Pick Or Pass On These Dishes And We'll Guess Your Sign

It's the holiday season and that means it's time to eat, eat, eat, and then eat some more! We can always worry about going to the gym and getting in shape in the new year but right now we just want to live in the moment and enjoy the company of our family and friends and that means: food! Because there is nothing nicer than sharing a meal with the people we love, right?

So the only question that remains is what are we going to eat during this time? Are we going to pig out on junk food and try all sorts of different things or should we opt for home-cooked fare instead? Are we going to throw a few salads in there or can they also wait until the new year?

We've designed a list of some of the most popular dishes and we've got all the bases covered. We've got food for meat lovers, options for vegetarians, dishes for those who love to cook and others for those who prefer to get food on the go. There's something for everyone and all our readers need to do is pick or pass on these dishes. Let's get started!

Question 1


The very first item on our menu today is a delicious cheeseburger complete with all our favorite toppings. Besides the soft bun and the juicy beef patty there are also slices of juicy tomato in there along with lettuce, onions, relish, pickles, and, of course, cheese. It's a burger that would easily satisfy even the most ravenous of customers and of course, it's served with a large helping of fries and a drink on the side. Pick or pass on a cheeseburger:

Question 2

Baked potato:

Potatoes may seem like simple fare but there are just so many dishes that they can be made into - and they are all yummy! They can be deep-fried, mashed up, cubed, diced, sliced, boiled, grated and combined with all types of things to make foods we just can't stop eating. But one of the nicest ways to enjoy a potato is simply baked. Next up on the menu is a classic baked potato topped with cream cheese, grated Cheddar, and spring onions:

Question 3

Hot dog:

When we think of fast food we typically think about food that is easy to prepare (or to buy) and food that can be eaten on the go. Hotdogs are almost the perfect fast food because not only are they delicious but they are also portable and most of the time they can be eaten with one hand. Now that's what we are looking for! Our next item is a yummy hot dog topped with all our favorite relishes - pick or pass?

Question 4

Mac and cheese:

Our next dish is classic and the perfect dish to prepare for a crowd or just for one. It's available in most restaurants, it can be purchased frozen or fresh, and it's pretty simple to make from scratch. It doesn't require any expensive ingredients and it tastes amazing served with a simple green salad on the side. So what is this tasty dish? It's mac and cheese of course! Pick or pass on a helping of this classic pasta dish now:

Question 5

Chicken wings:

Sometimes it's nice to sit down at a table and eat and meal with a knife and fork and other times it's great to sit on the couch in front of the TV and eat pizza out of the box with our hands. It just depends what we are in the mood for. Food that can be eaten without a knife and fork is perfect for a social setting and chicken wings definitely fall into that category. Pick and pass on these juicy chicken wings:

Question 6

Tomato soup:

On cold winters nights, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting in front of a roaring fire and having a steaming bowl of soup. If we can have some fresh bread with salted farm butter on the side it's even better! Everyone has their favorite when it comes to soup; some folks prefer a meaty soup, some enjoy chicken, and some think veggie soups are the best. Our next dish is a creamy tomato soup garnished with fresh basil - pick or pass?

Question 7

Greek salad:

We know, we know, we should be eating more veggies and drinking more water but it's so hard to do in a world where they are just so many options when it comes to food. And let's be honest, will a salad ever satisfy quite the way a burger does? Probably not! Nevertheless, we do have some healthy options on the menu for today and this is one of them: a morish Greek salad with plenty of olives, feta cheese, and dressing. Pick or pass on this one:

Question 8

Chicken burger:

Chicken is easy to prepare at home, on the BBQ, or to have as fast food. And the best part is that any leftovers (if there are any!) can be made into sandwiches or salads the next day. The next item on the menu today is a yummy chicken burger. The chicken has been coated and deep fried to give it that satisfying crunch and it comes with a ranch dressing. Of course, they will be fries and a drink too!

Question 9

Fish and chips:

The next dish up for grabs is a serving of fish and chips. The fish has been cooked to perfection and the batter is crispy, just the way it should be. It comes with a choice of different sauces, including tartar and it's served with a slice of lemon and a large helping of fries on the side. This is a dish that's best eaten with an ocean view! Go ahead and pick or pass on a plate of fish and chips:

Question 10

Roast turkey:

Preparing a big family meal, especially around the holidays, can be quite stressful for the cook. There are so many things to consider, ingredients and meats to be purchased, and it all needs to be timed perfectly so everything can be delivered to the table on time. It's no mean feat to pull something like this off and the more people there are, the more complicated it becomes. Many folks enjoy a roast turkey at this time of the year - pick or pass on this one:

Question 11


Now there are some people that we know are going to turn this dish down straight away and that's okay. Raw fish is not for everyone. But sushi dishes can be made without using any fish or other types of seafood so it's something to think about. The next item on the menu is sushi, and we have a sushi chef standing by ready to take our order. Anything we want he will prepare for us so it's time to decide whether we want this dish or not:

Question 12

Potato salad:

Now, this next dish can be enjoyed as a tasty side but it's just as yummy on its own. Made with boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, cream and a blend of spices, potato salad is a crowd pleaser as well as being a dish that is easy to make in a hurry. Those who fancy a little helping (or a big helping) of this dish better speak up quick before we move on to the next one. Pick or pass on this creamy potato salad:

Question 13

Veggie burger:

We do have options for the vegetarians today as well and this is one of them: a delicious veggie burger. The patty is made with potato and other veggies and has been coated in a batter so it's nice and crispy. It's served on a soft bun with all the regular burger garnishes and of course, fries and a drink. We think that this is one that even meat-lovers will enjoy! Who is going to give it a try? Pick or pass on a veggie burger:

Question 14


The next dish on the menu is steak and we can assure everyone that this steak is some of the best we've ever had. The meat is fantastic and best of all, we have a chef who really knows what he's doing when it comes to cooking meat. He'll get it just right every time, whether the customer wants it rare, medium, well done, or somewhere in-between. This dish is served with a choice of rice or chips and a side salad. Pick or pass?

Question 15


Everyone at the table this afternoon is having a little bit of trouble choosing what they want from the menu so in meantime they've decided to order a big plate of nachos for everyone to share. These nachos are piled with cream cheese, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and of course, a small mountain of cheddar cheese and it looks divine. If we want to have some we'd better do so quickly before it gets gobbled up. Pick or pass on this plate of nachos:

Question 16

Pumpkin pie:

When Halloween is over the question in most households is "Okay, what are we going to do with all these pumpkins now?" Well, the answer is simple: make pumpkin pie! This dish can easily be stored in the freezer so it can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Because there is nothing nicer than having a slice of pie is there? Especially when it's pumpkin! Who could go for a slice right now? Pick or pass on pumpkin pie:

Question 17

Chips and dip:

It's holiday time and although there are plenty of things to do, sometimes it's really nice just to have a day or two to do nothing. Just sit back and watch a few movies or play some games and chill. But of course, we can't do that on an empty stomach so some fast food might be in order. And between meals, we might need a snack or two so perhaps we'll grab a bag (or two) of crisps and some dip?

Question 18

Stuffed peppers:

We've got more vegetarian fare heading this way and this dish is so fun and colorful that we doubt anyone will pass it up. The next item on the menu is delicious rainbow peppers stuffed with rice, veggies, and spices. These little guys are perfect for serving as a side (and they really liven up a plate) but they can also be enjoyed on their own. And the bonus factor here is that this is a dish that is good for the waistline too!

Question 19

Spaghetti bolognese:

Spaghetti bolognese is one of the most popular pasta dishes and the one we have here today looks so perfect we can't wait to tuck in. The pasta has been cooked just right so it's not too soft or too chewy, and the meat and tomato sauce is piquant and smells amazing. Of course this dish is best served topped with cheese, and, of course, a crunchy side salad. Who is in the mood for some spag bol? Pick or pass?

Question 20


When we think of comfort food we think of dishes like mac and cheese, ice cream, and, mash and gravy. No list of comfort food would be complete without including the humble potato served with a hearty savory gravy. So next up on the menu, we have taters and gravy but we've thrown in something as well, some yummy sausages. There is a choice between beef, lamb or pork sausages and they all taste great with the potatoes. Pick or pass:

Question 21

Chicken nuggets:

Whether we are looking for a quick snack or something to add to our burger order, chicken nuggets are always an excellent choice. The ones on the menu today are served with a choice of different sauces and there's BBQ, sweet and sour, and a whole bunch more to choose from. These are perfect for eating on the go or in front of the TV. Practically any time is a good time for chicken nuggets! Pick or pass on this fast food treat:

Question 22

Pasta Alfredo:

Anyone watching their carb intake might want to skip this next dish but it would be well worth the extra time in the gym! It's pasta alfredo; made with fettuccine tossed with Parmesan cheese and butter. It's creamy and rich and smells amazing. This is the kind of dish that not only fills the stomach but also the heart and we know everyone will walk away with a smile after having some of this. It's time to pick or pass on pasta alfredo:

Question 23

Cheese dog:

How yummy does this next dish look? We don't think anyone will want to pass on this one. It's a cheese dog, so basically it's like a hot dog but with cheese added. The dish is sometimes served with a cheesy sausage and often topped with cheese (and sometimes even bacon). Today it's on the menu and it comes with fries and a drink on the side. It might not be the healthiest item on the list but it's definitely one of the most delicious!

Question 24

Roast lamb:

Sitting down for a nice roast dinner is a tradition in many families especially around the holidays. Roast meat is often served on an occasion like this and roast lamb is one of the common dishes. The roast lamb on our menu today is served with mint sauce and comes with veggies and roast potatoes. It really looks too good to pass on, doesn't it? So who is going to have some of this? Pick or pass on this yummy dish:

Question 25


Now the only problem with this next dish is that it might be a little bit messy but we don't have a problem with that! These ribs smell so good that getting some sauce on our face (and hands, and maybe even hair) is going to be totally worth it. They've been cooked to perfection and glazed with a sweet BBQ sauce, and they might just be the best item on the menu. Who is in the mood for some ribs?

Question 26

Club sandwich:

This version of the club sandwich is served in the traditional way. It's been cut into neat quarters and pierced with cocktail sticks to hold it together. Between the two pieces of bread, we'll find sliced cooked chicken (although we could have it with fried bacon too), crispy shards of lettuce, juicy slices of tomato, and mayonnaise. Also known as the clubhouse sandwich this one will never disappoint when it comes to taste. Go ahead and pick or pass on this sandwich:

Question 27


On nights when we really are not in the mood to go home and cook, there's nothing nicer than ordering a pizza. There are so many different options when it comes to pizza and the fact that we can choose exactly what goes on top makes it even better. We can choose whether we want the base thick or thin and we can even have it stuffed if we are in the mood. It's hard to pass on pizza but maybe someone will...

Question 28

Roast beef sandwich:

Many families like to make roast dinners around the holidays and one of the best aspects of this is that there is always meat available for making delicious sandwiches in the days that follow. Of course, that doesn't mean we need to wait for someone to make a roast before we can enjoy a sandwich like this. Roast beef sandwiches are a common fast food menu item, so we can have one whenever we feel like it. Who feels like having one right now?

Question 29

Onion rings:

Besides from having a wide range of main courses and starters this place also offers quite a selection of sides that we can choose from. These are even nice for us to order and snack on while we decide what to have next! Someone at our table has ordered the onion rings and they look so crispy and delicious that we might just need to get a plate of them too! One can never go wrong with onion rings so pick or pass:

Question 30

Beef chow mein:

We've been eating a lot of fast food over the past few weeks. Life has just been so busy that its left very little time for preparing or cooking food so we've been taking the easy route most days. But we've reached the point where we are sick of burgers and pizzas and we couldn't even look at another piece of fried chicken right now. But we still don't feel like cooking! It's time for something different so how about some beef chow mein?

Question 31


The sandwich is named after an eighteenth-century English aristocrat named John Montagu (the 4th Earl of Sandwich). He was in the mood for a quick snack and asked his butler to bring him bread slices with meat in between and soon everyone wanted the same thing (Wikipedia). We wonder what he would think of one of today's most popular sandwiches - the BLT? As we all know this version is packed with bacon, lettuce, and sliced tomato. Pick or pass on a BLT:

Question 32

Roast chicken:

Anyone in the mood for some roast chicken? This dish comes with yummy roast potatoes on the side and a choice of veggies or green salad. Roast chicken is perfect for a crowd as there is plenty to go around. And if there are any leftovers (which we doubt), then we can also make some chicken mayo sandwiches the next day. Roast chicken is a winner - any way we slice it! And we're sure that it looks as good as it tastes!

Question 33

Chicken soup:

When we are sick we often lose our appetites but it's important that we continue to eat in order to give our body the fuel it needs to recover. However fast food just won't do the trick - we need nourishing food to help us get better. Chicken soup is a great choice as it's packed with everything our bodies need. But chicken soup can be eaten anytime so we don't need to wait until we sick to enjoy it.

Question 34

Hash Browns:

Hashbrowns are made with grated potato that is deep fried (or shallow fried) until it turns a deep golden brown. These little guys are perfect as a snack or for adding to a breakfast muffin or burger. They can be eaten at any time of the day and they are easy to snack on while running around. Should we add a few hashbrowns to our order or maybe just snack on a few while we decide on our next course?

Question 35


There will be times when we crave dishes that require a little time and effort and there will be other times when what we desire most is really simple. There are days when just a simple piece of toast sounds like the most delicious thing in the world and provided we have bread and a way to toast it, we're in luck. We might want to add some cheese or another type of spread or we might just have it just like that with a little butter.

Question 36


So moving on the menu now, we're getting into the seafood section and the first thing that we spot is the lobster. Now it's been a while since we've enjoyed this one so we are quite tempted! This place has loads of seafood items on the menu, including linefish, mussels, and a selection of sushi but there is something about this lobster that just keeps catching our eye. Should we go for it or not? Pick or pass on lobster:

Question 37

Bacon and eggs:

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's really important to give our body the fuel it needs to get started so it's critical not to skip this meal. Having something packed with protein - like some bacon and eggs is a great idea. Today's version of this classic comes with fried tomato, mushrooms and toast and we can't think of a better way to start the day. Who is in the mood for some crispy bacon and fried eggs?

Question 38


It was Garfield's favorite dish and it's one of ours too! Making a perfect lasagna takes a little bit of time and effort but it's well worth it. But if we don't feel like going to all the hassle of preparing it ourselves we can always pick up a frozen package from the supermarket or order from our favorite Italian restaurant. Who has a little bit of space left for a helping of lasagna? Pick or pass on this yummy pasta dish:

Question 39

Chicken cordon bleu:

This dish is made using chicken breasts that are typically sliced open and filled with cheese and ham or bacon. They can also be stuffed with creamed cheese and spinach or other yummy fillings. The chicken is then closed up and rolled in batter before being baked in the oven. It can be served with a salad on the side or with veggies, but either way, it's always a winner. Who would like to try this yummy looking dish? Pick or pass?

Question 40

Chocolate cake:

We've come to the end of the menu and although we have eaten so much tonight we still have a little bit of space left for some dessert. This place has quite an extensive sweet section with loads of options but their special tonight is this delectable chocolate cake. It can be served with cream or ice cream or plain and it looks mouthwatering. It really looks too good to pass up on, doesn't it? Say yes or no to chocolate cake:

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