Pick Or Pass On These DC Characters To Get A Superhero Twin

DC Comics (or as its full name is: Detective Comics Comics, strange right?) has had a long and prolific role in our popular culture. Superman inspired generations in the values of truth and justice, Wonder Woman has served as a feminist icon for countless years. Let us not forget about Batman who taught us the values of intelligence, critical thinking, playing within our limits, an, in one particularly strange era, the values of wearing a seatbelt, not jaywalking and getting loose by dancing the ever-hip Batusi. That is before we get into other beloved DC superheroes such as The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, etc.

As for the villains, DC has always delivered, from great classic villains such as The Joker and Lex Luthor to more modern favorites such as Harley Quinn. It seems there is a character for everyone in the DC family, and we would like to match players with a superhero twin. In this quiz, players will be tasked with picking or passing on 50 characters from the DC universe. After all the results are in, we will match them with a superhero twin that we think would be a great friend in real life. Now enjoy and be sure to tell us how we did!

Also, just to note, this quiz contains some significant spoilers for all DC Movies from Man of Steel up to Wonder Woman, as well as some minor spoilers for Justice League and Aquaman.

Question 1


What else can truly be said about the Man of Steel? Born Kal-El of Krypton, his peaceful existence on the planet was short-lived, as the planet was quickly destabilizing. His quick thinking parents spared him his life by sending him away from Krypton to Earth. When he arrived, the kindly Kent family raised the young alien as their own and named him Clark. Clark found himself more powerful on Earth, and eventually took up the mantle of Superman. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 2


Kara Zor-El was the cousin of Kal-El, or as we know him, Superman. Significantly older than Superman, she was sent to Earth, but her trip was not as peaceful as his. She ended up caught in suspended animation and was freed by a much older Superman. Like him, she was taken in by a family of Earth. In her case, the Danvers family provided a loving home for her. Unlike Clark, because she had vivid memories of Krypton, the transition was tougher on her. However, she prevailed and became the might Supergirl. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 3

General Zod:

General Zod was an extremist from the planet Krypton, but one who had something of a point. He noticed the fundamental issues on the planet and fought, often using more force than needed, for the people to heed his message. They did not, and he was banished from Krypton. Not that long after, his premonitions came true. Ironically, it was Zod's banishment that saved his life, but his attempts to rebuild Krypton have cost many others in the process, making him one of Superman's greatest foes. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 4

Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor is a brilliant industrialist and entrepreneur. While some of his ideas can be extreme, he knows how to amass a large fortune. He can e a decent philanthropist in his own right, and has evolved the DC universe in many key ways. However, he is also highly corrupt, willing to cross many lines to make his dreams a reality, and he often clashes with Superman in the process. As he is nowhere near a physical equal to Superman, he often uses his intellect to his advantage. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 5

Lois Lane:

Lois Lane is a brilliant journalist, and one of the few protectors of Superman's true identity. She also serves as his love interest, often providing both moral and intellectual support to the Man of Steel. As a journalist, she knows how to follow a story, and has often assisted Superman in his investigations. In the DCEU, actress Amy Adams plays Lois, adding a higher level of pedigree to those films. Is Lois worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for her?

Question 6


Batman is in many regards the best detective in the world, with an ability to foresee most any outcome and plan accordingly. He is a genius and often values the pen over the sword, but he is far from a weakling. In contrast, he commits to a large training regimen that he practices frequently. In real life, his name is Bruce Wayne, son of the wealthy Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. He lost his parents at a young age, and this has served as an inspiration for him to protect the innocent. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 7


Batgirl is one of the kindest but fiercest characters in the DC universe. She was born Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner and peer of Batman Jim Gordon. Taking inspiration from the masked vigilante, she took on the role of Batgirl to high levels of success. In some versions of the comics, however, this all came to an end when The Joker discovered her identity and confined her to a wheelchair. From then on, she served as the heroic figure Oracle who uses her Computer Science skills to assist other heroes. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 8


Robin is a mantle that has been worn by many over the years: Richard Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, and so on. However, whatever version of Robin we may be talking about, there are some common elements. In many cases, Robin is the closest sidekick to Batman and a hero in his own right. Robin's age may vary, but he often does not get as deep into the action as Batman to compensate. He is a kind soul and a close friend to others, as well as a founding member of the Teen Titans. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 9

The Joker:

The Joker is one of the darkest characters in all of the DC universe. His backstory is often shrouded in mystery, although he is often portrayed as an unsuccessful stand-up comedian. It is believed that one bad day turned him from a morally ambiguous character to one who fights solely on the side of bad. He has often attempted to bring others to his side by creating a worse day for them, including an unsuccessful attempt to do so for Commissioner Gordon. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 10

Harley Quinn:

Dr. Harleen Quinzel was one of the smartest people around. She could get inside the heads of some of the greatest villains and show them the error of their ways. This all changed when she was sent to investigate The Joker. She took sympathy on the man and later fell for him entirely. This lead to her freeing him and joining him as his life partner in more ways than one. She took on the mantle of Harley Quinn and has been one of Batman's greatest foes since. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 11

Amanda Waller:

Amanda Waller is one of the smartest and most manipulative characters in the DC universe. She is a government agent who can be a tad extreme in her methods. One of the major decisions under her guidance was to assemble Task Force X, a group of supervillains forced to fight for good to earn shortened sentences. While it frankly seemed like a ridiculous idea, it did come in handy during the Midway City incident, meaning Waller knew what she was doing. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 12

Captain Boomerang:

Captain Boomerang is one of the funnier villains in the DC universe. An Aussie thief, he loves to use his boomerang to take out obstacles. While this does sound rather silly on paper, in practice, he is incredibly skilled with it. He has been known to be a smart aleck and often has fun in even the most dangerous of situations. Oh, he is also a total Brony, with a love for unicorns, pegasi, ponies, alicorns, the whole lot. Is he worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for him?

Question 13


Deadshot is one of the best marksmen in the DC universe, and this is both a good and a bad thing. In many instances, he has fought alongside Task Force X, making his skills a major asset for the team and out protection. In other instances, he works as a mercenary and is not afraid to take out any target, regardless of the morality of the situation, making him a potentially dangerous force. Despite this, he can be rather kind and he does love his daughter. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 14


Diablo is one of the most conflicted characters out there. He had a criminal past and was often unafraid to use his powers to his own benefit. This came to an end when an accident with them lead to the untimely loss of his family. After this, he turned himself in and swore not to use his powers again. This ultimately changed, but he used his powers to fight on the side of good alongside Task Force X instead of on the side of bad. Is he worth a pick, or is a pass better?

Question 15


This is Katana. She has been known to have the back of Captain Rick Flagg. We would advise not getting on her bad side, as her sword traps the souls of its victims. Yes, in the Task Force X movie, she got very little in terms of backstory, but in the comics and television shows, this is a different case entirely. A heroic figure, Katana has a magic Katana that she uses in her fight against the forces of bad, and also to communicate with those beyond our world. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 16

Rick Flagg:

Captain Rick Flagg is the leader of Task Force X, and one of the few on the team that is not formerly a villain. In actuality, he is a proud soldier for the United States and a kind man who puts the values of others over his own. He fell in love with Archaeologist June Moon, and when she turns into Enchantress, he is able to calm her down. A skilled marksman and natural leader, he is able to control the often unruly members of Task Force X to complete the task at hand. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 17


Dr. June Moon is an archaeologist who found an ancient relic when exploring an old set of ruins. When she opened the relic for further investigation, she was cursed to become the ancient goddess Enchantress. She has some control over her powers, and Amanda Waller thought she had cracked the code, but later Enchantress broke free and took over June's body. It was up to Task Force X to stop her and try to save June. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 18


Slipknot is the man who can climb anything. Like, anything. With his grappling hook, he can climb large distances vertically and horizontally. However, audiences have not come to love Slipknot as they have other members of Task Force X. He was very untrusting and decided to escape the team to return to his old life. Amanda Waller had little sympathy for this and using the chip in his brain, she decommissioned him on a permanent basis. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 19


Slade Wilson is one of the most complex and beloved characters in the DC universe. He has varied from portrayal to portrayal. Sometimes he is good, other times he is bad, but often he is the very best at what he does. He is immensely skilled with every type of weapon, making him a genuine force to be reckoned with and one of Batman's greatest foes. However, he is not confined to facing Batman, as he often battles Green Arrow and the Teen Titans as well. Deadpool is a parody of him. Is he worth pick or a pass?

Question 20

Wonder Woman:

Princess Diana was happy with her existence being kept from the rest of the world. However, this all changed when she met Steve Trevor, a kind pilot from World War I that crashed onto her home island. SHe saved his life, and he brought her from her sheltered existence to the rest of the world. When there, she took on the mantle of Wonder Woman and fought alongside Steve in World War I, ultimately hoping to find the God of War Ares and defeat him. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 21

Steve Trevor:

Steve Trevor was a soldier from World War I. He was on a surveilance mission when his plane was hit. He crash landed on a mysterious island and found himself in the presence of the Princess of the island Diana. He told her of the war, and they left the island to fight together in an attempt to stop the fighting. He later gave his life for the cause, cuasing great distress for Diana, as they had fallen in love during the war. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 22


Hippolyta is the Queen of Themyscira, the island on which Wonder Woman and the other Amazons live. She is the mother of Diana aka Wonder Woman, and treated her well. However, she sheltered her daughter and was afraid to let her go off to fight the first World War. She ultimately accepted her daughters decision and has led the Amazons ever since, hoping for her daughter to one day return (Wikipedia). Is she worth a pick or is a pass better suited for her?

Question 23


Ares is the God of War from Greek Mythology, as well as a major antagonist in the DC universe. He is often fought by Wonder Woman, and has little respect for the Amazons or the other Greek Gods. Ares played a major part in the first World War, planting many of the wartime ideas into the minds of the people. However, he asserts that he did not actually start the war, it was the choice of the people to do so. Diana did not accept the answer, and their fight was the stuff of legends. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 24

Etta Candy:

Etta Candy was the kindly assistant of Steve Trevor. She cared for him deeply and helped him in many key situations. A very funny woman, she took to Diana quickly. Taking Diana under her wing, she taught her the customs of the rest of the world, making Diana's life easier. She has been known to have the right quip, snarky line or eye roll to make even the darkest of situations light. Is she worth a pick or is a pass better suited for her?

Question 25


Steppenwolf was one of the greatest foes that the Justice League ever had to face. Second in command only to Darkseid himself, Steppenwolf posed a major challenge to the defenders of Earth, after already causing significant problems for Themyscira and Atlantis in the process. His goal is to find the three mother boxes and combine them in order to gain true dominance over the Earth and make way for Darkseid. Is he worth a pick or is a pass better?

Question 26

Martha Kent:

Martha Kent is one of the kindest characters in the DC universe. When she was young, she and her husband found a baby boy abandoned in their field. While he was not from this Earth, she raised him as his own and named him Clark. He grew up to be Superman, one of the greatest heroes the Earth ever knew. She also (unknowingly) played a major part in ending a major conflict between Batman and Superman. Is she worth a pick or is a pass better suited for her instead?

Question 27


Cyborg is one of the greatest heroes in the DC universe, as well as one of the most unfortunate ones. Born Victor Stone, he was a star football player and a hero in his own right. However, he got into a major accident, and his father rebuilt him using a Mother Box. While his memories were kept intact, he found himself to be more machine than man, causing major distress for him. Ultimately, his time fighting alongside the Justice League allowed him to learn to love his powers. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 28

The Flash:

Barry Allen was a forensic scientist with the Central City Police Department. One day, he was experimenting with some of the chemicals in his lab. However, it was a very stormy day, and a bolt of lightning hit him and caused the chemicals to immerse his body. He went into a coma, and many thought he would not be able to recover. Thankfully, he did, and found himself with incredible speed, access to the Speedforce and other powers. He took on the mantle of The Flash and began protecting his city from other metahumans. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 29

Green Lantern:

Hal Jordan was an arrogant pilot who was honestly a bit of a mean fella. He was hard to get along with, and was often self-absorbed. However, that all changed when a member of the Green Lantern Corps. crashed unto Earth and chose Hal as his successor. While this was a lot of responsibility, Hal stepped up to the occasion and learned how to harness his willpower to save the world around him. He became a selfless hero and a major part of the Justice League. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 30


Arthur Curry was the child of two worlds. His father was the keeper of a local lighthouse, his mother was the Queen of Atlantis. It was likely these two people of different worlds would never meet, but, by chance, they did and they fell in love. Their son, Arthur, found himself with the powers of an Atlantean and the heart of a man, making him the perfect bridge of the two worlds. He uses his powers to protect both, taking on the mantle of Aquaman. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 31


Mera is the love interest of Aquaman, as well as one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe. She is one of the Princesses of the kingdoms below the seas, and has greater control over water than many other Atlanteans. She is also one of the few Atlanteans who are is to breathe both underwater and above the surface, meaning she is a skilled delegate of both worlds. Is she worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for her instead?

Question 32

Ocean Master

King Orm is the half brother of Arhtur Curry aka Aquaman, as while as the leader of Atlantis. His goal is to gain control of all of the kingdoms under the sea and to wage war on the surface. This has made him a very controversial figure among his subjects, with some believing it to be a necessities and others feeling that a more diplomatic approach is needed to stop surface interference in the oceans. Is he worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for him instead?

Question 33

Black Manta

Black Manta is a pirate, but not in the old, yo ho ho, arr style. He is more of a mercenary above the seven seas, not afraid to take over other ships by control. WIthout spoiling too much, he finds himself at odds with Aquaman after Aquaman stops one of his robberies. This leads to him finding a connection to King Orm and a suit of Atlantean armor to fight with, making him a genuine surface foe to Aquaman. Is he worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for him?

Question 34


Vulko is the loyal aid to the throne of Atlantis, as while as a close friend of Aquaman. When Aquaman was a kid, Vulko trained him in the powers, combat and culture of the Atlanteans. While his allegiances are to the throne, he believes Arthur Curry to be the true heir to it, and is thus willing to work behind King Orm's back. Vulko is a kind man, a skilled warrior and one of the most important mentors in the DC universe. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 35


Queen Atlanna attempted to escape Atlantis. On the way, she ended up in pain, and made her way to the shores of a lighthouse. When there, a man named Thomas Curry came to her rescue and nursed her back to health. They fell in love, and she gave birth to a son Arthur. He would later go on to become the hero Aquaman. As for her, she was forced to return to Atlantis but hopes to see her long lost love again. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 36


Alfred Pennyworth is a kind butler and aid to the Wayne family. He treated them like family, and loved them all dearly. Then, his whole life changed when Thomas and Martha Wayne passed on. He found himself raising young Bruce Wayne into the man he became, and is often the father that Bruce lost. He is also a big ally to Bruce's tenure as Batman, serving as the man in the chair for Bruce to listen to. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 37

Killer Croc:

Killer Croc is a metahuman crocodile who is not one to be messed with. He has been known to eat pretty much anything, and let's just say he has little remorse. He is a wonderful swimmer and a frequent member of Task Force X, meaning he is willing to fight on the side of good when coaxed. Oh, we must also mention, he is beautiful, and he will make sure that you remember that! So, for your sake, just compliment him on his immense beauty. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 38


Constantine is a master of the dark arts, as well as the leader of the Justice League Dark. Hardboiled but funny, he is a fan favorite characters. A movie about him was made starring Keanu Reeves in the lead role, but no sequels were made. Constantine, however, later got a television show of his own, and after the cancellation of that, he played major roles in other shows such as Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 39


Zatanna Zatara is a very unique character in the DC universe. While she has yet to appear in the Arrowverse or the DCEU, she has appeared in some of the animated movies as well as the Injustice video games. A member of the Justice League Dark, she is a stage magician by trade, and a superhero magician in reality. A fan favorite character, it is believed that she will soon get a movie of her very own (Wikipedia). Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 40


Princess Koriand'r has never quite had it easy. The younger sister to the do-badder Blackfire, she was banished from her planet and subjected to some genuinely bad things. She later escaped and found her way to Earth, where she was taken in by the Teen Titans and she took on the mantle Starfire. While she may not be the most familiar with Earth's customs, she is a kind and adventurous girl as well as a true hero. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 41

Beast Boy:

Beast Boy is one of the funniest characters in the DC universe and one of the ones with the most unique powers. As his name implies, he is able to transform into most any beast, making him a genuine force to be reckoned with. He also has the best quip for the situation, and is a genuinely kind person at heart. He is a founding member of the Teen Titans and he loves his makeshift family dearly. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 42


Raven is one of the most complicated characters in the DC universe. Born from a demon, she was expected to live her life carrying out the will of the bad. However, she went against her family and used her powers to fight for good. She eventually found a home among the Teen Titans, and they accepted her for what she was. She is considered one of the most powerful and valuable members of the team. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 43


Billy Batson has had a pretty tough life. An orphan, he lived from foster home to foster home, and he often escaped without giving them a chance. Despite this, he is a genuinely great kid, and one who just wants to belong. An ancient wizard named Shazam realized this, and gave Billy a set of powers. When Billy says the word Shazam, he turns into an adult hero named Shazam (or Captain Marvel... it's complicated). A kid in a superhero's body, Shazam is a really fun and powerful character. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 44

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen was a wealthy man who simply wanted a free pass through life. He cared little of what others thought of him and had everything given to him on a silver platter. That all changed when he was stranded on a deserted island and had to survive. This changed his tune, and once he escaped, he swore to correct the injustices of society. By day, he does this as Oliver Queen, by night, he does this through the disguise of the Green Arrow. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 45

Black Lightning:

Jefferson Pierce is a retired superhero who wanted to simply put the past behind him. However, as he soon learned, the past catches up to you whether you want it to or not. His beloved daughter got caught up with the wrong crowd, and he felt the need to return to his old life in order to protect her from them. Returning to his old mantle of Black Lightning, he returns to the streets to protect innocent and bring justice to those who wish to do the people wrong (Wikipedia). Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 46

Iris West:

Iris West is a reporter and friend of Barry Allen. She is kind, intelligent and knows when and how to calm Barry. He loved her since childhood, but it took her a while to reciprocate his feelings. They later became a super couple, with her assisting him behind the scenes as while as on the frontlines. Kind, courageous and beyond brave, it is hard not to love Iris. The question is, do you? Is she worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for her instead?

Question 47

Wally West:

Wally West is the brother/cousin (dependent on incarnation) of Iris West, as well as the next in line to the mantle of The Flash. Similar to Barry Allen, he has a similar set of powers as well as a connection to the Speedforce. He can be a bit arrogant and clumsy at times, but he genuinely means well and fights for justice. He goes by the mantle Kid Flash and has been known to fight for the Teen Titans and the Justice League. Is he worth a pick or a pass?

Question 48

Black Canary:

Black Canary is the partner of Green Arrow, as well as in many regards his equal. She fights crime alongside him, and is also his partner in life. She has a power known as the Canary Cry which is a sonic force that can blow foes away. When she is not fighting alongside the Green Arrow or going it alone, she has been known to fight alongside Batgirl and Huntress on the superhero team the Birds of Prey. Is she worth a pick or a pass?

Question 49

Dr. Manthattan

Dr. Manhattan is one of the most unique and complex characters in the DC universe. A member of the Watchmen, he was born from a scientific accident. He has a number of unique powers, and often fights for good. This changed recently, as newer comics have made him more of an antagonistic force, a choice which has been more than a little divisive, but still creatively stimulating (WIkipedia). Is he worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for him instead?

Question 50


Rorschach is in many regards the main character in the Watchmen comic, as the story is predominantly focused on him. He is a highly complex character, and pretty much an anti hero. He believes that he is on the side of good, but his methods are quite extreme and not out of place on the other side. While he ultimately does stop those who wish to harm society, the cost of his actions are often very high (Wikipedia). Is he worth a pick, or is a pass better suited for him instead?

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