Pick Or Pass On These Date Ideas To Get Your Soulmate's Sign

Some people have whirlwind romances, full of excitement and drama and before we know it they are walking down the aisle together. They may not have known each other for that long, but when they met they just somehow knew that they were right for each other.

On the other side, there are couples who are in relationships for years and years (sometimes even decades) but who never seem to get around to tying the knot. They are content to just be together as long term partners.

But no matter what type of romantic relationship we decide to get into there's one thing for certain: we need to get to know the person. And the best way to get to know someone is to do different things with them. That way we get to see how they behave around other people like their friends and family. This is how we learn whether or not we could have a long-term relationship or whether things are just going to fizzle out.

Dates are designed for couples to spend time together and have fun and relax at the same time.

To find out which star sign is the best romantic match just pick or pass on these awesome date ideas!

Question 1

Coffee date:

This is one of the best places to start when it comes to dating. A date at the local coffeehouse is not only cheap and convenient but it's not like having a meal where we need to wait a long time for food. Time that needs to be filled up with conversation, which can be tricky on a first date. A coffee date can be over as quickly as we like and if we feel like lingering over our drinks, we can do that too. No pressure.

Question 2

Drive-in movie:

Feel like watching a movie but wanting a little more privacy than the cinema has to offer? Well for couples who don't feel like spending the night indoors there is always the drive-in movie. This type of date is a classic, and it's even better if we can watch a few vintage movies while we chill with our date. It's way more comfortable than the cinema for sure, and much less crowded so this one is a winner in our minds.

Question 3

Spa day:

So Valentines Day is just around the corner and guys all over the world are starting to wonder what to get for the special ladies in their lives. Or at least, we hope they are! Here's an awesome idea: how about booking a couples spa day? A day full of massages, treatments, and pampering is an amazing gift and much better than boring teddies and chocolate. Who would try this out? Pick or pass on a spa day as a date:

Question 4


Not for the faint of heart! For daters who are feeling brave (and have up to date medical insurance) a trip to the ice-rink could make for a fun date. This one comes with a few warnings though! Generally, novice or first-time skaters would not want to choose this outing as a first date due to the risk of them making fools of themselves. Those first few dates are very important after all, for making a good impression. Pick or pass on ice-skating as a date idea:

Question 5

Breakfast date:

Now for those people who find getting out of bed in the morning quite tricky, this date might not be the best idea. But for those who are early birds and who are able to start the day all bright and cheerful, this could be a fun way to get to know someone. A breakfast date, complete with bacon, eggs, and of course, coffee, doesn't feel as serious as a dinner date, which can help both parties feel a little more at ease.

Question 6

Helicopter ride:

Now for most of us the cost of a helicopter ride is not within the regular date budget but hey, for those who do have the bucks to splash out, we think this should definitely get the nod of approval. Imagine skimming over the ocean or admiring the city skyline with your date alongside you in a swanky helicopter - how romantic! This would be the perfect date idea for an important occasion, such as an anniversary or wedding proposal.

Question 7

Lunch date:

Couples who have been together for a while might find themselves getting into a slump, where they keep going to the same places or doing the same things over and over again. In some cases, especially with couples who live together, dates might dry up altogether. This is not a good space to be in, and a great way to start up again is by going on a lunch date to a new restaurant. Pick or pass on this idea:

Question 8

Amusement park:

Want a date that is guaranteed to be full of bright lights, laughter, and fun? The amusement park is the place to head off to! Couples can enjoy playing games, riding the rollercoasters together and grabbing a bite to eat. Plus they may even get to go home with a few prizes, mementos of their time together. This one is fun no matter what age the couple is, or how long they have been together. Pick or pass on this date idea:

Question 9

Work out together:

People in relationships usually have quite a few things in common with each other and one of those things might be that they both enjoy working out. Breaking a sweat together can be a fun way of spending time together and doing something they both enjoy at the same time. And it's sure to help with the motivation too! Does hitting the gym with a significant other sound like fun? Pick or pass on working out as a date idea:

Question 10

Attend a wedding:

Ask any married woman whether planning her wedding was stressful and she will tell you that it was not easy at all. Planning a wedding is a tedious process but attending one is always lots of fun. For those of us who don't need to do anything except look nice and arrive, weddings are a great place to bring a date for a night of romance, food, and drink. Who knows, maybe it will even get them thinking about a long-term commitment too!

Question 11

Go to a concert:

Struggling to come up with fresh date ideas? Why not check out which bands are currently playing in the city or planning a tour soon and secure a few tickets? Going to watch a concert is a great way to enjoy spending time together as a couple and relax at the same time. It's even better if it's a band that both parties really enjoy. Break out those wallets, it's time to buy some tickets! Pick or pass on this idea:

Question 12

Play tennis:

When most people think of dates they think of couples doing things like going to dinner or watching a movie or show together. But what about the couples who want to do something a little more active? Well, there are plenty of choices for them too and they extend well past just hitting the gym together. How about squaring off for a game of tennis or playing together in a doubles match? Sound like fun? Pick or pass on tennis as a date idea:

Question 13

Ride bikes:

Running and cycling are two of the most popular activities, especially in urban areas so it makes sense that this is something that a couple could do together. Cycling is a great way to get exercise and have fun together at the same time, plus it allows couples to take their fun off-road and explore a little if they want to. Just remember to don those helmets and grab some water before hitting the road! Pick or pass on riding bikes as a date idea:

Question 14


Now, this might not be something that everyone would enjoy but there are more than a few people out there who like nothing better than taking their fishing rods and heading off for a day outdoors. Fishing together, whether it's at the local lake, or out on the ocean, can be a relaxing experience and gives couples the chance to spend some time outdoors together. Maybe they will even eat what they catch! Pick or pass on fishing as a date idea:

Question 15

Playing games:

So, on their very first date together a couple discovers that they have one very important thing in common: they both love to play video games. And to make it even better, they both enjoy the same type of games! Wow, was this meant to be or what? For this couple, it only seems natural that a perfect date night would include a few hours of jamming their favorite console games together. Pick or pass on a games night for a date:

Question 16


When we are keen to get to know someone a little better, we like to invite them on a trip to the mall. This may seem innocent (and it is) but is it also a great opportunity to get to see how they interact with other people and how they handle crowds. Also, we can get to know more about their style and what type of things they spend their money on. Plus we can grab a meal too! Pick or pass?

Question 17

Playing board games:

Feeling old school tonight? Feeling like spending the night doing something other than watching TV but also don't feel like leaving the house? Why not grab your significant other and drag out those board games? After they have been dusted off and set up a night of fun and laughter is sure to follow! Games nights are fun for any couple, no matter the age or how long they have been together. Ready to play to win or would you pass on this one?

Question 18


Summertime is a great time for romance and with plenty of long warm nights, there is always room for dates. But going to dinner and movies can get to be a little mundane so why not switch it up with a nighttime swim? Even going swimming during the day, at a pool, or at the ocean, can be a great way to relax and have together as a couple. Just don't forget to pack that sunscreen because burns are not very romantic!

Question 19

Visiting antique stores:

Finding someone to share our lives with is one of the most important decisions that we will ever make so it's not one that should be taken lightly. It's important to get to know a person very well before we get into a committed relationship because our decisions can have a massive impact on the rest of our lives. Sometimes it just seems perfect, like when we find someone who shares our love of antiques and is willing to get dusty with us to find some treasures!

Question 20

Take a tour:

Okay, we know this one seems a little strange but even when we live in a city for a long time, we never really get to see it through the eyes of a tourist. Who knows what is out there waiting to be discovered, right on our doorstep. Going on a tour together is something that most couples can enjoy and it gives them a chance to see their city in a whole new light. Pick or pass on a tour as a date idea:

Question 21

Have a picnic:

Not sure what to do for a first date? A picnic will work perfectly! This is a date idea that is actually suitable for any couple, providing both would be comfortable with sitting on the ground. Whether a couple has been together for years and years or are just getting to know each other for the first time, sitting on a blanket, nibbling nice food together is a great way to spend time as a couple. Pick or pass on this one?

Question 22


For those few who are lucky enough to live close to the ocean, a day (or morning or afternoon) at the beach always makes for a nice date idea. There are plenty of things for couples to do at the beach from sunbathing, to swimming to collecting shells. Even just walking along the beach together hand in hand can be very romantic. Bonus points for a walk on the beach at sunset! Pick or pass on hitting the beach with a date:

Question 23

Hot air balloon ride:

Anyone who has a special date coming up in the future and is looking for ideas need not look any further. We've got this one covered! For a date that everyone is sure to remember (and that's just the way we want it, right?) why not book a ride in a hot air balloon. There is something very romantic about seeing the world from a different angle alongside the person of your dreams! Pick or pass on a hot air balloon ride as a date:

Question 24

Romantic dinner:

It's a classic, but hey, we never said there was anything wrong with traditional dates. Going out to dinner together is something that any couple can do and it doesn't always have to be heavy on the pocket. Some couples love to just go out for burgers and soft drinks and there is nothing wrong with that. But for special dates, a romantic candlelight dinner (and maybe a bunch of roses) will always be appreciated. Pick or pass on a dinner date:

Question 25

Walking dogs:

Now finding someone that we want to date can be tricky but what about finding a person who also gets along with our dog? That's very important too, as we eventually will want to spend time with both of them. Once we meet a person that we like we might invite them to go along on a walk with us, and maybe they will even have a dog to bring along too! Pick or pass on walking dogs together as a date:

Question 26

Reading together:

Back in the day being a nerd was something that was a little frowned upon but these days nerds are all the rage. That's because we know that without them most of the cool gadgets we have today wouldn't be around so they've earned our respect. Brains are the new beauty and there's nothing nicer than going on a date with someone who is smart. People who love to read are always very interesting, so how about a date where the couple reads to each other? Sound like fun?

Question 27

Going for ice-cream:

Whether we are looking for something low-key to do on a first date or something to do with our long-term partner, going out for ice-cream is always a good choice. Not only do we get to have something sweet and delicious but we also get to spend time with our favorite person. Now that is the real treat! How about heading off on an ice-cream date? Pick or pass and tell us if this is a good date idea or not?

Question 28


Ready to show off those mad skills? Then let's head off down to the bowling alley! Is this a good place to bring a date? Well, we guess we won't find out until they try. Even for someone who has never been bowling before this can be a fun date but it's always best to find out if they like that sort of thing before the time. Otherwise, it could be a total flop and no-one wants that! Pick or pass?

Question 29


Now, this is not one that everyone will enjoy. There are some people who enjoy spending time in nature (and are willing to get a little messy and deal with a few bug bites) and there are those for whom camping is just dreadful. Now if both partners enjoy going camping then this is definitely a good date idea but finding out their preferences beforehand is a must-do. Pick or pass on a night of camping as a date idea:

Question 30

Attend an art exhibition:

If our partner enjoys art as much as we do (and we really hope that they do) we'd love to take them to an art exhibition as a date. What better way to spend the evening than by admiring the creativity of others and getting to share that with the person that we love? This is a great idea for a low-key first date, but only if both parties are actually interested in art. Otherwise, it could be a little boring.

Question 31

Flying kites or drones:

Flying drones or old-fashioned kites (even remote-control planes) can be a fun way to spend the afternoon outside together with a date doing something fun (and catching up on a dose of vitamin sunshine at the same time). It can even be combined with something like a picnic or a trip to the beach. Just make sure not to crash into anything! Would this be a cool type of date to go on? Pick or pass on this date idea:

Question 32


For a person who likes spending time outdoors, dating someone who prefers to spend as much time indoors as possible seems like a poor match. They will be looking for someone with the same type of interests so that they can do things together with them: like going on hikes. This is a great way to get some fresh air and catch up or get to know someone new. Just make sure to pack the right gear for this type of adventure!

Question 33


Now when it comes to dates we can choose the safe, traditional route: coffee, dinner, movies, that type of thing, or we can choose to go large and head off for something adventurous. Now while not everyone is into extreme activities like bungee jumping, most people would have the courage needed to take on a zip line. This is a fun activity that can definitely bring two people closer together. Pick or pass on zip lining as a date idea?

Question 34

Cooking class:

When a couple has been dating for a while, they might start to think about moving in with each other. But when this happens they need to consider all types of things, such as finances and schedules and decide who will be responsible for which of the household chores. But what happens when they realize that neither of them can cook? Well, they could just order out for the rest of their lives or they could start attending a few cookery classes together.

Question 35

Attend a festival:

Festivals are a great choice for a date. The mood is always, well festive, and inviting and there is plenty of entertainment to keep everyone happy. It's also a good chance to get to see how a date deals with crowds of people! Are they going to lose their temper or will they be cool as a cucumber? These are important things to know about someone. When looking for date ideas it's always a good idea to see what events are happening in the area.

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