Pick Or Pass On These Comfort Foods And We'll Reveal Your TV Twin

Comfort food is one of those things that seems to be universal. In nearly every country, there are countless different things that are defined by Wikipedia as being considered a type of comfort food. According to Wikipedia, people from the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and several European countries seem to agree on the merits of potato-based dishes like mashed potatoes and french fries, sweet treats like cakes and cookies, and all different kinds of stews as forms of comfort.

There are a ton of things widely recognized as comfort foods, and of course, there are even more things that are purely anecdotal or subjective, and based off of the personal tastes of the person eating them. Some people might find sour candy comforting because they have fond childhood memories of eating it, while some others can’t think of anything more soothing than a crisp, refreshing salad.

While the actual definition of comfort food seems to vary and it seems impossible to pinpoint exactly what makes something classify... There are some things that jump right to mind when someone offers comfort food - and like we said, there’s a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to nothing but listing a whole international schmorgesborg of comfort foods, and that’s what this quiz is all about!

Question 1

Pick or Pass on Pepperoni Pizza?

There are a million different ways to order a pizza, and it's a surprisingly heated debate topic, especially in the modern times, when the war rages on between the "pineapple belongs on pizza" camp and the "pineapple has no place anywhere near a pizza" camp. No matter what a person's opinion is on pineapple pizza, though, it's pretty safe to assume that they've sampled pepperoni pizza at least once in their life, since it's one of the most classic styles.

Question 2

Pick or Pass on Spaghetti?

Spaghetti is a dish that comes from Italy, although sometimes it's hard to recognize it as the same thing as the traditional recipes because of how much it's been adapted throughout the years in a ton of other places. Generally speaking, it's a base of spaghetti noodles, which are somewhat thick, sturdy noodles, with a heap of tomato-based sauce that's been flavored with various herbs and spices, usually including oregano and basil, at the least. Sometimes there are meatballs, sometimes there's ground beef, other times it's a vegetarian dish - it all depends on who makes it.

Question 3

Pick or Pass on Poutine?

Poutine comes from the great Northern country of Canada. It starts off with a bed of hot, crispy fried potatoes, which are smothered in gravy and cheese curds. Traditionally speaking, that's the end of the road for a poutine recipe. However, sometimes people add other things - like bacon, because let's face it: pretty much nothing in the world (or maybe just North America) has been safe from having bacon added to it for at least the last ten years.

Question 4

Pick or Pass on Chicken and Dumplings?

Chicken and dumplings are an example of good ol' Southern cookin' from the United States of America. A dumpling is made from biscuit dough, which is cooked up and added to a creamy gravy-like chicken broth. From there, shredded or chopped chicken is added and salt and pepper is thrown into the mixture for taste. That's usually all there is to it, but it's probably alright to add something else, if you're into that... Maybe bacon? Chicken, bacon, and dumplings is probably a thing.

Question 5

Pick or Pass on Apple Pie?

In modern times, apple pie has come to be associated with the United States of America, but the popular baked dish is actually based off of a Dutch dish, meaning that it comes from The Netherlands. Apple pie consists of a nice flaky pastry crust that's been packed full of apples, cinnamon, and sugar. The topping part is where it gets a little divisive, though. There's a crumble, which takes pie crust and crumbles it over the top, or the intricate lattice-work topping that uses stripes of pastry dough laid over each other to make a cute design, and of course, there's the plain ol' shell-style topping.

Question 6

Pick or Pass on Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate cake is a super popular type of baked good. It's probably one of the most popular flavors of cake out there - if not the MOST popular flavor of cake out there, but don't quote us on that. For a chocolate cake to really have a wow factor, it's usually best to go for a moist, fudge-like cake that resembles the texture of a brownie, but some people are into having a drier texture of cake that's more similar to bread. The typical icing is also chocolate flavored, of course, because why ruin a good thing? But it can also be pretty much whatever flavor suits your fancy.

Question 7

Pick or Pass on French Fries?

French fries are a classic comfort food in numerous countries all over the world. In the United States and Canada, they're one of the most popular things to reach for after a hard day of emotional or physical stress. They're salty and savory and just right for making everything feel better. There are a ton of different cuts possible, too: crinkle cut, shoestring, home fries... Each has its own unique texture and taste - which is super crazy, since it's all just a potato.

Question 8

Pick or Pass on Red Velvet Cake?

There's a rumor going around that red velvet cake is nothing but chocolate cake dyed red. It may be true that the cakes are both flavored with cocoa, but the preparation process for a red velvet cake gives it a distinctly different texture. It's a rich, dense cake that's actually pretty... well, velvety... Really, any sort of icing can be paired up with a good red velvet cake, but it's traditional to see it with either a thick layer of achingly sweet cream cheese or buttercream frosting.

Question 9

Pick or Pass on Cheesecake?

Cheesecake is a classic choice for anyone who's looking to find a little bit of comfort at the bottom of a dish. It's a soft, rich sweet that's made from a cream cheese-based mixture, generally served on a thick graham cracker crust - although pie crusts have been known to make an appearance. New York Style cheesecake is served plain, but it's popular to toss on a wide variety of things, like chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, or freshly chopped fruit.

Question 10

Pick or Pass on Chocolate Chip Cookies?

According to Wikipedia, chocolate chip cookies are one of the few desserts that actually originated in the United States! They were created by an inn owner who wanted to serve up something new and cutting edge to her guests. She decided to do it by baking chunks of a chocolate bar in to her cookies - and viola, chocolate chip cookies were born. There's a lot of debate about the right way to make them, soft and chewy, crispy and crunchy, or a careful mixture of the two, but most people can agree that they're a good snack.

Question 11

Pick or Pass on Grilled Cheese Sandwiches?

Grilled cheese sandwiches are known by a surprising variety of different names around the world. People from the United States will, of course, know it as a grilled cheese, but other parts of the world call it a cheese toastie. There's a bit of debate, of course, since the preparation process actually varies slightly, but... It seems like it's universally agreed upon that a grilled cheese sandwich/cheese toastie served up with a bowl of soup is a top notch comfort food.

Question 12

Pick or Pass on Chicken Noodle Soup?

Chicken noodle soup is one of the go-to dishes for anyone who's trying to get over a cold or cold-like symptoms, but it doesn't have to be reserved for the ill! It's good for cold, rainy days, or even warm, muggy days. It's the perfect thing to carry in a thermos, or sip from a mug, or you know, eat from a bowl... It's just a downright good idea for anyone who's looking to enjoy some classic comfort and a delicious meal at the same time.

Question 13

Pick or Pass on Chocolate?

Chocolate is a magical sweet that has managed to spread around the globe as a popular comfort food item. It's available in a wide variety of ways, and each type of chocolate actually offers different benefits, according to old wives' tales passed down by grandparents. Dark chocolate is a somewhat bitter, heavy flavor, while milk chocolate is lighter and creamer, as the name suggests, and white chocolate is richly sweet. It's possible to melt chocolate down and pour it over almost anything, or pack it full of almost anything, but... It's good on its own, too.

Question 14

Pick or Pass on Chowder?

Chowder is a well-known remedy for a cold, rainy or snowy day. There are so many different types of chowder available, too. Seafood chowders, particularly clam and fish, are very popular in the New England region of the United States and the Atlantic region of Canada, in addition to corn chowder. There are plenty of other types of vegetable-based chowders too. The distinction that makes a traditional chowder is that it must be prepared with milk or cream as a base - which means that Manhattan clam chowder, a tomato-based soup, is a subject of debate!

Question 15

Pick or Pass on Cookie Dough?

Most cookie dough actually isn't safe for consumption by humans because raw egg isn't exactly healthy. Most people loved cookie dough enough that they were willing to accept the potential risks, however, so the knowledge that it wasn't safe didn't do much to deter cookie dough lovers from chowing down whenever the urge hit. Luckily, there are actually perfectly safe versions of cookie dough available on the market now, that were made for the sole purpose of being eaten raw!

Question 16

Pick or Pass on Fish and Chips?

Fish and chips has got to be one of the first things that comes to mind when someone who doesn't live in Britain is asked to name something from British cuisine. It's a classic dish that's the perfect mixture of greasy, salty, and savory. The most popular type of fish is usually cod, which is coated in a beer batter and deep-fried, but it's not uncommon to come across haddock and other types of fish! Dipping sauces are usually tartar sauce or malt vinegar - but honestly, you can do whatever you want.

Question 17

Pick or Pass on Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is a classic dish in the United States. This way of flavoring and preparing chicken was conceived from a combination of different cultures that took place in the Southern region of the country. The best type of breading is crispy, crunchy, and usually generously seasoned with herbs and spices for a tasty kick! Now, will it be a pick or a pass for the crispy deliciousness known as fried chicken?

Question 18

Pick or Pass on Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are one of the most simplistic comfort foods in the entire world - and yet, they're one of the most popular. There are so many different ways to have 'em - smooth, creamy, thick, chunky... The possibilities are practically endless. Some people just like plain ol' potatoes with a little butter and cream, while others like to throw in some cream cheese for some extra smoothness. It's even a simple dish to prepare for a vegan! Gravy is optional, but a brown gravy on top of a mountain of mashed potatoes is a pretty common type of comfort food!

Question 19

Pick or Pass on Lasagna?

Lasagna is an easy choice for most people when they're seeking something that'll let them sink into a blissful food coma. It's a layered pasta dish that's cheesy and incredible, especially when it's loaded up with the perfect tomato-based sauce. If it's baked long enough, the outside gets just a little bit crunchy, and the combination of chewy, crunchy, savory, and cheesy is absolutely worth all the effort it takes to actually make this dish - or perhaps just the time it takes to order one.

Question 20

Pick or Pass on Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs are a quick and easy way to fill up the ol' tummy. It doesn't hurt, of course, that they're pretty cheap to make since the ingredients are so minimal. They're nostalgic for some people, because they remind them of scarfing them down before heading off to school for the day. For others, it's just something that they genuinely enjoy eating - and why wouldn't they? Fluffy, savory, somewhat creamy, buttery, and maybe even a little bit salty... It's a good dish!

Question 21

Pick or Pass on Macaroni and Cheese?

Macaroni and cheese can be the topic of some pretty heated debates. I know, I know. That sounds silly - but it's true! Some people like to go the boxed route and cook their noodles by boiling them and then adding a powdered cheese product that gets mixed up with milk and butter to make a sauce, while others prefer to take their cooked elbow macaroni noodles and add shredded cheese, then bake it in the oven so it's a crispy, cheesy chunk of paradise.

Question 22

Pick or Pass on Ice Cream?

Ice cream comes in so many different flavors that it's actually kind of weird to think about. Vanilla is a classic, of course, because it's so simple and inoffensive to the general public, and chocolate and strawberry tend to be pretty popular too. However, ice cream gets pretty crazy with flavors like pizza, which is exactly what it sounds like... Still, it's one of the most iconic comfort foods around! Good luck finding a romantic comedy film with a break-up involved that doesn't mention ice cream at least once.

Question 23

Pick or Pass on Pancakes?

Pancakes are a classic breakfast food that can actually be enjoyed at any time of the day. They're fluffy, thick, dense and absolutely delicious, especially if they're covered in maple syrup and butter. Some people like to slap on some Nutella or whatever, which is totally fine, but there's just something about the classic combination of maple syrup and pancakes that makes it seem like everything is totally fine, no matter what's actually going on in the world around you.

Question 24

Pick or Pass on Waffles?

Waffles are somewhat similar to pancakes. They're cousins, basically, although waffles are sometimes a lot crispier. The main cause for this difference is the way they're cooked. Waffles are cooked in a special way using a device called a waffle iron, which essentially presses them into the shape they're in. The indents left behind by the waffle iron are like a bunch of perfect little bowls meant to be filled with copious amounts of melting butter and maple syrup - though, again, it's totally possible to top them with pretty much anything, especially fruit.

Question 25

Pick or Pass on Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter comes in a ton of different ways. Okay, not really. It's usually just two. Crunchy, which still has chopped up pieces of peanuts in it and is, well, crunchy, and creamy, which is a completely blended paste that's... creamy? You get the picture! Peanut butter is a wonderful thing because it's good on its own with just a spoon, but it's also good on apples, or bread, or crackers, or combined with jelly AND bread to make a sandwich, or put on fresh celery... There are basically endless possibilities for it.

Question 26

Pick or Pass on Lamingtons?

Lamingtons are a popular sweet treat from down under - meaning Australia, of course. It's far from uncommon to hear Australians talk about how much they love a good Lamington, and honestly? It's easy to see why. A lamington is made by taking a nice sheet of butter or sponge cake and coating it in chocolate sauce, then tossing it in some dehydrated coconut. The cake gets left to absorb the mixture. It's typical to see sandwiches made out of lamingtons with a dollop of cream or jam (usually strawberry) in-between.

Question 27

Pick or Pass on Instant Ramen?

It might come as a surprise for anyone who's ever been forced to eat instant ramen noodles without any other options, but it's actually an enjoyable meal that some people go out of their way to eat on purpose! Those familiar dehydrated noodles trigger a sense of comfort and nostalgia for times when things were somewhat simpler, though maybe not the most financially stable. There are a wide variety of flavors available in stores, with the most common being beef, chicken, and of course, soy sauce.

Question 28

Pick or Pass on Brownies?

Brownies are one of the most incredible desserts known to man. That is, of course, a subjective opinion, because there are probably people out there that aren't big on 'em. Can't relate, though, especially since the edge pieces are a dense, crunchy, moist piece of paradise. Brownies can be eaten totally plain and be incredible, or topped with icing and be amazing, or drizzled with caramel and be awesome, or served with vanilla ice cream and be life-changing - the point is: they're good.

Question 29

Pick or Pass on Shepherd's Pie?

Shepherd's pie is also known as cottage pie. It's an incredible but simplistic dish that's based around mashed potatoes. The ingredients used actually vary greatly from place to place and person to person, but having some sort of minced red meat (though it's totally up to the chef about what animal it comes from) with a nice savory gravy or sauce is pretty much the basic requirements for calling your dish a shepherd's pie. It's common to load it up with vegetables too.

Question 30

Pick or Pass on Sausage Rolls?

Sausage rolls are a super popular part of British culture. It's admittedly a bit simple in its most traditional form which is just sausage meat that's been wrapped up in puff pastry sheets and coated in milk or egg, then baked to perfection. They're able to be eaten hot or cold. According to Wikipedia, a bakery chain in the United Kingdom called Greggs sells over 2.5 million sausage rolls per week, and roughly 140 million per year! That's a popular food.

Question 31

Pick or Pass on Vegemite Toast?

Vegemite is a divisive thing. Many Australians will swear by it, while others denounce it and say that it's not really that great. Tons of people from outside of Australia are curious about it, however, and it's easy to understand why when something is such a popular phenomena for an entire country! In fact, Australia has a holiday dedicated just to Vegemite. There are tons of different uses for it, but to be honest, the most popular seems to be smeared on classic toasted white bread, with a bit (or a ton) of butter.

Question 32

Pick or Pass on Burgers?

Is there anything more comforting than a big, juicy hamburger? Maybe for some people. For others, however, the answer is a resounding no. Burgers are one of the most customizable foods in the entire world because there really aren't any rules about what constitutes as a burger. The patty can be beef, pork, mutton, or even salmon, or a combination of two or more! The toppings are completely up to choice too, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, bacon, and spicy peppers ruling the roost of the traditional burger.

Question 33

Pick or Pass on Fried Rice?

White rice is pretty good but fried rice is basically just that turned deliciousness with the volume cranked up to eleven. It's made by adding beaten egg into white rice, sometimes with other ingredients like vegetables or some type of meat, along with soy sauce and flavorful spices. It's absolutely incredible in its simplicity and diversity - not to mention sustainability and above all else, affordability. It's easy to see why it's a go-to for some people when they're seeking out a delicious bit of comfort that won't leave 'em broke.

Question 34

Pick or Pass on Biscuits and Gravy?

Biscuits and gravy is one of the most popular dishes in the Southern part of the United States - and it's cause for quite a bit of discourse, believe it or not. Does sausage belong in gravy? Some say yes, others say no. Should gravy have enough butter in it that it's turned yellow? Some say yes, others say no. Do you pour the gravy on the biscuit, or pour it off to the side, or perhaps rip the biscuit up and then dump the gravy on top, or dip it? It's totally up to you - which leaves lots of room for debate!

Question 35

Pick or Pass on Twinkies?

Anyone who's seen the 2009 horror-comedy movie Zombieland has heard of a Twinkie. They are, for some reason, closely associated with the United States' snacking habits on an international scale. Perhaps because they're so popular! It's an oval of yellow sponge cake that's almost suspiciously moist, stuffed full of a smooth, creamy white icing that flirts with the border of being too sweet to actually taste good. They seem to be something that a person forms a strong opinion on one way or another - and the conversation about whether or not a person likes Twinkies is susceptible to turning into a bicker!

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