Pick Or Pass On These Comfort Foods And We'll Reveal Your Favorite Pokemon

If there are two things we love in this world, it's comfort food and Pokemon. An odd combination, we know, but hear us out. Comfort food is delicious. It's there to fill us up when we need sustenance, it's there to sooth our every worry when we can't seem to stop fretting. Comfort food has always got our back. And here's where comfort food and Pokemon coincide because Pokemon also always has our back. With a seemingly limitless supply of books, movies, shows, games and related merchandise, Pokemon has a way of helping us get through those rough patches, too.

Here's a little something else we find interesting. What's the best way to determine a person's favorite Pokemon? Well, in our experience, it's by asking them about their comfort food preferences. We know that sounds a little counterintuitive, but trust us on this one, guys. We've done all of the legwork so nobody else has to. We've studied this idea, put our hypothesis to the test, so to speak, and time and time again, it's proven to be accurate. But, hey, there's no reason to take our word for it! Just complete this simple (and hunger inducing) quiz! Pick or pass on these delicious comfort foods, and we'll reveal everybody's favorite Pokemon!

Question 1

Spaghetti and Meatballs

We've had some lackluster meals in our day. There was the gas station fish tacos incident back in '07, and then there was the canned tamale crisis of '09. Most recently, we made the very poor decision to eat a Hot Pocket with a 2002 expiration date. "What could possibly go wrong?" we asked ourselves. Well, we found out. And when we stepped out of our bathroom three days later, we vowed never to eat another disappointing meal—that's why we've started our spaghetti only diet, because spaghetti never lets us down.

Question 2


Every time we make this dish, we have to call our mom, and not just because we can never find that recipe she gave us, but also to apologize to her. See, we never fully appreciated meatloaf back when we were young—the dish, or the singer, for that matter, but let's not get distracted. We always thought this comfort food was dry, a bit bland and unappealing. It wasn't until we left home and needed a warm meal in a pinch that we learned the value of meatloaf. We're sorry we were blind for so long.

Question 3

Shepherd's Pie

Why is it called shepherd's pie? *Shrugs* We don't know, man, we guess a bunch of shepherd's decided to start a cooking club in their spare time, and they kept testing new recipes, trying to create a signature dish, one that they could introduce to the world. A dish that would become an instant favorite and a classic comfort food, and when they created this dish, featuring ground meat and vegetables tucked under a thick layer of mashed potatoes, they said that was good enough. And it was.

Question 4

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some comfort foods are classics for a reason, and if ever there were a classic comfort food it's the chocolate chip cookie. These things are so versatile, they can go from dessert to snack, from snack to dessert, back and forth all day long like it's nothing, and it works! Milk is great, it's got that whole "can make your teeth and bones strong" thing goin' on, but, let's be real about this, nobody would give milk the time of day were it not for chocolate chip cookies. Sorry, milk.

Question 5

Macaroni and Cheese

Awww, yisssss. Macaroni and cheese—or, mac and cheese as this dish's close acquaintances prefer to call it—has got to be THE most iconic comfort food out there. It's got it all, baby. Pasta, butter, milk, cheese. You can bake it in a dish with some crumble up crackers on top for crunch, or you can eat it in a hungry frenzy at 12 A.M. straight out of the pot with the wooden spoon you used to stir everything together with. Mac and cheese. It's been treating us right since forever, and we're grateful for that.

Question 6

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

We've been eating peanut butter and jelly for ages, but when somebody recommended putting the peanut butter and jelly between two slices of bread? Wow, what a game changer that was! Because, honestly, as much as we love peanut butter and jelly, they're not really finger foods. They need a vessel to transport them from the jar to your mouth, and what better way to do that than with some Mrs. Baird's or Pepperidge Farm? Crust on or crust off, we love us a good PB&J sammich.

Question 7

Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits are already a wonderful thing. Who isn't a fan of bread products, after all? And let's talk about gravy as a stand alone, too. Well, maybe not as a stand alone, since you wouldn't just eat gravy by itself, but when it comes to gravy's ability to pair with other foods—mashed potatoes, chicken fried steak, etc—it does its job and then some. But to take these two stellar foods and pair them up? Groundbreaking! A delicious revelation! We'd eat this all day (if it didn't make us so full so fast).

Question 8


Pancakes are the perfect breakfast item, but they're so good, we think it's high time we stop treating them as a breakfast-only thing, 'kay? It's time we allow pancakes to branch out, to become a lunch time and supper time staple, too, because sometimes a sandwich or a frozen TV dinner just doesn't cut it. Sometimes the only thing that can make it all better is a tall stack of homemade, fresh off the griddle pancakes with a healthy drizzle of maple syrup on top.

Question 9


Let's all take a moment to appreciate the lasagna pasta. Without those long, flat noodles with ruffled edges, the dish that's named after it wouldn't even exist. And, know what? A round of applause for tomato sauce and ricotta, too, because they're also contributing members of this dish. And, let's not forget about the vegetables and meats that took time out of their day to be in this dish, they've done a great job. Really, lasagna is a group effort, and all of these ingredients gave it their all. They've done wonderfully, haven't they ladies and gents? Let's give 'em a hand! *The crowd goes wild*

Question 10

Mashed Potatoes

Overeating carbs never tasted so good. Mashed potatoes are technically a side dish, but we've never been big fans of labels, so the way we figure it is, if you want to eat a whole pot of mashed potatoes, you go right ahead. We won't tell. Whether you like yours with gravy or simply topped with a big pat of butter and some fresh garlic and chives, mashed potatoes are perfect any which way, and they go with anything, even a side of themselves.

Question 11

Chicken Noodle Soup

Nothing has the power to heal you faster than a bowl of chicken noodle soup—except, perhaps, for a dose of an actual doctor prescribed medication, specifically designed to treat whatever it is that ails you, that is. But, still, that doesn't negate the power of chicken noodle soup. This is the stuff our parents used to heat up for us when we were sick, and even though we enjoy it on a regular basis now that we're grown, whether we're sick or not, we can't deny, it packs a powerful healing punch.

Question 12


Oh, be still our beating hearts. Cornbread. The perfect accompaniment to all manner of stick-to-your-ribs comfort foods, from chili to beef stew to red beans and rice. Cornbread has an interesting texture, obviously, thanks to the corn. But there's something else the corn brings to this bread, and that is a delicate and irresistible sweetness. That's what makes this stuff so great for pairing with savory meals, you know. It's subtle sweetness is enhanced by the powerful savoriness of the dish it's next to.

Question 13

Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken frying something is almost a super power. Like, you could chicken fry a golf ball and we would eat it. It's so persuasive. Who can resist that breaded outer layer, all crunchy and delicious? We certainly don't have that kind of willpower, and when you consider how quickly we'll eat something that's not delicious when it's been chicken fried, imagine how quickly we'll eat something that IS delicious when it's been chicken fried. Chicken fried steak holds a special place in our hearts, and we're gonna keep telling ourselves it's not just plaque in our arteries.

Question 14


When you hear the words "comfort food" you probably think of the major things. Chicken noodle soup. Macaroni and cheese. Meatloaf. We imagine fries don't immediately come to mind, and yet, we definitely think they qualify. They have the ability to make you feel better almost instantly, and the more fries you eat, the greater you feel. Alright, so maybe eating your feelings isn't the solution, and we're not saying that it is, but it's a whole lot easier facing your problems with a carton of fries than it is trying to face them without fries.

Question 15

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna is...an acquired taste, we would say. Most little kids that we know of aren't big fans of that canned fish, it takes lots of tuna salad sandwiches and copious amounts of this here dish to convince them that tuna is a fish worth eating. We mean, we like tuna NOW, now that we're adults and we have fond memories of eating this dish in our childhood. But, had our parents not told us to take three bites of tuna noodle casserole before leaving the table, we might not love this stuff as much as we do today.

Question 16


Does it really come as a surprise that a dish that involves tortillas would be considered a classic comfort food? Because we don't think it's surprising at all. Enchiladas are basically soft tacos topped in a zesty sauce with delicious spices like cumin and chili powder. Once they've been tucked into their baking dish, these things are covered in a layer of cheese and baked to absolute delicious perfection. Enchiladas are always delicious, and they have a way of always hitting the spot.

Question 17

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A little warm butter in a pan. That's all it takes to turn a cheese sandwich into one of the most iconic comfort foods this world has ever known. The grilled cheese is just perfect, we don't have much else to add on that. We mean, we're not surprised that cheese and bread would be the ones to achieve perfection, if any two foods could be flawless, it would totally be them. But, still, every time we bite into one of these puppies, we're always impressed.

Question 18

Cinnamon Rolls

We may or may not have been placed in time out when we were young for taking our little brother's cinnamon roll off of his plate when he wasn't looking and eating it ourselves. It may or may not have been worth it. Ugh, honestly, cinnamon rolls? Where the heck do you get off being so delicious, huh?! The only thing more tantalizing than eating them is the smell of them as they bake in the oven. Double the icing per roll, and forget about it. We're hooked.

Question 19

Red Beans and Rice

Comfort foods are often simple, which is great because when we've had a stressful day, and we want noting more than a big plate of something that tastes like home, we aren't even trying to complete a whole lot of complicated steps. Red beans and rice is one of our go-to comfort foods because it's just red beans and rice. Like, that's it. Oh, sure, there are some spices in there to give it a kick, but the point is, this couldn't be easier to whip up. Just another reason to love it.

Question 20


For years, whether beans belong in chili has remained the subject of a lot of debate—some of it, not so friendly, either. Personally, we say, the more stuff in chili, the better! Meat, onions and peppers in a liquid comprised of...well, whatever the liquid in chili is comprised of, broth and juices, we assume, chili is the perfect supper on a cool night because it warms you up—the mark of any good comfort food. We always have room for a bowl or two of this stuff.

Question 21

Chicken and Dumplings

You might think that chicken and dumplings is like chicken noodle soup, and you would be right, but you would also be wrong. See, chicken and dumplings starts out pretty much the same way as chicken noodle soup. You've got the chicken, the veggies, the broth. But things take a turn for the yum when, instead of adding noodles, you drop spoonfuls of dough into the boiling concoction. These dumplings then rise to the top of the pot, to be steamed to biscuit-like scrumptiousness. Mmm, tasty!

Question 22

Tamale Pie

Tamales? Pie? We mean, we are big fans when it comes to both of those things, but putting them together? Hmm...yeah, alright, we're willing to give it a shot! We mean, how could we not be? Tamale pie is nothing short of tasty, it's a true comfort food if ever we saw one. What you're looking at here is a glorious casserole, filled with zesty spices, ground meat, onions and peppers, topped with a thick layer of cornbread. Served with avocado slices and/or sour cream, and this stuff is all yum.

Question 23

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets have so much going on in their favor, it's not even funny. For one thing, they're bite-sized pieces of chicken. For another thing, they've been breaded and fried, which warrants a "WOO HOO!"—and, yes, even in all caps like that. But, by far, the best thing about chicken nuggets is their propensity for being dippable. These delicious nuggets of chicken can easily and effectively be made even more delicious by dipping them in sauces, from honey mustard to barbecue, and that, friends, is what makes them comfort food material.

Question 24

Vanilla Ice Cream

There are two things that all comfort foods must have in order to qualify as comfort foods. These dishes are judged on A) their ability to remind you of home, and B) their ability to warm you up from the inside out. Well, vanilla ice cream stands alone in the comfort food field because it only fulfill one of those requirements, yet it does so so completely that it's managed to remain a contender. This flavor is one that everybody can get behind, in a dessert that people are already jazzed up about. Yep, it's official. Vanilla ice cream is an all around winner.

Question 25

Dinner Rolls

When we show up for a family gathering and find out somebody brought homemade dinner rolls, we forget all about the main course because, NEWS FLASH! The dinner rolls *are* the main course. They become the main course the minute we find out about them, and, yes, we know eating all grain-based carbs isn't so healthy. We could totally benefit from some lean protein and good fats, but when there are dinner rolls around, we no longer care about health. All we care about is bread. Can you blame us?

Question 26

Chicken and Waffles

For the longest time, we thought that the only way that you could eat waffles was with butter, maple syrup and/or jam. But then, our cousin from Georgia came to stay with us one summer and showed us how to make fried chicken. She also showed us about the wonders of pairing said fried chicken with waffles. OMG, we haven't been the same since. We love all comfort foods, don't get us wrong, but we're pretty sure we could eat this for the rest of our lives and be perfectly happy about it.

Question 27


There aren't many things in this world that we can all come together and agree on. Sports, politics, religion, books, TV shows, movies. It seems that we're divided on just about EVERY thing there is. But, take heart, because there is one thing that we're all willing to put aside our differences on, and that thing? It's pizza. Look, we don't care if you like it extra cheesy, extra saucy, with pepperoni, sausage, olives, sardines, peppers or whatever else. Forget the toppings for a sec, and think only about pizza. So, are you in, or are you out?

Question 28

Beef Stew

This dish is so dressed down and rustic, we just love it. It's all about no fuss. Just toss some beef tips into the crock pot with whatever vegetables you fancy (for us, it was always potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and green beans), turn that sucker on low in the morning, come back at dinner time and behold the magic that took place over the past eight hours or so. Perfect with cornbread or dinner rolls for sopping, beef stew always hits the spot!

Question 29

Egg Rolls

We can't speak for everyone, but for us, when tend to forget about egg rolls. We don't mean to because we definitely love them, from their crispy, savory outer shells to their vegetable-filled center. Egg rolls are the very epitome of perfection. But we just never seem to think about them unless they're right in front of us, and then we're like, "Oh, yeah! These things exist, and they're wonderful!" Best part about egg rolls—you know, besides everything? There's always room for one more.

Question 30

Apple Pie

Apple pie sometimes gets made fun of for being a little, well, ordinary, but we don't think it's ordinary at all. In fact, it's extraordinary, and we're prepared to tell you why. A dessert that can take such simple ingredients—apples, cinnamon, a couple pie crusts—and turn that into something as warm, soothing and delicious as this dessert deserves a standing ovation. Apple pie doesn't need to be flambeed or decorated with icing roses. It's perfect just the way it is. It's good because it's not tryna be fancy.

Question 31

Clam Chowder

When you're little, and you go to your first seafood restaurant and your parents order clam chowder for you, they have a heck of a time convincing you it's better than its appearance might suggest. And it always takes a lot of persuading on their part to get you to try it—countless oyster crackers, a kid favorite, are doled out in an attempt to get you to try "just one bite". And then you do. And it's magical. And clam chowder becomes a comfort food in your mind once and for all.

Question 32

Garlic Bread

Look, let's face it, this stuff does nothing to freshen up your breath, but what it lacks in dental hygiene promoting powers it more than makes up for with flavor. Garlic bread is good, there's really no other way to put it. We'll put it this way. When they were trying to figure out what to serve as a side to pasta, which is pretty much perfect already, they came up with garlic bread. Why? Because it's the only thing that shines as bright as spaghetti, lasagna and ravioli. Amazing!

Question 33

Fish Sticks

Fish sticks are one of those things that you always had when you were a kid, because your parents wanted you to eat healthy foods, but you never really liked them. But, then you moved into your dorm room at college and had to start paying for your own stuff, and that stuff was super expensive, so you sprang for cheap foods like ramen noodles and, yes, fish sticks, and at last, you realized they're not so bad because they taste like your childhood, and, therefore, home—and that's exactly what being a comfort food is all about.

Question 34


Tetrazzini can never live up to its cousin, spaghetti, in terms of popularity, but it's definitely the star of its own show—which, it's worth mentioning, is by no means small. Here, you've got everything that you could ever want in a comfort food. You've got noodles, you've got a warm, rich, creamy sauce, you've got that crispy cheese crust on top that's a little bit dark from the baking process. Yes sir, tetrazzini is a thing of beauty, and we salute it now.

Question 35

Banana Bread

Fun fact: 99.99% of all of the low-carb meal plans we've tried to follow have been abruptly halted thanks to banana bread. Yep, it's true, that's just a little piece of trivia you'll undoubtedly want to regale friends with at your next get-together. Well, maybe not. Anyway, banana bread is so good, whether it's got walnuts and chocolate chips, or whether it's completely plain. We're always down for a slice of this stuff. Warm and with a thick pat of butter, banana bread is unstoppable.

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