answer choice.

Question 22

Pick or pass on this diamond ring?

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds...Anyone looking for some sparkle should look no further. It is going to be great to go through, see everyone's opinions and figure out who is really into bling, based on how people answer this question. It is bright and bold. It is glamorous and shimmering. It is not boring, it is not basic, and it is not bad, if a romantic ring fit for a princess is what is wanted on a wedding day and beyond that.

Question 23

Pick or pass on this squared ring?

This next engagement ring that is up has a traditional look to it, but it has more than that. It has that silver band. It has that center stone. it even has tons of other little diamonds around it. But what makes this piece really special is that square shape. When a circle just will not do, this can come into the picture! Who loves this one? Give it a thumbs up then. Who is not loving it? Pass then.

Question 24

Pick or pass on this shiny ring?

There have been plenty of rings here today with a center stone surrounded by tiny ones, but there have not been many like this one...Instead of one focal diamond, there are three stones propped up on this pretty and detailed band. That gives people three times the bling and three more reasons to compliment this engagement ring! As usual, look down below and give an answer for this one, by either saying yes to it or saying no it instead.

Question 25

Pick or pass on this solitaire ring?

Some people would see this ring and think that it is boring and basic, that it is plain and not pretty. Others, though, would see this ring and think that it is pretty and perfect, that it is shiny and sweet. It is definitely dainty, leaving out extra details, and it definitely just has one diamond, a solitary stone. Some people are really into that, though! So make up minds on this one, as an answer is needed for it.

Question 26

Pick or pass on this flowered ring?

Up above, in a previous question, there was an engagement ring with a sunburst-like effect around it. On a similar note, there is this flower-inspired piece. If a bride wants a central diamond, but she wants even more than that, then something like this could be considered - something that blossoms out and has details and that spreads across the finger even more. It is going to be nice to see the thoughts on this ring, which is so unique.

Question 27

Pick or pass on this banded ring?

There are engagement rings and wedding rings and bands that can tie them together, as well. There are couples who choose to get matching bands and those that skip out on bands altogether. For this ring, there is the actual ring - with the big diamond on it - and there is a band; it is covered in lots and lots of little diamonds, all the way around, to add to the main ring and give it just a little more.

Question 28

Pick or pass on this three-studded ring?

Here now is another three-diamond option! The band may seem basic, but it does not need anything else flashy, anything that will distract from these three main attractions. One oval-ish diamond in the middle is flanked by two smaller diamonds on its sides. Just because they are smaller, though, does not mean they are not noticeable. They are pretty good sizes, and when combined with their companions...Wow, this engagement ring truly shines and shimmers and sparkles in a great way.

Question 29

Pick or pass on this thin ring?

Another neat way to show off three diamonds together is to implant them down into a band. See, some wedding rings have stones on top of bands, so that the diamonds set up tall. Other options, like this one, embed the diamonds into the ring, so that they lay flat. Both are nice, and opinions will differ, as usual. And, as usual, to fit everyone's needs, there are two answer choices from which to choose down below there. So go!

Question 30

Pick or pass on this colored ring?

There have been a few options for colors within this quiz, but it is time to turn that up a notch! There are people who do not want plain silver bands or expected sparkly diamonds. So there are rings with unique bands and with colored stones, such as this one right here. It is big. It is a good conversation starter. It is a fashion statement. It is unlike all the others. It has a boho vibe to it, too.

Question 31

Pick or pass on this surprising ring?

Those who want just a little bit of color, though, and not a whole ring in a whole different color, can opt for something like this. This engagement ring has those two staples: There is a silver band, and there is a round diamond in the middle. But wait - There is more! The band is detailed, with shapes and cutouts, with some more sparkles and with - the main attraction - a deep blue stone on each side of it.

Question 32

Pick or pass on this nest-like ring?

Some people here like bands that are thick. Well, this could be a pick then! Some people here like stones that are different. Well, this could be a pick then! Some people here like interesting details. Well, this could be a pick then! However, if someone was looking for a thin band, a traditional stone and basic details (like not a nest-like design around the diamond, for instance), then this ring could actually be a pass for some people here.

Question 33

Pick or pass on this antique ring?

Antique rings are sometimes a go-to in the world of engagements, and some rings are even made to look old, even if they are not. Whether or not this belonged to a grandparent or not, it has those special elements...There is a unique shape. There are little stones on top of a big colored one. There are dainty dips. There is definitely a Gatsby vibe with this engagement ring, causing many to pick it and causing others to say not to it.

Question 34

Pick or pass on this swirled ring?

Talk about an exciting band! There are swirls all around on this one. There is something original about it, for sure. There is a playful element. There is a lot of fun thrown into this piece. And maybe original brides who are having playful weddings and who want their big days to be all about fun...maybe those people will say yes to this swirled ring. All others, though - Feel free to skip right on over this one right here.

Question 35

Pick or pass on this rose gold ring?

Last but not least, there is this ring. It is rose gold in color. It is noticeable with its big diamond in the middle there. It is glamorous, with its intertwining bands of cute little diamonds. It is not for a basic or boring bride. It could be seen on someone fashionable, someone in an over-the-top princess gown. Will more people click on "pick" here? Or are more people not fans of tiny details and of the color rose gold?

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