Pick Or Pass On These Desserts And We'll Reveal When He'll Propose

Is it the smell of lonely, late-night slice and bake cookies, or the smell of designer, decorated wedding cake wafting through the air? We can’t tell quite yet, but we have devised a way to figure it out. Desserts vary between being casual treats and full-out luxurious, life-changing experiences. Those of us with sweet tooths will be the first to attest to the transformative power of a good chocolate cake. While we might not have that kind of experience with every dessert, sugar lovers know just how strong and deep the love can go. It’s almost like someone who’s in a relationship!

That’s why we’ve chosen to join together the two things. By picking and choosing between a series of desserts we’re able to figure out when a proposal might happen. Are we passionately excited and craving those sweeter treats? Or are we biding our time, waiting patiently and cautiously for that proposal while snacking on fruit? Only the couple in question can know when the right time to get married is, but sometimes that’s not always talked about between a couple until it’s happening. We hope that this quiz gives just a little insight into the mysterious inner workings of his mind, and helps to define when he might just be looking at popping that question.

Question 1

7 Layer Dessert Dip

Who doesn’t love 7 layer dip? Whenever we’re at a party we always head to the snack table first in the hopes of scooping up some of that 7 layered love. Everyone has a favorite layer. For some it’s the guac, for others it’s the cheese, and for a small few of us it’s the olives. This 7 layer dip is made a little differently, and features things like marshmallow creme, graham crackers, cookies, and chocolate. We’re big fans of this dessert dip concept, and definitely would eat the whole thing.

Question 2


These delicate desserts are refined, but still a little bit messy. These little circles are created with subtlety in mind. Light egg whites and ground almonds are combined to result in light, fluffy, but slightly chewy and well-crisped treats. Baked at a low temperature, Macarons are a dessert that we personally have never had luck in baking at home. Thankfully, these little cookie counterparts have a huge following and can often be found in stock at various bakeries and dessert stores.

Question 3

The Bacon-Weave Ice Cream Sandwich

Well, this is a far cry from the macarons we just looked at. Bacon weaving is a true art form, especially when we look at some of those Epic Meal Time recipes. This recipes takes dessert to the next protein-filled level, and allows us to satisfy all of our sweet and salty cravings at the same time. Created by the Food Network, it’s a pretty simple concept: weave some bacon, cook that bacon, and toss some ice cream between the two bacon halves. Maybe not nutritious, but definitely delicious.

Question 4

Creme Brulee

Back to the classy desserts, this creme brulee is a treat that few of us get to enjoy on a regular basis. Whenever we see it on the menu at a restaurant we’re convinced that we have to get it, as the way to make it is fairly complex. We admit that we’ve never tried copying this one at home. We know that there’s a cream base that’s made, thickened and baked just until it’s set. Then there’s sugar added on top, which is where the brulee part comes in. Flame broiled and very sweet, the caramelized top is so much fun to crack.

Question 5

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bundt Cake

This unique treat is mainly impressive thanks to the amount of toppings that are piled on top. Artful decoration is the key to an impressive dessert, and this treat has that in spades. Not only do we see chocolate sauce and peanut butter, but we’re also seeing Reese’s Cups chopped up and sprinkled on top. It’s an artful display of a delicious bunch of flavors, and we’re sure that the dense bundt cake beneath it makes for the perfect slice to pair with some smooth vanilla ice cream or Cool Whip.

Question 6

Carrot Cake

Whether we’re pineapple people or fruit-free people, carrot cake is a dessert that seems to divide folks more than anything else. Some people believe that desserts shouldn’t have vegetables in them. Others feel that carrot cake is a classic regardless of vegetable content. Still others feel that the cake itself is just a carrier for a bunch of cream cheese icing. Regardless of the category, at the very least we think carrot cake deserves to be on this master list of delicious desserts.

Question 7

A Banana Split

Fruit? And ice cream? Yes, this classic dessert is still alive and well, despite the questionable pairing of healthy fruit and sugar-laden ice cream. Whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top all create this quintessential diner dessert, beloved of kids and grown ups alike. Second in classic clout to only the milkshake, this dairy dream has a variety of adaptations to suit any and all dietary needs. From replacing the ice cream with sorbet to using sugar free varieties, this is a dessert that always seems to please. Don't forget the cherry on top!

Question 8

S'mores Parfait

Parfait is a dessert that’s traditionally made with custard, syrups, and whipped cream layered in a tall glass and served without mixing (Merriam-Webster). One of the joys of parfait is getting a new mix of flavors with every bite. Since the diner can decide whether they want to eat layer by layer or mix it up all together, this is a great dessert to suit a crowd. We’re loving this s’mores variety, which seems to be made by layering graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and chocolate.

Question 9

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

A unique take on a classic, it’s no surprise that people have created a huge array of alternatives to this summer-friendly cake. While many cakes require baking in a 350 degree oven for a while in order to be edible, all this cake requires is a solid stacking technique. Ice cream sandwiches seemed to be layered and glued together with chocolate sauce, then coated in ice cream and re-frozen. Kids love ice cream cake; why not try to make our own version of it for the next birthday party?

Question 10

Mini Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love mini doughnuts? Small desserts are adorable, and definitely have a tendency to catch our eye at the country fair. That’s especially true for this staple, which have graced the food stalls of many a festival. Mini doughnuts are both easy to make and easy to carry. This makes it the perfect fair food for excited kids and bored teenagers alike. The small size means it’s easy to practice tossing them up and catching them, hands free, providing hours and hours of fun. Be careful, though: it’s easy to overdo it in terms of quantity. Smaller doughnuts mean trickier portion sizes.

Question 11

Chocolate Pudding Brownies

This is a unique dessert that’s been on our “to bake” list for a long time now. This is a brownie/pudding hybrid, making it the perfect match for anyone who has a tendency to believe the frosting is the best part of the dessert. The method is simple, in a way. It’s made from a regular brownie recipe, but the final step involves pouring boiled water over the top and baking it as-is (Taste of Home). The result is a crisp and gooey treat that seems to defy everything we thought we knew about baked goods.

Question 12


This classic treat is less of a dessert and more of an everyday-all-the-time food. Dough is fried and coated in cinnamon and sugar, as well as other traditional spices, then served with or without dipping sauces. They’re typically created in a star-like shape, making these logs as fun to look at as they are to crunch. We personally love the way that they hold sauces as well, as they have more than enough grip to pick up caramel, whipped cream, and other creamy additions.

Question 13

Dessert Lasagna

In the same way that we have a love of 7 layer dip, we also have a love of lasagna. Anything that involves layers of flavor gets our vote, and that goes double for any sweet alternatives. This dessert lasagna is a unique take on a classic meal. It looks like it has a brownie layer, as well as a chocolate mousse and an oreo layer, all topped with whipped cream. We believe that traditional lasagna has a repetition to the layers, while this looks to just be stacked. We’ll forgive that, though, as it’s still a pretty great feat of dessert engineering.

Question 14

Yogurt and Fruit

If anyone is shaking their head and saying “that’s not a dessert”, then they’re in the same boat that we are. It might come as a surprise, but there are indeed people out there who truly feel that this is a dessert. We applaud those people, as they’re probably healthier than we are. Yogurt and dessert might be an unconventional dessert, but it can be just as delicious as all those chocolatey cakes we love. Light and refreshing, it’s a great dessert for summer.

Question 15

Lava Cakes

Those of us who happen to have a lot of late night Domino’s orders under our belt (or, personally, hanging over our belt) will know the pure, ecstatic joy that is a still-warm lava cake gently dusted with powdered sugar. The crisp, but forgiving, outside gives way to reveal a sticky, gooey mess that spills out anywhere it can. The chocolate flavor is relentless, and pairs well with vanilla ice cream or Cool Whip. While we haven’t tried making a homemade version, we’re sure that getting the right crisp-to-ooze ration would be hard.

Question 16

Rice Krispie Squares

These were a staple in our childhood, and we’re sure anyone who lived around the same time will agree. They’re so easy to make that we learned the recipe by heart: butter, vanilla, and marshmallows melt in a pot, and Rice Krispies are added. They’re quickly mixed up and taken off the heat, then poured into a well-greased pan to cool. Incredibly easy but very delicious, we’re always going to be up for the nostalgia trip that this simple dessert induces.

Question 17

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

This is more a vessel for dessert than a true and proper dessert unto itself, but we’re big fans of it regardless. Chocolate chip cookie cups are one of the best ways to contain mousse, chocolate, whipped cream, and even jams or fruit preserves. The cup is more or less just cookie batter baked into a specific shape. It’s sturdy, though, and inspires us to chase any and all of our dessert dreams; salty, sweet, creamy, or sticky. However we want to fill it is fair game. It’s all up to us!

Question 18

Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

We had to put at least one plain and simple treat on this quiz, and vanilla ice cream seems like a worthy addition. Strong but simple is the motto of vanilla ice cream. Not only does it manage to retain its sweet and pure flavor profile regardless of what we add on to it, but it also makes for a good palate cleanser after a meal. The last thing anyone wants is to have clashing flavors battling it out in their post-meal burps. Vanilla ice cream is a safe bet, since very rarely does the taste conflict with anything.

Question 19


Cheesecake is almost like vanilla ice cream in that the flavor can be changed and adapted without much impact to the dessert’s base. It’s easy to add fruit, caramel, chocolate, and Nutella to cheesecake without changing the actual components of the cheesecake itself. This makes it a very versatile dessert, and is definitely part of the reason that the Cheesecake Factory has been so successful. At least, that’s our assumption. It’s a dense dessert, and the cheese factor can be a no-go for some dessert lovers. But those of us that like it really, really like it.

Question 20

Vanilla Swirled Fudge

Fudge is something that we know is possible to make at home, but is always so much more delicious when we buy it from a proper sweet shop. This fudge that we’re looking at has a chocolate base, with vanilla fudge swirled on top. This makes for a delightful pairing of flavors, and gives even non-chocolate lovers the chance to try a piece of fudge (and maybe even like it). It’s pretty sweet, though, and might not be as much of a dessert as some other options on this list.

Question 21


Pavlova is a unique dessert that combines two things we wouldn’t normally associate with sweetness: egg whites and cornstarch (The Busy Baker). While the ingredient list might read a little strangely, the resulting dessert is a light and fluffy “cake” which is easy to whip up for any occasion. Topped with whipped cream, fruit, berries, or jams, there’s no end to the combinations that can make Pavlova stand out from a crowd. And the best part? It’s light enough to be welcomed even after a big meal.

Question 22

Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart

The pairing of peanut butter and chocolate isn’t anything new. We’ve been seeing peanut butter and chocolate mixed together for as long as we can remember. Sometimes it’s in the form of Reese’s Cups, and sometimes it gets a hazelnutty twist in spreads and chocolates. However we want to embrace it, it’s an undeniable pairing that works even better than peanut butter and jelly. This tart captures that well, with a chocolatey crust, chocolate topping, and subtle peanut butter filling floating in between.

Question 23

Mug Cake

The mug cake is the perfect last ditch effort when it comes to dorm room baking. Many dorms will allow microwaves and mini fridges in their rooms. These are the only things we need in order to make a mug cake possible. By combining the ingredients in a mug we pop it into the microwave for a few minutes. Puffed up and proud, the cake gently deflates as we sit and wait for it to cool. Topping with ice cream is always an option, though it’s not always doable in a freezer-less dorm.

Question 24

Deep Fried Oreos

This unique dessert is one that we’ve seen popping up in a variety of places. From funky restaurants to well-intentioned dessert stalls at country fairs, the deep fried Oreo seems to have followed fast on the heels of the deep fried Mars bar. Sweet and crispy, these seem to be made by fitting two Oreos together with marshmallow fluff or chocolate. They’re then coated in a basic batter and quickly deep fried, making them slightly warm, golden brown, and deliciously balanced.

Question 25

Jell-o Cubes

Jell-o desserts were popular in all of the retro magazines we’ve seen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they hold up well today. We’re not surprised that the Jell-o fad has faded a little. After all, we know that we typically only buy this product when we’re looking to make party drinks. That being said, it can result in some visually stunning projects, like this layered dessert. The layers work well together color-wise, and the coordinated sprinkles are a beautiful, adorable touch.

Question 26

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This super sweet cake is another relic from the past, but one that we think could have a solid resurgence when dressed up right. We’ve talked about pineapple being a fairly divisive food in the realm of desserts, but that doesn’t stop us from embracing it. This is a cake that’s definitely not built for those that are disappointed by finding fruit in a baked good. The simple syrup creates a delicious caramelization that we love, but might be too sweet for some.

Question 27

Oat Fudge Bars

This Starbucks staple has always given us dessert vibes, even though it might be more appropriate for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Dessert for breakfast is every kid’s dream, so why not embrace that now as the big kids that we are? The oats are hearty enough to hold their own against the fudgy chocolate, and provides a little more filling fibre than a traditional chocolate chip cookie base. The sweet partnership is a strong one, and we’re very happy with the results whenever we bite into a bar.

Question 28

Nutella and Chocolate Layered Ice Cream Cake

Speaking of perfect partnerships, what could be a better match than ice cream and Nutella? Chocolate and Nutella is also a perfect pair, but that kind of goes without saying. Everything about this cake is basically amazing, and we’re so excited at the thought of sinking our teeth into it. The best part about this cake is the fact that it’s great for any time of the year. Summer people will relish the cold creaminess, while winter folks will enjoy the dark and decadent chocolate syrup on top.

Question 29

Almond Bars

We’ve heard of lemon bars before, but almond bars? Yes, believe it or not, there is an alternative for those that prefer nutty flavors to a sour citrus. Almond bars are kind of like almond croissants, but with a thicker, more buttery crust. The toasted almond slices on top give it a much needed crunch, as well as adding some toastiness to the dessert. It’s a decadent and delicious treat, and feels a little more grown up than some of our other sugar drenched dessert pickings.

Question 30

Raspberry Mousse

This refined dessert is the perfect way to end a three course dinner or appetizer soiree. The raspberry flavor is a crowd pleaser, and that chocolate shell it’s living in provides a nicely balanced flavor profile. Not too sweet, but still very obviously dessert, we love the fruity flavor and light sweetness. Even those that aren’t the biggest fans of fruity desserts tend to like this handheld one, as raspberry is a flavor most of us find less fruity than just plain sweet.

Question 31

Strawberry Crumble

Speaking of fruit desserts, crumbles are the kind of versatile baked good that makes them a staple at all of our family gatherings. From peach to strawberry to mixed berry, there isn’t a fruit alive that can’t thrive in a crumble. The less sweet the fruit the better as well, as it tends to balance out the sugary crumble. This makes crumbles the perfect dessert for anyone who’s looking to feed a crowd that has mixed feelings about sweets. Strawberry crumble might be sweeter than an apple or cherry variety, but it’s still a classic summertime hit.

Question 32

Layered Pudding

Why choose between puddings when we could have them all? Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coconut...the list of potential puddings is long and varied. We don’t like to make decisions on the best of days, which is why this layered pudding is the perfect option for us. There’s chocolate, vanilla, and any other flavor that our heart desires all contained in this one baking pan. The only thing to be careful about is ensuring that the flavor layers work well together; as long as we can manage that, this is one glorious dessert.

Question 33

Candy Apples

Halloween comes once a year, but candy apples seem to be around all the time. Chowhound reveals that they were actually invented as a Christmas treat, as the red color fit in with a window decoration theme the inventor was trying to build in order to attract customers. They eventually became a Halloween favorite, though many sweets and candy stores have removed the holiday association altogether, and instead opted for cute animal designs or rainbow sprinkles. That’s one way to get more fruit into our lives!

Question 34

Rice Pudding

Mushy, warm, and slightly spiced, rice pudding is a surprising favorite amongst many people. Those that haven’t tried it would surely fall for its pleasant flavor, assuming they can get past the texture. Mushy rice isn’t unheard of, especially for those of us who aren’t the best cooks in the world. Rice pudding goes far beyond just overcooked rice, though, as it tends to have the addition of cinnamon, nutmeg, cream, and eggs as a thickening agent (The Food Network).

Question 35

This "Every Pie"

The Food Network launched this incredible piece of dessert technology a few years ago, and it’s still one of our favorite creations ever. While it doesn’t technically have every flavor of pie in it, it would be easy to add them all in. This is almost like the Turducken of desserts. We’re looking at a pie inside of a cheesecake, topped with whipped cream. We think it would be easy enough to fit at least one or two more pies inside of the cheesecake. All it would need is a bigger pan! Would that be over the top? Maybe. But is it totally worth it? Oh, yes indeed.

Question 36


Flan! Who doesn’t love a good flan? Even the name is fun to say. Many of us don’t know exactly what flan is, though, and might be put off by its jiggly nature. We did some digging and found that flan is almost like a cheesecake. It’s made with both evaporated milk and condensed milk, as well as some cream cheese. Mixing air into it makes it light and fluffy, and provides the jiggle that so many of us love to play with (Taste of Home).

Question 37


Crisp, bright, and well received in the fall and winter seasons, gingersnaps are a kind of cookie that many of us recognize from childhood. Grandma’s gingersnaps were always on the table during Christmas, and we remember spending many winter vacations dropping the dough onto baking sheets. These are also a good option for anyone who isn’t a big dessert person. They’re cookies, yes, but they’re certainly not as sweet as a typical snickerdoodle or shortbread. The spicy flavor is a welcome surprise. After all, they had to get their “snap” from somewhere.

Question 38

Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches

This is the last weird ice cream sandwich dessert we’ll put on this list. It’s hard to resist such a perfect dessert, though! Cinnamon buns are, personally, our favorite food in the world. We love cinnamon buns and think that they’re potentially the greatest baked good to ever be created. By slicing them in half and sandwiching some ice cream between them, we’re gifted a dessert that’s almost worth crying over. Vanilla ice cream mingles with the cinnamon flavor to create a delicious friendship.

Question 39

Birthday Cake Fudge

Fudge is back and it’s here to stay! Why go for a traditional birthday cake when we could pick up this rainbow-colored creation? Built for the sweetest of sweet tooths, this is a flavor that we personally love very, very much. Birthday cake is another nostalgia inducer, and the sprinkles on top just add to it. The rainbow color is easy enough to add thanks to the addition of food coloring, making this a totally achievable dessert. It’s perfect for any unicorn lover’s next birthday.

Question 40

Lemon Squares

The traditional lemon square is a dessert that’s got a million different varieties, but a similar flavor no matter what’s done to it. Whether the base is made of a shortbread or a coconut crust, there’s no question that this is a treat perfect for any time of the day. Maybe it’s paired with an afternoon coffee, or maybe it’s served after a meal. The only recommendation we have is to share it with that special someone. A partner is the ultimate sweet treat, and they’ll love getting to indulge, no matter which dessert we’ve picked!

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