Pick Or Pass On These Engagement Rings And We'll Choose Your Perfect Dress

Any woman who wants to find the perfect wedding dress should take this fun quiz now. All a woman needs to do is pick or pass on engagement rings to get a dress that is a perfect match for her personal style.

We've found some stunning bridal gowns and we're ready to match women with their ideal dresses.

We know that women will enjoy checking out the engagement rings featured in this quiz, and then picking or passing on them. Some of these engagement rings are really fabulous. There are traditional engagement rings, as well as vintage designs...and a few rings that fit the alternative category. There are engagement rings with colorful diamonds. There's really something for everyone.

A woman's taste in jewelry says a lot about her taste in clothes, including her taste in bridal gowns. This is why this quiz is the best way to find out which bridal gown is the perfect match.

Some brides love boho style. Others want to look like they stepped out of an Audrey Hepburn movie. Others prefer edgy style that is off the beaten track. Other want red carpet glam that is ultra-modern and exciting. Women who love jewelry and wedding gowns will adore this quiz.

Question 1

Pick or pass on this ring with a modest center stone.

When it comes to engagement rings, does size matter? Some women think so. Many women have been conditioned to believe that center stones of engagement rings need to be big. They want center stones that really impress. Diamonds cost a lot of money, though, and some people who want to propose cannot afford to buy great big diamonds. They choose rings with smaller center stones. An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, regardless of its diamond size.

Question 2

Pick or pass on this carnelian engagement ring.

Women who love natural-looking rings that have a touch of raw beauty will probably be attracted to this gorgeous carnelian engagement ring. Its carnelian stone has a beautiful shape. It is tapered on both ends. It is encased in a setting made from rich yellow gold. This ring is luxurious, while still having an earthy and wearable vibe. It is a non-traditional engagement ring with a lot of personality and character. Pick or pass on it to get the ideal bridal dress.

Question 3

Pick or pass on this 1950s engagement ring.

This ring dates back to the 1950s. It has so much retro appeal. Crafted with a white diamond center stone, smaller accent diamonds and a pretty, delicate setting, it is a little bit unusual, without being really different. Sparkly and pretty, it has a traditional vibe, because it was made in a more traditional era. Women who appreciate the retro design elements of this ring should pick it now. Those who prefer other styles of engagement rings should pass on it.

Question 4

Pick or pass on this flower-inspired engagement ring.

Orlando Bloom gave Katy Perry a flower-inspired engagement ring. The ring pictured here is not the same ring that Katy wears, but it has the same romantic spirit. Women who love the beauty of nature may be very attracted to this ring. Its diamond center and ruby "petals" make it very special. Women who prefer traditional engagement rings may find this design too different. It is pretty, but it is not the typical solitaire engagement ring. Pick or pass now.

Question 5

Pick or pass on this sophisticated engagement ring.

This diamond engagement ring has a rose gold setting. It features a round solitaire stone, plus smaller diamonds all around the band. It is sparkly and impressive, without being over the top. The overall feel of this lovely engagement ring is sophisticated. Women who prefer traditional engagement rings with a little twist will love the central solitaire diamond in this ring, as well as the tiny diamonds in the setting. Pick or pass on this shimmering ring now to get a perfect dress.

Question 6

Pick or pass on this aquamarine engagement ring.

Aquamarines are semi-precious. People who believe in the magical properties of gemstones believe that aquamarines protect their wearers from drowning. These gemstones are linked with the sea, thanks to their color and their name. Women who are born in March may choose aquamarine engagement rings because aquamarine is the March birthstone. This elegant ring is beautiful and a little bit different than the usual diamond engagement ring. It is special and interesting. Pick or pass to get matched with a wedding dress.

Question 7

Pick or pass on this citrine engagement ring.

Women who love the look of fancy yellow diamonds, but not their price tags, may want to choose citrine engagement rings instead. A citrine will have the same sunny look, but cost less. Natural citrines are fairly rare, but there are heat-treated amethysts that are sold as citrines. They look just like the real thing and are affordable. Women who love the look of this citrine engagement ring are into color. They love vibrant gemstones that pop. Pick or pass on this ring now

Question 8

Pick or pass on this sky blue engagement ring.

This ring is perfect for the woman who vacations on huge yachts and wears couture fashion. It features a sky blue diamond that is worth a fortune. This ring is definitely high glam. It is not the most affordable choice. It is designed to get noticed everywhere. Rings like this are just for the elite. They cost millions of dollars. They are beautiful, but out of reach to most women. Pick this ring if luxurious jewelry is the ideal. If not, pass.

Question 9

Pick or pass on this ruby engagement ring.

Engagement rings with fiery ruby center stones definitely stand out. Red is the color of passion and love. This is why some women gravitate towards ruby engagement rings. Rubies have been favored by kings and queens for thousands of years. They are precious stones with incredible beauty. While some women will adore this colorful ring, other women will find it too bright. If this ring is a fave, pick it now to get matched with a perfect wedding dress. If not, pass.

Question 10

Pick or pass on this halo-style engagement ring.

Halo-style engagement rings are having a moment. The halo style is very modern. It is about making the center stone of an engagement ring look as large and sparkly as possible. This effect is achieved by adding one or more borders of diamonds around the central diamond. The border or borders form the halo. The halo gives the illusion of a bigger center diamond. It also adds plenty of glam and glitz. Pick or pass on this fresh and current ring now.

Question 11

Pick or pass on this moonstone engagement ring.

Engagement rings may have any types of center stones. There are traditions, but there are no hard and fast rules. Some women will love the magical allure of this moonstone engagement ring more than the sparkly glamour of a typical white diamond engagement ring. There is something so mystical and mysterious about the beauty of a moonstone. It is perfect for a woman who loves to gaze up at the moon at night. Pick or pass on this unusual and exciting engagement ring.

Question 12

Pick or pass on this diamond engagement ring.

This ring is very glam. Emerald cut designs really get noticed. The emerald cut gives a diamond that rich "ice skating rink" look. There is a level surface on top of the diamond which reveals the clarity of the diamond. This diamond cut is best for very good diamonds that do not have too many occlusions. Occlusions are flaws. Emerald cut diamonds will not sparkle as much as other cuts, but they are still show-stoppers. Pick or pass on this ring now.

Question 13

Pick or pass on this ultra-modern engagement ring.

Women who are into modern design may vastly prefer this cool and modern engagement ring to more traditional engagement rings. This ring has a sculptural quality that is really sleek, sophisticated and unique. Women who love minimalist style may gravitate towards this exciting ring. It is different in a good way, without being too flashy. Sure, it will get noticed, but is has a simplicity to it. Women who love this ring should pick it now. Pass if it is not a favorite.

Question 14

Pick or pass on this sapphire engagement ring.

Deep blue sapphires echo the beauty of the deep blue sea. Sapphires are precious stones, so they do give diamonds a run for their money. Perfect for women who love the color blue, these engagement rings are also perfect for women born in September, because blue sapphire is their birthstone. This particular ring has a glittering blue sapphire, as well as a delicate and ornate Art Deco setting. Women who love this ring should pick it now. Pass if it does not appeal.

Question 15

Pick or pass on this turquoise engagement ring.

We have all seen plenty of engagement rings with white diamonds. White diamonds are stunning and a total classic, but they are not unexpected, like this charming turquoise engagement ring is. Some women adore turquoise. They love how it looks like a bright blue sky. Turquoise is gorgeous, but it may not feel fancy enough for some women, because it is not a precious gemstone. Some women do want more expensive gemstones in their engagement rings. Pick or pass on this ring now.

Question 16

Pick or pass on this oval diamond engagement ring.

Justin Bieber offered Hailey Baldwin an oval diamond engagement ring. Hailey is now his wife. While the ring pictured here is not Hailey's ring, it has a diamond with the same oval cut. Oval cuts are classic. They offer elegance that is timeless. An oval diamond engagement ring is not too different, but it is a small departure from the typical round diamond cut. Women who love this pretty engagement ring should pick it now. Those who do not like it should pass.

Question 17

Pick or pass on this Moissanite engagement ring.

This ring looks like a typical diamond engagement ring, but it is made with a Moissanite gemstone, rather than a genuine diamond. Rings featuring Moissanite gemstones are usually more affordable than diamond rings. They give a diamond look without the higher price tag. This means that women can opt for bigger stones, without needing their partners to spend a fortune on their rings. Women who are willing to forego real diamonds may like this ring. Others will prefer the real thing.

Question 18

Pick or pass on this vintage engagement ring.

Some women absolutely adore vintage engagement rings. They love the fact that these engagement rings have a history. They also love the old-fashioned design elements of vintage engagement rings, including ornate settings and pretty accent stones. Vintage engagement rings are available at auctions and some jewelers carry them in their shops. There are many ways to find them, online and offline. The best vintage engagement rings have so much style and beauty. Pick or pass on this stunning vintage engagement ring now.

Question 19

Pick or pass on this yellow diamond engagement ring.

Yellow diamonds are also referred to as canary diamonds. They are part of a group of fancy diamonds which are renowned for their bright and vibrant color. Women who love the color yellow, which calls to mind warm sunshine, fragrant lemons and bold sunflowers, may just love this yellow diamond engagement ring. It will be a great choice for a woman with a warm-toned complexion. Actually, it will be a great choice for any woman who loves it. Pick or pass now.

Question 20

Pick or pass on this vibrant engagement ring.

This vibrant ring features three bright violet amethyst stones. It is a bright and bold ring. It might not be right for women who prefer subtle engagement rings, but it will appeal to those who like cheery, beautiful colors. Also, it is a great choice for women born in February, because the February birthstone is the amethyst. This 3-stone ring also features some tiny white accent diamonds on the band. Women who like it should pick it now. Others should pass.

Question 21

Pick or pass on this nature-inspired engagement ring.

This ring is really lovely. It has tiny golden leaves, as well as a bright diamond. It is the type of ring that women who love fairies and medieval lore will appreciate. There is something otherworldly about it which makes it special. This ring is pretty, but may be too basic for women who want a lot of glamour. This ring does stand out, but it is not a "blinged-out" option, like some rings with huge gemstones and shimmering accent stones.

Question 22

Pick or pass on this quirky engagement ring.

This exciting engagement ring has a Steampunk vibe that makes it unique. It has a vibrant blue center stone, red accent stones and a very detailed setting. The metal used in the setting was recycled. Women who love jewelry with a little edge may gravitate towards this unusual engagement ring, with its glittering blue topaz solitaire and smaller rubies. For some women, this ring will be too "out there". Pick or pass now to get matched with the perfect wedding dress.

Question 23

Pick or pass on this opal engagement ring.

Opals are definitely pretty stones. Some are costlier than others. Women who love the multi-colored beauty of these gemstones may gravitate towards this stunning and slightly non-traditional engagement ring. Women who believe that diamonds are forever may prefer classic diamond solitaire engagement rings. Share an opinion about this pretty opal engagement ring now. Does it really appeal, or it is an engagement ring that is not a fave? Choose now and we will pick a stunning wedding dress is the perfect match.

Question 24

Pick or pass on the 3-diamond engagement ring.

This diamond engagement ring has plenty of bling. It features a solitaire diamond, plus two accent stones. Designed to offer tons of sparkle and shine, it has a tasteful, white gold setting. Modern and fashionable, this ring is one that most women would be proud to wear. While it has a fresh feel, it is still traditional enough for women who love the classics. If this pretty ring is a fave, pick it now. Pass if it is not a favorite.

Question 25

Pick or pass on this pearl engagement ring.

This ring is unusual and beautiful. It features a center pearl that is white, creamy and lustrous. It also has accent diamonds that look a little like small flower petals. A yellow gold setting is the perfect finishing touch. While pearls usually have an old-fashioned image, there is more to wearing pearls than the traditional strand of pearls. Pearls can be bold choices. This ring is bold and gorgeous. Is it too different, or is it a fave? Pick or pass now.

Question 26

Pick or pass on this black diamond engagement ring.

Women who opt for black diamond engagement rings tend to prefer alternative style. They love the fact that black diamonds are the opposite of the usual and expected white diamonds. Black diamonds have plenty of richness, depth and darkness. They are unusual and so interesting, but it is safe to say that black diamonds are just too edgy for a lot of women. This engagement ring has a trio of black diamonds and white accent diamonds. Pick or pass now.

Question 27

Pick or pass on this emerald engagement ring.

This ring is a bit flashy. For some women, this will be a pro. For others, it will be a con. Emeralds are stunning, but they are bright. Women who love bold color may gravitate towards this ring, while those who prefer more subtlety may like other engagement rings featured in this quiz better. Emeralds are precious stones. They can be pricey, but lab-created emeralds are available, which tend to cost much less. Pick or pass on this exciting engagement ring now.

Question 28

Pick or pass on this marquise-cut diamond ring.

A marquise cut diamond engagement ring will suit a woman who loves luxury. This tapered diamond cut makes a gemstone look larger. It also ensures that a diamond shines its brightest. While this engagement ring has a diamond with a show-stopping shape that is just too fancy for some women, it is a perfect match for others. This is a ring that will make a women feel like a queen or a movie star. Pick or pass on this ring now.

Question 29

Pick or pass on this baguette engagement ring.

This stunning engagement ring has a round central diamond, which is surrounded by two smaller baguette cut diamonds. The baguette diamonds look so rich and elegant. They add tons of dimension to this exciting ring. While the baguette style does not appeal to all women, it is popular and quite traditional. This engagement ring has a yellow gold setting which highlights the beauty of the diamonds. Pick or pass on this ring to find out which wedding dress is the ideal match.

Question 30

Pick or pass on this pink diamond engagement ring.

Women who love color may not want white diamond engagement rings. They may prefer this pink diamond engagement ring, because its rosy center stone is so bright and vibrant. Every woman is different and women need engagement rings that reflect their own personal style. Pink is a color that flatters every woman. A pink diamond engagement ring is easy to wear, but it may be too non-traditional for some women. Others may find the brighter hue a bit unsophisticated. Pick or pass now.

Question 31

Pick or pass on this cluster engagement ring.

Fans of non-traditional engagement rings may love this gorgeous cluster design. It features a grouping of gemstones in complementary colors. Vibrant and interesting, this ring has the fun feel of a cocktail ring, without being as large as most cocktail rings. Non-traditional engagement rings are quite popular these days. They are right for women who want to express their own personal style, rather than following tradition. Pick or pass on this cluster engagement ring to get the ideal bridal gown.

Question 32

Pick or pass on this cushion cut engagement ring.

The cushion cut is so glam. Cushion cuts are basically square cuts. The only difference between a cushion cut and a square cut is that cushion cut diamonds have rounded corners. The rounded corners give a softer look. This cushion cut diamond ring has a halo, which is a single border of small diamonds. The ring also has a band that is covered in diamonds. Designed to offer maximum visual impact, this ring is right for women who want something really bold.

Question 33

Pick or pass on this onyx engagement ring.

This ring is for a woman who has edgy and alternative style. It is dark, it is mysterious and it is different. Women who march to the beat of their own drummers may prefer this unique ring to the typical white diamond solitaire engagement ring. This ring stands out from the rest and says something powerful about the personal style of its wearer. Its heart-shaped onyx center stone, blue accent stones and black band make it a diverting and unusual option.

Question 34

Pick or pass on this interesting engagement ring.

This diamond engagement ring has some features that make it interesting. It has rope-style details along the band, plus bright emeralds that accent the central white diamond solitaire. Women who appreciate unique and creative engagement ring settings may love this ring. Those who like things simpler may find that there is too much going on with the color palette and setting of the ring. When women pick or pass on this engagement ring now, they will get matched with perfect bridal dresses.

Question 35

Pick or pass on this pear cut engagement ring.

Pear cut engagement rings are trendy right now. They are elegant, thanks to their tapering diamond cut, and they are traditional, without being too commonplace. The pear cut has a certain retro appeal. The pear cut is a vintage cut that creates so much brilliance. Women who love a touch of retro style may feel like a million bucks when they are wearing pear cut engagements rings. Pick or pass on this diamond engagement ring to get matched with the right bridal gown.

Question 36

Pick or pass on this traditional engagement ring.

This ring features a round diamond solitaire stone and a simple, yellow gold setting. This combination of stone cut and setting is very traditional. Since the diamond is white, this engagement ring definitely has a classic look. Some women love the classics. Others want more uniqueness from their engagement rings. The striking simplicity of this engagement ring is appealing, but it is too conservative? That is for each women who takes this quiz to decide. Pick or pass on this ring now.

Question 37

Pick or pass on this bow-shaped engagement ring.

This rose gold engagement ring features a couple of heart-shaped diamonds which are set to look just like a pretty bow. Women who gravitate towards feminine and romantic jewelry may love this diamond engagement ring, thanks to its charming bow motif. Others may find it a little too cute. There are so many engagement rings out there. Some women pick out their own with their partners, or drop hints, because they don't want to wear engagements rings that they don't like.

Question 38

Pick or pass on this sculptural engagement ring.

This ring definitely falls into the non-traditional category. It features two white diamonds and a pretty blue diamond, in an interesting, artistic and sculptural configuration. This is one of those modern rings that has little gaps in the bands, rather than one complete band. This engagement ring seems to float on the hand, although it does stay in place just fine. If this non-traditional engagement ring appeals, pick it now. Pass if traditional engagement rings are more attractive and inspiring.

Question 39

Pick or pass on this chocolate diamond engagement ring.

Chocolate diamonds had a moment for awhile. We do not hear as much about them these days, but they are still out there. Women who love rich earth tones may adore the way that this chocolate diamond ring looks. Women who prefer icy and shimmering white diamonds may find that the chocolate diamonds featured in this ring seem too muted and muddy. This ring is definitely unique, but it is too unique? Pick or pass now to share an opinion.

Question 40

Pick or pass on this 5-stone engagement ring.

This glittery engagement ring features 5 shimmering diamonds, instead of one. Despite its plethora of sparkling white diamonds, its really pretty simple and sophisticated. The diamonds are of different sizes, for a graduated effect that is definitely elegant and inspiring. Easy to wear and so pretty, this ring is not unusual, but it is beautiful. If this engagement ring pleases, pick it now. If it is not a fave, pass on it. Then, you'll get a wedding dress that is an ideal match.

Question 41

Pick or pass on this garnet engagement ring.

Garnets look quite similar to rubies, but are a lot more affordable. Garnets are generally a bit darker than rubies. They are the color of red wine. Garnets are featured in a lot of vintage jewelry designs, so they do have old-fashioned appeal. Women who love period films from other eras may gravitate towards garnet jewelry, including this lovely engagement ring. It is special without standing out too much. Pick or pass now a to get a wedding dress that is just right.

Question 42

Pick or pass on this gray pearl engagement ring.

Pearls come in many shades, including sophisticated gray. Pearl fans may love the luster of this fabulous engagement ring. Those who prefer classic diamond engagement rings may find this particular ring too different for their tastes. Pearls are glamorous, especially when they are large. A big pearl will be a great substitute for a substantial diamond. Beautiful and large pearls may cost a lot, just like diamonds do. Pick or pass on this gray pearl ring now to get a gorgeous wedding dress.

Question 43

Pick or pass on this delicate engagement ring.

This ring has a delicate feel, but still offers some design details that have a lot of visual impact. The ring has a rose gold setting, which is fashionable and feminine. It also has an oval solitaire diamond. This is a pleasant, soft shape without any hard edges. Twist details on the setting of the ring add some sophistication, along with tiny diamonds, some of which are white and some of which are dark. Pick or pass on this ring now.

Question 44

Pick or pass on this artsy engagement ring.

This unique and non-traditional engagement ring is artsy and beautiful. It may not suit every woman, but it is refined and unusual enough to get noticed. Women who appreciate clever design with a modern vibe may dream of wearing an engagement ring like this, which features a gorgeous constellation of glittering diamonds. Women who prefer traditional engagement rings may find this one too unusual to please them. Pick or pass now to get the ideal bridal gown for a wedding.

Question 45

Pick or pass on this Victorian engagement ring.

There is a big difference between retro and Victorian. This ring is a Victorian antique, so it is much older than many retro/vintage jewelry designs. It has a history and a delicate and traditional look that some women will find utterly captivating. Women who love real antiques will probably adore this special diamond engagement ring. It is miles away from modern. Designed with a yellow gold setting and a row of shimmering diamonds, it is beyond elegant. Pick or pass now.

Question 46

Pick or pass on this tiger eye engagement ring.

Women who are drawn to earthier colors may love this interesting tiger eye engagement ring. Its center stone does not have the glitter of a diamond solitaire, but it is gorgeous nonetheless. Tiger eye stones feature subtle color variations that give them such a dimensional look. This ring is accented with tiny white diamonds. It has a yellow gold band. There is something retro about the tiger eye. It was popular in the 70s. Pick or pass on this ring now.

Question 47

Pick or pass on this pastel engagement ring.

Women who love the gentle beauty of pastel colors may find this engagement ring gorgeous. With this ring, a cluster of pretty and pale gemstones are displayed in a charming configuration, on a pale band that sets off their pastel beauty to perfection. Pale lemon yellow, mint green, baby pink and baby blue gemstones make this ring unique and lovely. Women who do not like pastels will not be happy wearing an engagement ring like this one. Pick or pass now.

Question 48

Pick or pass on this jade engagement ring.

Jade is beautiful. Its soft green tone and luster make it special. Jade is a nice change from a typical diamond, but it is not for every woman. Some women may find that jade lacks the sparkle of diamond. Jade has shimmer, but it is muted. Jade is actually pretty sophisticated. This jade engagement ring is very refined, thanks to its spherical jade center stone and tiny white accent diamonds. Is this ring too subtle? Pick or pass on it now.

Question 49

Pick or pass on this hammered gold engagement ring

This diamond engagement ring is interesting because it has a hammered gold setting. This really sets it apart from the rest. It also features a glittering central diamond, which is flanked by two smaller diamonds. While this design may seem too bold for some women, it is a strong engagement ring that will appeal to bolder tastes. It is perfect for women who love the look and richness of yellow gold. Pick or pass on this engagement ring right now.

Question 50

Pick or pass on this cubic zirconia engagement ring.

This engagement ring is unusual and it is budget-friendly. It features pink enamel on the stainless steel band, as well as a glittering cubic zirconia stone. Cubic zirconia has long been renowned as a very affordable alternative to genuine diamonds. Jewelry experts can tell the difference between CZ and diamonds, but many people cannot tell the difference. Women who are frugal may appreciate this engagement ring. Those who want to wear real diamonds may find that this ring does not pass muster.

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